Fresh Starts [v0.5.2] [LordOfChange]

Fresh Starts [v0.5.2] [LordOfChange]

July 3, 2024F95

Fresh Starts is a game where you finally move away from your home town to the big city, but Hutinberg is an unforgiving place and you might need to do… immoral things in order to make your place in the town. To what lengths are you willing to go to stay in the city? Will you stay true to who you are, or will you change to try to fit in? Only time will tell…

Thread Updated: 2024-07-03
Release Date: 2024-07-03
Developer: LordOfChange – SubscribeStarDiscordTfgames
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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Text Based, Real Porn, Sandbox, Simulator, Anal Sex, Bdsm, Female Domination, Group sex, Handjob, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Sex toys, Sissification, Spanking, Stripping, Titfuck, Trap, Vaginal Sex.
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1. Extract and run.
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Beta 0.5.2
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-gregschart: Added two new acting gigs
-Realturf: Added a new special tenant (Homekeeping exclusive)
-Luxury Loft: Added one new event (Supporter reward)
-College: Dancing program students can now practice in class when there are no lessons given
-College: Dancing program students can read, but not study in the Library
Red Light District:
-Forever69: Added a new special sewing job (3 variations, repeatable)
Quality of Life:
-Added a player backstory as context for available traits
-Avatar: Added Wavy and Undercut airstyles (art by Moonflow)
-Avatar: Overhauled hairdisplay system
-Avatar: Reduced the size of shorter hairlengths for the default hairstyle
-Avatar: Fixed longer hairstyles images so they aren’t cut off at the bottom
-Minor tweaks
-Minor improvements to icoast sewing code
-Added refresher code to Sewing
-Added missing image for Champagne Tasting activity
-Fixed Heroine Costume image link
-Fixed broken link in the champagne tasting event
-Fixed old issues with Avatar code
Patch 0.5.1a
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-Red Vixen: Added a new option to the ninth event
-Reduced the size of the font in the message at the end of Kitty Cat 3
-Added media for when there is a client at the gloryhole
-Minor tweaks
-Fixed issue making it impossible to unlock the Kitty Cat 3 job
-Fixed Luxury Loft listing price being showed as 180k when it should be 90k
-Fixed errors when buying the Luxury Loft
-Fixed being unable to leave HOE on one case scenario of the Mrs. Holt Route
-Fixed being unable to complete the Assistant Dominatrix 2 job
-Fixed an issue with the Fetish Week side menu reminder
-Fixed being unable to do the second repeatable Sissy Maid job
-Fixed being unable to work at the Show N’ Tail when recovering from surgery despite taking Admorvils
-Fixed being unable to work at HOE when recovering from surgery despite taking Admorvils
-Fixed endless loop with Equine Dildo usage
-Fixed missing text in one of the options for the new Dimly Lit Street event
-Fixed the Fixer Upper hub checking for a variable that doesn’t exist
-Convention reminders will now disappear when the convention is over
Beta 0.5.1
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-gregchart: Added one new event
-Realturf: Added Luxury Loft in the options pool
-Added Luxury Loft
-Tenebria: One new event
-ShoeShop: Added Heeled Sandals (Supporter reward)
-Gas Station: Added risk minor mechanic to gloryhole
-Gas Station: Added one new event to gloryhole
-Gas Station: Added wait option when no one comes to the gloryhole
-Comic Con: Added one new event
-Fetish Week: Added Adam Doll (Supporter reward)
Red Light District
-Dimly Lit Street: Added one new event
-Forever 69: Added Schoolgirl Outfit (Supporter reward)
-Redid icoast sewing orders code
-Minor optimizations to Dimly Lit Street code
-Misc optimizations
-Increased Cigarettes mood buff duration to 3 hours (from 2)
-The waitress job at the Blue Moon will no longer reduce the Player’s dignity below 80
-Fixed Studying mood debuff not being applied
-Fixed Hands/Breast mood code not working properly
-Fixed Cum Slut tattoo application giving the barcode tattoo instead
-Fixed Kitchen and Bathroom of the Fixer Upper being impossible to repair
-Fixed an issue with the Show N’ Tail’s performances code
-Fixed a broken link in Halloween event
-Fixed “Home upgrade” screen for the Fixer Upper returning the player to the second apartment if “Nevermind” is selected
-Fixed issues with Convention reminders for the Wedding Salon and Fetish Week
-Fixed issues with HOE
-Fixed issue with the Crystal mall event
-Renamed Sexy Schoolgirl Outfit to Pink Schoolgirl Outfit
-Typo fixes
-Added some missing quotation marks
-Added a new dual interaction with the Dildo and Fleshlight
Patch 0.5.0b
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-Tweaked Waitress job UI a little to make things look better
-Fixed more issues with Blue Moon stripper job media
-Fixed Giant Plug being purchasable multiple times
-Fixed Equine Dildo using the Double Dildo image in the wardrobe
-Fixed extra </div> in the second realturf menu
-Fixed the second apartment’s Landlord visit event triggering when not in the homekeeping route (the associated content will disappear for non-homekeeping players retroactively)
-Fixed code conflicts between the mood system and routines
-Fixed HTML in the shopping trip with Crystal’s event intro
-Fixed guidance messages for moving out of the starter apartment appearing after moving out
Patch 0.5.0a
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-Added a new progression event (Might not trigger for old saves)
-Added a major mood debuff if the player fails to acheive all of their Streaming Goals
-Added a minor mood debuff if the player fails to acheive most of their Streaming Goals
-Added a small mood buff if the player reaches all of their Streaming Goals
-Fixed Heroine Costume broken image
-Fixed error with the mood system and streaming/acting gigs
-Fixed media for the Blue Moon stripper job not appearing
-Fixed buying the Equine Dildo buying the giant plug instead
-Fixed broken check for makeup in the shower routines menu
-Fixed makeup routines setter looking at the Looks pool instead of the Styles pool
Beta 0.5.0 – Shifting Moods
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Core Mechanics:
-Added mood system (Icons art by Moonflow)
Player Customization:
-Added 16 Traits which affect the new mood system (Icons art by Moonflow)
-icoast: Added 4 new items (one Friend reward), 2 new junk items
-Player housing: Added coffee and alcohol options to the kitchen
-Gas Station: Added Cigarettes and Beer
-Grocer: Added Cigarettes, Beer, Coffee and Cheap Wine
-Mall: Added Liquor Store to the second floor
-Liquor Store: Added Wine, Champagne, Vodka and Whiskey
-At Home: Added two new items
-Future Shack: Added two new items
-Blue Moon: Made the stripper name suggestion randomized
-Show N’ Tail: Made the stripper name suggestion randomized
Old Harbor:
-Convention Center: Added Champagne Tasting activity for the Wedding Salon
-Added Shaddy Alley
-Shaddy Alley: Three new items
-Junk Food now gives a small mood buff
-Healthy Food now gives a small mood debuff
-Mood debuff if the Player stays up too late
-Mood debuff if the Player is hospitalized
-Red Vixen: Now gives the same buff to mood as beer
-Red Vixen: All events mentioning shots/drink now give the same mood buff as Vodka
-College Party: Now gives the same buff to mood as beer
-Added mood impact for Gas Station/Maid Café/HOE/stripper work
-Added mood impact for studying
-Added mood buffs to all main Red Vixen sexual events
-Added mood buffs to all Kitty Cat and standalone gregchart jobs
-Added minor mood buff to Monokini for players with the Exhibitionist trait
-Added mood buff for all spa services
-Added mood debuff for training
-Added mood buffs for all toys
-Added mood buffs to some events
-Added mood buffs for prostitution
-Added mood debuff if caught by the police
-Nerd backstory now ignores mood stat when in class
-Low mood can now cause the Player to stay in bed and skip their routine
-Added mood impact for classes, it will choose the lowest stat between health or mood for calculations now
-Added mood impact for stripper jobs
-Added Mood buffs to Crystal side events
-Added Mood buffs to Sissy Maid tasks
-Doubled impact of studying on exam passing chances
-Added mood buffs for parties
-Added mood buffs for gym content
-Added mood buffs for Kara content
-Added mood buffs to acting content
-Added mood buffs and debuffs to dance content
-Added mood buffs and debuffs to Kamio
-Added mood impact to Kamio
-Added mood modifiers for coffee/meals outside of home
-Added mood modifiers to Student Café sexual encounters
-Added a fourth makeup style slot
-Renovating the fixer upper now impacts hygiene
-Added new flags to count time since the player last had sex and if they smoked
-Added backend to handle mood system
-Added backend to handle a future preference setting
-Refactored code for Library checks
-Refactored code for Gas Station checks
-Routine code optimizations
-Merged all “Night” passages into one
-Optimized stripper job code
-Major optimizations to advanced makeup code
-Optimized code for Sidebar settings
-Optimized code for setting routines
-Redid listboxes for routine settings backend
-Removed setters that didn’t need to exist in the routine menus
-Minor optimizations
-Simplified some Gas Station UI elements regarding shifts
-Made Registrar UI consistent with other choice bars
-Made party invite UI consistent with other choice bars
-Amounts for items the player can’t realistically calculate quantities won’t be displayed in shops anymore
-Made Library UI consistent with other choice menues
-Listboxes in routine setting menues now show the name of clothing looks/makeup styles
-Inventory UI tweaks
Quality of Life:
-Added available medicines in the Inventory menu (suggested by AWolfe)
-Fixed a Blue Moon soft lock with interviews
-Fixed a formatting issue with the dance program’s description
-Fixed arrow keys to swap between mall floors opening the settings menu instead
-Fixed locked interaction text for Gloryhole Unlock event being the wrong color
-Fixed showering not taking time if a part of a morning routine
-Fixed Cum Stained items not showing the prefix properly in the wardrobe
-Fixed weird formating when a cum on clothing event happens
-Fixed Laundromat checks for items with isCumStained/isWet tag being broken
-Fixed Honeydew Hoodie not being selectable for gym outfits
-Fixed formating error with College if class was attended
-Fixed selector issue with one of the Red Vixen events
-Fixed Formatting bug with second sissy maid job
-Fixed Mini/clit cages using wrong unlock condition
-Fixed issue with grey nail polish in advanced nail styles autoreapply code
-Fixed Monster Dildo not counting for triggering the first dildo use progression event
-Fixed money not substracting in the cake tasting activity
-Fixed inverted media in the eight Red Vixen event
-Fixed Kara using the wrong name on her note if the player is not crossdressing in the eight Red Vixen Event
-Fixed jail code being unable to send the player to the Fixer Upper
-Fixed double rent issues with the apartment
-Fixed Dimoxinil not being consumed in routines
-Fixed nail polish not decreasing when advanced styles were reapplied through routines
-Fixed progression event requiring a dildo activating even if the player doesn’t own one
-Fixed some inconsistencies with College UI
-Fixed various crossdressing convincingess edge cases at the Blue Moon
-Fixed wrong video being used for Kara’s “graduation” event if the player doesn’t choose pegging
-Fixed having more than one time the same color with Three Colors Fade advanced eyeshadow sends the player to the Two Colors Fade menu
-Fixed quick bus calculations from the Red Vixen
-Fixed Wrist items not showing up in looks previews
-Fixed issues with advanced training
-Fixed weird linebreaks and slashes in the Fixer Upper
-Fixed “Move” option in Fixer Upper not disappearing after moving there
-Fixed renovating the living room not requiring any cosntruction materials
-Fixed renovating the Fixer Upper not taking any time
-Fixed medication not being set properly if swapping between primary and secondary routines
-Fixed failing to acheive any condition to start the shift as a stripper at the Blue Moon will return that it is too late instead
-Fixed Admorvils option in the bathroom appearing and disappearing in an arbitrary manner
-Added Temporary mood buff at the start lasting a week
Patch 0.4.4b
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-Changed Raven’s text color to be a darker shade of red
-Made shortcuts keys bold in the Menu
-Made wardrobe, house leaving and routine settings links code into widgets
-Switched Raven’s text coloring to a CSS class
-Fixed issues with second apartment rent
-Fixed formating bug for dancing program description
-Fixed formating bug in second improv gig
-Fixed broken video with one of Jordan’s events
-Fixed coloring error at Tenebria
-Added missing <</if>> for a Mrs. Holt request checks
-Fixed First option with the Jordan Red Vixen event looping the event
-Fixed softlock if choosing to take the cab in Jordan’s second event
-Fixed Maid Café pay being able to give the player half a dollar if the boss is present
-Gym events should now properly take time
-Added “Round money” option to debug
-Muted DildoChastitySlap.m4v
-Resized ChasityDildoStoke.m4v and DildoChastitySlap.m4v
-Minor rewrites
-Typo fixes
Hotfix 0.4.4a
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-Slight improvements to old Red Vixen content
-Redid part of the gym changing code
-Minor optimizations to the Red Vixen Code
-Minor optimizations to some menus
-Fixed Crystal Nipple Studs counting as a Tongue piercing
-Fixed Silver Septum counting as a Lip piercing
-Fixed piercings being temporarily removed when changed into gym clothes
-Fixed an error with Raven interaction code at Tenebria
-Fixed an error with Red Vixen content checks
-Fixed an error with shoes check at the Gym
-Fixed Black Leggings never showing as an option for gym clothes
-Fixed Missing closing bracket for gym clothes top choice
-Fixed being unable to change in the locker room directly
-Fixed some tag issues
-Added RunningShoes tag (affects both Black/Pink Running Shoes)
-Added Sneakers tag to Red/Pastel Sneakers
-Removed double Shoes tag from aforementioned footwear items
Beta 0.4.4
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Player Customization
-Avatar: Added Chubby, Fat and Obese assets (art by Moonflow)
-Gym: Added one new event
-Sports Pro: Added four new items
-Red Vixen: Added five new events
-Red Vixen: Added a special Crystal event during Kara’s training “chain”
-Mall: Added a special Crystal event during Kara’s training “chain”
-Redid gym clothes check backend to accomodate future clothing extensions
-Minor optimizations
-Reduced the effects of training on body ratio by one following a bugfix
-Fixed Holt-Ortiz Engineering firing you when you start your job
-Fixed training not changing your body ratio
-Fixed Santa Dress bug
-Fixed Mrs. Holt reminder not showing shaving requirements when they should appear
-Fixes to the Quick Bus calculations
-Fixed access to some Crystal events that were tied being deprecated variables
-Fixed Mall Santa sublocation code so it appears at the appropriate time of the year.
-Typo/grammar fixes
-Renamed Leggings to Black Leggings
-Renamed Sport Top to Grey Sport Top
-Removed ‘Sport’ tag from Senpai Tee
-Swapped places for Black Overalls and Black Micro Skirt in the Bottoms menu
-Added media to Mrs. Holt chastity event (edited by Moonflow)
Patch 0.4.3b
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Quality of Life
-Added Mrs. Holt requests to Reminders (suggested by SmallFrie)
-Added upcoming conventions to Reminders (suggested by kumquat7736)
-Added “quick bus” travel option to the Downtown area (community request)
-Pressing “B” in the downtown travel screen will toggle the bus menu/activate the quick bus travel
-Removed “Cast to Device” button from all videos (thank you to austinhaney6969)
-Added missing trigger for working at HOE, fixing the insta-firing bug
-Fixed class reminders popping up for business during the second half of the semester despite not having any classes by then
-Fixed first video in the fifth sissification progression event using the wrong file
-Fixed lack of color in the player thinking text for the Upcoming Conventions passage
-Added short teaser texts after each program description hinting at the content they give (suggested by morgolon)
Patch 0.4.3a
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-Gas Station: Added “Next Month’s Pass” item
-Grocer: Added “Next Month’s Pass” item
-Kamio: Streaming duration will now be shown in advance on the button (Suggested by morgolon)
Quality of Life
-Added “Next Month’s Pass” item to make the bus system a bit easier
-The “Next Month’s Pass” will be consumed before the Bus Pass at the start of the month
-Buying the Transit Pass on the first day of a save will automatically give “Next Month’s Pass” to ease the start
-Added descriptions to ErosVPN to give an idea of the difference between all of them (Suggested by morgolon)
-Minor tweaks
-Fixed a parenthesis being the wrong place in Maid Café payout code, leading to a $0.25/hr pay
-Fixed missing <</if>> in alternate route code
-Fixed errors within Holt request checks
-Fixed an error with a name check in HOE content
-Fixed a Mrs. Holt request ID increase error
-Fixed an error for the alternate way to do the Mrs. Holt Route
-Fixed a missing <</if>> within HOE’s main route
-Fixed a few errors in the missed shift code
-Fixed a typo in a flag check for HOE
-Fixed a logic error with tattoo checks in the player profile
-Fixed an error with a muscleBuild check in spare rooms
-Unmixed two objects in a setter when fired from HOE
-Fixed the “The Planner”‘s dominance setter
-Fixed a capitalization issue with mannequin checks in player housing
-Fixed a day check with Kara content
Beta 0.4.3
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Player customization
-Added a new backstory: The Planner
-HOE: Added a week of content to both routes
-HOE: Rewrote several days of the main route
-HOE: Added a new way to do the alternate (formerly secret) route
-HOE: Added a small random repeatable event
-HOE: Added one new secret item
-HOE: Added tardiness and write-up mecanics, which can lead to the player being fired
-Player will now start losing dominance points after a certain point if they comply to Mrs.Holt requests
-Reduced Maid Café income by 25%
-Player cannot reach the Muscular body build from pole dancing at home anymore
-Tweaked shop code to work with some of the new content
-Minor tweaks
-Fixed Auto Salon looking for one of five pictures when it should be one of three
-Fixed HTML issues with bank deposits/withdrawals
-Fixed double percentage mark when on the lowest tier of interest rates at the bank
-Fixed Hair Salon saying you can’t afford a haircut if your hair is at the shortest length
-Fixed Gags reducing chance of gaining submissiveness while watching femdom with low dominance stat instead of increasing it
-Fixed Maid Café not giving the player any money if they don’t have a level in either acting or dancing
-Fixed issue with Upcoming Events at the Convention Center
-Fixed blank screens when being late for a Kara task
-Fixed Fetish Week shows being impossible to close
-Fixed Mannequin not being counted for the spare rooms check despite being owned
-Minor rewrites
-Moved testers to current contributors instead of being mislabelled as former contributors
Hotfix 0.4.2b – Old Harbor
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-Redid menus closing code to prevent a repeat of the bug fixed in this patch
-Fixed closing menus sending the player to an empty passage dut to a quirk in Twine when (re)adding side menu links
Hotfix 0.4.2a – Old Harbor
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-Readded the previously corrupted Reminders code
-Fixed a minor issue with skill level up code
-Fixed Toy Tester  alwaysreturning the player to the starter apartment instead of the current house
-Fixed watching a show at Show N’ Tail sending the player to a non-existing passage when done
-Fixed Waltz classes sending the player to a non-existing passage
-Fixed broken check for Crystal interactions
-Fixed Fourth Crystal event linking to a non-existing passage
-Fixed Swimming at the beach linking to a non-existing passage
-Fixed a dead end in the “Swim” passage
-Fixed a dead end in the Upcoming Convention passage
-Fixed the player being unable participate in contests at all despite fulfilling all its requirements
-Fixed a broken refresher in the bathroom code
-Fixed buying a convention pass not giving access to said convention
-Minor typo fixes
Beta 0.4.2 – Old Harbor
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Old Harbor
-New District!
-Otakuville: 12 new items
-Helping Hand: Allows the player to donate clothing items or money
-Bank: Allows player to put away money in a bank account with monthly (scalling) interests
-Maid Café: New job and location to eat at
-Beach: 3 activities
-Convention Center: added Auto Salon, Comic Con, Wedding Salon and Fetish Week
-Comic Con: Three new items and one NSFW minor event
-Wedding Salon: Added three new items
-Fetish Week: Added multiple minor events, one unique Kamio interaction and one sewing route exclusive job
-icoast: 4 new items and 2 new joke items
-Increased by 50% the changes to body ratio from Upper/Lower Body Training
-Increased income from Gas Station shifts by 10%
-Redid skill level up code
-Minor Tweaks
-Overhauled Shaving UI
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-Fixed broken video for first dildo use progression event
-Fixed some sissification stat increases in prog events
-Fixed some issues within the dance contests code
-Fixed broken HTML for one of Emily’s event
-Fixed broken body ratio check for the player avatar
-Added missing ” | ” at the gym
-Fixed Broken HTML in each personal trainer interactions
-Fixed issues with the auto painkiller code
-Fixed extra parenthesis in Implant Code
-Fixed issue with exam code
-Fixed issues with purple nail polish
-Finished Kamio check for username changes
-Fixed issue with Show N’ Tail private show video code
-Added missing parenthesis in Show N’ Tail private shows code
-Added missing parenthesis for some acting code in night checks
-Fixed issues in Laser Tattoo Removal code
-Fixed issues with Raven third event
-Fixed Inhibi+ not being usable/not appearing at all in the bathroom
-Fixed issue with a script in the updater
-Fixed Issue with CE progression event
-Fixed HTML issue in last Red Vixen event
-Fixed broken check in last Red Vixen event
-Fixed losing too much fitness will lock your fitness but give you obesity consequences
-Fixed issues with Lime Polish
-Fixed code increasing sissification issues in the updater and third Raven Event
-Fixed inconsistent code for admorvils effect
-Fixed Broken Thigh Self Milking media type
-Added missing files:  CrystalCassidy.m4v & CrystalCassidy2.m4v
-Fixed Chastity Testicle Rub video having the wrong name
-Fixed wrong file names for improv images
-Fixed video bugs for ninth Red Vixen event
-Fixed typo in folder name for FixerUpper1.jpg image
-Added missing image: Images/Misc/Twerking.m4v is missing
-Fixed ‘taken’ attribute is not properly initialized for two programs
-Fixed broken first of the month checks
-Fixed capitalization issues with housing check
-Fixed missing object in time increase code for routines on sundays
-Fixed broken Washing code
-Fixed “Shaved” hairstyle check in MaleCuts
-Fixed issues with latex long gloves in certain sewing contracts
-Fixed titjob gloryhole hygiene code
-Fixed Kamio number flooring code issues
-Fixed datation check for Kara
-Fixed missing array identification In Datation code
-Fixed recovery code issues
-Removed a Fancy clothes check incomplete dupe
-Fixed Random backstory body ratio not initializing properly
-Fixed pictures loop in Show N’ Tail photoshoot
-Fixed issue with Casting gig time check
-Fixed typo in Casting time increase code
-Fixed issue with Demon Skull Tattoo application code
-Fixed Female Tenant skill increase bugged
-Fixed Twerking Class mastery increase
-Fixed issues with contests tier increase
-Fixed time issues in third Raven event
-Fixed Issue with Cum Slut tattoo dignity check
-Fixed dignity reduction in ninth Red Vixen event
-Fixed dignity increase in Mall Santa event
-Fixed crossdressing check in a progression event
-Fixed Stage Assistant convincingness check
-Fixed Mall Santa convincingness check
-Fixed some acting reputation checks
-Fixed broken late rent check to move in the renovated Fixer Upper
-Fixed follower decay on Kamio being through the roof
-Fixed broken flag check with first sissy progression event check
-Fixed rose tattoo being unavailable on some desired body locations
-Fixed shaving items going in the negative due to routines
-Fixed time increase issue in night event code
-Fixed broken check for secret HOE route
-Fixed missing code in third Raven event
-Fixed robbery randomizer checks errors
-Added missing parrenthesis in some SissyNameGenerator cases
-Fixed hair length overflowing issue
-Fixed issue with homekeeping urgency setter
-Fixed issue with makeup error code
-Fixed broken script In Makeup View Widget
-Fixed error with hygiene code in prostitution arrestation code
-Fixed error with stove check in routine warnings
-Fixed an issue with Dance Contests naming code
-Fixed an issue with Dance Competition code
-Fixed error within loss code for MindSweeper
-Fixed error within chastity code in the quick progress code with Kara tasks
-Fixed error with money reduction in the second Red Vixen event
-Fixed issue with Santa Dress purchase code
-Fixed error with Toy Tester stat change code
-Fixed issue with Platinum hair color preview
-Made Goals stream options use the $XXX format instead of the XXX$ format
-Renamed Purple Top to Purple Halter
-Minor rewrites
-A slew of typo and grammar fixes
Beta 0.4.1a
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-Fixed gloryhole blackmail tasks related to the gloryhole never clearing it
-Fixed issues with the Gym (Thank you Cherry9298 for the fix)
-Fixed buying the Clit Cage giving you the Sex Machine instead
-Fixed missing content/checks for the Mall Santa event
Beta 0.4.1
See More
-Red Vixen: Added one new event
-Gym: Added one new event
-Tenebria: Added one new event and one xmas event
-Desire~: Added one new item
-Mall: Added one new xmas event
Red Light District
-Blue Moon: Added one new xmas event
-Poke N’ Pierce: Added four new tattoos (curtesy of Diddl3r)
-MindSweeper: Added Modes (Bimbo/Sissy)
-MindSweeper: Increased X limit to 40 tiles and Y limit to 20 tiles
-icoast: added one seasonal xmas item
-gregchart: added one new event
-Increased minimum height of all laptop program windows
-Fixed ‘= “her”‘ appearing in multiple Red Vixen events when refering to Crystal
-Player no longer starts with the Sex Machine
-Fixed minor issue with the kitchen and leftovers
-Fixed Tribal tattoo not deducing money
-Fixed missing HTML tag
-Fixed HTML links in credits
Hotfix 0.4.1a
See More
-Fixed issues with sunday routine in the starter apartment
-Fixed datation widget breaking after about 30 days in game
Beta 0.4.0
See More
-Player houses: Added leftovers mechanic
-Future Shack: Added two new items
Quality of Life
-Added once per night “Quick Check” for Kara physical tasks
-Added medication to routines
-Added “personal trainer” tips at the Gym
-Made available wakeup times use 15 minutes increments instead of 30 minutes (suggested by AWolfe)
-Merged all bathroom passages
-Merged all kitchen passages
-Overhauled player avatar code
-Overhauled routine code
-Overhauled skillbar code
-Minor backend tweaks
-Overhauled datation code
-Minor change to the final Dog Sitter screen
-Minor spacing changes
-Severely reduced the muscular penalty on the feminine body build for crossdressing convincingness
-Removed first dildo progression event trigger from Sex Machine
-Fixed Monster Dildo breaks leaving the wardrobe
-Fixed Cyber Bunny Outfit being unavailable for purchase
-Fixed Issues with updating makeup style
-Removed some weird extra text when staying up too late
-Fixed Clit cage image
-Fixed Dance/makeup skill breaking (saves with corrupted stats will reset them to 0)
-Fixed issues with the Dance Room
-Fixed Fixer Upper disappearing as an option on realturf at the end of the semester
-Fixed traveling to the Fixer Upper being impossible
-Fixed Kara calling the player “TBD” if the player doesn’t have a sissy nickname instead of the regular name
-Fixed broken link in HOE’s main route
-Fixed wrong ID on progression event for first toy usage
-Fixed an issue with Critical Success perversion events
-Typo/Grammar fixes
-SlipOut! renamed to SlipQuit! for image consistency
Beta 0.3.3
See More
-Added five new progression events
-Added a special dual toy interaction with the wand
-Student Café: Added a new event (october only)
-Added MindSweeper as an unlockable app (Special thanks to HoratioTheGreat and Moonflow for the help)
-Added one new minor event
-icoast: Added eight new items and four new joke items
-Minor optimizations
-Made gregschart jobs use the gregschart website theme instead of the regular
-Fixed Blackmail dildo event issues
-Fixed hair reaching negative length values
-Fixed rooms bugging out
-Fixed minor UI glitches
-Fixed Dance Room link not appearing properly in Apartment and Fixer Upper
-Fixed choosing the stream room in the first spare room sending the player to the second room
-Fixed Dance Room raising makeup skill instead of dance skill
-Fixed certain pre-0.1.0 events still creating old backend variables
-Fixed bug with first Dance Practice proposal check
-Fixed player not receiving a stripper nickname at Blue Moon club
-Removed “Coming Soon” tag to Waltzing competition
-Fixed issue with the twerking competition
-Fixed adblock settings not saving
-Grammar and spelling corrections (thanks to AWolfe)
-Rewrote Game Over screen (suggested by Diddl3r)
Patch 0.3.2c
See More
-HOE: Added a small variation to a secret route day if you haven’t progressed at the Red Vixen enough
-HOE: Added extra lines to some secret route content
-Fixed multiple secret route issues (Thank you geebster for troubleshooting)
-Fixed issue with dance studio contests
-Fixed a minor issue with panties blackmail consequence
-Fixed an issue with the “Uncomfortable option” with the chastity progression event
-Fixed some progression events for first purchase triggering at Holt-Ortiz Engineering
-Fixed $player.names.common being used instead of $player.names.basic across the game
-Fixed Blackmail reminder appearing despite never streaming
-Additional grammar and spelling mistakes (thanks to AWolfe)
Patch 0.3.2b
See More
Quality of Life
-Added blackmail tracker to reminders (Suggested by geebster – Appears after first stream)
-Added Transit Pass to inventory alongside its expiry date (Suggested by AWolfe)
-Changed gloryhole options selector to match current formatting
-Changed rent options selector to match current formatting
-Minor tweaks
-Recovered missing blackmail event text for the library scenario
-Fixed errors with panties/bra blackmail consequence events
-Fixed errors within HOE’s secret route checks
-Fixed the Dance program tuition being inconsistent between descriptor and confirmation
-Fixed “rent and repairs” option at the starting apartment needing 50$ extra for no reason
-Fixed a small Show N’ Tail media code issue
-Fixed issue with Kamio goal stream error setter
-Fixed the description of the bus pass being cut off
-Made part of the first makeup events’ text only appear when you completed Crossdressing 3
-Multiple spelling and grammar tweaks (Thank you AWolfe)
Hotfix 0.3.2a
See More
-Fixed bug with routines on sundays
-Fixed accessing the secret route displaying an error due
Beta 0.3.2
See More
-ClotheR: Added four new items
-Holt-Ortiz Engineering: Added two weeks to the main route
-Holt-Ortiz Engineering: Added two weeks to the secret route
-Holt-Ortiz Engineering: Rewrote the last second week of the old secret route content
-Holt-Ortiz Engineering: Added four new requests for the secret route
-Overhauled HOE backend code
-Improved routine and “too late” checks
-Shortened the name of the 0.3.1 Holographic items
-Minor rewrites
Patch 0.3.1b – Dance Again
See More
-Minor piercing code improvements
-Removed test code result appearing in the starter apartment
-Fixed issues with “I changed my mind” option at the Pierce & Poke
-Fixed female clothing at Forever69 not having sissy stat requirements
-Fixed Holographic Micro Skirt appears in Sports Pro instead of Holographic Dance Shorts
-Fixed First Bra progression event teleporting the player to the mall if at Forever 69
-Fixed missing closing tag for Show N’ Tail logic
-Added missing Black Sexy Top image
-Fixed minor issue with some of the ads
-Fixed hair length system breaking upon getting a haircut (Default reset to “Average” length for those affected)
-Fixed broken check for poledancing class required shoes.
Hotfix 0.3.1a – Dance Again
See More
-Minor code tweaks
-Fixed issues with Future Shack/At Home/Desire~
-Added missing images for a lot of the new items
-Fixed weird issues with the new “classy” outfits
-Fixed some crossdressing checks
Beta 0.3.1 – Dance Again
See More
-Added a new progression event
-Apartment: Added Dance Room option for the spare room
-Fixer Upper: Added Dance Room option for the spare rooms
-Sports Pro: Added six new items
-Hush: Added one new item
-ClotheR: Added three new items
-Desire~: Added one new item
-Future Shack: Added one new item
-At Home: Added one new item
Red Light District:
-Blue Moon: Incorporated dance mastery bonusses
-Show N’ Tail: Incorporated fance mastery bonus (shemale only)
-Forever69: Added six new items
-Dance Studio: Added poledancing, twerking and waltz classes (Dance exclusive)
-Dance Studio: Added contests for poledancing, twerking and waltz classes (Dance exclusive)
-Dress Shoes & Red/Gold/White Pumps: Added ‘Classy’ tag
-Minor backend improvements to the Gym and Football field
-Fixed Surgery screen not send the player dynamically to the right area
-Fixed closing makeup sending the player to the previous passage instead of closing it properly in most cases
-Fixed Nail Polish is always removed when you use makeup styles (Attempted Fix)
-Fixed “Go Inside” sending the player to the inventory screen
-Fixed issue with three fade eyeshadow code
-Fixed “Watch more” for sissy hypno giving regular porn instead
-Fixed issue with the bimbo hypno titles code
-Fixed spare room(s) materials not being purchasable for those living in the Fixer Upper
-Minor rewrites
-Added extra support for the AM/PM system in plain text ares (missing: Opening hours)
Beta 0.3.0a
See More
-Added option for AM/PM time display to the sidebar
-Fixed piercings removing themselves when sleeping
-Fixed code for vertical banner ads in Porntube videos
-Fixed sewing skill showing when picking the business program
-Misc. minor UI fixes
Beta 0.3.0
See More
-Added new settings menu (Desktop icon art by Moonflow)
-Laptop wallpaper is now customizable (4 new wallpapers)
-Kamio: Added new analytics to the profile (and username change)
-Added “adblock” settings (Default: See all)
Quality of Life
-Added “Watch More” option on Porntube videos
-New logos for Kam.io, Realturf and Gregschart (Art by Moonflow)
-Reduced empty space on top and beneath the game logo
-Reduced empty space on top of passages
-Reduced empty space over sidebar navigation buttons
-Reduced space between xp and xp bar for skills
-Standardized format for Porntube clips (-2.3MB to the Porn file size)
-Tweaked Wardrobe/Makeup spacing between items
-Tweaked Kamio UI
-Tweaked the website bar UI (So long, weird linebreak!)
-Improved “Close makeup” links in makeup menus
-Changed Stats UI (WIP) featuring a bunch of new assets from Moonflow
-Reduced width of xp bars 10%
-Changed haircolor display method (17x smaller assets file)
-Overhauled Porntube videos layout
-Slightly changed the Porntube Homepage UI
-Fully randomized images on the Porntube main page
-Redid Kam.io account menu UI
-Tweaked makeup menu UI
-Changed palette for Kam.io
-Overhauled Kam.io stream chats
-Overhauled Inventory UI
-Money and skill xp will now have commas to separate long numbers (1000000 -> 1,000,000)
-Added skill icons/colors to sidebar skill tracker
-Refactored first of the month checks
-Refactored multiple day of the week checks
-Refactored Crystal and Kara checks
-Refactored hairstyle checks
-Refactored Porntube VidID system
-Refactored “isnot” checks
-Refactored multiple college calculations
-Refactored Blue Moon salary code
-Improved dynamic money check for implants
-Removed redundant code in the sixth Red Vixen Event
-Overhauled avatar breast size code
-Overhauled Kam.io video code
-Removed deprecated/unimplement Javascript code
-Added new macro to simplify changing item quantities and applied it to most of the code
-Optimized some of the arrest code for prostitution job
-Optimized some surgery code
-Refactored code for rent date reminder
-Misc. optimizations
-Fixed issues with Updater
-Fixed unset variable in RV2p5
-Fixed Hospital’s breast implant removal link
-Fixed Image for Cargo Shorts
-Fixed broken image for hip padding in the Inventory screen
-Fixed issues upon reload in specific cases for the travel screen
-Fixed weird interaction between the Transit Pass, HOE and the first of any given month
-Fixed check for the Latex Maid Dress on icoast
-Fixed delay with icoast purchases
-Fixed unmigrated laptop check for the sidebar tracker settings
-Fixed unmigrated laptop check for the business route
-Fixed Second Red Vixen Event will skip rent if you use keyboard navigation
-Fixed second/third/fourth/fifth/sixth/seventh/eight Red Vixen event not sending the player to the Fixer Upper if he moved there
-Fixed Halloween event may not send the player to the proper location
-Fixed legs not displaying on the Muscular avatars
-Fixed sleeping from saturday to sunday in the Fixer Upper teleporting the player to the apartment.
-Fixed broken check for Streaming Room image
-Fixed issue with Streaming Room
-Fixed exploit with streaming room when moving
-Fixed purple choice for Two Color Fade Eyeshadow option using the pink quantity minus one as the new amount
-Fixed autoreapplication of nail polish not working with the yellow color
-Fixed unavailable Plaster
-Minor rewrites
-Typo fixes
-Added random video option to Porntube
-Outwear is now properly called Outerwear
Content Patch 0.2.3b – Handy Work
See More
-Old Republic: Added four new items
-Refactored conditions for panties/bra thief blackmail events
-Red/Blue/Black Latex/Pink Latex Bras and Panties can now be stolen in the panties/bras thief blackmail events
-Fixed Realturf HTML markups
-Fixed Landlord event trigger sending the player to the wrong passage
-Fixed rent reminders still showing after moving in the Fixer Upper House
Patch 0.2.3a – Handy Work
-Fixed Dildo purchase progression event breaking
-Fixed issue with the ‘Princess’ tattoo
-Fixed various Fixer Upper errors
-Fixed Fixer Upper variables not updating from previous saves
-Typo fixes
-Added an extra mirror location for the fixer upper to avoid confusion during the renovation phase
Beta 0.2.3 – Handy Work
See More
-Apartment: New event (homekeeping exclusive)
-Apartment: Added rent reduction for handyman job
-Plank’s: Added eleven new items
-College: Starting from day 82, you will unlock the homekeeping ‘profession’ if in the homekeeping program
-Hush: Added one new item
-Fixer Upper: New Housing Option (homekeeping exclusive)
-Realturf: Added one new page for homekeeping
-Realturf: Added tenants work orders (multiple combinations/interactions possible)
-Realturf: Added Fixer Upper House purchase option (homekeeping exclusive)
-Minor Porntube UI fix
-Fixed Minor Acting timer error
-Fixed missing quotation mark in the Dildo Purchase Progression event
-Rent of the apartment will now be charged on the first of the month even if the player isn’t sleeping over elsewhere
-Fixed check for paint when fixing the apartment’s door
-Fixed travel pass expiry
-Fixed multiple issues with Kamio blackmail thievery
-Fixed Kamio blackmail vandalism always vandalizing the starter apartment’s door
-Fixed markup issue with one of the progression events
-Fixed profile calling to the wrong macro for upper back tattoos
-Fixed Athletic Avatar assets being in the wrong media location
Developer Notes:
See More
Fresh Starts is an HTML life simulator set in the fictional city of Hutinberg. As of Beta, the game –still– heavily revolves around sissification of the PC, most event revolving around said theme. However, there are plans in the future to open new paths, but also to implement a female character. The game doesn’t offer much story wise at the time, but all the content is optional, which felt really important as the game is supposed to be a “sandbox”.  However, major features keep being added with each update, making the game quite complex despite its early stage of development.
It currently features 562 passages and allows a wide variety of character customisation options. For earlier releases, feel free to join the Discord to access the earlier versions archive!

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