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Full Service [v1.36] [HERCULION]

January 27, 2024F95

Tomoki Nakamoto is a workaholic young adult who just wants some change in his life. One day, he gets an invitation to visit a spa to take a break. After this initial visit to Full Service Spa, however, Tomoki’s gets more change than he bargained for!

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FULL SERVICE GAME is a an adult Boys’ Love visual novel which lets you explore the city of Morningwood, while vying for the affections of one of the available bachelors. Experience the story and complete mini-games to foster friendships and relationships, and learn more about this eccentric cast of characters. The game has the following content for users to enjoy:

* Over 200 unique CG illustrations, with over 1000 total variations!
* Four main characters to pursue romantically, with more waiting to be discovered!
* Different endings for each bachelor depending on interactions
* An unlockable gallery that will show you artwork you’ve seen in the story
* Bonus artwork on some other minor characters you may encounter
* Discover the mysteries and relationships in the city, and get to know some of the denizens of Morningwood

Changes from the original:
* Enabled Developer Console (Shift+O)
* (Win/Linux only) Unpacked archive.rpa, so assets can be viewed outside the game and better compression for the download

Thread Updated: 2020-10-20
Release Date: 2020-09-28
Initial Release Date: 2020-02-22
Aliases: บริการเต็มที่
Developer: HERCULION WebsiteSteamItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 1.36
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Voices: English, Japanese
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2DCG, Male protagonist, Gay, Multiple endings, Voiced, Anal sex, Oral sex, Mystery, Romance, Dating sim
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Windows, Linux, Mac:
0. (if you want to preserve your save from an earlier version, back up the gamesaves folder)
1. Extract and run.
0. (you may have to allow unknown sources in your system settings)
1. Install the APK.
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v1.36 – 2020-09-28:
  • Fixed some wrongly typed text in the inventory screen.
  • Fixed a bug in which you could trigger the Twins Ending without getting both characters to max.
  • Fixed a bug in which certain end-game achievements would need you to complete an in-game day after fulfilling their requirements to unlock (only relevant to Steam).
v1.35 – 2020-08-28:
  • Changed a few Affection Point rewards along the game to reflect those of the Full Service Complete Visual Guide.
  • Fixed the HUD Heart icon appearing in situations where it shouldn’t, such as during the new day transitions and the character endings.
  • Fixed an inconsistency between sprites and CG in the Kovit beach scene.
  • Fixed glitched animations in Sota’s 4th Heart Event and Lenga’s 2nd Heart Event, among others.
  • Tweaked the Perfect Ends slightly so that all the Good Ending CGs should appear on them now.
  • Tweaked various transitions along the game so they fit their scenes better now.
  • Various minor bugfixes.
v1.33 – 2020-05-28:
  • Crashing during new game +
  • Visual bug with regards to inventory items
  • Crashing during loading for After Stories
  • Inventory button breaking on certain parts of the game
v1.31 – 2020-05-25:
  • Added a text auto-forward option and a button to activate it in the HUD. It will let you enjoy the story hands free!
  • Added an inventory screen and a button to access it in the HUD. Have an idea of what items you have at any time!
  • Added a message history/log screen, which is now accessible through the message balloon button in the HUD.
  • Added sprites to the city map showing where the main characters are during free time and ending sequence.
  • Removed keymaps for save screen and hiding the interface due to graphical bugs they were causing in screen transitions; added an “eye” button at the top-right corner of the HUD to hide the interface. Just click the eye to remove all GUI elements!
  • Fixed a bug in Remi’s costume scene where the incorrect CG was displayed.
  • Fixed a bug in Sota’s first massage scene where Remi would gain affection instead of Sota.
v1.20 – 2020-03-16:
  • Added animations for After Story
  • Some bugfixes? (There’s no offical changelog for this version)
v1.14 – 2020-02-28:
  • Fixed a minor bug where Kovit appeared in two locations during the week before the Costume event in Spa
  • Fixed a visual glitch when inviting certain characters to the Schwarz’ Party that made their sprites disappear during the invitation event.
  • Tweaked the Minigame disable option: now it skips the phase change screen and also the city map, going directly from the morning to the end of the work.
  • Fixed some story inconsistencies and lines with missing sprites.
  • Fixed more CGs not appearing in the gallery (hopefully all should unlock now upon replaying the events).
  • Fixed a bug at the secret Bad Ending that was already supposed to be fixed but wasn’t and which made the story continue after it was supposed to end, on top of not unlocking the CGs of that Bad Ending in the gallery.
  • Fixed CGs of the secret Perfect Ending not unlocking in the gallery.
  • Fixed a missing FX in Remi’s Perfect End.
  • Added Minigame Instructions on an option along side “Yes” and “No” before playing the minigame.
  • Other minor bugfixes.
v1.11 – 2020-02-25:
  • Fixed bug in which sprites wouldn’t light up when characters were talking during invitation event.
  • Fixed a crash in Lenga’s Perfect End.
  • Fixed crash in the secret route’s ending.
  • Fixed crash happening when you went back to main menu in certain parts of the free time session.
  • Fixed a CG showing for more time than needed in Remi’s last Heart Event.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when hovering chocolate in the gifts screen.
  • Added an option to enable/disable the minigame in the config menu. Disabling it will disable even the “Yes/No” prompt, while enabling would make the prompt appear like usual and lead you to the minigame if you select “Yes”.
  • Other minor bugfixes.
v1.10 – 2020-02-24:
  • Fixed a bug when going out with Okan where the game crashed due to the incorrect sprite being set.
  • Fixed a bug in the secret route where the game crashed due to the incorrect sprite being set.
  • Fixed a visual glitch in Lenga’s Perfect End where an image appeared on the screen and did not disappear when it should have disappeared.
  • Fixed certain CGs not appearing in the gallery.
  • Fixed a background inconsistency in the post-game initial story where the restaurant BG appeared in a scene with the bartender when it was always the café BG before.
  • Fixed a bug in the game’s general Bad Ending where the story continued after it when it should have ended.
  • Fixed a bug in which the skip button not being available after rolling Kachapon.
  • Fixed a bug in which the quick menu disappeared after exiting Kachapon without rolling.
  • Attempted to optimize game code to fix performance issues.
  • Nerfed the amount of money you could get in the minigame by half, due to reports that you could stockpile too much of it too easily.
  • Made Oki/Okan available in more days in the 6th and 7th week, due to reports that it was too difficult to raise their affection enough to invite them to Rald’s party.
  • Added missing item (chocolate) to the gifts.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that was causing random crashes and breaking game flow during the free phase.
  • Added a Heart HUD Element that indicates you current heart level with a character.
  • Removed wrong art being displayed at a secret ending.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when checking one of Keoni’s CGs in the gallery.
  • Other minor bugfixes.
v1.00 Release
Full Service Complete Visual Guide: UP2SHAREGOFILE MEDIAFIRE

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