Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens [v0.22] [Fapforce5]

Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens [v0.22] [Fapforce5]

April 5, 2024F95

Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Missing Specimens is a point and click transformation game about a young man’s summer adventure.

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The game is broken into 3 chapters. The first chapter is the most linear chapter with several side quests planned It’s purpose is to provide the player with an introduction to the game mechanics and the main cast of characters. For the Transformation chapter and Final Chapter my goal is to give the player the option on how and what is transformed on their body.

I thought I would try a point and click game for somehting different. A lot of the art is placeholder (I drew it), I’m working on getting it changed over to a real artist.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-04
Release Date: 2024-04-02
Alternate Name: Hermaphrodity and the Mystery of the Mad Pooper
Developer: Fapforce5 TFGamesSite Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.22
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Male protagonist, Female domination, Transformation, Adventure
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “game.html” to start playing
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Back button (under help)
Added Janice (first part)
Added Envy’s Hypno path
Added Envy’s Girlfriend path (first part)
Added Random events (Still much work to do on this – let me know what you think is missing from these events)
Added Sissy Uniform class – updated all images to put everyone in sissy uniform
Added events to daily work – receptionist and run errands
Added Missy jobs (Clean the cum, glory hole, and search the trash)
Added Missy afternoon events (Should get to strap-on event)
Added Case “Get her on the train”
Added Case “Dirty Panties”
Completed sissy school test
Added Gym – can get to the fight / secret back gym
Added Bimbo
Added Lock picking
Updated park at night with cop
Added shopping with Tiffany back in
Updated Closet (you can see what you’re wearing)
A lot has changed with this version. Below is the playable parts
Missy / Sissy School
  • 5 different work events
  • Different afternoon events
  • Sissy school, the first 2 rows are playable. The test is still in progress
Land Lord
  • Sperm donation
  • Events up the first kiss
Lola / Eva
  • They only have the massage events right now
  • Only him doing the sex with the landlord are viewable now
  • Candy
    • Updated Candy’s story line.
    • Go on a date before you move into the apartments
    • Get cucked by Candy and Chad
    • Get Invited to be a cheerleader!
  • Cheerleader
    • 10 events to practice and do the big game!
  • Landlord in the kitchen
    • Added a bonus scene with the landlord in the kitchen when you progress far enough
  • Lola’s swim locker
    • You can now use the code for Lola’s swim locker for a bonus event
  • Character Schedule
    • When you check a character’s events it will list their schedule (If there is one)
  • Envy
    • Added full Envy story beginning to end
  • Farm
    • Added Horse Brushing job
    • Added Hucow
  • Street Corner
    • You can work on the street with the sewer, if you’re pretty enough
    • Removed arrest on that street corner.
  • Forest
    • You can find a cat in the forest.
  • Sissy School
    • Added glory hole anal event with Cecilia
  • Map
    • Updated top of map – still a work in progress
  • Pink Room
    • 4 different rooms in the Pink Room
      • Lounge
      • Game Room
      • Private Room
      • Free Use Room
    • Bonus Events
      • If you’ve been good to the Beaver Diner girls
      • If you’ve progressed past the polka-dot dress event with the landlord
      • If you’ve progressed past Zoey catching Chloé cheating
  • Shoes
    • Added some more sexy shoes
  • Mr. Jones
    • Added single event with Mr. Jones
  • Added first image of Forest Queen
    • You’ll see a bit more on the save Missy release
  • Map!
    • Added Fight map in the north forest
    • Forest has 3 “bad guys”, 1 fantasy creature, and 1 fantasy creature that only comes out at night
  • Updated Settings.
    • Turn on / off fantasy creatures
    • Set fight / sex speed
    • Update difficulty on the fly
    • Set your map view
  • Black Room
    • Six different events in the Black Room
  • Kicked out of house
    • Modified the event to a public humiliation event
  • Piercings
    • Added ear and nose piercings
  • Sissy School
    • Added Hypno Event
  • Sissy School
    • Modified the Hormone event so it’s more descriptive
    • Streamlined and cleaned up the mission selection screen
  • Walkthrough
    • Created a walkthrough with map markers for the different storylines
    • Still in progress, but many lines are correct
  • Cheat
    • You can skip individual events in the Sissy School
  • Lola and Eva continutity error
    • Modified spin the bottle and truth or dare to remove references to stealing their panties and added crossdresser check if they catch you in panties or a bra
  • Lola and Eva and the Landlord
    • added several masculine new events so that their storylines in the masculine path are complete.
  • Display
    • Updated how you appear to others, added in lewd level. To check your Lewd Level check your appearnce in the mirror.
  • Makeup Piercing and Tattoos
    • Able to unlock makeup from the sissy selection screen.
    • Added nipple piercings (more piercings later).
    • Able to get tattoos.
  • Naked Reaction
    • Added in a number of reactions when you’re walking around naked
  • Tim and Cindy (Life guards)
    • Their events are now replayable.
  • Eva
Added “Sissy Path” event in the library
  • Poker with the boys
If you have big boobs you’ll get a bonus event when you play poker with the boys
  • Cult
Added the entire cult event
  • Fighting
    • Changed how fighting works – entire redo – check the sewer
  • Red Box
    • Added Red Box case, This is still in progress so save before you go. Currenlty you’ll get stuck in the looop
  • Cases / Mr. Jones
    • Added modeling gig – still need to add everyone’s reaction
  • Clothing / appearance
    • Fixed hair dye bug so you can now do pink / rainbow
    • Added red boy shorts
  • Map
    • Map now shows what each building is in the side menu
  • Boobs and butt
    • At the hospital you can now reverse your boob and butt size
  • Zoey’s Bar  
    • Added Dick Measuring Contest – two different paths depending on the size of your cock
    • Added Pee Bathroom event – random with male or female
  • Stores  
    • Added Makeup store (You can reach it after the makeup event at Tiffany’s
    • Added necklaces – you can buy them at Popular Girl
  • Appearance  
    • Changed to a point sytem that adds up – can view your points in the bathroom mirror
  • Fortune  
    • Work in progress – can see where you are and where to go
  • Cheat  
    • Added Skip feature for some events in the cheat menu
  • Zoey  
    • Added play video games and wash dishes to raise love
    • Added cuck event with Stormy and Zoey
    • Added first event of falling in love
  • Love  
    • Changed Relationship with love display
  • Land Lord
    • Added jackoff once you’re back in the house in her room at night
    • Added dildo / sissygams if you visit her at night and you have a dildo
    • Added work at sperm bank back in
  • Dildos
    • Added more dildos. and butthole stetching logic. Also changed view of butthole
  • Clothing
    • Added Red Polka Dot Dress
  • Computer Porn
    • Added 5 levels of computer porn – can you get all 5?
  • Sissy School
    • Added Lube Event
    • Added Dildo Event
    • Added Trade Sissy Points for Money
    • Added First Phase of Sissy Points
    • Added penis reduction (will add additional events later)
  • Lola and Eva
    • After you’re caught crossressing
      • You can shower with them and they’ll shave you if you’re hairy
      • You can sleep in their bed
      • Go out for ice cream (If you turned in the Naked Beaver girls you’ll get a bad event)
  • Lola
    • Massage continuation raises love – continues till you eat her our (WIP)
  • Eva
    • Added doggy event
  • Redid entire game
    • Many lines were intertwined I made it so you don’t have to do the lines you don’t want to do
    • Added alternate lines if you get caught as a sissy with the landlord, eva, and lola
  • Land Lord
    • Caught Stealing her panties
    • Ball Squish
    • First case of the Sissy Path
  • Eva
    • Suck toes to orgasm
    • Fuck her
    • Fist sissy path
  • Lola
    • Added ability to take picture from computer and trade it with Brad to gym entrance
    • Fist Sissy Path
  • Dick
    • Morning visit after cleaning his cock with the land lord
  • Tim
    • Added Blowjob scene at club
    • Tranny Trick!
  • Cindy
    • Caught in on the toilet
  • MISC
    • Added hourglass in places you can pass time
    • Added wardrobe in places you can change clothes
  • Sissy School
    • Added Sissy School with over 20 events
  • Sissy School
    • Added Sissy School with over 35 events
  • Zoey’s Bar
    • Added first scene at Zoey’s bar
  • Homeless Camp
    • Added first scene of homeless camp… more to come
  • Bugs
    • Fixed bug where you steal the panties you can get caught by Lola and Eva. If you peek you lose your boy underwear
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  • Eva
    • Bedside Event
    • Text her from your room / 2 different scenes depending on penis size
  • Lola
    • Bedside Event
    • Text her from the forest
    • Computer and Login in her room
  • Land Lord and Dick
    • Addional scene in the Land Lord’s bedroom
    • Added Landlord’s panties if you butt is big enough
  • Added in Porn Star Butt clothing
  • Added sperm bank. After 5 visits you’ll be invited back into your house.
  • Added back into the house.
  • Added ladder use in the back yard.
  • Added Super duper size butt
  • Pool, your home’s backyard, dance club, hospital – None of these are complete, mostly just placeholders while I work on the content.
  • Pool characters: The girl works at the pool on weekends and the male during the week.
  • Sissy transformation when you sleep – this is also very much in progress.
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  • Tiffany and Candy
  • Added 2 scenes at night with candy
  • Added 2 scenes at night with Tiffany
  • Added Makeup room behind the red door. Meet with Tiffany to get key
  • Missy
  • Added Red Room and the challenges
  • Added Sewer and fight
  • Bottom Map Updated
  • Menu Updated
  • Easter eggs
  • Running at night – 2 events
  • Weekend bathroom fun with Cecilia
  • Updated transformation system – you get to pick now
  • Expanded the hours you can work at the construction site
  • You earn fitness when you work at the construction site.
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  • Added the Bimbo side quests. In the future you’ll see her pop up all over the place to do her thing (Like a surprise visit at the beach, swimming pool, locker room, club, etc..)
  • I’m finally adding back in the kitchen and living room in Landlord’s house. Those that have been around since v2 may have noticed they disappeared, but I’ve finally been able to afford adding them back in.
  • Added the Landlord’s boyfriend.
  • Added 3 additional events with the Landlord
  • Added the front gym and back gym.
  • Reworked a few things with Missy. There were some points where I felt bored with the tasks, so I amped them up a bit
  • Poker with the boys. v7 will only have the poker game, but in time I’ll add events based on how you transform.
  • Redid the save game. I modified to data structure so you will be able to reuse old saves going forward. I also added in an export / import save. So if you want to transfer your saves to a buddy or a different computer you now can.
  • Added in more than a dozen different clothing items. You’ll need them going forward.
  • Re-added the mall scene
  • Adding in Tiffany’s and Candy’s apartment building. My next art request will include what I hope is a really good scene with 3 very dominate and playful characters.
  • At the end of v7 you’ll be able to buy and wear conservative women’s clothing (think summer dress)
  • Refined the anal stretching mechanic…
  • Updated the character UI a bit so it’s more intuitive.
  • Added a new friend for Zoey.
  • Some art updates…. ummmm there’s some other stuff, but it’s probably minor
Bimbo Addition
Missy story line / crossdressing / beginning of the transformation
Stuff.. I can’t remember
Expand Loal, Eva, Zoey, and the Land lord’s story
The only real updates from the last version is fixing a couple bugs, the shower scene with the Land Lord, and the new phone interface. With the new phone interface you’ll be able to pass the time outside your bedroom in a couple select locations.
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1. Reworked path progression algorithm so you can see how far you are and who to spend time on
2. Added Inventory System, you have the option to purchase different bags
3. Updated around 100 images
4. Added Admin menu for $5 patrons. The admin menu is still very simple, you can add energy, money, and arousal. (Currently arousal isn’t implemented) I’ve added to this release for all patrons as I continue to work and improve it.
5. Modified the story line away from the Mad Pooper to the Missing Specimens
6. Added Zoey the goth girl; currently it’s an introduction. Her story line will be expanded in future releases.
Working on. Adding forest fighting events and expanding the Sisters and Mother events
First release

*This sport/version is not released by developer, Download at your own risk

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