FurryVNE [2024-03-12] [FurryVNE Team]

FurryVNE [2024-03-12] [FurryVNE Team]

April 11, 2024F95

Yiffalicious 2 is the sequel to Yiffalicious that is currently being worked on. In YL2, it is worked on from scratch to offer a wide range of new features and improvements, including a character editor.
yiffalicious 2 is renamed to FurryVNE

Thread Updated: 2024-03-25
Release Date: 2024-03-12
Developer: Yiffalicous Crew PatreonWebsiteFurryVNE
Censored: No
Version: 2024-03-12
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Yiffalicious
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3DCG, 3D game, Furry, Big tits, Big ass, Animated, Character creation
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1. Extract patcher in the game folder (detailed instruction here) and restart pc.
2. Run the game.
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New features
  • You can now double click scene objects in the outliner to move the view to them.
  • Timeline events can now be time snapped (just like keyframes) by holding down Ctrl while dragging.
  • Time handle can now be time snapped by holding down Ctrl while dragging.
  • Pasting object properties no longer clears clipboard.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where SDF world colliders would stop working when creating a new scene.
  • Fixed an issue where alley map would reload when switching scenes, even if they both used the same map.
  • Fixed an issue where SDF boxes would get included in character mesh export.
  • Fixed an issue where copy-pasting physical chain data wouldn’t update properties panel.
  • Fixed an issue where character editor would stop functioning when using the inert curve for physical parts to eliminate all physical bodies in the chain.
  • Fixed an issue where MouthPointIK influence would not work if mouth point was attached to character.
  • Fixed an issue where MouthPointIK would still have influence even at influence 0.
  • Fixed an issue where culling mode wouldn’t be respected when using hair shader.
  • Fixed an issue where mirroring nodes wouldn’t update the node parent properly in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where alley map wouldn’t load when updating screenshots, unless it had already been loaded.
    • (NOTE! Will require re-making the screenshot.)
  • Fixed an issue where Mouth Point IK would keep looking constraint disabled even at influence 0.
  • Fixed an issue where returning a character to pool while other characters’ nodes were connected to them would cause app state corruption.
  • Fixed an issue where normal occlusion layers wouldn’t affect textures around chest area when flatchested.
  • Fixed an issue where eyelashes wouldn’t load properly in interactions for some characters.
  • Fixed an issue where loaded characters would retain properties from other scenes when placed in a new scene.
  • Fixed an issue where TimelineEvents could get erroneously fired when switching steps.
  • Fixed an issue where timeline time text could be displayed incorrectly for certain values of time.
New content
Cartoon fox head, ears and template.  
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where appendages in a part wouldn’t mirror properly unless part scaling was set to 1.
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  • Fill command for vertex selection mode.
  • Added stylized female template.
    • (We had forgotten to include this.)
  • Added missing face shape mouth closed for stylized head.
  • Local asset masks can now be extracted from sub channel objects.
  • AreolaNipple now has shading options.
  • Increased clothing limit from 8 to 9.
    • (Since areola/nipple now counts as cloth, we wanted to increase this limit.)
  • Removed mouseplantigrade because they were scrapped design that went into the release build by mistake.
    • (Any character using mouse feet will now load canineplantigrade instead.)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where adjustable shapes wouldn’t affect eyelashes.
  • Fixed an issue where eyelashes wouldn’t reset their shape when going from pose mode to edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue where changing inflation settings for areola/nipple wouldn’t refresh the model.
  • Fixed an issue where opening or closing the curve editor would cause property events to be fired, even though no value was changed.
  • Fixed an issue where the app would freeze on start when loading a character with fur map baking enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where bind poses made prior to custom offsets would get messed up if adding a custom offset.
  • Fixed an issue where entering a bind pose and then exiting (w/o applying) could corrupt the character pose in view.
  • Fixed an issue where fur would not be enabled for sub objects for mirrored parts, even if non-mirrored instance had fur.
  • Fixed an issue where flipped mirroring mode for parts would not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue where fur would not be enabled for part instances for sub objects.
  • Fixed an issue where areola/nipple risked being projected improperly if character was using bone scaling other than 1.
  • Fixed an issue where flipping a model and then undoing wouldn’t restore textures/appendages/fur/sub-parts properly.
  • Fixed an issue where resetting shapes & bones in custom offsets wouldn’t reset anus settings properly.
  • Fixed bad skinning on Stylized Head on neck.
  • Fixed bad skinning on shark head neck.
  • Fixed bad matching heads for bt_m_muscular neck shape.
  • Fixed generic plantigrade feet fitting for all body types.
  • Fixed bad shape for genderless crotch area that spiked up, this no longer occurs.
  • Fixed bad shape for scalie digitigrade 1 that made the merge edges spike away terribly.
  • Fixed some disfigurement on the ankles scalie and canine digitigrade 2 on bunny, athletic and muscular body shape.
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New content
Bovine head
Bovine feet
(Bovine ear.)
(Bovine tail.)
(Bovine horn.)
(Bovine horn socket.)
Canine neck
(Canine neck for bt_m_athletic has been adjusted.)
  • Bovine female template.
  • Bovine male template.
  • Dragon female template.
  • Generic claws missing from appendages.
  • Fixed eye texture not appearing properly when loading a character.
  • Fixed dropdown menues having options outside of window when using non 1280×720 resolutions.
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First Release, character creator only currently.
Read installation instructions before running the game.


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