Futa Prision [v1.2.3] [Ninja Head]

Futa Prision [v1.2.3] [Ninja Head]

May 10, 2024F95

Futa Prison: Tells the story of Sato, an ordinary young university student.
One day, while he was about to play video games, he notices a magical portal in his room.
Out of curiosity, he enters and is transported to a world ruled by futanaris.
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Unfortunately for him, the portal was summoned by a thief who escaped from some guards. He used the portal to summon anyone and blame them. Our protagonist is taken to prison for a crime he did not commit.
Sato finds himself trapped in an unusual prison, where the guards are women who are over 2.5 meters tall and armed with large red sticks between their legs.
Now, Sato must embark on a desperate quest to discover how to escape this unique prison where men are treated like sex toys.
As he progresses in his adventure, he will unravel the strange history of this world and discover why it is dominated by futas.
Thread Updated: 2024-05-06
Release Date: 2024-05-05
Developer: Ninja Head  –  Patreon  – Itch.ioDiscordSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 1.2.3
OS: Windows
Language: English, Spanish
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2d game, 3dcg, Animated, Male protagonist, Sadomasochism,Big ass, Big tits, Corruption, Female domination (FUTA), Humiliation, Internal view, Masturbation, Milf, Oral sex,  Futa on man, Giantess, Virgin ,Anal vore,  Adventure, RPG, Netorare, Futa/Trans, Sandbox
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1. Extract and run
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Added events:
Ladycock Slave
ladycock battle
Ladycock onahole
Ladycock good end
Ladycock Sleep
BOOBLASTER bad end 1 ( You should only lose once but you should have picked up her bra)
booblaster bad end 2 ( you must lose 4 times against her)
Harem event: (You must have taken the onahole and gone to Titania, the event will be activated automatically.)
Reading the necronomicon: (Talk to Hecate after you have all the items.)
Paint added: Dominated by a futa milfs
It is divided into 5 parts, it is like 340 renders.
you need a piece of gold, the gold piece is in ladycock’s room
Added events
  • Titania: Sato human condom
  • Booblaster vs slaves
  • Booblaster Battle
  • Booblaster good ending
  • Booblaster: Bad ending (will be added in version 1.2.3)
  • Booblaster: milk overflowing
  • Booblaster: anal nipple
  • Painting: Chased by a yandere futanari
  • ladycock presentation
  • Gallery chest up to version 1.2.1, you can open it again, same password
Bugs fixed
  • Catrina’s room image was shown behind the animation
  • Experimental room, when you entered and left you were taken to another room.
-Use the skill defensa total, when booblaster is at her last life points
-pick up the chest or buy TP potion (save some for last, you’ll have to spam the new skill)
Floor 6
Added until night 3 presentation of Titania.
more than 2200 new renders
You can use your old saves or you can start from floor 6
Added: Now you can hide texts with right click and see the entire image
For this time the paintings will be postponed for the next update.!
– Once you enter the 6th floor you will not be able to leave.
– The gallery has not been added yet since in version 1.2 available in version 1.2.1
– When you collect Beatrice’s semen make sure to equip yourself the legendary sword.
Added events:
– lyzandra battle 1
– bad ending 1 (unlocked by losing once)
– battle lyzandra 2
– bad ending 2 (if you lose 5 times you will unlock this ending)
– Lysandra interrogates he slaves (to unlock this event
You will have to go down to the sewers, it will activate only if you have the key to floor 7)
– Amazon Goddess of the Stench Clan taken as an offering: (the same if you have the key to the 7th floor this event will be activated, go down to before the Stench Clan)
– Fourth Amazon Goddess (only enter the goddess’s door)
– Queen: since you have the key to floor 7, try to go down, you will unlock the queen’s scene.
– Game guide added until version 1.1.1
–  Experimental laboratory  (only menbers)
– Chest Floor 8, unlocks the entire gallery on floor 8 (it is unlocked for everyone)
  – Molten Steel Chest (it is a mystery, you can try to solve it in the memory room)
– Added chest: Unlock all images
– Updated 7th floor chest now unlocks the entire gallery. until version 1.1.1.
– Red sound bug button (any sound will be turned off with this button) and I noticed that there are sound bugs with this you will turn it off.
Important changes
– Fixed initial bug, you cannot talk to the prisoner by simply clicking on him.
– Almost everything is now in English and Spanish including weapons, skills and items,  However, the name of the maps does not yet exist.
– Prevention screen added at the start of the game.
– You can now skip the minigames on floor 8
– The number of saves was increased to 99 (previously you could only have 20)
(The guide is located in the compressed winrar)
– Gallery – (there is a chest that unlocks almost
the entire 7th floor gallery password on discord)
– General’s dormitory:
To get to the room you will have to go to the librarian, you will learn a spell to transfer your essence to another existential plane.
– 2 paintings in the general room,
To unlock the giant painting you will have to look for the gold piece.
(clue is in one of the chests on the 7th floor)
– milk slave box: (note it does not have futa content, it is the only one in the entire game)
– Sister Ntr picture part 2
– Ass slave tribe painting.
ADDED: Sato’s first kiss, the first time you meet Helga, if you refuse, that scene will happen, you can also see her in Helga’s room talking to her
(You can use your saves from floor 7 from the previous version)
Bug fixed:
Fixed when you beat Kiriha the screen would freeze, now when you win he will give you 1 or 2 pieces for paintings.
Floor 7
Challenge Kiriha head-on, bugs fixed in the version
1.0.9 (patreon available)
– Do not use old saves
– You can start playing from the 7th floor
Bugs fixed:
English: Overflowing texts, they were not read well.
Maker: If you didn’t get the plans before he died in the breakfast event, Italo wouldn’t give you the key.
Valeria final battle. It remained in a static image – corrected, the mini game was eliminated in that phase, now you can continue.
Text in English with he (He) instead of SHE (She) –
Some very loud bgms, corrected by lowering the volume and in some cases the music was paused.
Floor 8 complete
Developer Notes:
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This is my first project, it will be updated monthly on my patreon, sorry if there are spelling errors, English is not my language, and also sorry if the videos freeze, it is a problem that I have not been able to solve until now. . The game focuses more on exploration and story.
Game genres: Futa on male, anal vore, giants, cock vore, and no, you can’t skip the futa xD


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