Futariuum’s Gate [v0.25] [GloomyWasher]

Futariuum’s Gate [v0.25] [GloomyWasher]

December 25, 2023F95

Maya feels her life has hit its low point, with her long-standing social anxiety worsening and her college studies suffering, leaving her locked in a cycle of constant, unproductive masturbation. But at least it can’t get any worse, right? That is, until the fates that be call upon her and inform her of her true destiny: To take up arms as an agent of Heaven and fight against the demons of Hell, who threaten to invade the human world. With her colossal futa cock as her instrument of magic, of course! Join Maya on her journey of mental health, self-discovery and supercharged sexual encounters, and meet many interesting faces along the way!

Thread Updated: 2023-12-19
Release Date: 2023-12-19
Developer: GloomyWasher PatreonDiscordItch.ioSubscribeStarTwitterBuyMeACoffee
Censored: No
Version: 0.25
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2DCG, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Big Ass, Big Tits, Exhibitionism, Futa/Trans, Masturbation, Milf, Dating Sim, Fantasy, Tentacles, Mobile game, Sandbox, RPG, Anal Sex, Monster Girl, Creampie, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex,
Planned tags: Exhibitionism, Ahegao,  Handjob, Lesbian
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1. Extract and run.
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– Added 1 new character: Second Lesser Demon.
– Added 12 new CGs and variants.
– Added 1 new location: Central Park (day and night variants)
– All scenes have been reworked with captivating new animations and visual enhancements.
– The calendar system has been redesigned as a new icon. Players can now also quickly jump to the next time period by clicking it.
– Belial’s battle and the first minion encounter have been thoroughly revamped.
– New and overhauled battle mechanics, including changes to attacking and blocking, and the addition of special attacks.
– Added a battle tutorial explaining how the combat system works for new players.
– Added a difficulty system: Easy, Normal and Hard. Each difficulty will impact the game’s combat differently, so choose whichever you like.
– Added new icons for some UI elements.
– Added 3 new characters, including the first of the game’s bosses, the first “lesser demon” repeatable eneny and an important character tied to the main storyline.
– Added 10 lewd CG illustrations.
– Added a new location: The University Commons
– Added and replaced Laura’s main portrait with her pajamas outfit during v0.10’s opening scenes.
– Added several facial expressions to Maya’s armored variant.
– Added the new combat system featuring the first boss battle.
– Added a gallery system.
– Fixed the spacing issue in the text history screen.
Initial release
The first build contains 30 min of gameplay, three characters as well as featuring eight hand-drawn CGs.
Developer Notes:
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Gloomy Washer is a tight-knit team of three juggling various different roles to develop the game, and all of us are fully intending to work on it long-term.
We aim to have builds finished and released on a monthly basis. As we finish off the main systems we need, we will be able to predict the work required for each build more accurately. The point-and-click world will also be explorable, namely the protagonist’s house. From the second build onwards, the RPG battle system will be implemented.
Your support will be critical to us being able to sustain this project long-term. We are available for funding on several platforms, and we have several tiers on each platform so you can customize your contributions to the project. Additionally, your contributions will not just be financial – you will be able to communicate with us, and provide feedback and suggestions for future content.
We would love for you to consider supporting our project. It’s a passion project  for us and we are eager to see our hard work pay off by giving you an enjoyable story and lewd gaming experience. We can’t wait for you to try the first build out and see what you think!
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Q: Where can I download the official game release?
Q: Is the futanari content avoidable?
  • No. As our game title suggests, our game is mainly focused on futanari.
Q: Where I can report bugs?
  • Preferably, use our ⁠bug-reporting  Discord channel, so we can keep track of all players’ reports.
Q: Will Nethuum also draw commissions and art for the Patreon account outside of the game’s content?
  • The game project takes priority. Where there is free time, an opportunity, motivation and other factors, Nethuum may produce other images outside of the game’s content. As a rule, though, the game comes first.
Q: Is AI used for anything in the game?
  • No! All art assets are hand-drawn, with characters, backgrounds, CGs and UI assets being illustrated by Nethuum. TeraWatt is writing the script without any AI-written sections or any other AI assistance. Sounds are either free or licensed.
Q: Will TeraWatt open writing commissions?
  • Yes. TeraWatt’s inbox is open for commission requests, though there is no guarantee on rate or timeframe for these yet. These will be determined when TeraWatt opens commissions formally in the future.
2899701 Screenshot 2023 08 24 16.24.14 | Free Adult Games
The mac and linux build were not tested yet. Please report any issues on our Discord server.


The combat system has been significantly overhauled and improved after feedback from v0.20.

2841524 Screenshot 2023 07 26 214930 | Free Adult Games2841523 Screenshot 2023 07 26 214735 | Free Adult Games2841530 Screenshot 2023 07 26 214225 | Free Adult Games2841516 Screenshot 2023 07 26 213042 | Free Adult Games2841520 Screenshot 2023 07 26 214429 | Free Adult Games
2841521 Screenshot 2023 07 26 214550 | Free Adult Games2841518 Screenshot 2023 07 26 213420 | Free Adult Games2841519 Screenshot 2023 07 26 213623 | Free Adult Games2841525 Screenshot 2023 07 26 215125 | Free Adult Games2841527 Screenshot 2023 07 26 215241 | Free Adult Games


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