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Glamour [v0.57] [Dark Silver]

December 25, 2023F95

Main character (a guy or a girl, your choice) from a small town turns 18 and it’s time to go to college. Thankfully, they get an opportunity to move into big city and apply into a new experimental college. New live, new opportunities, and no oversight from an overprotective mom! Turns out main character doesn’t even have to pay for the college! All they have to do is sign a strange contract and agree to follow college rules, breaking which might have grave consequences, up to being expelled… And not only that, the rules might change in the future, too…

Thread Updated: 2023-05-31
Release Date: 2023-05-31
Developer: Dark Silver PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.57
OS: Windows, Android, Mac
Language: English, Russian
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3DCG, Real porn, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Multiple Protagonist, School setting, Corruption, Spanking, Masturbation, Voyeurism, Interracial, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Oral sex, Lesbian, Simulator, Mobile game, Drugs
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on glamour.exe to start playing.
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v0.56 -not available yet-
The yoga storyline picks up where we left it off. It is now 27 events long (0.55.1 already had 14). It is the longest chain of events in the game by a wide margin, both when it comes to the number of events and the image count.
Andrew gets his massage, seven events in the chain.
A new storyline dealing with unforeseen consequences of the previous story.
0.55.2 has three storylines. Two new ones (we count Andrew massage as a new one, even if it technically started in 0.55.1) and the second half of the yoga class storyline.
By the way, we haven’t mentioned it in our 0.55.1 post, but all adult content with all guys in 0.55 is entirely optional. Half of the events in the yoga class have two variants, the one where Kate agrees to do something, and the one where she turns them down. One event has over 80 steps if you count all variants of that event. Only Sophie and Alice are irresistible for Kate, since she likes them and has no reason to turn them down.
Kate hasn’t gotten as many updates as Max recently, so we’ve tried to make this update as good as we possibly could.
v0.55.1 is out. It’s all about Julia’s fitness club. There is a series of events in the yoga class, the locker room, the shower room, and Julia’s office.
v0.55 is a massive update. It has over 310 images, for example. We’ve already rendered and edited all of them, so the only thing left to do is text. We’ve decided not to cut anything out of 0.55, so we’ll just release the rest of it with a slight delay.
Today we’re releasing 0.54. Let’s skip the long intro and jump right into the change log. Max will record a bunch of clips all over the house with all kinds of characters, including:
Lisa during breakfast
Lisa and Kira by the pool
Kira and Ann by the TV at night
Alice by the car before college
Lisa in the morning while she’s helping Ann to cook breakfast
Lisa and Olivia by the pool
Alice and Ann by the pool
Kate during dinner
Each one is a short series of events (between two and four), with the last one in the series always being periodic.
We tried to make events as varied as possible, so the update has over 220 images (which is well above average).
We’ve been able to finish 0.53 this month without delays.
It is focused on Max and Lisa’s adventures in the medical office with Zoe.
Size-wise, it’s about the same as our usual update. Or 0.52.1 or 0.52.2.
The new events require certain progress in the Karen quest, after which Lisa will periodically ask Max if he wants to go to the medical office somewhere between 14:30 and 15:50. Every other day or so. If Max turns her down, she’ll leave him alone for several days. As usual, the invites will become less common once you go through the unique events and if Max turns her down, she’ll leave him alone for about two weeks.
New feature
As we’ve mentioned in one of our previous posts, we’ve implemented a quest log change. From now on, unlocking new steps in the quest log is marked with a small indicator on the quest log icon.
If you open the quest log, it will display which quests have unlocked new steps. The indicator goes away once you read the new quest log entry. This feature is especially useful at the start of a play through when you unlock a bunch of quests early on and for whenever you get stuck.
We’re also planning to implement a UI element that would tell you the percentage (including decimals) of your total progress. It will help the players to learn if they’ve unlocked all content or if there’s still something to do. It will also help new players with understanding the scope of the game.
The second part of 0.52 is finally done. The amount of content is roughly the same as 0.52.1
This time, Max and Lisa get tutored by Veronica at her place. There shouldn’t be any conflict with Karen’s lessons, both should happen every other day, so there’s always a lesson every day.
Karen visits Max’s house to discuss important future developments. Things will escalate from just talking.
Max will meet Candy. This story will be very different from Kate’s.
Karen will invite Max in her office to show him the ropes. This event will have three options. They won’t branch the main story and will only affect a small self-contained storyline. For now, the choice has no consequences, you can talk to Karen and replay the event as many times as you want in order to see all three options.
v 0.50
We can finally say the work on 0.50 is done and you can play the update. If you don’t already have the game on your device, the download link will be available in the next post. Kate updates keep taking a lot of our time and this one is not an exception.
You won’t need to finish everything from the previous update, but you will still need certain progress with Max. You can check the quest log for more details.
So, about 0.50. The entire update is revolving around the cheerleading squad, in one way or another. Now that Kate has proven herself, it’s time for other characters to show their resolve and willingness to do what it takes to join the squad. But don’t worry, Kate won’t be left behind. She’ll be able to watch, and optionally join in on the fun.
This is one of the longest chains of events we’ve done in one update. There are four periodic events at the end.
We will try to release the next update in August, it will be about Max. We will give you more details in our next post
0.49 is focused on Kira teaching Max and Alice the tricks of the trade. There are two series of events, Kira will be switching between the lessons. One for Alice and one for Max, back and forth, back and forth.
This will also lead to a new punishment for Max and Alice before going to sleep.
  • The first event in the story that kicks off the whole thing
  • Late night movies with Lisa after midnight (3 new events)
  • Kira sunbathing between 12 and 13 when Ann’s home (3 new events)
  • Kira sunbathing between 12 and 13 when Ann’s isn’t home (3 new events)
  • A random event during the day when Alice is punishing Lisa (3 new events)
  • Alice sunbathing when Ann is around (2 new events)
  • Ann smoking after midnight (2 new events)
  • Ann cooking breakfast (2 new events)
  • Ann taking a bath after 20:00 (3 new events)
  • Ann doing yoga after 17:20 (3 new events)
  • Kira watching TV after 1:00 in the living room (2 new events)
  • Max sleeping in Ann’s room (3 new events)
  • Max sleeping in Alice’s room (2 new events)
  • Alice smoking by the pool when Ann’s not at home (3 new events)
  • A new punishment event
36 new events in total, most are pretty long. As we’ve mentioned above, if there’s more than one event, the last one is always periodic.
Starting with 0.49, we will try to make smaller, but more frequent updates. The poll about 0.49’s focus should be up soon. Since 0.48 changes so many things around the villa, we recommend you playing through it before you vote on 0.49.
We’ve changed the game’s UI for importing and exporting save files. Not only you can migrate your progress without having to move individual save files manually, there’s now an option to move all of your save files at once.
We’ve said enough about developing 0.47 in our previous posts, so let’s just skip to the things we’ve added in our latest patch.
There’s a short series of events in the college swimming class, after which Max unlocks the option to visit Julia and Kate’s house.
Once unlocked, Max will be able to visit them every day between 15:30 and 16:00. You can go to their house from Max’s villa, or you can stay in college until it’s time to go to Julia and Kate’s.
A series of events on the couch in the living room.
A series of events in the backyard.
A series of events in the basement.
Max will also get to meet Maria, Julia and Kate’s neighbor. She doesn’t have any content in 0.47, but we can develop this story if you vote for it.
Fixed bugs:
Fixed a bug where Kate could’ve asked Julia to punish her outside the house.
The New world order quest log has been expanded to be more descriptive.
0.46, Kate is the protagonist.
– The new update is all about Max joining college and Nicolas implementing new rules, related to this event.
– There’s an alternative punishment system. A big series of events, involving Kate, Max, Karen, and Sophie.
– Julia is now teaching the swimming class. Most of the events will happen in the shower after the class. We’ve reused the images from 0.45, but from Kate’s perspective. As usual, since we didn’t have to render and edit new images, it only took us a couple of days to implement these.
– Kate can now stay after the swimming class and have fun with Max in the shower.
– A teaser about Angela, Oscar, and Max for future updates.
Part one of 0.45 is ready and out. This is the technical part of the update, so it doesn’t have a lot of events. Before we could do those, first we had to implement basic college functionality like getting to college and back, attending classes, etc.
The game does have introductions with college characters like classmates and teachers. Max’s college has some crucial differences compared to Kate’s college, so we recommend you read it carefully instead of skipping it, it’s not just a repeat of the old information.
We’ve already rendered over 150 images for 0.45, so we’re still working on the content part of the update. We’ll release it as soon as possible. If you want, you can wait until we release the rest of 0.45 to play the whole thing at once.
Another update is in the bag. We’ve made plenty of content and almost all of it is explicit.
Ann lost her job and now spends her time at home. Which caused plenty of changes around the Villa.
Kira is now more likely to spend her lunch break at home. Ann joins her by the pool, who in turn can be joined by Max.
Now that Alice is officially the sole provider, she holds even more power. But since 75% of our patrons voted to improve her relationship with Max, she doesn’t get out of her way to make his life miserable. New events when Max sleeps in Alice’s room.
New events in Max’s room when Alice punishes Lisa.
Olivia delivers on her promise. Wait until she stays overnight and go to your room.
Ann can’t find a job, so she asks Alice for one. Max uses this opportunity to spend more time with Ann.
You can now skip events with Alice+Lisa and Lisa+Olivia if you’ve already seen all of them.
New yoga events. Alice will finally stop ruining everything.
The same applies to the events when Ann is cooking breakfast.
New events in the evenings when Ann is taking a bath.
New events by the pool with Alice is sunbathing next to Ann.
New events with Alice and Lisa.
New events with Alice in her room.
New dress-code by the pool.
Veronica. Kate and Veronica annul their previous agreement where they play cards and Kate wishes for Veronica to vote yes in the committee. Their relationship gets on a new level, and there’s no gambling element anymore.
Adam. Next Kate needs to find a way to make Adam always vote for the new rules.
Anatomy. Meat of the update, various new events in the anatomy class.
New dress code in the anatomy class.
A special anatomy lesson for guys.
A special anatomy lesson for ladies.
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Here’s what we added in 0.41:

New lessons with Lisa and Ann.

Once you unlock them and Lisa invites Max for a lesson, there will be an option between old and new lessons so you still have the access to the old events.
New late night events with Ann and Kira in the living room.
Continuation of the Alice show. Max finally gets free to do what he wanted for so long!
New events when Max sleeps in Ann’s room.
From now on, Max can sleep in Ann’s room whenever he wants (after 22:00) even if Olivia isn’t there. You’ll need to unlock this in the story first, though.
New punishment. Alice got to be in charge in 0.40, but we didn’t have the time to implement everything we wanted and had to push some punishment events to 0.41.
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Today is a good day to release 0.40. Not only it took us less than a month to make, it’s our biggest update yet! It has 30% more text than our previous record, and it has about one and a half, maybe even two times more images than our average update.
We’ve managed to do everything we planned for this version. The only content we didn’t do on time is editing some of the images (there are just too many of them this time). We’ll finish them up in a couple of days and it won’t affect the release date of our next update. Once they’re done, the game should update and download new images automatically as long as you’re logged in.
So, here’s what we added in 0.40 (spoilers, obviously):
1 | Free Adult Games
Private punishments in Ann’s room go out with an explosive finale, new punishments are in the house!
1 | Free Adult Games
Now that Alice gets to punish Max, the rule of equivalent exchange dictates Max gets to punish Alice in a new and exciting way for smoking!
1 | Free Adult Games
Late night show with Lisa and Alice gets even more fun! No spoilers here, go look it up in the game.
1 | Free Adult Games
Surprise, surprise turns out Alice isn’t the only smoker in the house.
1 | Free Adult Games
Karen’s visit to the villa will snowball into all kinds of events all over the house.
1 | Free Adult Games
Max will finally see college, but not in the capacity you might expect.
1 | Free Adult Games
What could be better than the late night events with Kira? That’s right, the same events, but with Kira and Ann!
1 | Free Adult Games
Deepening relationships with Ann leads to newer and even more exciting yoga events!
1 | Free Adult Games
Ann’s change in attitude will be clearly shown in her new early morning cooking attire.
A lot of fun content. We hope you like our update.
We’ve decided to make the next update for Max again. Making updates so close to the end of the month is too stressful, so we’ve decided to make a shorter update to give us some breathing room. Giving Kate a smaller update wouldn’t be fair for her, so Max gets the short end of the stick. Also Kate already has much more content than Max, so he gets to have more fun with Ann, Alice, a bit of Lisa and Kira in 0.41. In the future we want to give Max the same freedom to move around the map. It will take a lot of time, though, so it will be some time away from now.
Another reason we want to make another update for Max is… well, a muse, I guess? For some reason making new content for Max has been a lot easier lately. You get more images and more text in the same amount of time whenever we’re making an update for Max. We’re not doing this on purpose and we like Kate, but it is what it is. We will come back to an even split between Kate and Max as early as we can.
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Now here are the events we’ve added in 0.39:
1 | Free Adult Games
New pool events when Ann and Lisa are sunbathing nearby. Alice will come up to Kate and offer to have some fun.
1 | Free Adult Games
In the evenings, when no one is watching TV, Alice will offer to watch something.
1 | Free Adult Games
Kate can now do yoga with Ann.
1 | Free Adult Games
Playing as Max, you’re seen a series of events during Alice’s show. Now these events exist from Kate’s perspective. This whole series of events only took us one day to implement from Kate’s perspective, by the way.
1 | Free Adult Games
Kate can give Ann massages in the evenings.
In all of these events, Kate will have a choice between encouraging or punishing Max’s behavior. Once Max’s authority goes up or down enough, it will unlock new punishment events. You won’t get locked in your initial choice, at any point you can change your mind and influence Max’s authority in the other way to trigger events you haven’t seen.
You can check Max’s authority parameter in the Villa quest, which will also track progress with every series of events of this update.
1 | Free Adult Games
If Max unlocks the right to punish others
1 | Free Adult Games
And this is what happens if he gets reprimanded all the time
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  • A series of events with Kira at night in the living room.
  • Kira will start coming home during lunch, around 12:00.
  • New and improved yoga.
  • Alice got some love too.
  • New event with Ann while she’s taking a bath.
  • A small surprise from Kira when Max goes to sleep in certain situations.
  • We also fixed some bugs
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A long series of events in Karen’s classes. Kate will have to face a series of challenges like never before.
A series of events with Nicolas in his office, tête-à-tête. This one gets unlocked after a couple of events with Karen.
Optional events with Oscar. Turning him down won’t have any consequences, but saying yes might lead to future events.
Another series of events with Karen, unlocks after a number of events with Nicolas.
And at the very end, an important event with Candy, who will finally get answers for many of her questions.
All events with Karen, Nicolas, and Oscar have periodic events at the end.
We tried to write down an informative quest log so no one gets lost. Every series of events (except Oscar’s, but you definitely won’t miss that one) shows you in percentages how much you’ve done so you know if you’ve completed the update.
0.37 has around 30 events and 20 dialogs, so it’s about as big as some of our latest updates.
0.37 also has some bug fixes:
  • Sometimes Julia would ignore Kate turning her down and would visit her at night multiple times.
  • Nick had a similar problem where he would pester Kate too often. These are bugs and weren’t intended.
  • Sometimes Kate saw Nick with Julia and the basement, and Nick would come back after leaving when he wasn’t supposed to.
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People have been waiting for Lisa to lose her v-card for multiple years. Since this is a monumental occasion for both her and Max, we’ve decided to make this update extra special.
As we’ve already mentioned it in the previous post, 0.36 is our biggest update yet. It’s about 50% bigger than usual, which of course took some extra time to develop.
We don’t want to spoil too much in the change log, so just jump into the game and see everything for yourselves!
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As promised, here’s the last third of the 0.35 update. This time the events will be about Kate, Karen, and Nicolas.
Overall, 0.35 turned out to be about 50% bigger than our usual updates.
0.36 should come out on schedule, at the end of March. As a reminder, it will be focused on Lisa, Ann, and a bit of Alice.
The game should update itself automatically. Turns out we missed a couple of images in 0.35, so the game should download these correctly.
The link for the update version will be in the next post.
In 0.35 we switched the format of all jpg images to webp, so the offline PC version should lose about 770 megabytes without losing any of the image quality. But for that to come into effect, you’ll have to redownload the game.
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We have two things to tell you about 0.35. First, despite February being the shortest month of the year, 0.35 has a larger size than our usual update. The second is we couldn’t finish all of it on time. 0.35 has three series of events. We’re releasing two of them today, and the last third of the update should be available in a couple of days. The two thirds of an update already in the game are roughly the same size as our usual update, and the third one will add another 50%, which will probably make 0.35 one of our biggest updates ever.
So, here’s what we’ve done for 0.35:
The update is all about Karen. One series of events is about extra lessons with Andrew while all the other classmates are busy with P.E. The other one is all Kate being punished in her basement. The third one isn’t done yet.
The last series of events will be in the principal’s office. Obviously, Karen and Nicolas will be involved. We’ll show you some images tomorrow so you know what to expect.
0.35 will eat up a couple of days in March, but we’ll try to release 0.36 without delays, at the end of the month. 0.36 will be all about Lisa losing her V card, plus some events with Alice and Lisa. We’ll write more about 0.36 in the future.
Without too many spoilers, here’s the list of new events in 0.34:
  • Kate and Julia update their home clothes.
  • Julia gets a new toy
  • New punishments in the basement.
  • New late night events in the living room.
  • New TV events in the living room.
  • Julia gets a new alarm clock.
  • Sunbathing in the backyard has new events.
  • Joining Julia in the shower has never been more exciting.
  • Since the update is focused on Julia and Kate relationship, Kate caught Julia up to speed on the newest developments in her life, along with dialogs setting up future events with various characters.
For the offline version:
  • Fixed the game freezing after clicking on some sprites.
  • Changed line spacing for some events.
  • Improved text animation in dialogs.
  • Adjusted text layout in the voting screen (laptop).
0.32 is focused on Max, Lisa, and Olivia by the pool.
Along with new content, we’ve also made a lot of changes to the offline version.
  • Various interface improvements.
  • Dialogs options from the online client have been ported to the offline version.
  • Fixed a bug with a stuck sound playing on a loop.
  • Settings should properly work in the android version now.
  • Fixed a bug where the android version would sometimes not display new images after updating.
V0.29 Part 2 Offline (fixed)
Bug fixes
V0.28 Offline
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  • Kate can finally earn money on the villa
  • New events with Nick and Julia in the basement
  • Kate can now tan topless
  • Extra scenes with sophie
  • Reduced waiting time between implementing optional and the mandatory medical exams. People had nothing to do but wait, and it wasn’t super obvious, so we’ve decided to cut it down.
  • Removed an outdated line in of the old quests.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Julia would bug Kate every night, even if Kate turns her down. The game was mistakenly updating the wrong cooldown, specifically one for the events with Nick and Julia. Now, when turned down, Julia will leave Kate alone for 7 to 14 days. Same goes to Julia and Nick inviting Kate to have fun together.
  • Increased cooldowns for the side effects from the Zoe’s pills. It used to have basically no cooldown and could possibly happen every day. Now if Kate turns someone down, the next event will have a 10-16 days cooldown (every character has their own cooldown, too). Now if Kate agrees to do stuff with Oscar, the next event will happen in 3 to 5 days.
  • Fixed a bug when a certain step in the massage office (in Julia’s fitness club) would display the wrong step and make things confusing.
  • Added a line in the Special chemistry quest when Kate would need to take the pill, and she needed more Nick and Julia progress but the game didn’t tell about that requirement.
  • Now Max is more than a background decoration in the villa and Kate can now talk to him.
  • The College committee quest becomes inactive once players complete all available content in it.
  • Same goes to the Cheerleading squad quest.
  • Now the game correctly shows Kate now wearing any underwear when she’s changing in the college medical office.
  • Fixed many various bugs in the offline version of the game, as well as countless typos.
v0.25 offline
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It’s finally time to release 0.25. We spent a lot of time on it, so we hope you’ll enjoy our work. If you haven’t seen our previous posts, here’s the gist of what you’ll see in the update:
0.25 revolves around the new massage office in Julia’s fitness club. To unlock the new content, you will need to meet the requirements we wrote in the quest log. This time, the massage questline will be pinned to the top of the quest log for your convenience. As usual, you can check it if you get stuck.
We finally unlocked the fitness club. Now Kate can visit it, meet Jessica (Julia’s friend at the reception), and start learning how to be a masseuse.
There is a long series of events with Lien, Julia, Alice, and especially Max. Finishing the storyline will unlock periodic events with several options.
As you probably know, we spent about 50% more time on this update, so it’s no surprise it has about 50% more content, too. Usually we don’t have enough time to add everything we planned, but this time, once it was clear we will blow the deadline because of the Corona virus, we’ve decided to roll with the punches and doubled down on the amount of content. Update was going to be released late anyway, might as well make it as big as possible, right?
We don’t want to delay the update into the next month for anyone, so this time the delays between the releases will be smaller than usual:
Today is April 21st, the release date for $40 Patrons. (Kinda sounds like we’re letting you out from the prison, but you know what we mean)
Three days later, on 24th, 0.25 will become available for our $20 Patrons.
Another two days later, on 26th, yada yada $10 Patrons.
And after another two days, on April 28th, our $5 Patrons will get the access to the 0.25 update. Offline version for the 0.24 will become available on the same day.
v0.24 offline
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The last poll showed you guys, eh, wanted 0.24 to be focused on Max, so we, eh, complied. Originally we were aiming for several smaller storylines, but then we’ve decided to focus on one specific story so it can progress further and pause it at the right time.
We don’t want to spoil the update in this post, so we’re going to be vague. After content from 0.22 (Max and Lisa watching porn together), Lisa asks about sex ed lessons with Ann. These lessons is what this update is all about. The last event is going to be long and periodic, with several choices.
At the end of the update Max is going to make an important decision which will affect future content.
v0.23 offline
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The locker room
There’s a new regular event for changing into the sports uniform and swimming suit before PE and swimming classes. These two mini events check what characters are present in the locker room, their stage of undressing, and has different angles. It took plenty of sprites and some new code, but it looks really nice. We also used this new code for other events, too.
Cheerleading squad trials
So, this is where the new events start. First you need to finish the old content related to the cheerleading squad. The last step was Karen catching Kate without wearing any underwear during the uniform checkup.
Once that’s done, the next step is to ask Angela about the cheerleading squad. She’ll tell Kate to wait for the next PE class (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays). The quest log will have the hints to guide you along the way if you get lost. There are several unique new PE lessons where Angela will be talking about the new trials and earning points. You can see the number of earned points in the change log, by the way.
We don’t want to spoil too much about the trials, so we’re going to be vague here. Go and check it out yourselves.
All trials are completely optional. You can skip any of them or decide to do them at a later date.
Every trial gives Kate an opportunity to earn points. The number will vary on her behavior. Some of them are periodic and can be repeated as much as possible. Here’s a small spoiler: slapping Oscar will result in a longer cooldown, but he will be back eventually.
One of the trials involves a sex shop. For now it only sells one item, but it will increase its stock in the future.
Doing the trials will lead to various people wanting to discuss them with Kate, so there are plenty of new dialogs, too.
The final trial
The ultimate trial will let Kate earn a whole bunch of points, it is the longest event we’ve ever made. Including choices, it has 122 steps.
You can repeat the last trial to see the alternative option. We didn’t want to make a periodic version of the event with the same images but new text, so we’re going to expand it in the future. But for now, you can ask Angela and make everyone forget the final trial so you can do it again. Canonically, the event only happens once, so everyone is going to act like it’s happening for the first time and Kate won’t be earning any extra points. Or you can just save before asking Angela to set up the trial for the first time, if you want. That’s basically how it works, but you can still replay even if you forgot to make a save point.
v0.22 offline
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As always, our desire to add more and more content got the better of us and we had to delay the update again. But it’s finally ready and we’re happy to present 0.22 to you. This time we’ve focused on Lisa and Max relationships.
Here’s what we’ve done (heavy spoilers ahead, skip to the the end of the post to see some extra news if you want to go into the update completely blind):
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Max can ask Lisa out to be his girlfriend. This starts off the series of events.
Max will gift Lisa a silk robe and will get to see Lisa trying it on. Once Lisa gets the robe, she will only do her homework in it. And sometimes she’ll be wearing it after taking a shower, so you’ll get to see Lisa in the new robe all over the house. We’re still missing some images (for example, Lisa always washes the dishes in her default home clothes instead of her bathrobe or the towel), but we will add them overtime.
Now that Lisa and Max are in the relationships, Max will start, em, “flirting” with Lisa when they’re doing her homework. A series of events, including a periodic one.
At some point in the story Max and Lisa will start watching porn together. Another series of events.
Max will buy Lisa a new swimsuit. Just like with the robe, Max will get to watch Lisa trying on the new gift. Lisa will start wearing the new swimsuit at the pool.
Two series of events with peeking on Lisa changing. First by “accidentally” barging in the room while she’s changing, the other when she lets him stay in the room.
At some point Max will catch Lisa not wearing panties at school and she will ask him how he feels about it. For now this decision will only affect whether Lisa will be wearing panties when she’s changing, so don’t be afraid to ask her whatever you like to see. We don’t have any plans to add cuckold into the game, so even if this decision will affect future events, it will only be something along the lines of “new content with Olivia”, and not “new content with Alex”.
Once Lisa and Max relationships get close enough, Lisa will let Max peek under her skirt when she’s lying on her bed.
We’ve added many steps in the quest log, so hopefully you won’t get lost about what to do. The general rule of the thumb is: keep helping Lisa with her homework, keep peeking, and keep watching porn.
That concludes the spoilers about 0.22, so you can start reading if you skipped the change log.
We also have two long term projects along with current updates. The first one is making new graphics for the second tier for the college uniform, which is a lot more daring and explicit. The game has plenty of images with the current uniform and we have to double a lot of them with the new uniform. That is a lot of work, but we’re getting there.
The second task is even more daunting. It’s what our programmer is working on almost 100% of the time. He’s porting the game from the Unity engine to something more universal and quicker. This will allow us to release offline versions for the Android too. The work is ongoing for several months and we hope soon we’ll get to the polishing stage. Generally speaking, this work is done in parallel with adding new content and doesn’t hurt the amount of new dialogs and events we add to the game every month because the new content takes precedence.
We keep trying to make every new update smaller and release it sooner, but we keep adding more and more new content instead. Sorry about that 🙂 Because of that, we have to release this update on the same schedule as the last time. Today is January 17th and we’re releasing the game for our $40 Patrons, our $20 Patrons will get the access in three days, on January 20th. $10 Patrons in three more days on the January 23rd, and $5 Patrons in five more days, on January 28th. Offline 0.21 will become available on the same day.
Have fun!
v0.21 offline
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Usually we try to release updates closer to the start of every month, but we had to delay this one for a bit since I had a mini vacation. Which is also the reason why this month didn’t have many news, we focused all our work on 0.21 so it will be released in December for every Patron tier. Thankfully, the update itself wasn’t hurt by the vacation.
0.21 is a story heavy update. It’s really hard to describe without spoiling anything, so that was pretty much the change log 🙂 Skip the rest of the paragraph if you want to avoid spoilers. We mapped this story over a year ago, and we’re excited to finally share it with all of you. It’s related to Julia’s fitness club, college, and Candy. The hotel got a new resident Neil. Unlike most characters in the game, Neil is an episodic character and his entire storyline starts and ends in 0.21. At some point in the story players will have an option to choose a long and pretty intense sex scene (periodic, too), which will also allow Kate to earn some money.
Most of the new images are 18+, so we can’t show any of them without marking the post Patrons only. We realize this post might look like we’ve just released the smallest update ever, but this post’s length is not indicative of the update’s size 🙂
As you might remember, 0.20 had a hint system, helping players to meet requirements to unlock new content. We have a similar system for 0.21, too.
Now, about 0.22. It’s going to be focused on Max. This time we’re aiming for two smaller storylines: mostly around Lisa, Kira, and Ann. A good chunk of the story beats will be really different from BB, hopefully for the better. We’re not going to set any strict deadlines, but we’ll try to release it as early as possible. Definitely sooner than this one. We will also try to post a lot more new images and news.
v0.20 offline
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Every time we release a new update, we get questions about prerequirements to unlock new content. In order to make this process less convoluted, we’ve decided to make a “smart” quest in the quest log. It’s called “0.20 (spoilers)”, and it will tell you what requirements you’ve met, and what things still need to be done. Once you meet all requirements, the game will replace it with a traditional quest telling you about the next step.
Home punishment system. If Kate doesn’t do her homework or talk during class, she will be sent to the principal’s office. If she skips that, she will have to be punished at home, and Julia will be happy to help Kate out. Most of the update is related to the punishments, so this storyline has many steps and at some point will unlock the option for Kate to submit to Julia, Nick, or both. For now once Kate submits it can’t be undone because there’s no point to go back. But when we add new events where Kate decides to change the rules of the game and try something else, we will add an option to undo the submission without having to replay the whole game.
Random events in the basement. If Kate submits to Nick, once every couple of days Nick and Julia will start having fun in the basement. This is a series of events with the periodic event at the end. These new events will replace Nick and Julia events on the sofa watching TV when Kate returns from college.
In order to see new events, Kate should stay in college until at least 11:00 (or, better yet, until 14:00-15:00), and then go home right away.
New events with Sophie and Alice (as long as Kate had sex with Alice at least once). Alice can now visit Kate’s house. In the future we will add an option to invite some characters to stay overnight.
Added sounds to all locations. There might be some issues because we just added it into the game and there are 3455 steps for various events and it’s hard to test every last one of them. Please let us know if you find any issues.
You can now name your save files. If you have multiple save files, keeping track on them should be much easier. We also increased the maximum saves number from 10 to 20.
The main menu now displays information about the current version of the game on the server and your current access. Hopefully, this will make more clear if you have the access to the latest version of the game.
From now on you can close some interface menus like profile, inventory, and quest log by pressing ESC. We will add this functionality for some other situations like canceling zooming in (the pool in the villa), in some events, etc. We will be adding them in individual situations to make sure it makes sense and makes UI more accessible and intuitive.
There was a lot of work put into October update so we could release it early. But it’s time to take a little break. I’ve been working on Glamour and Big Brother for three years without any breaks and never took more than one day off in a row. It’s time to have a small vacation, I’ll be gone for the next 10 days. I’ll recharge my batteries and return to developing Glamour with a newfound energy. The rest of the team will keep working on the game, so the development as a whole will still keep going.
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0.19 is focused on Max and villa in general. This time we’ve done almost everything we planned. We decided not to end dialogs between Ann and Kira on a cliffhanger so we pushed them in one of the future updates. We also didn’t do everything we planned for sounds. But we also added some extra stuff we didn’t plan on initially.
So, here’s the change log:


. Now Max has a quest that will unlock an option to install hidden cameras all over house. For now they don’t earn any money since Max doesn’t really have many ways to spend it. Max will start earning money once he’ll start buying presents, inviting people to expensive dates, etc.
For now you can just buy first three cameras on a sale and install them in the three rooms with most action. Spying through cameras is already implemented, even in the bathroom.
Online shop is now working. You can order a couple of new things (like cameras) once you unlock them. Max will be able to order sunscreen if he didn’t get one for free in 0.16.
In house delivery. New character Sarah (you’ve already heard about her). Funny girl with her own story, there will be more content with her both with Max and with Kate in the future. For now she’ll only be delivering stuff for Max.
Telescope. Max can order one on Epay and Sarah will deliver it. Since the cameras don’t earn anything yet, the telescope is on a huge sale so you don’t have to grind ridiculous amount of time. If you haven’t seen our previous posts, we’ll let you figure out how Max will use it for yourselves.
Peeking in the shower. Now Max can peek on Alice, Lisa, and Ann through the window. Sometimes he’ll get caught. At some point Ann will decide she’s had enough and Max will have to face consequences.
Punishments. Eventually Ann will announce the new punishment system. Lisa will be punished for failing grades, Alice for smoking, and Max for peeking. Max has an exception with two warning system. Once there’s been 5 punishments before breakfast/dinner, Ann will make punishments more severe, and she’ll do it once more after 10.
From now on Max can make mistakes in Lisa’s homework and look for Alice’s cigarettes so she gets caught by Ann.
Spiders and Alice. Max can now throw spiders in Alice’s room. She will run to Max for help. There’s a series of events, keep throwing new spiders until the quest log tells you there’s no more content.
Yoga. Ann had a change in schedule so now she does yoga about an hour before dinner. Max can join and have lots of fun. For now this storyline doesn’t have a lot of content, but there will be much more in the future.
Sounds. We’ve done a lot of work implementing sounds into the game. They help with living up the game and adding atmosphere. It’s also completely optional and you can turn it off, if you want. Unfortunately, we’ve hit a small snag and decided not to delay the whole update just for sounds since they’re not absolutely necessary. For now all sounds are turned off, but we will turn them on in a couple of days.
NPC mapping. Technically, it was added in 0.18, but now you can actually see it in new dialogs and events. There will be a dedicated post going into more details about it soon.
As you can see, we’ve done a lot of work. The poll is still open, but it looks like the next update will be focused on the basement, Julia, and home punishments (new college rule). If we have enough time, Kate will be able to invite Alice or Sophie to her house.
Today is October 11th and we are releasing 0.19 for our $40 Patrons. Next week on October 18th, it will be released for our $20 Patrons. Four days later on October 22nd, 0.19 will be released for our $10 Patrons. And three days after that, on October 25th, it will become available for our $5 Patrons. October 25th will also be the release day for an offline version of 0.18.
As always, your client will update to version 0.19 automatically (including images).
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The latest update is all about college rules. Most of it is new mechanics, but there’s some new content, too. We’ve already talked about most of the work on this update in previous posts, so parts of this post might sound familiar to you. Overall we’ve managed to do even more than we planned, at the cost of a slight delay and fewer posts. But just because we might be less active on Patreon or don’t update our Trello page doesn’t mean we’re not working on the game. We hope you appreciate all the content we’ve put in this update.
Anyway, here’s 0.18 change log:
The important part is we finally implemented tracking and changing college rules, and the related UI. Both tabs now work as intended and show all relative information. If you’ve completed 0.17, then the college committee quest will have a new step telling you to check out the college website. Looking into it will lead to Kate learning she doesn’t have access to one particular rule set. The rest should be self explanatory. Once Nicolas grants Kate the access she wants, she’ll be able to change all the rules. In the current version of the game Veronica is the only committee member whose vote you can change, so for now everyone but her will always vote yes for everything. Because of that—for now—the voting will only take three days instead of five to save some time. Kate will have to win a wish at the poker game to change Veronica’s vote. In the future there will be way more options to change votes for all committee members.
Physical punishments in the principal’s office. You’ve already seen this in 0.17 when students were wearing clothes. Now you’ll be able to change the rules so students will have to be without pants/skirts, without underwear, or naked.
Punishments in class. If students are misbehaving during the lesson, then teachers can punish them right there and now. If Sophie doesn’t owe a punishment for not doing her homework and she doesn’t have to go to the principal’s office at 14:00, she might agree to be punished in the class along with Kate. This functionality allows for other students to be punished too, but we don’t have any events with them yet. This rule will have several stages too. Fully clothed, without pants/skirt, with no underwear. Future versions will have more punishments.
Medical checkups. Every Monday, after PE or swimming class, students will line up in front of a medical office and wait until Zoe calls them in. According to the college rule from 0.17, girls and guys will have separated checkups. One group will go before the other (the order changes every week). The students will be fully clothed. Kate will be able to change this rule in several steps: students wear underwear, mixed checkups (guys and girls wait together), and naked checkups.
Remember how Kate took some experimental pills for Zoe? They will finally have side effects. For now Kate will “black out” and wake up in a compromising situation. Oscar path will be centered around submission/domination, the rest of the characters will have options depending on their romantic (or not so romantic) progress with Kate. Don’t worry, everything is one hundred percent consensual and Kate will be able to put the brakes before things will go too far if that’s what she wants.
As we’ve already mentioned before, we completely reworked NPC behavior in college. You will now have much easier time catching a teacher if you want to talk to them. Students have changes in their behavior too. They can get together right before class or a uniform checkup instead of materializing out of thin air. They now actually check the schedule to see if they’re supposed to go to the class, change in the locker room, go to the pool, wait for the next lesson, etc. The game now technically has swimming lessons, but for now it don’t have any events so students just waste their time waiting for the class to end (just like in real life! Have I done this joke before? I feel like I’ve already said it last time. Oh well).
The most important part is students check the schedule before inviting Kate to the cafe. Instead of asking Kate to meet around 11:05, students now remember about PE class, check if there’s a medical checkup, or if someone’s getting punished later in the day. They will also wait for Kate just outside of college instead of the hall from now on, so keep it in mind.
The game got a new location – women’s restroom. Kate can now put on/take off her panties in there if she has any with her. Taking off panties before the uniform checkup will eventually help Kate to get into the cheerleading squad. The game now tells if Kate is wearing panties on her profile page.
The game now has uniform checkups, once every couple of days. If Kate isn’t in the main hall right before the checkup, someone will come looking for her. Kate can refuse to go to the checkup. Kate can also go see the checkup and leave, but Karen will probably notice this.
There’s a slight change in the wardrobe. There’s no underwear menu now, since it didn’t really have a lot of options. At some point Kate will get an option to not wear panties to college. Obviously, if Kate goes commando, she won’t be able to change her mind and put her panties on since she won’t have any on her person. The option to stop wearing panties to college will become available after a certain progress in cheerleading quest.
We reworked the NPC Mapping menu, but in English the menu is the only thing we’ve changed, the text has stayed the same. Translator’s note: Dark sprung this rework on me the same day he gave me new text to translate, so I didn’t have time to do both. It will have to wait for the next patch. Stay tuned for more exciting news about NPC Mapping in the future!
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It’s time to release 0.17. Hard to say if we’ve managed to do all we planned. On one hand, we didn’t have the time to implement some important events (medical exams and side effects), but we did implement all technical stuff, even the parts we were originally planning for 0.18.
Now, about 0.17:
It’s all about the main story, more specifically, college, committee, and rules. A long series of events and over 40 dialogs.
Implemented college committee interface (Kate will need a laptop) where she can check out current and future college rules.
Implemented punishment mechanics in the principal’s office. Some text is currently missing, but it’s temporary. Overall we added about 300 sprites.
In short, we’ve done all mechanics we planned and now we can easily add new college rules we need.
Right now the game only has one type of punishment: in the principal’s office at 14:00, in uniform. But, implementing all graphics, logic and events for new rules (including naked punishments) is almost there and should be implemented in 0.18. Also, Kate can be punished without her skirt (and even naked) in some events already.
0.17 and 0.18 were always planned around the same theme, so separating them turned out to be a bit more complicated than expected. Some parts are too intertwined and won’t work properly until 0.18. For example, in 0.18 Kate will be able to go commando in college, and of course people who catch her will react accordingly. For example, when Kate will be punished without her skirt. We already have the graphics, but it’s not currently implemented in the game so you won’t be able to see it until 0.18.
This month we’ve created a lot new graphics, including images for 0.18. Because of that, it should be released soonish. We’re just starting to work on it so the release date might-and probably will-change, but we’re hoping to release 0.18 around September 5th.
Today is August 16th and we are releasing 0.17 for our $40 Patrons. Next week on August 23rd, it will be released for our $20 Patrons. Four days later on August 27th, 0.17 will be released for our $10 Patrons. And three days after that, on August 30th, it will become available for our $5 Patrons. August 30th will also be the release day for an offline version of 0.16.
As always, your client will update to version 0.17 automatically (including images).
If you don’t have any client, you can download it from here.
Automatic updates should work as usual, but if you want you can download a build with all images from here
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  • Starting a new game as Max now has an intro. We tried to give you all the relevant information without any pointless filler.
  • Now Lisa drags Max to breakfast and dinner around 7:00 and 19:00. If Max is already in the patio, Ann is the one inviting him to eat.
  • Added a series of mini dialogs during breakfasts and dinners. Each one will unlock new functionality or new dialogs with various characters.
  • Added a series of new quests. Some are complex and have hints for multiple events at once. We tried to give you all the important information without bloating the quest log with a whole bunch of tiny quests.
  • A series of new events in the living room, where Max and Kira watch porn at night.
  • A series of events with Ann in the bathroom.
  • Max can rest during the day and sleep at night in his bed. The arousal will determine how he looks in the bed.
  • A series of morning events with Max and Lisa.
  • Max can help Lisa and Alice with washing the dishes.
  • Max can ask Ann for allowance every day.
  • Max can clean the pool for extra money, no more than one in three days.
  • Max can help Lisa with her homework. He can help her with it, or he can do everything by himself. We already implemented an option to make a mistake, but the punishments haven’t been implemented yet.
  • Lisa, Ann and Alice will sometimes read books in the patio.
  • Various dialogs with Lisa, Ann and Alice.
  • Max can catch spiders by the pool and in the backyard. He can do it at any time as long as there are no witnesses.
  • Eventually Max will be able to overhear some interesting conversations between Ann and Kira.
  • Now Alice sometimes smokes by the pool. This will have consequences for her. There’s a series of events with some progression.
  • If Alice is the only one in the house (save Max), she’ll be sunbathing on her stomach. Depending on some events, she’ll be doing it in different stages of undressing.
  • Max can help Alice with putting sunscreen on her back. This one is another series of events.
  • Max can throw spiders at Alice when she’s sunbathing to see her reaction… And her body, depending on how much she’s wearing.
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  • A series of dialogs with Nicolas about Veronica vote on the committee.
  • A series of dialogs with Fedor about renting the room in his apartment and various ways to pay off debt should Kate acquire any.
  • A series of dialogs with Veronica on various topics.
  • A new location hub, Veronica’s apartment: the kitchen, the hall, the living room, the bathroom, Veronica’s bedroom, Kate’s bedroom, and the pole room.
  • Kate can now drink coffee in Veronica’s kitchen if she’s low on energy. There are no downsides to this. For now, anyway.
  • Sometimes Veronica will be making dinners and breakfasts.
  • If there’s a pan with food in the kitchen, Kate will be able to eat some.
  • Kate can join Veronica while she’s eating or drinking coffee.
  • If Kate eats breakfast with Veronica during the workday, there will be a button to go to straight to college right after breakfast.
  • Same goes to the living room. Remember, Veronica lives further away from college than Julia so don’t be late.
  • Kate can do homework in the kitchen by herself.
  • Kate can ask Veronica to help her with the homework. She can do it every day, too, regardless if Kate actually has any homework or now. This will increase Kate’s Physics and Chemistry knowledge. The lessons are free.
  • Kate can ask Veronica about the striptease she promised earlier.
  • New dancing and strip dancing skills. Can be increased by lessons. All previous lessons from 0.10 were added too.
  • Kate can now stay overnight at Veronica’s place since Kate now has her own bedroom. Kate will be waking up around 6:00-6:30.
  • Kate can join Veronica when she’s taking a shower.
  • Kate can play strip poker with Veronica (once per day). By default they can bet money or rent (once per week). Once they talk about strip dancing, they’ll be able to bet the lesson price.
  • Strip poker has an auto game button for people who don’t want to play Texas hold ’em for one reason or another. You should try it out, though, we spent quite some time on it.
  • Next week after renting a room in Veronica’s apartment, Kate should talk to Nicolas about paying rent. It will unlock an option to bet wishes in strip poker.
  • If Kate loses, there will be a dialog about it. Veronica will be keeping track of all lost wishes and she will probably cash them out in the future.
  • If Kate wins, she’ll know what to ask.
  • Eventually there will be a dialog with Fedor about paying rent. Kate will be able to pay the whole thing, give everything she has if she doesn’t have enough, or say she can’t pay. The last option will be available even if Kate has more than enough.
  • If Kate says she doesn’t have the money, it will unlock many new events with Fedor. One of them if cleaning him room naked. Officially Kate won’t get paid for it by the hotel, but it will help with Fedor’s debt.
  • Once Kate says she doesn’t have the money, Fedor will start visiting Kate in Veronica’s apartment for alternative payment methods. There will still be options to pay off rent with money, so you can tell Fedor you don’t have the money just so you can pay the rent in the comfort of Veronica’s apartment without having to go to the hotel even if you only going to pay rent with money.
  • Fedor will start to periodically visit Kate in Veronica’s apartment. The more the debt, the more often he’ll visit.
  • Fedor will keep visiting Veronica regardless of Kate’s debt, they have their own independent system. Kate will be able to peek (there’s one unique and one periodic event).
  • Once Fedor visits Kate in Veronica’s apartment, Kate can choose alternative payment methods or say she’ll work off the debt in the hotel. In case of the later, Fedor won’t be bothering Kate for at least 5 days.
  • Alternative payment methods include various sex scenes. It’s a series of events, where each event will unlock the next one. All of them are periodic.
  • If Kate doesn’t owe Fedor money, she can move out. Fedor will take away the key and Kate won’t be able to visit Veronica’s apartment for the price of not paying rent anymore. Kate can move back in by talking with Fedor again.
  • There are now icons showing where all characters are in all locations (like it works in Julia’s house and the villa).
We tried to add variety and choices in many situations. You get to decide the extent of Kate’s relationship with Fedor. Kate can just play rent like a normal person without any debauchery, but where’s the fun in that, right? At least maybe save and check it out before loading if you want to keep Kate pure? We spent a lot of time on it.
Different people like different things. Some people prefer lesbian scenes (there was a lot of that in the previous versions), some try to avoid it and want more traditional heterosexual scenes like the content from 0.15. We can’t please everyone. We could make all content mandatory, but instead we decided to add options for people to opt out of things they don’t want to see. Of course, downside for that is, obviously, if you opt out of some content, then you won’t see all there is in the game. If you decide you don’t want to see new events with Fedor then you will miss out on a good chunk of 0.15. The choice is yours.
v0.14 offline
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0.14 events start right after finishing Special Chemistry quest (right after giving Julia the last pill). We didn’t have the time to add a quest log [NOTE: Quest Log should be active for Offline version], so here’s what you’ll need to do:
  • After Kate gives the pill to Julia, as long as Nick is at home, there will be a late night event with him.
  • Next you’ll need to talk to Julia. Kate will say as much at the end of the event.
  • Next late night event will happen when Nick is at home.
  • Again, you’ll have to talk to Julia.
  • After that the game opens up a series of long and interesting events in Julia’s bedroom.
There will be a point where Kate will get to decide if she wants to go with Nick all the way. There’s where you say no if you don’t want this kind of content. In the next couple of days we’ll add more events for this option, with Kate and Julia only.
If you want to see new sex scenes with Nick and Julia, say yes. The last event is quite big and you’ll have to repeat it several times to see all the variations. Don’t worry, it’s periodic and you won’t have to save/load to see everything. Kate will be able to join Julia and Nick in her bedroom every time they have fun.
Fix #1:
Now every characters’ lines in events have their own unique color and display their name correctly.
Fixed a serious bug from 0.13: if you get a pill from Zoe, take a quarter in the villa and then take another one at home on the sofa, then it would start the event with Nick which in turn would break the Special Chemistry quest. The bug should be fixed now. The event shouldn’t be available after you’ve already done it. This fix should also apply to the old “broken” saves.
Everything should be working properly and you won’t have to restart the game from scratch.
Fix #2:
After you complete 8th night with Julia and Nick in their bedroom (0.14 content), if Nick isn’t home there’s a 25% chance Julia will visit Kate at night
After you complete 9th night with Julia and Nick (after Kate has sex with Nick), if Nick is home after Kate goes to sleep there’s a 25% chance Nick will come over and Julia will join them.
There are new events when Kate watches TV with Julia and Nick.
Fix #3:
dded new events in the bathroom. Now Kate can join Julia in the shower regardless of how aroused she is.
Now Kate can enter Julia’s bedroom when she’s asleep (alone, or with Nick) or when Julia isn’t in the room (we added a new image with the correct lightning).
If Julia is asleep, Kate can join her on the bed. She could go to sleep, or… See for yourselves.
v0.13 offline
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0.13 is our biggest update ever, neither Glamour nor Big Brother ever had an update this massive. Many new events, most of which have record amount of steps (some have over 50, where every step is a new image + text or a dialog). 0.13 also has over 220 new images, 200 of which are fullscreen.
0.13 is all about the villa and first sexual experience between Kate and Alice. It has both linear storyline and sandbox elements.
Here’s what was added into the game:
Series of story events with Kate in the villa, five new days in total. This part is linear and is not unlike the content you saw in 0.11, when Kate just started working in the villa. Once these five are over, you get the rest in any order you like:
New late night events with Alice’s show, including periodic events.
New late night periodic sex events with Kate and Alice. If you want to avoid this storyline, stop Alice during her third show and her relationship with Kate won’t grow any further. Kate will be allowed to change her mind later, refusing Alice’s offer won’t lock you out from any future content with her.
New late night events by the pool. They get unlocked after Kate has some fun with Alice a couple of times outside of the show. You won’t get to skip the first event in the series, but everything else is going to be optional. Also, if Alice and Kate had some private fun (not in front of the audience), there’s a 50% chance they’ll be too tired for the pool, so you might want to conserve their energy if that’s what you’re after.
We added a series of events plus big periodic event with several variations. Seeing all possibilities might take quite some time.
Added a new dialog to stop Alice from asking Kate to join her show every evening. Again, you can ask her to resume the invites if you change your mind.
Kate playthrough now has new home clothes for Ann and red swimsuit for Lisa. Max will have to gift them before he can see new clothes around the house.
Now characters from the villa might stay in the towel, change into their home clothes or in a bathrobe after taking a shower, a bath, waking up or getting out of the pool.
Added breakfasts and dinners when Kate’s visiting the villa. If Kate’s already in the patio, the events will start automatically. If she’s somewhere else around the house, Lisa will call her to join with everyone else. Kate and Alice wear their college uniform depending on the day of the week. Eating and sleeping refills Kate’s energy and removes hunger when she eats or sleeps in the villa.
Added new steps in the “Villa” quest in the quest log (the quest was called “Alice” before 0.13).
Kate now wears the home clothes Alice gifted her when she’s at the villa.
Kate can now visit the villa from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Kate has a 50% chance to wake up before Alice.
Kate can now see sleeping Max if she woke up before him. For now there isn’t much interaction, but we’ll add more in the future.
Fixed some bugs in the dialog settings. Increased range for dialog speed options. Fixed some bugs in dialogs (sometimes the first phrase would freeze and wait for the players to press spacebar or the skip button).
We’ve decided to not add autosaves after sleeping in the villa because some events keep going even after sleeping. You can still save manually outside of events and dialogs.
The game now has 10 maximum manual saves instead of 5. We also fixed the bug restricting maximum number of saves.
v0.12 offline
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Max as the MC and then wander around the villa to look at Anne, Lisa, Alice, and Kira. Max can spy on them changing or bathing, but he cannot interact with them in any way.
v0.10 offline
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As we’ve already said, this is our biggest version content-wise. While 0.10 doesn’t have as many events (0.8 had over 100, but each only a couple of steps long), events in 0.10 are longer and more interesting. There are many new dialogs. You’ll see some surprises and adult content. We tried not to stop stories mid-sentence and find good places to pause. 0.10 has fewer stories but we spent more time on each one.
Now, about new content:

Manual saving

. Now you can save at any point of the game outside of dialogs and events. Autosave didn’t go anywhere, so you can keep playing your old saves. By the way, guests can save the game progress too now, without Patreon authorization.
Veronica. We spent a lot of time working on her. If you already unlocked a committee quest, you can talk to her after her classes (you might want to ask her right after the lesson before she runs off somewhere) and ask her about tutoring. You’ll be able to visit her apartment, meet familiar characters and learn something exciting.
Experiment. This one is really important, it unlocks all storylines below. New events will be available after you finish previous events and dialogs with Zoe. To start the whole thing you need to get a fine and go to the medical office.
You’ll also make an important choice and it will affect Kate’s personality in the future.
Retribution. I’m not going to spoil this one, play the game and see for yourselves.
Sexual liberation. This events will be unlocked after the previous ones. You’ll need to finish previous events with Julia and Nick. I don’t want to spoil too much, so that’s all I’ll say here.
Selfies. Now that Kate has a phone, an amazing figure and something to fix her shyness problem, she can do something exciting with all three. And of course it will have long-lasting consequences. You’ll need to finish some quests from previous versions to unlock an option to send the selfies.
v0.9 offline
See More
In the spirit of the holidays, we’ve decided to give you a small present. Offline version (0.9) is finally ready and is available for download.
Offline version doesn’t have any connection with our server and doesn’t update automatically. When you play an offline version of the game, your progress is saved locally on your PC. Save files will be compatible with 0.10 and, hopefully, future offline versions of the game.
Online version isn’t going anywhere and you can still use it and all its advantages: automatic updates, patches and fixes, cross platform play and cloud save files. And if you prefer an offline version so you never have to rely on our server, you have this option available too.
0.9 is focused around the main storyline, so you’ll see many interesting dialogs and some new events.
If you’ve finished Candy’s investigation quest, Sophie might come up to Kate between classes and ask her about sitting next to her in the classroom. This will unlock an option to talk to her during lessons. Talking in class is, of course, against the rules and can have consequences.
Nicolas and Karen
Certain events will show college in a new light. Kate will also start working on getting closer to the college committee members. For now it’s Adam and Zoe. Maybe we’ll also add other teachers in 0.10.
College rules don’t forbid relationship between students and teachers, which means Kate has an opportunity to get to do know Adam in a more romantic setting. She can also talk to him after classes.
Zoe and working in the medical office
Kate can not earn fines for breaking college rules and work off her fines in the medical office by helping Zoe. But first she’ll have to go through an interesting medical exam…
Female NPCs now have improved behavior on PE lessons. You’ll see the full cycle: changing into sports uniforms with several stages, the lessons, undressing in the locker room, showering, etc. Unfortunately, we didn’t add any events for Kate, for now she’s just a silent observer. In the next version of the game we will add cheerleading practice and interactive PE lessons for Kate.
Two new locations
New and improved medical office and fully functional principal’s office. You can interact with characters in both locations.
More Info:
See More
  • It’s going to be a sandbox RPG with a lot more freedom than Big Brother.
  • Many different NPCs, who are going to live their own lives. Main character is just a part of the world, not the center of it.
  • Every NPC, while having some random characteristics here and there, is going to have a lot of care and development put into them. They will have their own stories and secrets.
  • Many NPC-related storylines, which will tell you more about them and will elevate your relationships to a new level.
  • The main character—by the way, this time the main character is female—will be able to interact with NPCs and change their behavior, tastes and preferences.
  • Dates (and more) with NPCs, both men and women.
  • Many different fetishes. Everyone will find something that gets their engine going.
  • The main character and NPCs have a lot of different skills and parameters.
  • Lots of ways to earn money. From completely legal to…
  • Mini-games. From lock-picking to gambling like poker.
  • Crafting and selling new items.
  • Experimental college with unique rules, which will lead to all kinds of spicy situations. The main character will be able to manipulate the rules to achieve her goals.
  • The game is going to be set in the same place and time as Big Brother. The main character will be able to meet a lot of familiar characters and more. Oh, and spiders. There will be spiders.
  • Windows, OSX and Android support.
  • And, as always, great graphics. As good as last versions of Big Brother and better!
Glamour tries to download files after the start make sure you disconnect from the internet or block it via firewall!

Most questions are answered in the

FAQ. Please read it before asking a question.


Patches: Black Screen FixFix patchIncest


I love Lisa thanks for the link
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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