Goblin Lord Wants Me to Become a Virgin Wizard by Managing the Brothel! [v0.103] [Happy Pillow]

Goblin Lord Wants Me to Become a Virgin Wizard by Managing the Brothel! [v0.103] [Happy Pillow]

May 9, 2024F95

According to the intel going around in the human villages, if a male specimen stays virgin until the age of 30 and is involved with watching others during their mating intercourse, he is bound to become a great wizard. And so the Lord of the goblins’ burrow decided to pick the only goblin in the entire army who stayed virgin for the longest time and assigned him with a task of managing the brothel.

Play as the virgin goblin and create the most efficient brothel inside the goblins’ burrow. Construct various cells, breed your slaves, grow an army of goblins and make them evolve into stronger types, such as shamans, hobgoblins, and more.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-03
Release Date: 2024-05-01
Developer: Happy Pillow PatreonItch.ioSteamTwitter
Censored: No
Version:  0.103
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Fairy RevengeCaptured
Store: SteamItch.io
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3DCG, 3D game, Animated, Monster girl, Pregnancy, Vaginal sex, Management, Simulator, Strategy, Slave, Rape, Monster, Big tits, Virgin, Male protagonist, Fantasy
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1. Extract and run.
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Story continuation
Your virgin ass will finally turn into a wizard! And this means two things; it’s finally time for some action, and full on attack on the humans.
New species
New allies and friends. In order to conquer the human kingdom the goblins have decided to widen their range of allies by inviting death hounds into their burrow. (This is a skippable content, if you are not a fan of it)
New slaves
8 new special slaves, including 1 male slave for the first time.
New quest types
  • Lord will require a specifically trained slaves to succeed in the attack.
  • You will have to satisfy the pack leader with a specific looking slaves to satisfy his desires.
3 new rooms
  • VIP room for the Lord
  • Special room for the hounds’ leader
  • Place to keep all of your hounds
  • Lord’s room – this one will allow him to make an appearance in the brothel, and so you can finally satisfy him in ways other than completing the quests. Once Lord enjoys himself, he will give you an extra random “Request” effect. Also there is a small chance that he will give you some extra build supplies, reputation or upgrades point.
  • Small improvement to the room building UI – when selecting a room you will be able to see their description and values on how they affect your slaves.
  • Added few props to the character view window.
  • Small change to the personal room with a new functionality. After reaching the middle age and becoming a virgin wizard, you will be finally able to have some action. (Place a slave on the bed)
  • New born left in the delivery room will slowly loss HP and die
  • The starvation damage to slaves HP was reduced and butcher speed slightly increased overall
  • Added few extra hair color variants to slaves
  • Auto feed option. Until now when you gathered some food but still had starving slaves, the game required that you press the “feed button”, but now it is possible to toggle On/Off option to make the game feed your starving slaves the moment you get more food.
  • Fixed the bug where slaves shared the same customized name.
  • Fixed bug which caused the bridges connections to appear after relocation, even if the upgrade was not purchased.
New fairy event
The fairy will require a special ingredient for a potion.
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  • Cells description and info on how they affect the slaves
  • Baby sitter’s sight upgrade. Purchasing this upgrade will allow you to view the details about the child’s growth when right clicking on them.
  • Inputs bindings
  • Character rename feature (right click on slave and use the new button in top right)
  • Fixed a bug with the secret character’s event trigger. One of the new secret characters had an issue where it was not triggered properly, but it should now.
  • Fixed cell building issue, which allowed to build a cell on top of another.
  • Goblin’s child skin color should now be correct.
  • Changed Centre hall layout a bit. This should allow for a better view on the new slaves received.
  • Changes to the Growth room connections. It should be possible to connect it to a Slaves cage; this connection will send fully grown slaves over to the cage. Also, if connected to a delivery room, the female slave who is no longer pregnant should also be moved to the growth room.
  • Slight change to the disease chances. The RNG for the disease to appear should now be triggered only after a certain amount of the dirt on the slave.
  • Bug fixes for the bridges connections. Connection buttons should now appear correctly after loading a save, and destroying the connection and attempting the reconnection should also be fixed.
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Goblin Paladin
When you need someone to cast more advanced spells, he is your guy. He likes long walks on the beach and a good book with hot coco.
This is the final goblin, which you can acquire by evolving a champion’s new born. He will be required in the new Sacrificial Chamber to cast spells on your slaves.
The next final goblin that I will add is the lord, but he’s functionality will be different.
Rooms relocation
This feature will let you move the rooms around without the need to destroy and rebuild a room. It will cost however. And the cost is based on the distance that you move it by, but I limited it so the max you will pay is the cost of the room that is being moved + small %.
New characters
Two new special characters. Until now all the special characters were given by progressing the story, but these two can be acquired by using some of the new features I added. So keep using them.
New Sacrificial Chambers for the magic spells and Blow Job room
  • New Room! This one will let you sacrifice your goblins in order to successfully cast the spells. Currently the spells are: gender swap (self explanatory) and heal; this one will heal your character from any diseases and infertilities.
Side note; the chances of successful spell casting will depend on your sacrifice. One goblin will give you 1% chances, one shaman is 2%, hob is 3% and so on. Just make sure to place a paladin on the side to cast a spell.
  • Blow Job Room – It has the same functionality as the Glory Hole room but it is also increasing your slaves obedience.
  • Requests to scout a desired race slaves
In the requests panel you can now use your reputation to gather specific slaves. It is required to unlock their race in the Upgrades panel beforehand.
  • More Goblinettes
There should be more variations for the Goblinettes slaves.
  • New story
Story continuation, where the goblin lord is ordering you to prepare soldiers for a village siege.
  • Fairy mini game update
I am trying to fix some bugs in this mini game and add more options.
  • More functionality to the character view window
It is now possible to set a slave as favorite and search for the character in the scene.
  • Favorite slave near death notification
By setting a slave as favorite, you will receive a notification about their low health with the option to find them in the scene.
  • Boob Bags!
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Goblin Champion
New goblin that doesn’t skip the legs day.
Torture room
New cell which will increase your slaves obedience. The obedience is not yet necessary to work on but there are animations to look at 🙂
Butcher room
This update changes how the butcher room works. Until now, placing a slave inside had immediately turned them into food, but now the meat will have to be processed before it will be suitable for consumption. And it is the very first cell which will allow you to place a goblin with an appropriate trait that speeds up the process.
Also if you will find the visuals of the butcher room disgusting then in the Settings -> Gameplay options, you will be able to give it a more “family friendly” look. So go ahead and play this game with your family xD
Body Injuries
This is a small touch to the immersion with visual effects on the slaves bodies. Now specific animations may cause bruises or cuts to appear on the slaves’ bodies.
Males’ predators
From now on, the fully depraved females will have such a high sex drive that they will hurt the beta male slaves in your brothel, so keep an eye on their health.
New Traits
I added a bunch of new types of traits and now male slaves also have their own set of traits.
Traits inheritance
Your new born slaves will now take their traits from their parents.
To be more specific, only random number between 1 and 3 of the “generic” traits will have the chance to be inherited. And between 1 and 2 race related traits will be applied fully randomly from the game’s database, that means, the parents’ traits will not matter.
Story continuation
More story, it’s not a long one but completing it successfully will give you a special character.
New special character
New special slave
Diseases system update
Diseases system will now work more as it was intended, and there is a disadvantage to have sick slaves around. By leaving the sick slave inside the glory hole room you will gain less build supplies and your reputation will be reduced slightly.
To give you the more details, currently your slave has around 1% chance to catch a disease after sex and it can increase to around 10% if she is completely covered in sperm.
It should also be easier to distinguish which slave is dirty by looking at their body.
Touchy touch game
A touch-type mini game. This mini game will be accessible by following the new story. It is not yet fully polished but in the future updates I will make it more advanced and interesting.
Bug fixes:
– Character view window should now work at least a bit better
– Slaves that died during the birth should now be possible to move
– Incorrectly labeled bridges connections should be fixed
– Right click on the window will now close it, even if you didn’t click the window frame
And few other smaller things not worth mentioning.
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– Camera movement with WASD and Arrow keys
– Camera zoom with E/Q and ‘,’ and ‘.’
– Right click on an opened window will close it, or pressing F1 will close all windows
– Intake selection for slaves and womb view is now being saved
– Extra UI for milk amount indicator is now visible next to the womb view (I will be completely recreating this UI is the future so for now I added it as simple white line)
– bug fixes (if you have encountered crashes during gameplay this will hopefully be fixed)
– The bridges build UI is now hidden until you reach the specific point in story so it should be less confusing
– I added a new UI when placing the cells, it will show which cells can be connected to it and if it will take slaves into it or move them out, and what type of slaves. (once you unlock the “bridges”)
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Main Gameplay Changes
  • Automatization – Bridges
This new system allows you to connect the cells together and let your goblins move the slaves around these cells so you will be able to focus more on the expansion, or some other “stuff”.
It is only possible to connect any neighboring cells together so you will have to think of a good layout that will work out the best for you.
*You will have to progress through the main story to unlock this feature.

*This system will continue to receive more updates in the future so expect changes. It may also be not very intuitive at the beginning, but I plan on improving it the nearest update.

  • More story and new character
She is not very happy to be here though.
  • Private room
You will finally be able to build something for yourself. A private room made just for you and for any special slaves, which you wish to keep save from others, until you will finally be allowed to leave your virginhood.
  • Storage room
If you need to expand your storage then this is the room for you. Each new room will increase your storage capacity by 200, for each resource.
Quality of Life changes
  • Goblin exit UI
Now when dragging the goblins around a new UI is shown at the top of the screen. It will work as if dragging them into the Center Hall.
  • Notifications
In settings you can change the way the notifications are displayed. Until now the game was displaying one notification at the time, but this option will make it so all the notifications will be shown at once.
Balance changes
  • Reputation system
Now every request will cost you your reputation points, and after using it all, your request will not be accepted. However, with every new day you will get some of the reputation back.
  • Removing slaves from the New Captive cells
From now, some of the slaves that you leave in the New Captive cell for too long will be removed, so make sure to move them somewhere else to not lose them by accident.
Bug fixes and other stuff
  • Cow girl outfit fix and more details added to the textures
  • 21:9 screen ratio support
  • shaman’s dialog portraits update
  • other not worth mentioning bug fixes
  • Achievements
v0.05 Early Access:
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Gameplay Info:
  • Start by letting your goblin breed however they want to! Each goblin type has their own way of mating after all.
  • Wait until the goblins finish in the right hole for the pregnancy and birth giving experience.
  • Then provide your goblins with proper food so they will grow bigger and stronger.
  • You can also use this method on your slaves, decide whenever they should be tall and flat or short and thick.
  • Everyday you might receive slaves of various races, starting from humans through the elves and beastkin and ending in the mystic Oni race.
  • With the full control over the slaves help the goblin lord to overtake the nearby kingdom by providing him with the strongest goblin army. And use them to protect the burrow until you become the one and only Goblin Virgin Wizard.
Possible Future Contents:
  • Plan Out Your brothel
  • Gather and Multiply Your Slaves
  • Reproduce the goblins to create an army
  • Evolve the goblins into stronger type
  • Become the greatest virgin wizard in the world!

SuccMaster thanks for the link

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