Harem RPG Remastered [3m4.1] [Fylokon Games]

Harem RPG Remastered [3m4.1] [Fylokon Games]

February 1, 2024F95

Harem is a story-driven adult RPG. You are a traveler from a distant, unknown land on a desperate quest to save your homeland. A cabal of mages cast a curse on your people, making the women of your land barren and promising to end your country in a single generation. Shipwrecked in a strange land you know nothing about, an angel saves you and bestows you with magical powers. As you explore this new land, you will become ensnared in the politics and plots of its inhabitants as you seek to build a harem of beautiful women, to bring back to your people to give birth to the next generation. But there is far more going on than what you see at first and you will discover that nothing is as it seems.

Thread Updated: 2024-01-31
Release Date: 2023-11-30
Developer: Fylokon GamesPatreonTwitterItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 3m4.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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Hello everyone! The full release of 3m4 of Harem Remastered RPG is complete and ready to play!
Release 3m4 includes 20 scenes, including 12 redone and 8 brand new ones! These scenes are made up of 121 pages of script made up of 51 redone and 70 new as well as 156 images including 56 redone and an impressive 100 brand new images to enjoy!
These scenes include scenes for Angelica, Donna, Sarah and more! We also added several quests including a trip to the “Thunder Swamp,” as well as a few others, each with their own challenge to truly test your skills.
Next, we’ve added a recruit that you will be able to add to your team in a future chapter. Baylie can be found at the Eowen pub!
We’ve also included 3 new non-canon scenes for our Legate+ patrons. Including a “party” with 5 of your girls. You can see these scenes for as little as $25/release!
There are also many minor fixes and quality of life changes added to just make your whole experience with the game a bit better, including showing enemy health and their weaknesses! We want to thank everyone for their continued support and feedback. We hope to deliver a quality product that all our fans can enjoy!
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Release 3m3 will include 13 redone scenes consisting of 71 redone images and 54 pages. But it will also include 11 completely new scenes consisting of 39 new images and 86 pages.
3m3 features the return of Fiona, everyone’s favorite enchanter! Fiona is a crafter and seller of magic items. But whatever you do, don’t caller her a mage or you’ll face her wrath.
Fans of version 2 will remember the She Shanty Resort, which 2 of your women can now visit with you (more to come in future updates).  This quest line has been fully reimagined and we think you’ll enjoy it!
3m3 also has an all new quest line and town! During this quest you can curry the favor of Sulla and the Lady of Eleen. We think people will really enjoy this questline, especially fans of Angelica as this will really let her shine.
Also, as always, with the 3m3 release we will be releasing 3m2 to everyone!
As always, we want to thank everyone for their continued support and feedback. We hope to deliver a quality product that all our fans can enjoy!
Finally, we made a lot of minor changes this release so here is full list of the changelog:
* Added a small scene involving Terra and Donna buying new clothes. This scene is a prerequisite for most of c3m3 content, and is part of the main quest. So we advise starting 3m3 by talking with Donna in the Castra!
* Added Gregory’s First quest : the Orc refuge!
* Added a new Challenge in the Orc refuge.
* Added Gregory’s Second quest : Meet the Lady Fiona!
* Added a new Challenge in the emerald swamp.
* Added a new Talk scene with Phoebe.
* Once you’ve seen this new scene, you can start Phoebe’s first Archaeology quest, that will bring you to Neothan’s tower!
* Added a new Challenge to Neothan’s tower. Get ready for the worst!
* Added two all new Scenes for Donna in Skye’s resort (Light and Dark).
* Added Samantha’s two scenes in Skye’s resort (Light and Dark).
* Added two version of a Talk Scene with Terra in her new clothes (D/F)
* Added an all new type of quest : an exploration/detective game where
you must find an objective in a new town! To trigger it you must have seen the clothes change scene with Donna, and finished the two quests of Vercin, and the two requests of Sulla. Starts in Eleen’s inn.
*Added a challenge in this new quest.
Version upgrade:
*We are now using the 1.7.0 version of RPG Maker MZ (instead of 1.1.1). You might notice some minor performance/graphics improvements, and maybe a better compatibility with the non-officially-supported builds  (Macos/Android) due to the updated version of nw, PIXI etc…
* The “bag search” state of Angelica’s herb bag was removing itself automatically – making the skill and the herb bag useless.
* Poison and regeneration effects in chapter 2 (before we implemented our advanced HoT/DoT system) could have weird numbers (non-integers). We fixed it.
* Fixed Sarah’s TP gain formula when she hits enemies. Should be much more
efficient on high HP enemies.
* Slightly improved Sarah’s Mutilate skill (more power).
* Fixed Angelica’s lesser poultice (it was not displayed)
* Fixed Angelica’s Counterpoison – note that it now grants 75% chance to resist the poison state (some enemies can still have a very high chance to inflict it, for example an enemy with 400% chance to inflict it will bypass this effect). Then, so the skill is not useless, it will also grant 15% resistance for all poison damage (direct or over time).
* Fixed some rare camera issues (the camera stopped following you near the borders of the map, in some not-so-rare cases) Please tell us if you think  some map would be better with this camera unlocking feature (or without it).
Release 3m2 will include 128 total pages including 89 redone and 34 all new ones! #m2 will also include 252 images! Including 127 old and a whopping 125 brand new images!
Next, I want everyone to think of their favorite girl. Well guess what? She gets a scene! That’s right, release 3m2 will include several new scenes inside of the Castra, including one for EVERY GIRL! Many of the girls will even have multiple new scenes! We also want to give a shoutout to a special scene between Sarah and Samantha that we think people will particularly enjoy.
We’ve also added a new Legate+ scene! This scene was a special request by our Magister patron, Dcj200. In this scene Noemi comes to rescue Phoebe from you but ends up being a captive herself! If you want to commission a scene yourself then you can! We still have an open slot for another Magister patron. If you can’t do that then you can still see this scene by becoming a Legate patron!
And for those of you who want something to play this release, don’t feel left out! We’ve also added a new challenge in the Orc camp! This should help keep you from getting too rusty at fighting before the next chapter drops!
We’ve also added some UI/QoL changes. The default Load/Save menu has been replaced with a custom made one with much more information. The full metadata will only appear after you make a save, so old saves will not show much information. When you were manually adding saves, they were not appearing in the Load menu. Now you will be able to see and load them, with a warning to tell you that the file is not recognized.
You will also be able to find and populate your very own castle! Castra Corson! So find it and continue building your harem so that it doesn’t get too lonely in there!
3m1 will include 148 total pages written, including 97 redone pages and 51 brand new ones! It will also include 244 image including 157 redone and 87 all new images! We’re especially proud of some of our work this month and hop you enjoy it!
These scenes will include 2 returning slaves. Sisters Phoebe and Noemi. These beautiful Cheli women are the next to join your growing Harem. Phoebe will join you after you first meet her, but Noemi will not be that easy. But players will need to wait a little bit to recruit Neomi. You will have to hunt her down before Governor Hanno’s men find the thief and hang her for her crimes. When you finally catch her, will you punish her in your own way or help her further her own quest?
3m0 will bring in 2 returning slaves.
The captive Angelica and the rebellious Cecilia. Rescue Angelica from the wicked orc camp to add a very beautiful and obedient slave. Cecilia, however, may be a bit more difficult to convince to obey you.
Next, 3m0 will add and update 235 images as well as adding 79 pages written. This will include new scenes for Jessica as you get to know her and her companions more and slowly win her over to your side. Find and help them each time you can!
Release 3m0 will also add further challenges to push players to their limit and give them something to strive for. We are very proud of the challenges we’ve made so far and hope you are all enjoying them.
We also have some big news! All scenes from Chapter 1 have been redone using Rae’s models and they look INCREDIBLE! We are very happy with the redone scenes and hope that you all will enjoy them as well. We’ve been working on this for a long time and it’s finally here!
2m2 is the debut of Wyri, an all-new slave! Wyri is a mysterious runaway that only seems to raise more questions the more you get to know her. But finding her won’t be as simple as the other girls so far, so good luck out there!
In 2m2 you can expect to see more content for Sarah including 4 new scenes as she resolves some issues with her old life and gets accustomed to her new life as part of your harem. Terra and Cindy also get new scenes of their own and Jessica has a special appearance in the new Legate+ scene. Finally, your angel will return with a reward for your hard work.
Release 2m2 will also be adding a few new challenges and side quests to the game, including hunting wolves and finding precious casks or wine. One of these challenges may even lead to a special prize at the end. Side quests are a fun way to spend time in the world as well as gain gold and experience to help you along on your adventure. Meanwhile, challenges are meant to test the player’s skills as well as build up your characters, so take them on at your own risk and make sure to go in prepared!
2m1 will feature more content for Sarah including 4 new scenes as she resolves some issues with her old life and gets accustomed to her new life as part of your harem. Terra gets two new scenes and Cindy gets a new scene of her own. Jessica has a special appearance in the new Legate+ scene (20 pages of content and 26 new images!).  Finally, your angel will return to check up on all your hard work. We’ve added 71 redone pages and 60 new scene pages. That’s also 58 redone images and 94 brand new ones.
135 pages 149 images redone
25 pages 32 images newly created
8 old scenes, 2 new scenes
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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This is the official remaster of the classic Harem RPG originally developed by Ker. We’re rebuilding the game from the ground up to make it more adapted to modern RPG games with several quality of life and gameplay improvements.


Fylokon Games started as a husband and wife duo. Their first attempt at creating a video game was derailed by COVID, but now they have a team who are as passionate as they are! Fylokon Games is currently working with the original creator Ker to remaster the game Harem.


  • Porting the game to RPG Maker MZ, the newest version.
  • Better player experience with things like mouse support built in.
  • Better resolution support.
  • Rewriting the early content to the same quality of later chapters in ACE while adding to the breadth and depth of the world.
  • Adding some new scenes and events as we go on.

* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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2905348 Screenshot 2023 08 26 194935 | Free Adult Games2905349 Screenshot 2023 08 26 193935 | Free Adult Games2905351 Screenshot 2023 08 26 194102 | Free Adult Games2905352 Screenshot 2023 08 26 194440 | Free Adult Games2905353 Screenshot 2023 08 26 194652 | Free Adult Games2905358 Screenshot 2023 08 26 195453 | Free Adult Games


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