Heatwave [v0.15.0] [Flowpix]

Heatwave [v0.15.0] [Flowpix]

May 14, 2024F95

Heatwave is a 2D survival shooter with adult themes. Buy weapons and ammo, dodge attacks and fight off hordes of enemies before they drain your energy.
Survive incoming waves.
Upgrade your arsenal.
Master your desire.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-04
Release Date: 2024-03-04
Developer: Flowpix F95zoneItch.ioPatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.15.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2D game, Animated, Character creation, Combat, Female domination, Footjob, Futa/Trans, Futa/Trans protagonist, Male protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Oral sex, Platformer, Rape, Side-scroller, Sci-fi, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Handjob
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1. Extract and run.
Activating mods:
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  • Main menu -> options -> mod -> open folder
  • It should open the game appdata folder – if there is no “mod” folder there – create new folder and name it “mod”
  • Drop unzipped modpack folder inside “mod” folder
  • Restart and now you can enable it from options
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  • Added new melee enemy + veteran variants for exisitng 2 enemy types (more hp and sometimes movespeed)
  • Added new level (endless mode only atm)
  • Added Clothes
  • Clothes tear off on 0 health
  • Added 2 finishers
  • – From Behind
  • – Reverse Cowgirl
  • Added Ragdoll dicks
  • Added new mechanic – enemy stagger. Staggered enemies can be finished off and give more loot.
  • Added mod tool
  • Added item effects
  • +other minor stuff
  • fixed split player bug.
  • fixed custom mouse binds sometimes not being recognized.
  • fixed energy not being sometimes drained.
  • Cured npcs baldness (missing hair in custom textures).
  • fixed eyes clipping through long hair
    +lots of other bugs i didnt note down
Known bugs:
  • Waves can often be broken
  • Ragdolls sometimes freak out gmod-style
  • Sometimes animations snaps/glitches
  • Getting stuck on platform can make npcs glitch out
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  • Added boss encounter – Unit TH-CC7 (mission mode)
  • Boss interactions:
    -finisher dom
    -finisher sub
    -grab struggle
  • Added new weapon.
  • Added an upgrade for starter weapon.
  • Added cumming facial expressions.
  • Added skippable time between waves.
  • Added keybind options.
  • Added popup indicators.
  • Added highscore + completion mark.
  • Added pickup for energy (white bar).
  • Added save file.
  • Added stat/ammo icons, energy drain effect + some other stuff.
  • Coins now don’t fall through platforms.
  • Slightly slower close combat enemies.
  • Enemy projectiles now expire after some time.
  • Ammo type that’s currently in use is now highlighted.
  • Changes in texture/skeleton rigs.
  • Futa textures now separate.
  • ! Changes to custom texture loading (new texture names + textures now go in mod/actors) that means custom textures made for previous version needs to be renamed to work and placed in correct folder.
  • Custom textures placeholders are no longer being created in “mod” folder – to get them, download “modkit” file from Heatwave itch.io page. It will be expanded in time with future updates and templates to make more areas of the game easier to modify.
  • Fixed game freezing/black screen at startup – should work for most cases but sometimes the problem can be caused by: anti-virus/nvidia panel settings(probably antialiasing)/restricted access – so check it out if the black screen still appears.
  • Fixed buying ammo beyond capacity.
  • Fixed npcs walking in place during finishers
  • Minor animation cleanups.
  • Minor camera rework.
  • SFX tweaks.
  • Weapon handling and stats tweaks.
  • AI tweaks – makes enemies stack less.
Planned Features:
  • Different types of enemies
  • Vast arsenal of weapons
  • Multiple levels
  • Variety of scenes
  • Mod support
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  • Fixed being invincible after cooming.
  • Fixed stats on restart.
  • Fixed bugged reload indicator.
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  • Fixed eyes glitching during finishers
  • Fixed modified textures not loading
  • Fixed weapons persisting between restarts
  • Coins lifespan raised x3
  • Coins indicate a bit earlier when about to disappear
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  • Added new ranged enemy.
  • Added new drain finisher.
  • Added Futa option.
  • Added new weapon.
  • Lab level is now in “endless” mode – endless increasing waves – “normal” mode coming soon (mysterious closed doors are part of it).
  • Added weapon effects – ejected mags and shells.
  • Added money drops – enemies worth less per kill but drop additional cash – be fast to collect it before it disappears.
  • Pathfinding tweaks.
  • Added toggle fullscreen – key: F11 – try this first if you experience window distortion/black screen.
  • Added  turn to ragdoll – key: “;”.
  • If knocked out, character will wake up after a period of time if no one will initiate draining.
  • Added eye color option
  • Changed placement of purchasable items
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Minor animation fixes
  • Known bugs: Eye glitching out sometimes during finishers, ranged enemies sometimes camp upper floor.
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Initial Release

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