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Hole Dweller [v43] [ThighHighGames]

January 9, 2024F95

Hole dweller is a sandbox incremental furry porn game!
You are the captain of a caravan, with spare rooms, not to worry there are plenty of cute and hot girls to fill them with.

The game is intentionally unbalanced at the moment shop prices are super low and the love stone gain is up the roof. The game will be balanced once i think it is worth grinding through, use the cheat listed bellow in the meantime

Thread Updated: 2023-06-28
Release Date: 2023-06-28
Developer: ThighHighGamesSubscribestarPatreonItch.ioTwitter –  Steam
Censored: No
Version: 42
OS: Windows
Language: English
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Sandbox, Furry, Vaginal sex, 2d game, 2DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Futa/trans, Titfuck, Oral sex, Creampie, Pregnancy
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1. Extract and run.
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Release 43
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Pheromone attacks can be “dodged” by either not pressing mouse buttons or holding both
Tweaked the sex minigame cursor visuals
Fixed crash when giving script swapper to player
Fixed player genderswapping when looping the game
Fixed exploit when using Oriana’s combat skill on marked enemies
Added safeguard to avoid shop menu existing when drilling
Fixed pheromone attacks not working
Release 42
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-Gameplay changes
Resource rooms give +100% multiplier instead of +50%
Lowered price inflation of villages
-New items
Love room: Increases lovestone multiplier and gives lovestones daily
Magic peanut: Permanently increases your map energy
You can now hold spacebar to speed up the day over screen
Added a tutorial toggle button in the game intro
Fixed bug that made it so map could get skipped if you had drill shards
Fixed resource rooms not giving their multiplier
Added safeguard to make sure the combat tutorial is only given to you once
Fixed bug that made it so the penis of your character didn’t display on the intro if you hover over a different character
Release 41
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This is the balance patch, gives a cost to all of the items some items increase price and others don’t
i have an ideal length in mind for a run but i know the game in and out so im not a good point of reference as to how long a run would be
so if you do a full playthrough on a new save please post your clear time, and if you can remember include which version have you been playing the game since
-New content
New apperances
Humanized fox Deer(#8,9)
Robot Cat(#3,4,5)
-Gameplay changes
Reincorporated tightening up the sex margin as sex goes on
A lot of items are locked untill you finish 4 ingame days (to make the initial impression of the shop less overwhelming)
Added a bunch tooltips and an ingame combat tutorial
Added added base damage to spikes and tnt blocks
Now the time cost of actions that had a cost is consistant (which means you can do 3 time consuming actions)
Now you can only drill once per day
Lowered base materials given by most stuff when drilling
Lowered clear speed bonus multiplier from drilling
Lowered turbo block spawn rate
Made base tech gauge when drilling 100
Removed projectile parrying
Captured enemies don’t give their stats unless you fully break them also increased their level to stat translation from 10% to 20%
Now kissing gives 1 love stone
Now maxing out poses on characters lowers their sex damage, it starts with a 200% multiplier and you can lower it to 10% if you max out most poses (enough to get the poses achievement)
Character sex damage is based on their initial tech stat so boosting it is no longer negative
Increased ascension xp multiplier from 25% to 50%
Drills and villages no longer increase resource multiplier when drilling
Decreased material tile effect
Decreased enemy tile effect
Increased most character’s initial tech stat
Added a whole bunch of tutorials/tooltips
Now you can skip the kiss animation by holding space
Now you can quickly skip the end of sex dialogue by holding space
Added a bunch of dialogue lines
Now buttons on the shop menu appear once they become relevant
Now if you remove a fertility choker from a character its cost will be refunded
Made it so purity room prevents heated sex from happening all together
Added an icon whenever you hover a character to show their gender and if they have a dick
Moved turbo badge to equipables tab
Total playtime now gets displayed on your savefile
Clear time is now shown on the loop shop
Material chance value is now ceiled
Increased times a character has to cum to change their dialogue type
Finally fixed the bug that made it so the camera was zoomed in on the drilling minigame
Crystals get hidden when looping
Fixed AI not telling you were to find characters
Fixed bug that made AI comment on drill reacting at the wrong time
Corrected command hand being equippable
Decreased LOVE stat xp multiplier from being 1000% at max love to 100%
Fixed bug where player would give a resource multiplier when drilling
Fixed heart gift not giving it’s bonus
Fixed bug that made it so the item prices could carry between savefiles
Fixed bug that could crash the game intro
Corrected the robot skill icon
Text will properly change color when an item isn’t affordable
Fixed bug that made it so some items on the loop item shop where invisible
Now items reset price when NG+’ing
Fixed titlescreen inheriting day and night cycle from the game
Hotfix 1
Fixed bug that made it so shards didn’t combine
Fixed bug that reverted your gender in the intro when choosing female
Release 40
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-New content
Added the end condition and ending sequence and thus changed the method of looping/NG+’ing
New item
Drill shard: Required to beat the game
Villages now have an extra new functionality
Now if a character is male they will have anal poses available without needing to master the vaginal version of the pose
Tweaked shop UI positions
Optimized outline on small font by prebaking it into it removing 4 draw calls per instance!!!!
Optimized dropshadow on big font by prebaking it into it removing a draw call per instance!
Implemented functionality for items to increase price as you buy more of them
Now you can skip the good night animation by holding space
Now you can skip the map events even faster by holding space
Now you can skip the “accept/deny” dialogue when getting a new character by holding space
Now if a resource has a multiplier applied to it the multiplier will be drawn next to it
Now the material block chance is displayed when you drill
Holding ESC now sends you back to the title screen instead of closing the game
Fixed? bug that made it so helpers could get into negative numbers
Snake added as an option in the intro
Fixed sex speed being extremely slow if 120hz mode was enabled
Added safeguards to make sure characters don’t get negative stats
Hotfix 1
-New content
Added codex
Tracks enemies you have captured and gives you an XP multiplier bonus based on the highest level enemy of each type you’ve captured
New items
Capture cap: Makes it so enemies can’t be killed if marked for capture (by left clicking on them)
Philosopher stone: Gives a 10% chance of stone turning into love stones
Herbomancer stone: Gives a 10% chance of grass turning into helpers
Added a new block: Increases your drilling speed
New apperances for
Humanized kobold: Racoon(#4,5,6)
Dragon: Crocodille(#13,14,15)
Characters will not auto attack enemies that are marked for capture and are on 1HP
Whenever a new item is unlocked the tab in which the item is located will have a “NEW!” notification on it same with items in shop
Added a new tab to the shop that holds equipables that affect character gameplay
Limited the ammount of resources that can be drawn at the same time to reduce slowdown when a massive ammount of them is on the screen
Tweaked character combat AI to avoid attacking dead enemies
Now the experience multiplier is visible when drilling
Added 15 more achievements
Achievements no longer reset after looping
Enemy attack damage now scales with their level
Spike block damage is now percentage based (10%)
Shifted the background element positions so they are visible
Fixed bug that made the map give you +100% XP multiplier for doing nothing
Fixed bug that made anal internal view appear when 69’ing
Added safeguard to prevent loosing and winning at the same time at the end of drilling
Hotfix 2
Fixed bug that made it so the driller had no health
Hotfix 3
Shifted frottage pose to the leftmost pose list to prevent poses from getting out of view
Now you cannot click on the AI for help when on the map screen
Fixed bug that made map drill multipliers incorrect
Corrected snake dialogue not getting reset when looping
Corrected character customization gender and humanoid/furry preference getting overwritten
Developer Notes:
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The gameplay consists of harvesting resources and girls from the world map! placing drills in biomes getting access to upgrades to get to new biomes, new biomes containing new girls, getting a girl to love you will eventually grant upgrades to make your journey easier.
Length: Depends what you go for the game can be looped indefinetly, looping it once probably takes a couple of hours your first time through, getting all poses with a girl would take like 20 mins or so
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Extra: Fan guide

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