Female Agent [v1.20.1p] [Crushstation]

Female Agent [v1.20.1p] [Crushstation]

January 9, 2024F95

Female Agent is a text-based sexpionage RPG.  It stars a Western intelligence officer, sent undercover into Bangkok’s red light district.  She’ll have to navigate her way through a sex-fuelled urban underbelly to take down a dangerous international terrorist.

Will she succeed or become trapped in Bangkok’s criminal underworld?

Thread Updated: 2023-11-28
Release Date: 2023-11-24
Censored: No
Version: 1.20.1p
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Language: English
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2dcg, Text-based, Female protagonist, Character creation, Adventure,  RPG, Simulator, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Lesbian, Creampie, Cheating, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Stripping,
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1. Extract and run.
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‘White Russian’ public release with a reworked sex scene
‘White Russian’ side quest. Our ‘Female Agent’ agreed to a double date to become closer friends with ‘bargirl’ Lauren and evaluate her as a potential ally. The two women dress up before joining 2 Russians they had met during ‘Girls Night Out’ for their double date. The date potentially ends with our agent and her date Kolya in his hotel room bed.
This was a controversial episode, receiving by far the most negative criticism of any episode of Female Agent. I made some scene edits based on the feedback, but be warned this episode missed the mark for a lot of people.
Spy mission and club shift
2 new illustrated sex scene in club
This version has a couple of scene improvements – you can now avoid the BJ with Kob, and there’s a new option for exhibitionist heroines to join in with Zoe and Amanda when they take topless selfies at the skybar
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  Proper classified – updated the NEPTUNE dossier in the first scene to carry correct US classification markings. (Thanks Jim S)
  Bug fixes & typos – changed “margaritas, margaritas and daiquiris” to “margaritas, mai tais and daiquiris” (thanks BD72). Corrected British slang “scrip” for US “script” in dialogue with Commander Perry (thanks jkl). Corrected wrong dialogue choice appearing in Signal chat with Ian (thanks playsafe). Removed extra “with” during dinner with with Max (thanks MacMichael).
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  Fallout – deal with the consequences of the black bag job. Includes a dialogue scene written by The Lost Engineer, involving a new character invented by XIII-Death, translated by HollyGrail! Thanks guys! It takes a village to help an idiot
  Moar make up – added Apricot Fantasy, Burnt Zellige, Lady Danger, Pourpre Edgy, Rose Hip, Rose the Day, So What?, Universal Biscuit and Violet Vixen lipsticks. Added Azure Like It and Lemon Bomb nail polishes.
  Coming back from a game over – added a back button to the end of content page, so players who save on this page can navigate back from it.
  Bambi meets the boss – changed the header during the date with Kriangsak to reflect if the heroine uses her stage name (thanks Nymphonomicon).
  Bug fixes – Fixed red error during the taxi ride home in Malaysia (thanks TH and JusticeLover). Fixed typo in Yacht Guy’s name (thanks playsafe). Fixed mis-spelling of “Quebecois” (merci Murmur). Corrected dialogue error referring to Sweden as a NATO member (thanks Salisria). Corrected typos in this very changelog (thanks Fishy).
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  Nail polish – paint those piggies before a date or a work shift.
  Malaysia inner monologue tweaks – various subtle tweaks to the heroine’s inner monologue during her encounter with Max in Malaysia, based on her kinks. These edits were written by Corneel.
  Scene edits – various scene edits based on player feedback.
  Bug fixes – Stomped many bugs reported during Early Access, including the one where amethyst eyeshadow can turn her eyes demonic after orgasm. Thanks OperatorE, Sten, Sam R, Player58273, playsafe, JusticeLover69, Curious, Zariaswell, Sorter and Mister B for the bug reports!
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  Girl On Film – go deeper undercover at the Hard Cock Cafe.
Version 1.14.1 (24 Dec 2021) General release of 1.14. Merry Christmas, everybody!
  Dynamic dresses – the appearance of the dress your heroine wears to meet Mr Kriangsak can change as the scene progresses.
  Lipstick – added two lipsticks to the makeup options. More lipsticks coming Soon™!
  Body glitter – added body glitter avatar art (available sometimes in the club).
  Makeup in Malaysia – added makeup options for the dinner date with Max.
  Pôot paa-săa tai mâi gàyng kà-nàat nán – added Thai translations to placeholder text. Thanks so much HollyGrail!
  Bug fixes – Stomped many bugs reported during Early Access. Thanks OperatorE, Samantha Louise, playsafe, evanthebruce, US v. Fokker Servs, Strigon888, James Malaprop, ArsenalJacob, imma-monster, Thalion, boobthief and Scottish PePe for the bug reports!
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  F.N.G. – the heroine strips down for her first undercover mission.
  Dinner with the Boss – get to know the owner of the Hard Cock Cafe.
  Makeup – customise the avatar’s look with mascara, eyeshadow and blusher! Because you’re worth it. Lipstick coming Soon™.
  Backward save compatability – load your saved game from 1.13 instead of starting over from scratch.
  It sounds better in Swedish – improvements to Max’s Swedish dialogue (thanks to Akrane and ArsenalJacob).
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General release of 1.13.
  Wet look – the avatar now gets wet skin and hair in shower & pool scenes.
  Better underwiring – we made some technical improvements (image preloading, script minification, server side image compression, tailored image loading ) that should make the game load faster and run more smoothly.
  Bug fixes – fixed a whole bunch of bugs and typos reported during Early Access. Thanks to YH Lin, shphinx, OperatorE, Thalion, Samantha Louise, Bread Pitt, Z794, Thorson and esclavage!
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Early access version of 1.13 to $5 supporters. Guys thank you for making this game possible, we love you
  Welcome to Bangkok – land in Bangkok and infiltrate the Hard Cock Cafe.
  New avatar emotions – we did a big visual and technical upgrade of the avatar emotions. She can now carry out a wider and subtler range of facial expressions, using 80% fewer art assets than before. This upgrade makes the avatar ready to support makeup and new skin tones (coming Soon™).
  New hair colours – added auburn and champagne/dirty blonde hair colours.
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General release of 1.12.
  Sweet emotion – added avatar facial expressions to scenes.
  Piercing issues – fixed tattoos and piercings vanishing in Max’s hotel room (thanks Falloutbabe and Thorson). Choosing a nose piercing no longer breaks body customisation in the shower scene.
  Me and my Shadow, Mk IV – Fixed the shadow not turning around when the heroine does. (Imagine how freaky that would be in real life!) Also fixed the UI halo/glow behind the heroine sometimes disappearing.
  Dialogue tweaks – Max now mistakes a French Canadian agents for a Frenchwoman, not an American (thanks Antilles). The CIA chief of station in Malaysia’s dialogue has been finessed to sound more American (thanks Plagioclase).
  Wardrobe malfunctions – The turtleneck sweater now fits all necks. After the shower, the heroine now wears one towel of the correct size, rather than all three towels at once.
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Early access version of 1.12 to $5 supporters. Thank you for making Female Agent possible, guys, we humbly appreciate it.
  Welcome to the Task Force – new story scene to set up the main mission.
  Acclimatisation Phase – a revamped 1.6 side quest, featuring a nude scene and a sex scene.
  All Five Eyes – added US, Australian, Canadian and Kiwi nationality options.
  Wardrobe control – pick your heroine’s outfit for the new side quest.
  Dat ass doe – check out your heroine from behind using Turn avatar (in the top menu).
  Skinny dice roll UI – redesigned the dice roll menu to be less intrusive.
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General release of version 1.11. Lots of bug fixes!
  Floating earrings – Fixed earrings not fitting certain head shapes. Thanks Bread Pitt (who wrote an exceptionally high quality bug report).
  What did you just call me? – Changed kate.shortname to kate.uni.shortname. Thanks TimF.
  Top Secret – Lots of CLASSIFIED bugfixes, Thanks Cooldevo, Tommy N, Thorson!
  Level Up! – Improved level calculation logic and display in the Character Sheet.
  Cold and Calculating – Fixed wrong emotion in uni selection. Thanks Mister B.
  Content Division Elements? – Fixed Multiple Divs in hottub scene. Thanks CoolDevo!
  Spring Cleaning – Removed many unnecessary files to keep file size down. Cleaned up variables used in Character Sheet.
  Moving Day – Restructered and moved many internal folders.
  Loss of Face – Fixed bug where the age18 avatar would not have a faceshape. Thanks Bread Pitt!
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Early access version of 1.11 to $5 supporters.
  Freshman Year – your heroine’s going to university! Experience her first year at either Cardiff, Durham or Oxford, including three optional sex scenes.
  Emotional avatar – the avatar now reacts emotionally to scenes.
  Six pack – sporty & conscientious heroines can develop six pack abs! Join the volleyball squad at uni to unlock this option.
  Character sheet – keep track of your Attributes and Skills on the all-new character sheet! More features coming soon.
  New dice roll UI – made the dice roll information clearer for you (thanks Etceterotica).
  Freckles – added a new Freckles quirk that…well, click it and see.
  Old school D4s – changed the appearance of the 4-sided dice to be more readable to grognards.
  Age 16 nose job – fixed a visual glitch with the heroine’s nose at age 16.
  Pardon my French – further improved the French language dialogue in Montreux. (Thanks Corneel and Al2001 – it has now taken three people to fix my bad French).
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General release of version 1.10. Lots of bug fixes!
  Floating tattoos – fixed certain tattoos and piercings floating in mid-air when Lena puts Kate into bondage (thanks Danny Cal and others).
  Je m’appelle Crushstation – corrected some of my bad French in the Montreux scenes (thanks Tuko).
  Diamond Eyes – fixed a graphics glitch when combining wide eyes with the diamond face shape (thanks Bread Pitt).
  Hold still while I do this, sweetie – repositioned the left nipple piercing for agents with medium boobs.
  Montreux partners roll – fixed dice roll for random partners in Montreux not happening (thanks Stefan K).
  Montreux is not in London – fixed location header not updating when the heroine moves to Montreux (thanks Stefan K).
  Bethan is not Stacey – fixed text referring to the wrong NPC in the Prom Queen scene (thanks Stefan K).
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Early access release to $5+ supporters. Adds three new foreign adventures.
  Finishing School – added one nude scene and one sex scene for heroines from the elite social class.
  Bless the Rains – added one nude scene and one sex scene for middle class heroines.
  Confessions of a Holiday Rep – added one nude scene and one sex scene for working class heroines.
  Worth 1,000 words – added location photography to various scenes.
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General release of version 1.9.
  Dynamic heels – wearing high heels now boosts the avatar’s height.
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Age 18 scenes, new avatar customisation options, and popup notifications.
  18 and I Like It – your heroine turns 18 in this update! Develop her backstory, and play through her first sex scene.
  For life – ink up with 25 new tattoo options.
  Bling Bling – puncture your body in up to 15 places with the new body piercing options.
  Best kept lady garden 2010 – choose from 7 bikini line styles.
  You have 25 new notifications! Critical Update Notification Tool added.
  New avatar artwork – added more than 170 avatar artwork items.
  Supersize me – new XXL and XXS avatar size options added to the Settings menu.
  New Quirks – added new Quirks you can select during character creation.
  Studying’s for nerds – the number of GCSE exams your heroine takes will vary based on her Conscientiousness score.
  Hidden start button – fixed a bug that hid the “Create a Character” button on very wide screens.
  Edgware Road – fixed the spelling of this famous road in London (thanks Lyn-chan).
  Permanent Buns – no more permanent Leia buns for you! (thanks Lyn-chan).
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Early backstory scenes and dice roller.
  Early backstory – play through your heroine’s childhood and teens. We added new mini-quests and lots of avatar art for sports stars, geek girls, alpha females and rock chicks.
  That’s how we roll – rolling dice is one of the most fun parts of a tabletop roleplaying game! We added a dice roller to make action scenes more engaging.
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Launch of new UI, avatar and refactored source code.
  Quirks – a new system, offering more ways to customise your heroine at the start of the game.
  Low Maintenance Avatar – we redrew the avatar so she’s more beautiful, but much easier for us to create clothes and makeup for.
  New user interface – we redesigned the UI, to make the whole game look and play better.
  Refactored source code – we rebuilt the source code, so we can add new scenes faster.
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