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SlutEd [v0.14] [Shark in a Hat]

January 9, 2024F95

Now this is a story all about how
A girls life got flipped turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there,
I’ll tell you how she became a slut, and that I can’t actually rhyme.*

* NOT a Fresh  Prince parody,  100% Sugarcube free, may contain a trace amount of nuts.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-21
Release Date: 2023-12-21
Censored: No
Version: 0.14
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Length: 2 – 6 hours
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Incest, Lesbian, Real Porn, Female protagonist, Mobile game, Blackmail, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral sex , Vaginal sex, Anal sex, School setting, Bestiality, Teasing
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1. Extract all files
2. Open index.html using any browser (Firefox or Chromium based browser recommended)
2a. If using the Stand-alone (electron) version: Run ‘start_game.exe’
1. Extract all files to the internal memory
2. Open Chrome Browser and type into the address bar [ICODE]file:///sdcard/[/ICODE] to show a file browser
3. Navigate to the directory where you extracted the files and open index.html
To play the game on Android 10+ you need copy files to Chrome download folder “/Android/data/com.android.chrome/files/Download”. Then you can launch game from file:///sdcard/Android/data/com.android.chrome/files/Download/ in Chrome.
Opening index.html using apps like ‘File Manager +’ on Android will also work (probably from any location) as that app makes a private, ad hoc web server to launch html files.
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v.0.15: (bugfix version)
-fix for day 0
-fix for paying rent with clothes on (who’d do that?!)
-hooker clothes
-engine/technical improvements
  -random event dispatch (?)
  -wide npc support
  -f-stings in branch targets
  -inline woff2 fonts 
  -option inline everything into one big file (150MB with img, 400MB with mp3)
  -converted all images to webp
  -better UI for save slots mod
  -css change for scrolling images(?)
-avatar improvements
-day/night filter changes
-f-strings in image name
-repeatable work at the porn studio (multiple variants)
-bar health inspection
-bar day deliveries (multiple variants)
-bar night deliveries (multiple variants)
-random encounter: hypnotist (some variants)
-gym is removed
-school is temporary locked down
-new home
-interruption events while masturbating (multiple variants)
-ordering pizza when out of food
-encounter with a girl and her horse when wondering the park naked
-encounter with a girl taking selfies when wondering the park naked
-xmas event (triggered during IRL December when sleeping at the new home when it’s dark)
-morning of day 21
-new and improved bugs!
v0.13: (This is a small update)
– new wardrobe UI (buttons for items, preview on hover)
-first delivery job at the bar
-repeatable job at the porn studio
-bug fixes
-next game teaser
-clothing preview in shops on mouse hover
-added check_irl_month() function
-Always Holiday Mod (x-mass and halloween events independent of IRL month)
-friday (day 18) morning, on the bus and school events
-weekend night choices:
  – in school (exhibition, gangbag)
  – in storage locker (exhibition, janitor action)
  – at the park (exhibition, wolf action)
  – at Lenard’s House (oral action, sleep sex, NTR?)
  – at Lenard’s hotel room (exhibition, bondage, NTR?)
  – at Marco’s house (exhibition, D&D, girl-on-girl)
  – at the slums (bondage, non-con, short)
– rpg/nerd/game/comic convention on Saturday (starts at the mall, uless doing Marco’s home or Lenard’s hotel path)
-reuniting with Mom on day 20
-bug fixes
-new bugs
Xmas update!
– spellchecking
– school uniform enforcement (?)
– butt plugs!
– photo studio solo job
– photo studio lesbian shoot
– porn film studio audition (get the location from the new photo studio job)
– xmas event at the mall (only available till the end of December!)
– bug fixes
– modal box stacking
– mod to change text font (Atkinson Hyperlegible )
– changes/fixed sluttines calculation
– added ‘Error Shirt’
– prostitution work in slums
– slums and park events moved until MC is slutty enough
-Updated libraries
-Continuation of the lost ring arc ( +WIP bar work)
-Some new activities in the slums
-Ben’s bad end (multiple paths, FF, FM, FFM)
-School days 14-17 (Headmaster shenanigans, PE, finding your clothes… again)
-Finding a new home
-Secret spooky event (only till the end of November)
-Bug fixes
-New Bugs
A stand alone executable for Windows is made available again (running via Electron if anyone wants to get technical).
– updated Brython
– new title screen
– fallback for localStorage
– more graceful loading
– toolset improvements
– complete manual
– shops can now ‘sell’ items for free
– npc images can be f-strings
bar work – shifts 5 and 6
fun at beach (~6 small, random events)
event at spa where you can get a boob massage that will change the avatar/paperdoll picture (per request)
2x WC events at school( contains watersports, per request)
– weekend pool party (big part)
– plot twist #1
– bugs, I guess?
– restored old version of Brython
– smaller monetize buttons (auto-adjusting size)
– restored corrupted style/sluted.css
– time of day display showing a more correct day name at night
– added option to look for gossip at school
– added option to skip random school events
– save slots mod upgraded to use a modal pop-up
– added hide button to main text and click-anywhere-to-show main text feature
– removed hide/show text from the menu
– hide text also hides choice and corner buttons
– some fixes for missing clothes softlocks
– fixed softlock for too slutty outfit on day1
– second chance to join cheerleaders if the first one failed
– new public exposure night events
– for old saves ask if pc is a cheerleader after day4
– editor improvements (moved some panels to the left, the right sidepanel is now dragable)
– park doggy event (day, x2 night)
– typos/spelling
– pod racer npc sprite
– 3rd shift at Caffe (some bdsm)
– 3rd and 4rth shift at bar
– community clothes
– changes to swimwear sluttiness calculation and stats
– walk around nude at park (during day)
– new and exciting bugs
– millennium hand and shrimp
– fixed typos and spelling (credit due Dean and Overseer)
– errors logged into _error_log
– disabled pull-to-refresh on mobile
– added jump to home to cheat menu
– save slot mod (now working!)
– fixed saving to file (protocol upped to 4)
– get_equipped() can take a list/tuple/set as the last arg to exclude multiple tags
– removed Monero button (total earnings: $0.00)
– tts actors can be set/overridden from plot txt fields using f-stings eg. {tts_actor(‘mnpc’)}
– removed all global() because of Brython bugs.
– current node is no longer written to save ( now it’s in data.glob._current)
– updated Brython (e45d525)
– drug overlay effect works correct(-ish) on chrome for android
– slut stat update slows down after reaching certain breakpoints
– fixed credits
– fixed dead end on weekend map event
– fixed weekend map explore dead end
– fixed subnode cloning in editor to use copy.deepcopy
– removing nodes in editor works as intended (…kind of)
– when resting you can choose for how long
– from week 2 (if mc is a cheerleader) – cheerleader outfit is a valid school uniform
– remove quest text on finished training and bodypaint events
– reimplemented random_branch handling, events will not repeat until all other events have triggered for a given node
– fixed repeating photo studio job
– playable school days 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 all have 2-3 random events (+normal ‘plot’ events)
these events may be different based on what you wear (slutty, non-slutty, cheerleader),
if you’ve eaten or not, on previous events, on Ben being in jail (oops spoilers) and RNGeesus.
Playtime is now about 2.5 hours.
0.6b – 1.6.5:
– 2 new events that can trigger randomly when shopping at the Cat’s Paw.
– First job at the studio
– fixed missing paper doll when getting dressed on the school roof
– fixed lockout when last outfit gets too slutty to wear at school roof
– set_clothes accepts *args and **kwargs – can be use like set_clothes(‘hat’,’sock’) but set_clothes([‘hat’,’sock’]) still works
– several plot nodes cleaned up and divided into smaller chunks
– new paperdoll face
– removed old paperdoll face from some images (prologue, spa)
– nude and last outfit options added to the outfit panel
– reimplemented check_uniform() to be more reliable
– added day 2 morning uniform check
– fixed typos (credit to Overseer)
– added more smiles
– save cleanup (after day 5)
– parallax images restored on load
– remove_flag can take a set as an arguments for deleting multiple flags
– refactored modal callback (removed global)
– food properly removed on some nodes
– save version updated to 3
– fix to editor for finding quests
0.6(a) – 1.5.5:
See More
0.6a – 1.5.5:
– added subplot cloning to the editor
– improved roof pics
– fixed credits bug
– fixed missing text on Sunday morning causing a lock out.
– fixed (?) some TTS bugs happening on Android
– fixed typos
– taking a nap at the weekend progresses time by 4 hours
– the word ‘Russian’ has been removed from the game.
0.6 – 1.5.5:
– Weekend date with Lenard (many routes!)
– Weekend cheerleader training
– Friday day at school
– Spa content (some)
– updated clothes (new party and elegant tags)
– savable outfits
– added cum on face overlay
– rain overlay fx
– added moving bus background fx
– added Monero donations button
– moved game specific css into separate stylesheet
– moved tts voice setup data to a external file
– added big lips face set (can be changed in spa, currently not reversible!)
– try/catch/except blocks for all TTS functions (should fix android problems?)
– added support for Time Critical Events (needed for Lenard date and bodypaint job)
– added has_clothes_by_tag() function
– added count_clothes_by_tag() function
– added support for face customization on paperdoll
– added support for tattoos and piercings on paperdoll
– added support for tattoos and piercings on fullscreen images
– plot editor improvements
– updated Brython to 3.10.4
0.5b-1.4.5 (patch)
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-bug fixes
-maid, slutty and less slutty category in shop filters
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– school adventures for 2 more days
– updated Brython to 3.10.3
– updated Electron to v16.0.4 (for standalone version)
– improvements to the plot editor
– added mod menu
– updated the sample pub hair mod (haircuts by mrnow19)
– removed console
– added cheat mod
– added console to cheat mod
– added hide mod (changes the title on the tab in a browser to something SFW)
– updated supporters list in engine and tools headers and the in-game credits
– added quest log
– added quest log entries
– added skip prologue button
– updated tutorial
– changed set_time_of_day() implementation
– only open external links with https protocol in electron version
– added set_hard_datetime(day, hour) function to the start of each day, so the time/date gets reset even if something else goes wrong
– all calls to progress_time() moved to separate nodes or wrapped in exec_once
– any movement on map at TIME.NIGHT will send you to bed
– changes in clothing marked as sport
– new clothes
– changes in lewdness formula
– public exposure events use the better RNG function
– public exposure events now progress time
– exploring map (for the first time) should not trigger map events
– slut stat bumped only once per map event
– new set of events for public indecency (when UNDRESSED+EXPOSED)
– improved reaction of Cafe Manager if wearing bdsm gear as panties
– swimwear lewdness ‘discount’ only applied if boobs and pussy are not on display
– starting a new game will correctly clear local storage data
– fixed css bug preventing animation playback
– img are shown for branch nodes
– nag/thanks added to new game background img
– map image changes based on time of day
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I’m not sure if I got all the cases covered where MC needs to change clothes, but there are no valid clothes to choose from.
If you find yourself in a situation like this – don’t panic. Press the tilde (~), type in ‘change_clothes(enforce_stats=0)’ and click execute – this should bring up the interface for changing clothes with all your current clothes and no restrictions on what you can wear.
– initial sluttines set to 0 (was 1)
– cut clothes are less slutty (12->7 when not wearing anything else)
– added extra branch for makeover, when not wearing undies
– added extra clothing check when leaving the beach
– added missing student encounter
– added missing bj scene
– added correct music to some scenes/locations
– can steal food even with a lot of money
– locations with content should send you to school if it’s a weekday morning
Fixed bugs:
– fixed error in the subway hiring process. (botomless->bottomless)
– fixed error when doing homework (‘get_flags’ is not defined)
– fixed Plot error: “public_exposure_student” is empty.
– spywear->spyware
– fixed error when you don’t wear panties the first day (sort of)
– fixed photo studio dead end (no content there yet)
– game should allow to put on any clothes if there is no valid selection of last saved clothes
– shows a to-be-continued screen if you somehow (how!?) managed to get to the next school day without going to bed
See More
– added a buymeacoffee button on title screen (pls send moneys!)
– updated the in-game version number to match the actual version number (d’uh)
– enable loading the same save more than once
– fix error with text-to-speech, where no voices are provided by the OS (aka linux error spam bug)
– early exit in _speak() when volume is 0
– more fail safe added
– added extra message when loading the games takes too long
– mod manager fix for mods with comments
– added pubic hair mod as a sample mod
– fixed issue with cut clothes
– clothes dropdown now correctly updates when buying new clothes
– at Docs MC is no longer forced-striped if she has bra and panties on (only striped if she has bra but no panties)
– can no longer leave the nurse office without clothes or with tits/pussy showing
– Ben now gives a free pass in one more path
– free pass for day 2 is now remembered (you may need to replay day 1 if you have low rep with Ben and got the free pass)
– MC reacts less haughty when striping with missing underwear
– when exploring the city time will not progress when finding locations with no content
– removed leg vibrator and clothe pins  from shops (you’ll get a refund if you got it in your inventory)
– removed duplicated items from shops
– removed the Odds and Ends shop
– all swimwear now has the ‘swimwear’ tag
– all skirts and dresses are now in the dress shop (except the ones that are too lewd)
– sports clothes, swimsuits and bikinis are now in the sport shop (with some lewd exceptions)
– all shirts and tops are in the shirt shop (with some lewd exceptions)
– underwear and stockings are in the lingerie shop (with some lewd exceptions)
– pants, jeans, and denim clothing are in the denim shop (with some lewd exceptions)
– all kinky, short and transparent clothes are in the sex shop
– items that fit many categories are… well, all over the place
– swimwear and sports clothing have lowered lewdness stats if forming a sport/swim outfit
– maid outfits properly identified as maid outfits (yes, no bottom is a valid maid outfit!)
– shops remember last shopping cart content even when loading a save while in a shop
– items in shops are now sorted by name
– swimwear filter added
– money is now visible in the status/timer
– if giftcard was activated the money is now removed the next day
– you may lose more money then you should when the giftcard gets invalidated, blame the company that issued it – O/[]
– game now keeps track of when you’ve eaten
– you can cook at home
– shop for food products in mall
– MC can steal food in mall (with low money)
– chance to get caught when stealing
– chance to meet Punk Girl when stealing (3+ things stolen)
– MC can get a job at the pub (basic for now)
– MC can get a job at the cafe (2 shifts for now)
– MC can go to the beach (swimming, peeking, getting peeked at)
– MC can get a job at the bar (basic for now)
– free roaming after day 2 of school (even after meeting the gopnik)
– going around town undressed/exposed
– all animations should now respect the ‘reduced motion’ settings
– added overlay image for player avatar
– drugged css overlay effect
– error messages use f-strings
– big ass arrows in plot editor
– search added to editor
– execute python snippet in editor
– bumped engine version to 1.3
– bumped data version to 0.4
– new bugs, probably(?)
0.3-1.2.4 (still janky alpha)
See More
Note: This game version may have many bugs and/or missing features. Expect a bugfix version/patch within a week.
– added css for fog/dust/steam animation overlay
– added mods support
– added mod manager (dev/mod_manager.html)
– plot editor now saves the data using JSON.serialize, it’s fast but ugly
– minor plot editor improvements
– added rollback feature
– added history feature
– error messages should now really be shown
– error messages can be dismissed
– fixed more dead ends
– show feedback when clothes lewdness is not enforced (can wear anything/nothing at home)
– changing clothes can now be limited to only the clothes you have with you (last equiped set)
– Plot: a new morning
– Plot: next day at school (Ben shenanigans, Mr. Nurse examination)
– Plot (optional): library ‘treasure’ hunt
– Berries and Cream
– removed some unused pictures
– bumped css version to 4
– bumped engine version to 1.2
– bumped data version to 0.3
– new bugs, probably.
v 0.2-1.1.3 ( optional manual patch ):
See More
– game viewport will (try to) adjust to the window height
– text on buttons won’t adjust to window size, but will respect user font size settings
– stockings are drawn on top of panties
– automatically equip clothes you buy
– you can buy (try out) clothes even if you can’t afford them (but can’t exit shop with negative $$$)
– fixed plot dead ends
– fixed some typos
– an error message is displayed when reaching an unexpected dead end
– flood-fill node coloring in plot editor
– restored the try-except block for the startup procedure
– game can be hosted online (only shows a warning and not exits with a error on startup)
– show an error when javascript is disabled
– added fail-safe for random branches not picking any branch
– added warning.txt to image folder
– all characters are now 18 years old or older
– all characters are now 21 years old or older if you’re playing in a country with laws saying they must be 21 years old or older
– bumped css version to 3
– bumped engine version to 1.1
– bumped data version to 0.2
– new bugs, probably?
v 0.1-1.2:
See More
– Initial Janky Alpha Release
Developer Notes:
See More
Version 0.5:
This is an update for the school content. 2 extra days each with it’s own events some with more options others with less. The extra days also allow you to play more of the free-roaming part of the game, but there isn’t much new content in that aspect in this release.
Please report all bugs, a bugfix version will appear in 1-2 weeks.
Next update planned for January 2022.
Oh, yeah, and vote for me if you can in the x-mass contest. I’m not gonna win by popularity, but I got a chance in the least amount of supporters category.
Version 0.4:
See More
This is a bugfix update, but it also adds some free-roaming stuff. You can visit the beach (exhibition and some light bbc hand-blow-job) , find work in a cafe (light bdsm), pub (just money, for now), bar (just money for now, but with a bit of peeking). You can buy (or steal) food and make some at home, if you steal food you might get caught (light? bdsm). If you’re moving around town with bits and pieces exposed you also might get an event.
There’s now a stand-alone executable version (for windows). It’s all the same as the HTML version only 100MB bigger because it ships with Electron (basicaly chrome without the navbar). I would suggest sticking to the HTML version, but You do You.
Version 0.3:
There are probably some bugs and missing stuff (like voice setup for new npc), not all that I have planned for this release made it in. It just took more time than I expected. I will release a patch like last time if you guys find too many game breaking bugs (so pls report!). I’ll probably add the free-roaming part (after school part) later this week, but right now I need a break for a day or two.
This is not a Sugarcube/Twine game so if you’re expecting a wall of text with the occasional picture – this ain’t it.
This is a HTML game, but it’s NOT an online game, no internet connection needed, all files are loaded locally.
The only situation in which anything is send or received via the net is when someone wants to use the text-to-speech feature with Google, Apple or Microsoft online voices, but in that case I have no idea what is actually send and where – that’s between You and Google/Apple/Microsoft.
The custom engine running this show is free and open sourced, you can use it for different games (there are even some tools are in the dev folder) , but why would you? There are probably better options and I’m currently not offering any support.
The game uses ‘local storage’ for auto saves,  so if you want to uninstall the game and remove all traces you also need to remove the 3 vars stored in your browser ( sluted_cfg ,  sluted_save  and  sluted_inventory ).
Yes, the art is janky and bad, thank you for noticing.
Known bugs:
If You rest in the evening the game may repeat the day. Rest at night or use the 0.5->0.5a patch linked below  (unzip into the game folder or into resources/app/ for the exe version).
See More
Q: How to enable mods? Like the pubic hair mod?
A:  Open the file dev/mod_manager.html. The ‘pubic_hair_mod.py ‘ should be on the Mods list, if it’s not, click on the browse button (next to ‘Import mod from:’) and select the file mods/pubic_hair_mod.py.  Click the checkbox in front of the ‘pubic_hair_mod.py’ and click on ‘Enable Selected Mods’ – a save file dialog will pop up asking you to save a file named ‘mods.txt’ save it into the data directory (data/mods.txt).
Q: What’s the itch.io button?
A: I’m on itch.io now, so if you want to support me over there – go ahead, but keep in mind that the page there is for the engine only, so behave and don’t get me banned. Thanks.  And I totally wont *wink* send you any dev versions *wink* or do any requests *winks* if you drop some dollars over there, so  feel free to send me a msg if you want any supporter benefits.
Q: What is this Monero thing? Is this game a cryptominer now!?!
A: The Monero thing is just a address where you can send some crypto.  There’s no cryptomining code in the game, it’s still open sourced so feel free to check.
Why Monero and not BitCoin, Ethereum or  DogeCoin? From the 4 minutes I spend googling this stuff it looks like the former have way to high fees to send small amounts and the later is a meme.  Monero  looks less like a scam to me, but what do I know? I’m not encouraging anyone to invest in any crypto (but I will say to stay the fuck away from NFTs! ) and I don’t actually expect any donations this way – but who knows, maybe someone will send me enough crypto for me to drive my Lambo to the Moon or whatever it is that the cryptochads do.
Q: What’s the gig with the win32-x64 version? Should I use that?
A: That version has all the content of the HTML version, it just ships with Electron – basically a strip down version of Chrome without the navigation bar.  It is bigger, it is an executable (so Your anti-virus will just luv it…) and it offers nothing new or better. I would recommend using the HTML version. If you have problems with the HTML version I would recommend trying a different browser (Firefox works good, only missing the backdrop-filter) before going for the exe version. But – if you want to play a standalone version like the cool kids and not some janky html game – go ahead.
Q: The current version is 0.5, does that mean the game is 50% complete?
A: No, there will be versions numbered 0.6, 0.7… 0.9, 0.10, 0.11… version 1.0 will be the last one that has new content, there might be 1.1 and so on with bugfixes.
Q: Is that Foxi Di/Nensi?
A: Yes.
Q: Is that The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet?
A: Yes, both the original version and my own synth instrumental remix.
Q: Is that a reference to…?
A: Yes. Jojo, Pratchett, Akabur, Odd1sout, House of the Rising Sun and many dead/dank meme. I regret nothing.
Q: Where’s the patreon/subscribestar/donation thing?
A: There is a BuyMeACoffee, so please buy me a coffee if you can 😉
Q: Will the art be better at some point?
A: If enough people donate enough money to pay an artist – yes.
Q: Is the art real porn with just a filter?
A: Yes and no. Photos are used as a base, filters are applied but there’s also a fair bit of manual editing, cutting, pasting and sometimes freehand painting.
Q: Will there be custom outfit sets?
A:  Soon…
Q:  Will there be shoes?
A:  No 🙁
Q: …why?
A: The avatar/paperdoll is drawn as it is – cut at about knee height, the feet  and shoes would never be visible.
Q: Can you play in on Joiplay?
A: I don’t know, never used it, but from what people are saying in the comments – No. On my own phone I can run it just fine (maybe with a bit of lag…) just by opening it in the Chrome browser. That’s the only Android device I can test it on.
Q: Is there mod support?
A: Yes.  Check out the mods directory for some sample mods. Knowing a bit of Python is recommended. I may write a detailed guide if people ask – so ask if you want to know more.
Q: Will there be a lesbian route?
A:  A lesbian only route was planned, but it was kicked out, because it would require to write another game on top of this one and I only have so much time. There are two optional lesbian scenes planned at this moment, but don’t expect them in the next update.
Q: Will there be rape?
A: No. It was planned at some point as a ‘random event’ that could happen when walking around the shady parts of town in a slutty outfit and I even have a bit of text written for it – but it was cringe, really, really bad. The kind of bad that would make me want to delete the game if it wasn’t mine. I guess I can’t write that sort of thing – but maybe someone else can and I got mod support coming…
Q: Where’s the Discord?
A: If I make one Ill probably hang out there for hours and don’t get anything done. You all really want that?
Q: When you say ‘shark in a hat’ do you mean a shark wearing a hat or a hat with a shark inside?
A: Yes.
Q: What is your  favorite food?
A: Baked potatoes.
Q: What is your least  favorite food?
A: Any kind of potatoes that are not baked.  Chips get a pass thou.



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