HoneySun: Amelia [v20230918 Platinum] [HugPlay]

HoneySun: Amelia [v20230918 Platinum] [HugPlay]

January 26, 2024F95

Grow crops, fall in love with numerous amazing characters, and explore unique game mechanics in a vibrant,

Thread Updated: 2023-10-26
Release Date: 2023-09-18
Developer: HugPlay PatreonItch.ioSteamNewgrounds
Censored: No
Version: 20230918 Platinum
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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v20230918 Platinum
No full changelog
New Content with Emily
v20230827 Platinum
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New Implementations:
  • New Character (Stewardess) Art, Animations, Script and Sex Scene.
  • New Location: Car Shop (Map and Interior).
  • New Character: Kate (Art and Animation)
  • Cars, 3 types. (Store and Map animations)
  • New Uncle Button implemented to assist players in case they run out of money.
  • New Sound Effects: Characters, teleport, Bedroom, Garden and Map.
  • New Button to access Map.
  • Initial screen added before starting sex scenes on Mobile.
  • Talk button added for all NPCs (still under development).
  • Stewardess implemented on Mobile and Home screen.
  • Emily 3 Rewards Art.
  • Heart requirement reduced to 3 to unlock the first sex scene.
  • Enable Bedroom and Garden buttons only in Uncle’s house.
  • Giving a gift to an NPC now displays the background item sprite.
  • On the shop, clicking on Sell or Buy button is no longer necessary.
  • Change the color of wet soil for better visibility.
  • Mouseover text for soil with 1 day left now correctly displays “1 day left.”
  • Pressing Esc in Mobile screen and Sex Scene now closes the screen instead of opening options.
  • After choosing a talk option, the conversation now starts directly.
  • Price adjustments for some seeds and plants to better balance the game.
  • Player now has Level and Farm Level, gaining experience by talking to NPCs and gardening respectively (still under development).
  • Some changes have been made to the dialogue with NPCs.
  • Now you use stamina to give a gift to an NPC.
Bug Fixes:
  • Game Intro Chat appearing in front of airplane after skipping intro.
  • Clouds animation flickering after clicking on Play button in Game Intro.
  • NPC Conversation options remain enabled after moving to the map.
  • In the last step of the tutorial, returning to Street Market could trigger a restart of Emily’s intro, disabling the portal to the map permanently.
  • Starting the meeting talk with Amelia and Emily briefly allowed access to HUD buttons, causing a game-breaking bug.
  • Selling the gift “Cotton Doll” no longer crashes the game.
  • With the Bag or Mobile screen open, it is no longer possible to walk with the player in the background.
  • After clicking on the bed and moving to the garden, clicking to sleep is no longer possible.
  • Jumping Tutorial and going direct to plant seed no longer stop plants growing.
  • Games now saves Character information correctly.
Gold/Basic Build
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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About HoneySun: A Farming Love Adventure!
Get ready for a sweet ride where farming meets romance! In HoneySun, you’ll grow crops, take care of adorable animals, and, hey, maybe even find love along the way! So, are you ready to nurture both your land and your heart? Embark on this heartwarming farming love story today.
Why We Need Your Support:
We’ve poured our hearts and souls into creating HoneySun, but let’s be real, game development can be as tricky as finding your way out of a corn maze in the dark! That’s where you come in, our awesome patrons.
As a small indie game studio, we rely on the support of incredible folks like you to make it a reality. By becoming a patron, you’ll be our game-changers (literally!) and play a key role in shaping the future of HoneySun and our studio.
Your support goes straight into making the game even more kickass. Here’s what your contributions will help us do: Enhanced Gameplay Experience, Expanding Our Team, Faster Updates and Expansions, Art and Sound.
Upcoming Features:
+21 DATABLE CHARACTERS: Find your perfect match!
SALON: Let’s add a variety of haircuts!
PLAYER FEMALE BODY: How about giving boobs to our Player?
BOUTIQUE: Discover the latest fashion trends and bid farewell to outdated clothes.
FISHING: Catch fishes and other hot surprises for some extra cash!
FARM/AGRICULTURE SHOP: Cultivate your strawberry empire on your new farm!
ANIMAL FARM: Because there is nothing better than milking some money!
CAR SHOP: Fulfill your dreams of owning a car or even a helicopter to move faster.
GYM: Flex those muscles! Enhance your stamina with workouts at the local gym.
HOUSE/DECORATION: Build and decorate your own house!
RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT: Master cooking skills and manage your restaurant.
UNIVERSITY: The best place to hang around and meet new people.
FOREST/FURNITURE SHOP: Venture into the forest, craft furniture for your house.
HOSPITAL: They are starting a new drug experiment there, wanna check it out?
PET SHOP: Adopt some hot pet companions. (Furry)
PUB: Get drunk and learn the secrets of some townspeople.
PARK: Participate in some cool events, meet some nice people.
Desirable Features:
MULTI LANGUAGE: How about adding support for multiple languages to the game?
SEMI-VOICE: Imagine the experience with semi-voice over in the game!
GUYS!: Let’s spice things up by introducing some Male datable characters.
GAME CONTROL: It’d be awesome to have game control support for an even smoother adventure!

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