Spending a Month with My Sister [v.2024.05] [Yakumo milk]

Spending a Month with My Sister [v.2024.05] [Yakumo milk]

May 5, 2024F95

Have fun with your sister :devilish:

Thread Updated: 2024-05-05
Release Date: 2025-05-05
Developer: Yakumo milk Ci-en
Censored: No (Apply uncensor patch)
Version: 2024.05
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)
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2dcg, animated, big ass, big tits, male protagonist, japanese game, vaginal sex, sleep sex, groping, oral sex, titfuck, incest
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1. Extract to desired location.
2. Download and apply uncensor patch.
3. Run game exe to play
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The main topic of this month’s update is the addition of two new event scenes for store clerks as new scenarios.
We hope to be able to introduce them in detail in the article, so please take a look if you are interested.
Table of Contents
Event Updates
1) Addition of new events
Bug fixes
(1) Fixed a bug that viewed scenes are not reflected in the gallery.
2) Fixed bug of infinite parameter increase in exchange
(3) Open rate of gallery
Event Updates
1) Addition of new events
We have added two new event scenarios for shopkeepers as events that occur at Ayashii stores.
The scenarios can be viewed with more conversation options as shown below if you have communicated with them to some extent and have a conversation with them.
Note that this is one of the scenarios that we plan to replace in the future as a storyline before the touching of the girl, and is one of our efforts to make the shopkeeper a subheroine.
We hope you enjoy playing the scenario, as there are a few mini-game elements in the scenario that you can enjoy.
Bug Fixes
We have fixed the following problems that we have received.
(1) Bug where viewed scenes were not reflected in the gallery
The following five sex scenes have been fixed.
 Breast rubbing
 Hypnotic titjob
 Face to face sitting position
 Handjob while breastfeeding
For the above echi-sex scenes, we have prepared measures to easily re-release the scenes this month, so we hope you will refer to the Gallery section below.
(2) Fixed the bug of infinite parameter increase in interaction.
In the interaction screen, we have fixed a bug in which the likability and sexual interest could be raised infinitely by moving to and from the echi-selection scene.
(3) Gallery open rate
Fixed a bug in which the open rate of the gallery was not displayed correctly.
As mentioned in the bug fixes, there was a bug that prevented the viewing status of some ecchi scenes from being saved until last month.
Therefore, this month, we have temporarily changed the five echi-sex scenes that were subject to the bug so that they can be viewed regardless of their viewing status.
(The scenes affected include: breast rubbing, hypnosis titjob, sitting on the floor, handjob with breastfeeding, and blowjob).
These scenes will be saved as viewed when you view them from the gallery, so you can keep them open from next month onward.
If you have not been able to open them due to a bug, or if you have not opened the gallery yet, please take this opportunity to play them.
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Added sleepover events and improved face-to-face seated sex.
We will publish the July update.
This month’s topics are mainly about the addition of a sleepover event with the sub-heroine, the store clerk, to the game, and the improvement of the climax production of face-to-face sitting sex.
New event related
① Addition of overnight events
We have added an event where you can invite the sub-heroine clerk to your home when your sister is temporarily returning home.
By visiting a suspicious shop on the 20th of the in-game date, a sleepover event will occur.
In the event, you can bring the clerk to your home if you have a certain level of intimacy with the clerk when you enter the store, talk, or purchase products. Instead, you can spend the night together.
Sex anime related
① Improvement of face-to-face sitting sex
The face-to-face sitting animation implemented in the previous update has been improved so that the climax effect will be performed even in the kiss state.
Until now, when ejaculating while kissing, the ejaculation animation was played in a slow mode, so I think it would be nice to have more variations.
The same animation can be viewed at any time from the gallery this month as well.
You can try it immediately regardless of the viewing status, so please use it if you are a Plan 1000.
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We will publish the May update.
This month’s topics are mainly about the implementation of the face-to-face sitting sex game that we have been working on since last month, and the addition of in-game event CG.
I would like to introduce the details in the article, including the details of the update, so please take a look if you are interested.
The update data can be downloaded from the bottom of the article. If you are in a hurry, please download from there.
①Addition of face-to-face sitting sex
The face-to-face sitting sex that can be performed from the “Exchange” command has been played only in the scenario so far, but from this month it is possible to play using the button UI like the existing sex animation .
If you press the clothing button on the bottom left, you can also play undressed.
* The sample mosaic is strong and widened due to the image quality.
The fast mode animation will be implemented next time, but as you can see in the image above, you can now enjoy two types of animation: kissing and normal.
As in the past, the reactions will change depending on the pleasure level and the type of animation, and it is possible to continue playing in the state of vaginal cum shot after playing the ejaculation animation.
This animation can be played after the first face-to-face sitting event occurs, so please try it.
(Detailed conditions are also described in the enclosed capture memo)
② Addition of face-to-face sitting sex to the gallery
We also added the same sex anime to the gallery.
Since this month is still in the process of being implemented, the gallery is always open to face-to-face seated sex so that you can easily try it out.
It can be viewed regardless of whether or not it is viewed in the story, so if you are a Plan 1000 user, you will be able to enjoy it easily.
Add to existing content
(1) Addition of new event CG We
have added an event CG for when the clerk’s older sister appears at the naughty item shop.
As a result of many people’s wishes, she is also becoming the target of erotic events recently, so by preparing stills here, the aim is to create a special feeling that is different from other characters.
In addition, the naughty item shop and suspicious shop will open if you go shopping after the 10th day according to the in-game date, so please enjoy the stills from here.
2) Added a pose to the touching animation.
And for the touching animation for the store clerk, we have added a new pose to the pose when the apron is removed.
This is the second pose added since we received a request to add variation to the pose, but we will continue to add more poses on a regular basis to aim for a more natural feel.
Other improvements
① Changed the order of the galleries
・The 2nd page of the erotic event gallery was arranged in order of implementation, so we rearranged them by type.
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The June update has been released. Additional elements of a constraint play, etc.We will publish the June update.This month’s topics will mainly focus on the enhancements of the Echi anime “Soft SM Echi” implemented last month.Since it is no longer possible to call it Soft SM due to the enhancement of the function, we decided to change the name to Restraint Play.I would like to introduce it in the article along with other update contents, so please take a look if you are interested.The updated data can be downloaded from the bottom of the article.You can jump from the table of contents, so if you are in a hurry, please download from there.
Table of contents :
(1) Adding SM Set Icons
Regarding the SM set implemented last month, at the time of the last update, the creation of the icon was not in time, but this month we created a new one and added it.
(2) Adding new items
Also this month, we’re adding a new item called Ball Gags that can be used in restraint play.After obtaining the parameters of the M propensity described later, you can purchase it by going to the H item shop.It will be an item that can be changed to the restraint play, and I would like to explain the details in the next section.
(3) Add shackles to restraint play
If you play restrained while possessing the new item “Mouth Shackles” introduced in the previous section, we have updated so that you can play with the shackles attached.You can change the wearing state by selecting it at the beginning of the echi scene or by clicking around the mouth when playing. Please try to use it according to your preference.
(4) Added bukkake function to restraint play
From the opinions we received from supporters around April, we added a bukkake function to the restraint play.The degree of bukkake is divided into several stages as follows, so I think that it is good to enjoy this at your favorite level.As for the specifications, if you click the switch icon next to the ejaculation button, you can switch between middle out and bukkake.Please give it a try.
Addition of functions
(1) Addition of loading notation.
If it takes a long time to load when switching scenes, we have changed it to display during loading.
(2) Added serif display to restraint play
As with the previous echi scenes, we have added dialogue so that it is displayed.
(2) Addition of new propensities
By ejaculating in restraint play, I made sure that my sister had an M propensity.As explained earlier, by going to the H Item Shop with this propensity acquired, you will be able to purchase shackles of new items.
(3) Addition of explanatory text at H Item Shop
We added events about the items “SM Set” and “Mouth Shackles” so that you can hear explanations at suspicious shops.
Functional changes
(1) Change the timing of adding SM sets to the H Item Shop
The in-game date has been changed so that it can be purchased at the H Item Shop after the 22nd.
(2) Changed the amount of SM set used and sold
The SM set is no longer a one-use item, and we have changed it so that it will not be consumed even if you use it.
In addition, the sales amount has been increased from 3,000 yen to 4,000 yen accordingly.
(3) Relaxation of SM set usage conditions
When I used the SM set, I relaxed the condition that my sister said OK. (Over 70 → 60 or more interest in sex)
(4) Change the conditions under which chest rubbing can be performed in the bath
We have changed the condition from 30 or more interest in sex to 40 or more favorable impressions.In this way, even if interest in sex is low, I think that it will be easier to increase the interest parameter of sex if the likability is high.
(5) Change of notation in the gallery
The name of the Echi scene has been changed from soft SM Ecchi to restraint play.
Bug fixes
(1) Fixed a bug that a suspicious shop was opening in the morning time.
Addition of sleep rape Ecchi
Introducing the functions of Sleeping Ecchi
Addition to the gallery
Developer Notes:
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This game wil receive monthly updates

Patches: UncensorUncensor PatchTranslation PluginManual Translation

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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