Hornycraft [v0.2] [Shadik]

Hornycraft [v0.2] [Shadik]

April 25, 2024F95

Welcome to the world of HornyCraft game!
This is an 18+ fan parody where you have to play as a guy named Steve who lives in a cubic world.
This world is fraught with a lot of vulgarities, be sure of it!

Thread Updated: 2024-04-22
Release Date: 2024-04-22
Developer: Shadik Boosty  – Telegram
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Window, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English, Russian
Other Games: Dungeon Girls
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2DCG, Adventure, Parody, Male Protagonist, Mobile Game, Animated, Big Tits, Lactation, Monster Girl, Bestiality, Handjob, Oral Sex, Milf, Lesbian, Futanari, Horror
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1. Extract and run.
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Update 0.2
  • Added the «Favorite Nightie» scene
  • Added the «Jumped up!» scene
  • Added the «+1 Outfit!» scene
  • Added the «Walking in the Sun» scene
  • Added dream «The Twilight are Sparkling»
  • Updated the main menu interface
  • – Added 35 splash messages
  • Added mods support
  • -The download includes an archive with the «Adventures of Shadya» mod
  • Added track «Li4 – Bright Fun»
  • The weight of some files has been optimized, the voice acting of animated scenes has been added to the android version again
  • Bug fixes, minor changes
Update 0.19
  • Added the «You need armor!» scene
  • Added a «Potion Testing» scene (two variations)
  • Added the «Help me clean up, asshole!» scene (two acts)
  • Added the «Irreversible Process» scene
  • Added the «I don’t have much time» scene
  • Added the dream «Shadik’s watermelons 2»
  • Added the track «Li4 – Your Curse»
  • Added a gallery of dreams (in order for old dreams to be displayed in the gallery, you must go through them again)
  • Bug fixes
  • Added a code for Platinum supporters that opens the entire gallery
Update 0.18
  • A new mob has been added — Slime!
  • Added the “First Meeting” scene
  • Added the “Don’t wake me up!” scene
The Endergirl:
  • Added the scene “Special costume”
  • Added the ending “Insatiable lovers”
  • Added the ending “1+1=3”
  • The “Evening Landscape” scene has been added
Other changes:
  • Bug fixes
  • Small graphical changes
Update 0.17
  • Added the «Payment for Help» scene
  • Added a «Yoga for two» scene
  • Added the «Comfortable Place» scene
  • Added the scene «New Swimsuit! :)»
  • Added the scene «Fruits on trees»
  • Added a dream «Halloween special»
  • Added a Streamer Mode display icon
  • Changed the location of the Mob Forest
  • Changed the selection of levels in the mine
  • Changed the background of the mini-game in the mine
  • Bug fixes
Version 0.16
  • Added the scene «Sudden Desire 2»
  • Added the ending «Love, emeralds and sewing»
  • Added the «Labor Force» scene
  • Added the «Sleeping Beauty» scene
  • Added the «Following the Traditions» scene
  • Added the «Fruits of Loyalty» scene
  • Added a new intro
  • Bug fixes
  • Added track Li4 – Autumn
  • Added track Li4 – Sentiments
  • Added “Streamer Mode”, now you can play Hornycraft with your subscribers right on the stream!
Version 0.15
  • Added the «I want to taste it!» scene
Alex (and the Wandering Trader):
  • Added the «Discount! (part 3)» scene
  • Added the «Dungeon Exploration» scene
  • Added the «Dinner for Three» scene
(Please do not follow the Herobrine storyline)
  • Added the dream «Shadik’s Watermelons»
  • Added details to the wedding with the Cow after the curse
  • Bug fixes
In total, the update added:
  • 21 pictures (taking into account backgrounds and alternative or additional versions)
  • 7 animations (taking into account additional, accelerating or modifying versions)
Update 0.14
Due to the android’s inability to process apk packages weighing more than 2 gigabytes, the sounds of sex animations were cut from the android version. But now the android version takes up much less space!
  • Added the «Leggings and Yoga» scene.
Alex (and the Wandering Trader):
  • Added the «Discount! (part 2)»
Added a new character – Zombie!
  • Added the «First Meeting» scene
  • Added content. Please do not follow the Herobrine storyline.
Other changes:
  • Added track Li4 – Whisper in the fog
  • Minor cosmetic changes
  • Bug fixes
Update 0.13.1
  • Bug fixes
  • Volume of sex scenes now moved to the “Voice” slider in the settings
Update 0.13
  • Added the «New Sensations» scene
  • Added the «Let’s continue» scene
  • Fixed a bug where the Endergirl did not come to the level 3 house at night
  • Added the «Helping Hand» scene
  • Added the «Can’t stand it!» scene
  • Added the «Discount! (part 1)» scene
  • «…»
Other changes:
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Added the dream «(Not) a real woman»
  • Removed translations into Chinese, Polish, Spanish. Now officially the game will be released only in Russian and English.
Version 0.12
  • New scene «Sudden Desire»
  • New scene «Reward for work»
  • New scene «Nightgown»
  • New scene «Learn to knock!»
Other changes:
  • All animated scenes are now voiced! The wonderful RuTaku (https://www.youtube.com/User-rq8ll2hn8i) and skycli_666 (https://www.instagram.com/skylci_666/) were engaged in voice acting! Each animated scene has a unique voice acting, which will also be played in the gallery
  • Added the track «Li4 – Peaceful Live»
  • The music in the main menu has been changed
  • Herobrine(not) removed
  • Bug fixes – Added a new CG to the ending of «Sexual Slavery»
  • Spanish language (temporarily) removed
Update 0.11
  • Added the «Thank You Cake» scene
Creeper, Endergirl, Piglette, Warden:
  • Added «Show tongue» to the «show» menu
  • Added «Show tongue» to the «show» menu
  • Added the ability to buy potions (opens as the Witch story progresses)
  • Added the ability to help the Witch in her new shop! (opens as the Witch story progresses)
  • Added «Show tongue» to the «show» menu
  • Added the scene «On new beds»
  • Added the ending « Everything is like everyone else’s»
Meet the new mob – Blaze!


Added a «Hot Meeting» scene
Other changes:
  • Added starter guide for all new players.
  • The mob hunting mini-game has been changed. Forget about the boring old «Simon says…», now it’s a much more fun shooting range! The more points you earn, the more mob loot you can get!
  • Added a mini-game «Help the Witch». Play the classic game «2048», stylized as minecraft, to earn emeralds and increase the Witch’s mood.
  • H3Я0BRIИ3 //A$ D3L3T3D
  • All original music from Minecraft has been removed and replaced with new tracks.
  • Added tracks: Li4 – Spring Dusk, Li4 – Village Gang, Li4 – Ender Caravan, Li4 – Piglin march
  • Added a “Quest Book” that will help you move further along the plot with any of the girls.
  • The appearance of the Warden in the mine now occurs not after the mine has been upgraded to the 4th level, but randomly, during a trip to the mine.
  • Added the 4th (Diamond) mine level.
  • Added diamond tools.
  • Added the 3rd level of leveling the house.
  • New locations «Nether Fortress» and «Blaze House»
  • Minor changes in the code
  • Bug fixes
Update 0.10
  • Added a scene: Bath procedures
  • Added a scene: Better than Milk
  • Added a scene: Adventures and Troubles
  • Added a scene: A new sewing kit and gratitude
Other changes:
  • Added a dream scene: Happy New Year!
  • Bug fixes
  • Herobrine has been removed
  • Added ending: Sexual Slavery
  • Added a scene with a female Pillager: Prisoner (Is part of the «Adventures and Troubles» scene)
Update 0.09
  • Meet the new mob – Warden!
  • Added a scene: The first meeting
  • Added scene: Lunch
  • Added a scene: Delicacies of the Upper world
  • Added a scene: A new toy
  • Added scene: Uncontrolled Lust
Wandering Trader:
  • Added scene: Special anal service
Other changes:
  • New location – Warden’s house.
  • A new view of gallery. Now the scenes will be sorted by characters. This way it will be easier for you to understand which character you are missing a scene with! In order for a character in the gallery to become available, you need to talk to her!
  • Bug fixes
  • Herobrine (not) removed
  • New mine improvement – Labyrinth. With it, you can get gifts, as well as find a Warden
Update 0.08
  • New Scene: Beach Day
  • New Scene: Sleepover
  • New outfit: Swimsuit
  • New scene: To the beach in the morning
  • New outfit: Swimsuit
  • New scene: Late morning
  • New Scene: Breeding Season
Other changes:
  • Changed the texture of the Minecart
  • Simplified fishing mini-game (now you need to score 5 points, before – 10)
  • Herobrine removed
  • Bug fixes
  • Sparky’s Barn location is now active
  • Other minor changes
  • French language removed
Update 0.07
The Spanish translation has been temporarily removed from the game
  • Added a scene: Potion Preparation
  • Added scene: Hangover Cure
  • Added scene: Brand new Swimsuit
  • Added a scene: Buy me a sex toy!
  • Added scene: Product (For Endergirl)
Other changes:
  • Changed the screen before talking to the Trader
  • Added a new dream: Some kind of magic school
  • Now the minecart has a maximum upgrade level – 10. Also, the cost of upgrade has been slightly increased
  • The beach is now always available (previously: only after going there with a Cow)
  • Added a new fishing mini-game (also added crafting fishing rods and a new resource – fish)
  • Changed the crafting interface, fixed the problem of lack of screen space for mobile devices
  • Added Home button: go directly to the house from the map screen
  • Added a Changelog button: read the list of all changes right during the game
  • Bug fixes
Update 0.06.1
  • Bug fixes
Update 0.06
Added a new location “Swamp”, which can be accessed after the first meeting with the Witch.
Meet the Witch!
  • Added a scene with the Witch «First meeting»
  • Added a scene with the Witch «Important Ingredient»
The portal to Nether can now be used. Don’t go to Nether without golden armor!
  • Added location “Piglin Village”
  • Added a Piglin!
  • Added the “Golden Monument” object
  • Meet the Piglette!
  • Added a scene with Piglette «First meeting»
  • Added the «Gangbang in the Nether» scene (The idea of one of the players – omegaheross – who won the contest)
Other changes:
  • The mine can now be upgraded to level 3 (gold).
  • Added a new craft “Improve the Trolley”, which increases the amount of extracted resources in the mine
  • Slightly changed (increased) the amount of resources extracted in the mine
  • Herobrine has been removed
  • Platinum cheat codes have been moved to a separate, special platinum version of the game
  • Fixed translation errors into French and some errors that occur when playing with Spanish
  • Many other smaller changes and bug fixes
Update 0.05
  • Added the “Night Picnic” scene
  • Added “Ask” -> “Sex”
  • Added the “Morning Surprise” scene
Meet the Endergirl!
  • Added the “Meeting in the Forest” scene
  • Added the “You’re a block too!” scene
  • Added related “Show” functions
Other changes:
  • Added gallery. Now all the CG and animations that you will encounter in the game can be viewed again through the pause menu -> Gallery (note: to open scenes that appear in the game only once, you will have to replay these scenes again!).
  • Added Polish (translated by Klaudinii)
  • Added Spanish (translated by kevincrd)
  • Added Chinese language (translated by mobi)
  • Added French (translated by lomudru)
  • Changed the backgrounds of the locations “Forest” and “Glade of monsters”
  • Small changes to the user interface
  • Herobrine has been removed
  • Fixed a bug where Alex’s ass was not visible when she was wearing a gold bikini in the “Show” function
  • Fixed a bug where more mobs than needed were shown during the night hunt
  • Fixed a bug where a Wandering Trader did not charge for the first sex
  • Fixed some translation errors into Russian
Version 0.04.1
  • Pictures with the “ending” of the “Sparky’s Upbringing” scene have been replaced with short animations
  • In the animations of the “Sparky’s Upbringing” scenes, the size of Sparky’s penis has been increased
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Correction of translation errors into Russian
Version 0.04
  • Added the event “Sparky’s Upbringing” consisting of 4 scenes
  • A gold bikini has been added to the “Show me” tab
  • Added the “Don’t doubt yourself” scene
  • Added a scene “In gratitude to the Master”
  • Underwear and a dress have been added to the “Show me” tab (the dress opens only after it is opened according to the plot)
Wandering Trader:
  • Added the “Special Service” scene
  • Changed prices for goods for sale
  • Added the ability to sell cobblestone and wood
  • Added dream “Camp”
  • Now dreams can be viewed only after sleeping in bed at night (previously – at any time of the day)
Other changes:
  • Improved animation optimization. Now animations are played from the video file, and not by the order of image playback, which is why crashes on some android devices have been fixed.
  • Now on Android, Steve’s head is also displayed during the dialogue (yay!)
  • For Android, a “Hide” button has been added to hide the interface during the game. On the PC version, this still can be done by pressing the middle mouse button or “h”. To control from the gamepad – the “Y” button.
  • Added a small scene after the first visit to the second level of the mine.
  • Added sounds for mini-games in the forest (during the day) and in the mine.
  • A cheat entry window has been added for Android. Now Platinum supporters can get resources not only on the PC (yay!)
  • Herobrine has been removed
  • Added a thank you screen for my supporters
  • Fixed a bug where the scene of the first meeting with the Creeper was not shown
  • The game of hunting at night in the forest has been slightly complicated (a hint has also been added for the dumbest who did not understand what to do there)
  • Fixed bugs
Update 0.03.1
  • Bug fixes
Update 0.03
  • The map has been changed, new locations have been added (most are not yet available) and most of the old locations have been redesigned. Also, now in most locations you can move not by selecting in the menu, but by interacting with active objects (for example: Click on the door -> enter the house)
  • Added the “Getting to know Sparky” scene
  • Added a jerking off scene
  • Added “Ask > Jerk Off”
  • Added the “Morning Boner” scene
  • Added the “Swiming under the moon” scene
  • The milking function has moved to the “Ask” section
  • Added “Ask > Sleep together”
  • Slightly changed character sprite
  • Added a “Fashion Show” scene
  • Slightly changed character sprite
Other changes:
  • Most bugs fixed
  • Herobrine has been removed
  • The wandering trader is now available both in the afternoon and in the morning
  • The mini game of tree extraction has become easier
  • The cheat button has been moved to the “2” key
  • In the PC version, the quick menu buttons (“back”, “quick save”, etc.) have been removed. If you need to move back, use the mouse wheel. In the android version, the buttons remained in their places
  • Improved interface of the android version, reduced font size
The bug in which the game crashes on some mobile devices during an animated scene still remains unresolved. Sorry guys, I can’t fix it yet.
Update 0.02.1
  • Bug fixes
Update 0.02
In this update, I wanted to pay more attention to the technical part of the game, as well as show my future plans for development.
  • Added back view
  • Fixed some bugs, also now the price of a night blowjob will depend on your relationship with Alex
  • Updated “show me” scenes and added one new one
  • Added emeralds – Currency for trading.
  • Added “loot mobs”. It can be obtained if you hunt monsters at night in the forest.
  • New mini game for night hunting
  • Added a Wandering Trader. You can buy and sell some resources from her. More features and products will be added in the future.
– Cow:
  • Added a cow – You can buy her from Wandering Trader for 10 emeralds.
  • Added milking scene
  • Added several “show me” scenes.
  • Added Creeper. You can meet her if you walk several times at night in the forest.
  • Added several “show” scenes.
  • Added a cheat available to the Platinum support level (press F1)
  • The resource extraction system has been changed. Now you have to use tools to mine. Also, the better the tool you have, the more resources you can get. The current tools are displayed in the upper right corner.
  • Implemented a mine improvement system. To get iron, you will have to upgrade the mine to the second level.
  • Implemented a home improvement system. So far, it is used only to get a cow.
  • Added primitive crafting and tool improvements. They can be found in the house by the workbench.
  • Bug fixes, minor interface improvements and other minor changes
Update 0.01
It’s not a joke anymore! Thank you all for your feedback, they showed me that this game is needed by this world! So now I’m starting a full-fledged work on HornyCraft
If you played the previous version, then please start a new game (do not use old saves) so that everything is displayed correctly!
What’s new?
  • More story with Alex!
  • Added a new animated scene with Alex
  • Added the ability to give a gift to Alex (affect her mood)
  • Added the ability to ask Alex to “show” something
  • To promote Alex’s storyline, a “talk” button has been added
  • Alex’s sprite has been slightly modified
  • Added “inventory”, changed the main GUI.
  • It is now possible to mine iron and cobblestone in the mine
  • Added a mini-game for the mine
  • Added the “Forest” location (where you need to mine a tree)
  • Added a mini-game for chopping trees
  • All backgrounds are changed. Now they have no animation and they are prepared for further development along with the game (example: in the future it will be possible to improve the House)
  • Added ambient sounds for the atmosphere. It is recommended not to turn off the sound to get full pleasure from the H-scenes
First Release


The Adventures of Shadya (mod) Gallery Unlock* – Saves (v0.11)*

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, Download at your own risk.

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