Inc House [v0.06a] [Whimfu1]

Inc House [v0.06a] [Whimfu1]

July 7, 2024F95

While performing an ancient ritual, Lincoln inadvertently becomes possessed by a sex demon that is slowly draining his life force unless he is able to seduce his fashionable crush, Leni. However, his new found powers also begin to affect his other roommates: British Punk Luna and his Affectionate Landlord Rita. Now he must find a way to rid himself of the Succubi’s curse while not hurting the ones around him in the process.

Thread Updated: 2024-07-07
Release Date: 2024-07-06
Developer: Whimfu1  – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.06a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2D Game, 2DCG,  Male Protagonist, Ahegao, Big Ass, Big Tits, Groping, Handjob, Milf, Point & Click, Parody
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Work Loop Screen new option added: Go to Bar. (This option is currently linked to Luna’s love level to help previous save files. However in the future it will be linked to a typical flag. Using code will automatically solve this issue.)
  • New Dialogue at Department Store/Mall.
  • Ability to revisit the changing room removed after all puzzles are solved. I hope to add this minigame back in once it’s fleshed out beyond the puzzles.
  • New menu when following Thiccqt. Includes new H-scene and ability to revisit previous scenes.
  • New submenu inside Lola’s Magic Mirror. Includes new H-scene and ability to revisit previous scenes.
  • New Bar Location added to the game. Includes the start of Luna’s bar storyline and Ms. DiMartino’s storyline.
  • Ms. DiMartino’s H-scene is available at the end of v0.06a current end to the bar storyline. Can be revisited after completion by returning to the bar location.
  • Bug fix – Adjusted anger rate when girls are aware in the shower minigame.
  • Bug fix – Lincoln layers under the heroine when contact is opened during the intro.
  • Bug fix – Two Lincoln’s on screen when scramble puzzle solved
  • Bug fix – Lola’s first scene took the player into negative lust if too low. Temporarily removed lust reduction as the power system reworked.
  • Minor Dialogue changes and fixes
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  • Luna event cutscenes added morning after cunnilingus scene in garage.
  • 2nd Luna cunnilingus scene added when visiting her at night. POV shot.
  • Luna cowgirl scene added at night and re-visitable via flair in the day.
  • More Luna conversations added
  • Each heroine now has 3 looping pictures after you’ve reached the end of conversations past love level 1.
  • 3 of Whimfu1 ‘s biweekly pinups in a hidden folder for people to discover.
  • Thiccqt mini game inventory button functionality removed temporarily.
  • Luna Cunnilingus 1 and Leni Thighjob 1 now fixed to occur in Lincoln’s room when revisiting them via flair.
  • Changes to some hints where necessary
  • Some spelling mistakes were fixed.
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  • Leni’s story changed to new shoplifter storyline
  • Community voted NPC, Thiccqt, added to game
  • New changing room minigame inspired by “Imperial Gatekeeper” added in a barebone’s fashion.
  • Solving thiccqt’s shoplifting puzzle 1 unlocks Leni Kiss scene
  • Solving thiccqt’s shoplifting puzzle 2 unlocks Leni Thighjob scene
  • Solving thiccqt’s shoplifting puzzle 3 unlocks Thiccqt Paizuri Scene
  • Rita shower minigame added.
  • Luna’s Cunnilingus scene can be repeated via her Flair menu once unlocked. Repeat the entire scene rather than an altered scene so report bugs if this causes issues. Will change later on.
  • Lola’s Gloryhole scene now unlocks with Voyeur rather than Fantasy.
  • Fantasy unlock dialogue changed. Will hopefully be renamed Flight if I can find the time to back trace them all.
  • Several tutorial images added in particular spots players seemed to have trouble with. ex. Using Rita’s laptop, returning to the basement to unlock spells, and the new minigame.
  • Phone now has a bed button to teleport to Lincoln’s room regardless of position.
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-Edit to Luna’s dialogue
-Cunnilingus Scene Added when correct song guessed in garage
-Added Leni shower mini game
-Shower minigames give back affection not lust
-Removed Fantasy Lvl 1 barrier to Rita couch mini game. Now it only requires 10 affection to progress to the second stage. Finishing the scene now provides lust.
-Translation puzzles stay unlocked and the timer is removed. Now they stay unlocked and you can come back to them. Minor changes to dialogue as such.
-Unlocking fantasy spell dialogue changed. Spell is now meant to bend reality in lewd ways.
-Glory Hole scene with Lola in the magic mirror unlocked when Fantasy Level 1 unlocked.
-Contact app on the phone now shows the current target, affection, and hint. More to be added later once other apps are added.
-Several Bug fixes including soft locking when clicking the map button then Lincoln to close the phone.
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– Scramble Puzzle Timer removed completely
– Spell Puzzles now only cost 3 Translation Points the first time and stay unlocked
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– Puzzle timer for unlocking spells increased from 12 seconds to 20 seconds
– Preemptive changes to Lincoln’s lust bar rate during Luna Shower scene should increase faster
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– Access Rita’s Computer to solve puzzle
– Rita Couch touch scene (requires lvl 1 of fantasy power to reach all stages)
– Rita Couch stage 3 paizuri
– Leni department story start added
– Meet Lily First time department store
– Ability to kiss Leni
– Use Book in Lincoln’s room to learn new spells
– Lola Spell shop available in Basement
– Unlock level 1 of Voyeur and Fantasy Power
– Can use Voyeur level 1 to peek on Luna in the shower.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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v0.06a –
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Previous scenes plus the following: ThiccQT handjob, Lola Mirror Doggy through Glory Hole, and Ms. DiMartino under table blowjob.
v0.05a –
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Previous scenes plus the following: Luna Cunnilingus POV at Night and Luna Cowgirl Scene. Cutscenes added to game still in early stages.
v0.04a –
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Previous scenes plus the following: Peek on Rita in the Shower, Leni Thighjob, Thiccqt/Jodie Paizuri, Thiccqt/Jodie Changing Room Minigame
v0.03a –
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Previous scenes plus the following: Cunnilingus with Luna in Garage,  Peek on Leni in the shower, Get a BJ from Lola in the basement.
v0.02a –
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Previous scenes plus the following: Kiss Leni, Peek at Luna in shower, and Massage to Paizuri with Rita on the couch.
v0.01a –
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Includes the intro and the following minor h-scenes : 1 kiss with Rita, 1 kiss with Luna, and 1 Handjob Scene with Leni

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