Innventure [v.0.1.2] [Joody14]

Innventure [v.0.1.2] [Joody14]

May 12, 2024F95

Hello. I am working on Innventure (previously known as Cave Party), a game about being a waitress in an underground tavern, trying to earn yourself freedom.
Main Focus: Prostitution, Life-sim elements, Different playable characters.
Currently in a very early development stage.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-11
Release Date: 2024-03-29
Developer: Joody14 DiscordPatreonItch
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2D game, 2DCG, Male Domination, Humiliation, Female Protagonist, Rape, BDSM, Animated, Prostitution
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.1.2 – 2024-03-29
  • Unique “aspects” for each day. Each time you wake up – you get a random effect applied to this whole day. For example “Horny Day”, everyone will find you more attractive today. I made 7 aspects so far, but I’ll make sure I’m adding at least a couple each time I update the game, to make each playthrough feel more unique. Aspects can be both positive and negative though.
  • Improved the chatbox. It should no longer annoy you.
  • New sex animation – BLOWJOB under the TABLE. You need at least 30% corruption to accept this offer. Pays pretty good because it’s a pretty risky activity (in the future updates I want other NPCs to be able to notice something is going on)
  • Mod support. You can now make your mods and Innventure will load them on start. You need to navigate to the place where your savefiles are stored (appdata/godot/app_userdata/Innventure) and put your mods in the “mods” folder. Mods are .pck format.
  • Tweaked speed limits for sex animations.
  • New running animations. Will get worked on even more in the future.
  • Girls got new underwear, Pelena and Marika no longer wear stupid shorts.
  • Tavern profit share is lowered to 65%!
  • If you unlock all the characters for the version – the game will now notify you of this and save you time asking for answers in discord.
Bug fixes:
  • Saving the game will no longer crash the fuck out of it…
  • Bard is no longer having z-ordering issues (he was ordered behind clients and in-front of chairs which made it look like he’s on an entirely different plane of existence)
  • Male characters now finally have DICKS in cowgirl animation, a frequently requested thing to fix.
  • Game would crash if you’re holding your cursor over a deleting object.
  • Sequence break after fucking upstairs (you were sometimes being teleported downstairs without a way to clean rooms ever again)
v0.1.1 – 2024-02-26
  • – New type of clients – middle class. They will offer you more tips and won’t be super mean to you, usually.
  • – New chatbox. Saves up to… uhh… 60 messages I think? Useful. Kinda prettier…?
  • – Wiki button in the main menu, redirects you to our Innventure’s official wiki page.
  • – Flashing the clients will now increase the chance of them sexually interacting with you. You will also see a funny visual effect of hearts floating above their head and their facial expression will change to help you identify the ones who have already been flashed. Flashing is based now.
  • – Downstairs job overhaul. You no longer serve drinks automatically. You have to manually choose the desired drink and memorize who ordered what. Use the scroll wheel to select different tray-slots (you have 3), and make sure to serve correct orders, otherwise clients will get irritated quickly.
  • – Stamina, flashing, and special bars have been turned into text labels instead.
  • – Stamina exhaustion is temporarily cut from the game. It’s the effect that you had when reaching 0 stamina – you lost the ability to run until the stamina went back up to 100%. It is not in the game right now but will make it back at some point!
  • – Time overhaul. You no longer have a proper clock at the top of the screen! I changed it to a bar that gets filled, plus you have a small text label to the right of it that tells you exactly how much seconds you’ve got left till the end of the shift. (you can end the shift early by ringing the bell again, it will time-skip you to the end of the day)
  • – Downstairs job overhaul X2! You will now earn money for each drink you serve, all of them have a fixed price. At the end of the shift you will be shown how much money you have made, how much was cut due to taxes, and how much went into the COCK INN’s pocket. What’s left is your salary. Tips get left untouched though, which means your sex money and drink-serving tips are yours only.
  • – I rewrote all of the text in-game to talk about player in third-person, previously it was in first-person. Just felt like it fits better.
  • – DEADLINE. You have SEVEN DAYS to meet your goal. I haven’t really tested if it’s even possible to win the game as some characters, have fun figuring this out haha.
  • – The “goals” list should guide you more. Pay attention to it if you got lost, it tells you what you need to do.
  • – My todo list tells me that clients shouldn’t sexually interact with you until you start a shift but I’m not sure if I really implemented this one lol.
  • – Angry clients (the poor ones, not the middle class ones) will now sometimes try and trip you by sticking their leg out if you SPRINT in front of them! You do fall down, both backwards and forwards, but currently this has no affect on character, just robs your precious seconds. Will get expanded more in the next update.
Bug fixes:
  • – Grabbing drinks that are affected by Efa’s special will no longer crash the game.
v0.1.0 Release – 2023-12-10
  • – Corruption. If it is too low, you cannot agree to some intimate requests. Increases with vulgar actions (you need 30 for oral and 50 for penetrations, use flashing and available scenes to increase your corruption)
  • – Start/stop your shift by ringing the bell (if you’re not working – time stands still)
  • – Upstairs, client rooms, bard sleeps in the last room!
  • – Playstyle descriptions for each playable character in the main menu
  • – Room-cleaning! A second job I’ve added into the game. Still pretty raw, but can easily earn you some extra money, especially with the new character
  • – New character – Efa! She’s a student from a local magical academy, and the flattest girl so far. Her special ability is a very unique one, though, she’s not really using it to her full potential.
  • – Facesitting sex scene, nuff said
  • – New sex sounds!!! But I still need to work on those in the future ofc
  • – 2 new preference buttons in the options – quick start (start at 9 AM instead of 6 AM) and unlock all bard scenes to skip some grinding
  • – AN ACTUAL WIKI!!! You can visit it HERE! It tries to explain my pretty unintuitive game-design…
Bug fixes:
  • – SOME BUGS WERE FIXED. I forgot to log it properly, oops. But you should encounter generally less bugs!
v0.0.9 Release – 2023-11-09
  • – Replay of unlocked h-scenes with the bard
  • – The male character — Renco! His village was destroyed in an attack of cave vampires, he ended up in a tavern to earn money for equipment, to fight back his village
  • – Settings (gender preferences, fullscreen mode, volume)
  • – Different player model rigs (tech stuff, allows me to make different animations for different playable characters)
  • – Confirmation button to end the run
  • – Now the disclaimer needs to be accepted only once
  • – Female clients!
  • – Updated blowjob and cowgirl scenes to work with FEMDOM and GAY scenarios
  • – Sleep now restores special, stamina, and flashing
Bug fixes:
  • – Time no longer runs after pressing pause button
  • – The bottles on the tray no longer break after intercourse
  • – Disagree-button no longer breaks the game
  • – The tray no longer spawns in the air after the character has intercourse
  • – The client you’re having intercourse with will no longer “run away” mid-sex
  • – Pressing flashing button while running no longer softlocks the game
  • – Fixed a weird animation of a shaking tray when running
v0.0.8.1 Release – 2023-10-12
This version brings back the original game concept, showcases new mechanics and the route I want to take the game in. GAME ALSO GOT RENAMED TO INNVENTURE and should get a new itch page done by StrangeGirl Studio soon. Two playable characters (one is unlockable and has a special ability), two endings you can get. Will build the game on top of this now
v0.0.7 Release – 2023-1-15
(Fuck it I don’t remember which page contains changelogs, I’ve added futas and stuff)
v0.0.6.1 Release – 2022-12-25
(Remade the game from scratch so no changelog)
v.0.0.5 Release – 2022-10-18
(Changelog is in the discord/12 page of the thread)
v.0.0.4 Release – 2022-10-17
(Changelog is in the discord/12 page of the thread)
v.0.0.3 Release – 2022-09-13
(Changelog is in the discord/8 page of the thread)
v.0.0.2 Release – 2022-08-20
(Changelog is in the discord/6 page of the thread)
v.0.0.1 Release – 2022-08-12
Developer Notes:
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Hi. Love you.
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