IntiMate VR [v0.4] [Vitki]

IntiMate VR [v0.4] [Vitki]

June 14, 2024F95

IntiMate is an anthro themed VR Game for adults.
Play and interact with animated characters that react to what you do in different scenarios and scenes.

Thread Updated: 2022-10-12
Release Date: 2022-08-31
Developer: Vitki  Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.4
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3D game, Anal sex, Furry, Gay, Sex toys, Sandbox, Simulator, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Animated
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1. Extract and run.
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⦁ Better body rendering
Character’s body normals are being recalculated on spawn, when the editor is closed or some parameters are changed. It generally improves the look of the morphed characters, with the most visible improvements being seen on fat characters.
It was such a pain to set this up on modular, animated skinned meshes, but it opens up the possibility of “crazier” body morphs in the future.
⦁ Better body deformations
One of the 3rd party tools I’m using is limiting the quality of skinning. Found a shi*ty, labor intensive workaround. Hard to pull off, but the results are good.
⦁ Much better collisions neck down
Body colliders are dynamically generated now. Might impact the performance on slower machines, but it shouldn’t be that noticeable.
⦁ Digi paws option
⦁ Two leopard spots layers for body, face and ears.
Outer and inner spots layers.
⦁ Fixed nip*le su*king affecting character’s heads
⦁ Fixed death loop in the attic
⦁ Fixed hands moving to other character’s chest targets (?)
– Hand animation
Posing the arms with ‘Arms animation’ set to ‘On’ marks the position as another possible arm position. Only one such position is allowed, so posing the arm once again will overwrite the previous one.
Elbow position after grab is also registered.
– Hand-to-HMD snapping
– Foot-to-HMD snapping
– Separate tail color option
– Separate eyebrow color option
– Per eye color option
– ‘Hips Width’ min and max values increased significantly
– ‘Waist Width’ min and max values increased significantly
Character creatior additions:
  One new hairstyle
  Muzzle Z angle slider
  Two new tails
  Turquoise eye color
  Kira Kathell body paint
  Tobi Bunnaroo body paint
  Phoenix Phire body paint
  Killian body paint
  Red hair, tail and eyebrow paint
  Kira Kathell hair, tail and eyebrow paint
  Beige hair, tail and eyebrow paint (Tobi)
  Beige Light/Dark hair, tail and eyebrow paint(Tobi)
  Red/Black 1 hair, tail and eyebrow paint(Phoenix)
  Red/Black 2 hair, tail and eyebrow paint(Phoenix)
  Pastel(?) hair, tail and eyebrow paint(Killian)
  Pastel(?)/Purple hair, tail and eyebrow paint(Killian)
– Fixed tail position on fat characters
Developer Notes:
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Current state of the game:
The game is highly re-playable and features two male characters with two poses for each of them.
Characters can be interacted with in multiple ways with just your hands or with a variety of available toys.
The game runs through SteamVR system so any compatilbe headset will work.
The game has been tested on Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift/S, Oculus Quest 1/2 via Link.
Somewhat decent PC is recommended for the smooth experience.
– Create new ways to interact with the characters
– Increase variety of the characters
– Add more poses, scenes and animations
– Sound Effects
About the developer:
Hey there!
You may know me by my nickname Vitki I use in Furry communities. I started this ‘Vitki’ project to hone my skills in 3D Art and I improved a lot in the past year in this field.
I’ve been working professionally in GameDev industry for the past 6 years in the position of an engineer and later as a game designer. I have a great experience in this field and now I believe it is the time for me to combine all my skills and knowledge in Art, Engineering and Game Design into one personal project.
I’d love to get your support to continue the development of this game.
Bypass Authentication:
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How to use
1. Before use
  – This dll file is aimed for cracking the specific version of the game IntiMate (
  – The installation of [Cheat Engine](https://www.cheatengine.org/downloads.php) is required*
   You are free to use any injector you are familiar with, but injecting with Cheat Engine is recommended.
   Following guide covers injectinon procedure with Cheat Engine.
2. Using the dll
  – Open the game (IntiMate.exe) and wait for the Authenticate Screen
  – Open Cheat Engine
  – Select the game(IntiMate) from Cheat Engine
  – Open memory view
  – Press `Ctrl + I` or select `Tools > Inject DLL`
  – Open the dll come with this README file
  – Wait for message
  – Click Authenticate in game
3. After playing
  – Remember to inject the dll every time you open the game
How to open
If you don’t know how to open process, its `File > Open Process` or the button with rainbow outline on the top left
How to open memory view
The Memory view button is on the middle left of the cheat engine pannel
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How to inject
1819649 2021 08 18 14 52 28 | Free Adult Games
Common Problems
– Cannot authorize when second time using the dll
  – Reset key and try again
  – Or delete everything under `%AppData%/../LocalLow/IntiMate/` and restart the game
– Message saying something is wrong or game crashes on injection
  – The dll is built against IM291 and only works with this specific version
– You are Vitki
  – Read the license

Others: v0.2.9.1 CRACK

Thank you ~/. for the crack and lolsassman2004 for the game.

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