Isekai Awakening [v1.09 Public] [Jackie Boy]

Isekai Awakening [v1.09 Public] [Jackie Boy]

May 12, 2024F95

You play the role of a young man summoned by the SEX MAIDEN to enslave all the females in the town and,
fight against the EVIL MAIDEN, bring her to the knees, and become the new King!

Thread Updated: 2024-05-09
Release Date: 2024-05-09
Developer: Jackie Boy Itch.ioPatreonTwitterSubscribestarDiscordSteam
Censored: No
Version: 1.09 Public
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2dcg, animated, point and click, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, monster girl, groping, oral sex, vaginal sex, mobile game, titfuck, creampie, footjob, handjob, dating sim, Pregnancy, pixel, isekai, brothel, bar, beastality, horse, excessive cum
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1. Extract and run.
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v1.09 Public
Added 2 new Sex Scenes for Mary
Added Sex menu for Sex maiden
Added 1 new Scene with Sex Maiden
Added Resting on Sex maiden
Sex Maiden Comes back after recovering the Lust Orb and rewards
Added a new Animation for Kaleina Idle in her Domain in her Final Form
Added Battle with Kaleina
Added 2 minigame events with Kaleina
Added Kaleina as a Soul
Added a new status for Mary if you Kill Kaleina without rescuing Mary
Added Lust back to be put in position when you touch the apostle
Added 3 enemies in Kaleina Domain -Gnome Sylph and Metango with different skills
Added 3 souls in Soul manager
Added a new minigame to rescue Mary
Added a minigame to rescue her husban
Added icons for both on Companion window
Added a new Map Church Maiden Bedroom
Added a new BJ scene with Mary
New sound effects for this BJ scene randomised.
Added sprite for Mary lying in Bed and her husband lying on floor
Added a new arrow Icon to enter Bedroom after any one is rescued
Added a new animation for Kaleina Idle in Domain Location(N-W-N-W-N)
Added a new talking sprite for Kaleina full nude.
Added 9 new sound effects that are randomised in a Sex scenes
Added animation of Player punching the Glass.
Other small fixes.
Added Exploration in Kaleina Domain
Added Instructions for Domain
Added a new unnamed character who can be found randomly exploring in Domain
Added Lust function in domain
Added 6 new sex animation depending on players lust (54 frames)
Added a new animation for unnamed character Idle on map
Added 2 new sprites on Map Church maiden and Husband Captive
Now lust orb changes color after song of lust is played
maximum lust will lead to game over and Increased lust will have events visible
Added new sound effects
Mio virgin status fixed
Added a big sprite in sex maiden location
Redid Sex maiden Animation to fit the screen (Fix the black screen on Android)
Added new Sex animation with Mage(Sacrifice player)
Added 2 Sex animation with Mage(Marie Sacrifice )
Added Mage’s Domain using Lust Orb
Added Instruction for Mage’s Domain
Added Kaleina Domain Exploration (No content)
Added Status window for Kaleina Domain with a Lust Control variable
Added 3 frames for Marie and Player creating Domain
Added a new animation for Kaleina Domain, after exiting the domain
Added the lust orb to reset the position after using once
Added a new character Kaleina
Added 2 talking sprites for her
Added 2 animated On Map Events for her 18 frames
Added a new map for Sex Maiden
Added 2 more locations in Sex maiden’s Location
Added a new Item Lust Orb
Added a plugin to make items follow you in Companion Window
Added a new plugin to make music plugins effect surrounding(Earlier it worked only on characters now it works on items as well)
Added an animated sprite for sex maiden relaxing on boobs 9 frames
Added 2 pillars in Sex maiden location
Added Level 1 event for Mary
Added a new Item Lock Picker, new item in Haru Inventory.
Added a new plugin to display a map on top of another map without transition.
A new map for Kaleina that will be explorable in next update…
Battle with a new enemy and a spatial transformation event.
Remade the events on Town map hugely optimising it from 9 to 4 events now.(It was crashing on Android for this reason)
Added Relationship cheat for Mary
Updated Emperor tier supporters list >4 months.
Added 2 new character Church Maiden and her husband
Added 4 new talking sprites for Church Maiden and 1 for her husband
Added 3 new Locations in Church Maiden’s quest
Added status window and pfp for church maiden
Added a new minigame with church maiden husband
Added 3 frames of animation of slapping the husband
Added 3 frames of animation getting slapped by husband
Added 9 frames of animation for Mary’s husband in church
Added 9 frames of animation for Mary in church praying
Added X-ray special Skill effect on Mary
Added Song of Lust and Trust effect on Mary
Added a new item Black Rose and image for it
Added code of finding Black Rose in Exploration event(Mage’s dungeon)
Church event are available on Saturday and Sunday (one day husband and other day Mary)
Added a new animation for Evil maiden in her cave
Added a new character Dorado Evil Maiden pet
Unlocked Castle
Made some changes to Castle Events.
Added a new button for connecting steam
v1.0 Demo
Added Reincarnated Rera to Follow you in Companion Window Based on her gender.
Added Sleeping animation with Rera
Added Sex scene with Reincarnated Rera
Added Rera lesbian and Futa Scene with Mage
Added Mage level 4 event and Event after defeating Rera(Major relationship boost)
Added Mage Normal Sex
Added Mage Monster PP Sex  (Extreme Version)
Added Penetration minigame for Monster PP Sex and Hymen Breaking (Extreme Version)
Added Sleeping with Mage
Added a new Option for sex in Mage’s bedroom, repeatable in player’s bedroom.
Added Status window Image for Reincarnated Rera (Female and Futa)
Fixed Mage and Rera Reincarnation bug
Added a new cheat for Battle Exp Multiplier
Added a new animation when player Consumes Souls
Added 2 new Items Cursed Compass and Health Potions
Made a new script for functionality of Cursed Compass
Changed the Status window in exploration maps to show Compass
Made a new script for Reincarnation of Captured souls when they are at highest evolution level
Made 2 new Enemy sprites
Added skills for Rera(Monster form)
Added Idle animation for Rera in Well Caged by magic.
Added an option to make Reincarnated spirits follow you on Map
Added 2 Explorable routes in Well
Added a new script to display animation above images
Fixed functionality to go back in Exploration event like if you went North and then South then it will Return you to same position before it was counting it as different.
Added time to pass during exploration events 3 explorations will pass the time.
Player Restores HP after Sleeping
Back and Map Icons are now not clickable on Title Screen.
Fixed the Error with Rika’s Daughter and Carpenter Haruka
Fixed when Rika Got Deflowered stat, interacting with Mio
Fixed more events that were floating on the town map at night.
Fixed Save Files loaded map to show event images.
Bugfixes in Reincarnation and Soul Capture System and battle system.
Added a New Map in Mage’s Location, Swamp Map
Added a New Mechanics for Exploration events
Added new Status window for Swamp Map which shows direction.
Added 3 Enemies Goblin, Crab and Crow
Added 3 Souls that can be captured
Added 2 Evolution for Goblin.(Captured Souls)
Added 2 Evolution for Crab and Crow.(Captured Souls)
Added a Proper Menu Showing all different option like
Items, Equips… Options, Save, Member Status.
Added Base Turn Based Battle System
Added the Skill Soul Recall in Skill Tree
Added Option to Recall Soul of Dead Enemy after battle
Made a New Menu of Soul Manager, where you can keep track of all your souls
Added Equip Function in Soul Manager
Added Info Window for Soul(Which tell Current level of souls and next level for transformation)
Added a Transform button when the target level is reached to Level up the Soul.
Replaced Song of Time in MusicBook
Song of Strength Can be learned and played anywhere
Added Song of Strength in MusicBook
Introduced a New Character “Rera” Mage’s Elder Sister.
Added a new location for Mage’s Well
Added Feetlick animation for Mage
Added Kissing for Mage
Added Handjob for Mage
Added Level 2,3 levelup events for Mage
Added Sleeping Blowjob and Playing with her feets at night
Added Morning Events when Mage wakes up after getting fucked at night
Added Feetlick, Handjob and normal Blowjob in Sex Options.
BugFixes –
Hana’s Titjob
Level Up Events showing on Wrong map
v0.97.0 SR
Added Threesome Event Hana-Rika when both are pregnant
Added Lesbian Mio-Rika
Added Delivery for Hana after 12 days
Added 3 possibilities
Either a Son, Daughter or Twin Daughter can be born to Hana.
Added 3 Sprites on map in baby form
Added 3 Sprites on map in grown up forms
Added 3 talking Sprites for them(Grown ups) Added use of Growth Spray on them
Added X-ray Skill when a girl is pregnant showing new sprites with darker nipples and Belly
Added this for Rika Hana and Lucie.
Added Extreme Version X-ray Special Skills when a girl is pregnant.
Added New CG Sex with Lucie when she is pregnant.
Modified Music Special Skill to auto recognize songs.(Earlier it was on Selecting the song that you want to play.)
Added Titjob for Hana.
Added Hana Breastfeed when she is pregnant in Date event.
Fixed the Issue where Sex sprites were floating on Wrong maps(Rika,Hana and Mio)
Removed the Hard difficulty from Mage Minigame (the 8 cards)
Added the pregnancy counter to Sex maiden counter in player’s Room
Removed the bug where it was showing Hana in Mage’s Event
Fixed the bug when having pregnancy Sex with Hana the sprites are stuck.
Fixed bug with Hana Showing Boobs after Asking if she should be naked or not
Fixed the titjob of Hana which was playing BlowJob
NOTE ** If your Hana’s Progress level is over 4 then please make a new save file otherwise you wouldn’t get option for Slave/Love Route.
Added level 5 for Hana
Added status window for Love/Slave Route for Hana
Added Slave Training for Hana
Added Prostitution for Hana (req obedience 50+)
Added ********* for her (req obedience 80+)
Added a blindfold deepthroat event (req obedience 20+)
Added Pregnancy Sex for Hana
Added Pregnancy minigame for her
New Bar Option Menu for Hana when in Love/ Slave and Pregnant belly
A new Sex scene when Hana’s belly is showing
Love and Slave route event for her Date
Added Baby X-ray for her (Delivery is WIP)
Animated Sprite in shop when she is pregnant and Normal Date event is also animated now.
Sleeping sprite when Hana is pregnant
Talking sprite of Pregnant Hana.
Added Titjob animation for Hana
Added Date Event with Hana
Added 1 new Map for Hana Date event
Added 4 new animation for Hana Date event
Available on weekends
Added new location for Rika’s child
Added Haruka event to build Rika’s child’s house
Added Rika’s child in morning, afternoon and evening events
Added level 1 relationship with her
Added 1 new Scene with her
Fixed Mage’s level up and Minigame(Hard) bugs
Added beastality to extreme content.
Added back option for most of the Menu options and choices
Added a new Minigame, working for Haruka
Earn Gold by working on Carpentry
Can challenge Haruka for daily ArmWrestling
Added in Haruka’s status window which increases when you buy stuff
Added Haruka level 2
Added a new map for Haru’s Hangout event
Added minigame animation
Added 2 Cgs in new location
Added a new Item Meditation Potion
Meditation potion can be mixed with sleeping pills
Other small stuffs and events and bugfixes.
Added 10 new talking sprites for new Hana’s design and an animation for her in shop
Added all talking sprites for Mio’s new design and her animation in Bakery shop
Added Pregnancy for Rika
Added a new Sex Scene Cowgirl when pregnant
Added variable Pregnancy Chances depending upon her Love Points
Redid the Forest Map where you take Rika on Date
Added animation for them sitting in park together
Added animation for Forest in love route
Added forest animation for Slave route
Added a new position for Lying Doggy with  Rika
Added her to show belly after 9 days of pregnancy
Talking menu Change when her pregnant belly shows up
Added new shop sprite for her when she is pregnant
Added a new Sleeping sprite with her when she is pregnant
Lying doggy can be done in Forest or in Bedroom
Other Small things like new text and bugfixes
Added Rika giving birth after 12 days of pregnancy
Added male and female possibility for her ch*ld which can be checked through X-ray Special Skill
Added growth Spray to Age Rika’s ch*ld to almost legal years
You can name your ch*ld
Added 2 new option for the slave route
Pee in mouth and Ass( leading to faster obedience gain)
New fluid animation for both of these
New Animation for Pregnant cowgirl ejaculation and Laying doggy
Animated sprite for Rika’s daughter, her Talking Sprite and a placeholder for sprites of your son.
Redid text for Rika and Hana scene (I couldn’t believe how stupid those writings were)
Added new event for them talking about Rika’s Pregnancy
There is a temporary repeatable pregnancy for Rika, which will be removed from future versions.
Added repeatable slave route event in Dungeon
Other small bug fixes and talking events.
Added new music notes for Song of Time
Added a free play mode(which can be accessed by clicking the music notebook)(Configured for PC for now)
Redid the UI of Baker Minigame
Redid all cards for the BlackJack minigame
Redid UI for Blackjack minigame
Redid UI for Mage’s Minigame and Redid all cards
Improved UI of Pregnancy Minigame
Rika’s 2 talk menus have been added for when the slave route or Love route is chosen
Rika’s Obedience can be increased now
Added a new Spanking minigame
Added Rika’s new Sex position Mating Press
Option to breed Rika in the bedroom and in Shop available
Rika prostitution and Horse events Require Obedience.
Added a new Window which tracks number of girls impregnated and Sex maidens power
Added option to select slave route and love route for Rika after Level 4 (on reaching 5)
Added a horse Cg for Rika (Slave Route)
Added Prostitution for Rika (Slave Route)
Blocked off Mage house(Require 2 Referrals to unlock)
Blocked off  Castle Locations(Will be unlocked in future version when there is proper content planning for it)
Blocked off World Map
Added Referrals to Rika, Hana, Mio they all can be asked to refer in the town on their level 2 Talk events
Hang out Event for RIka in Park have been shifted to Weekend
Horse Event are available on Weekends now.
Prostitution Event Also Available on Weekend
Changed the Player Talking Sprites(Made him a bit more pretty)
Changed all talking sprites of Sex Maiden, Hana and Mio
Added new Intro Text
Added a help option with Sex maiden
Redesigned Sex Maiden
Added Sound effects to Mage’s Minigame
Added a new BGM for the game
Added New UI and Icons for Back,Map…
Removed Save Icon
Added a Menu Icon instead for Save Load and Options
Added the Songbook in Mage’s Room
Added an option to learn the song by selecting “Talk” option with Mage
Added X-ray for Mage and Maki
Improved All Players talking sprites faces
Repositioned Icons for Bakery MiniGame
BugFixes And WIP UI for Bartender Minigame
Added a Horse Cg with Mio when her max level is reached(36 Frames)
Added the Music minigame
Added 2 phases Learning Phase and Playing anywhere on Map
Added an instrument that can be taken from Mage
Mage teaches a spell for Song of Time
Added to go back and forward in time.
Added SE to Rei’s Minigame
Added a song notebook
Added a Title Screen option when you click the Bed
Unlocked Mage’s location
Added 3 new map for Map(Exterior/Groundfloor/1st floor)
Added Sleeping and Idle animation for Mage
Added a crystal cards remembering minigame for the mage
3 levels of difficulty.
Added a tutorial how to play the crystal cards remembering minigame
Added Status window and Basic event setup for the Mage
Added a new CG Hana+Lucie
Hana can now reset her virginity with powers of the elf Lucie
Added text for Rika+Hana event
Added 4 sound effects for shooter minigame(Randomized when being hit)
Added a new Skill “Hypnotic music” in skill tree and in UI as well
Fixed the Player’s portrait a bit(Erased the left ear)
Music minigame is not implemented yet but is there in the game(hidden but can be accessed)
Bugfixes and updated the Top Supporters Patreon list.
Added Strip Game with Princess Olivia
Added 72 Frames for animation of Strip Game(Animation when each cloth piece is taken off)
Olivia’s Design was Changed
Added 6 Bust Images for Olivia for Strip Game(Part of strip game)
Added 2 new Sprites for Player Shirt off and Naked
Added a new Item Bakers Shop Key
Added a new event in Bakery at afternoon(Sleeping pills event)
Sleeping Pills event lead to 3 CGs
Taking off Mio’s cloth when she’s sleeping
Handjob Animation with Mio
Blowjob animation with Mio
(58 new animation images were Added for Mio)
For Minigame with Rei and Haruka their difficulty levels have been Increased
Leveling up player increases strength and reduces that difficulty
Code: 9109
Added X-ray Vision for All castle Characters and Haruka
Added a new Text window to all the conversations to know which character is speaking
Added a new Minigame mechanics (clicker which would in future be used to trigger extra scenes and relationships as the newer minigames will be short)
Added all sprites for Armwrestling with Haruka
Added all sprites for Playing Mercy with Rei
Basic setup of minigame and programming for it
Added Base conversation and intro for all castle characters
Locked Characters room when they are naked(Sleeping or Bathing)
Added new status window for Maki
Added Upto Level 4 content for Mio
Added Upgradation option for house Bed and Bathtub
Setup initial Events for Carpenter where you can buy all the stuffs for upgrade
Added a new map Dungeon for future BDSM content
Added BJ and Cowgirl CGs for Mio
Added a footjob animation for Hana
Added Anal for Hana in Bed with player
Added 69 with Rika in Bed
Added Missionary with Rika
Added 2 Lesbian CGs for Hana and Rika(kissing and BJ)
Added hymen breaking animation for Mio(Ext content)
Setup house events for Rika, Hana, Lucie and Mio House events include option to sleep/oral/Sex(which depend on relationship level with character they will leave if requirement not met)
Sprite for sleeping with player is done for all 4 characters animated for Rika
Some bugfixes and additional things in RMMZ
Added Carpenter location on Overall Map
Added Carpenter Exterior/Interior Maps
Added Haruka(Carpenter) Animation
Added Intro and Status Window for Haruka
Redid all base sprites for X-ray skill(more thicker)
X-ray Skill has now 3 levels for cum (Organs X-ray Version)(Depending upon how many times you have sex resets after each day)
Added X-ray for Mio
Added Face icon in X-ray which also has 3 levels depending how many time you gave them cumshots in mouth
Added WoodCutting Minigame
Add Event for Evil Maiden
Add the new Character Ellie(Merchant Elf) from Polls
X-ray Skill unlockable and usable
Added Intros for all castle characters
Added Sleeping/Training/Bathing/Sitting sprites for Princess Olivia
Added Sleeping/Bathing Sprites for Queen
Redid all the text in game (More sexualized and improved English texts)
Added Sleeping/Training/Sitting Sprites for Rei
Added Sitting and Standing sprites for Maki (most of the sprites are animated)
Castle characters available at different locations during different time of day
Added Mechanics for Companion Window(Actors can be asked to follow and the window will change color when a possible event is available)
Fixed Autosave issue(only autosaves during Sleep events instead of everytime changing maps)
Added 6 new maps in castle interior
Redesigned a old character
Added a window for special skill(not yet implemented)
Added a new castle intro
Added a new Game intro(written by a professional)
Added some sprites for castle maps
X-ray unlockable Skills(not implemented in this version)
Options to Enable/Disable Beastality
Options to Enable/Disable Extreme Content
Option for Relationship Cheats
New Intro by another new writer
Fixed the MAX FPS to 120 to ease the Shopkeepers Minigame
Old save files will work and have Castle and Baker shop
Added upto level 2 content for Mio
Added 3 Cgs for Mio including a horse CG
Added 1 Cg for Rika for 5 sleeping pills
Added an Overworld map for Exploration mechanics
Added 5 exploration maps, content for them yet to be added
Added a new companion window beside day window
Added a new Intro
Fixed bugs with Hana
Added Stamina System
Added Pregnancy System
Pregnancy Content for Lucie Done
Added 4 new CGs for Hana
Added a new stat for player M.Stamina
Max Stamina can be increased with leveling up
All CGs require Stamina now
Added Broken status and Pregnancy Status Sprite for Lucie
Upto Level 4 content for Hana
Added a new ITEMS button to use items in game.
New cheat system/Stamina Cheat added
Fixed issue of Loading map items are refreshed now
Fixed the issue with rebuying Sex Skills, cannot rebuy now
  • Redid Almost all CGs for Rika
  • Can Interact with Bartender(Hana) now
  • Added BlackJack Minigame
  • Added another character Lucie, the character from the polls.
  • Some small fixes in events and Rika’s shooter Minigame
  • Added Patreon List
  • Includes 2 new CGs for Lucie
  • 2 new CGs for Hana
  • Added upto Pregnancy content for Lucie(Actual pregnancy Sprites yet to be added)
  • Added 4 status(Virgin Deflowered Broken Pregnant)
  • Added upto Level 2 Content for Hana
  • Added Elven Wine and Flowers to help Level up with Lucie
  • Changed Inventory of the Shopkeeper
  • Added an option to skip to evening when Bar opens
  • Also added Intro for a new Character ‘Maki’
-Remade Shopkeeper’s Minigame, new mechanics, better rewards, and more fun(hopefully).
-Made a new plugin to display lewd texts during CGs
-Added Save Icon on all maps
-Added a button to skip the animation(in place of repeatedly left click).
-Added new scene for Rika
-Bar would be accessible with Bar Pass.(Content for it would be available next week)
-Rewrote all dialogues and more text-based sex interactions.
-Fixed all bugs faced by the community.
-Sex Skills are required before having sex.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Contents Featured in the Game / Upcoming versions
  • 12 Main Romanceable Characters
  • Sex Skill Tree, Level up, Improve Player Stats, Keep a check on Female Progress.
  • Drug female characters, Night events, Minigames, Pregnancy, Slave Content
  • Multiple ways to improve relationships
Cheat Codes:
See More
Extreme Version code – 2009
Relationship Code is – 5010
Gold – 999
Skill point – 469
Stamina – 123
Battle Exp Multiplier – 888

Extra: Walkthrough And Tips


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