Karlsson’s Gambit [v0.8.1 Part I] [Grym Gudinna Games]
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Karlsson’s Gambit [v0.8.1 Part I] [Grym Gudinna Games]

May 15, 2024F95

You play as a male protagonist who has recently been – in his mind unfairly – arrested and sentenced to five years in prison.  While in prison, he is approached by a mysterious woman who offers him an opportunity to work under a special “inmate rehabilitation” program with one of the richest companies in the world, The Karlsson Group.  This program will allow him to get out of his sentence in only six months instead of five long years…if he can survive and thrive. Little does he know that he will be exposed to a far more dangerous and strange situation than he anticipated, as he will be exposed to a world of conflict, ambition, cruelty, passion, and of course sex.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-01
Release Date: 2024-02-19
Developer: Grym Gudinna Games PatreonDiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.1 Part I
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac and Android
Language: English
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3dcg, Visual Novel, Multiple Protagonists, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Blowjob, Multiple Endings, Bdsm, Female Domination, Male Domination, Humiliation, Lesbian, Milf, Romance, Oral Sex, Teasing, Cheating, Dystopian Setting, Mobile Game, Vaginal Sex
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1. Extract and run.  2. In the case of split rar file, extract in the same folder.
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v0.8.1  Part I
This update features nearly 3500 renders and continues the story developed in Episode 1-7!
v0.8 Test Part I
Dom Path: 1128
Secret Sub: 189
Main Branch (all can see): 464
Sub Path: 1,434
All renders: 3,215
v0.7b Final
Fixing the save issue for next season. If you have allready v.0.7a Final installed, use the Save Fix.
Chapter7: 16,500 lines of code and 4,100 renders.
Chapter 6: 3,507 renders, approximately 110,000 words.  New game total is roughly 9,500 renders and 320,000 words.
Chapter 5: 2159 renders, roughly 65,000+ words.  New game total is roughly 6000+ renders, about 210,000+ words.
Chapter 4 Final Release: 57,611 words, 1749 renders, new total of game is roughly 3950 renders, 135,000 words.  Choice paths have been tweaked from Beta so highly recommend saves under 0.4 Final Release for compatibility for 0.5.
Chapter 3 Final Version: 34,000 words, 992 renders, total of game is now roughly 2200 renders, 77,000 words
  HIGHLY recommend saving under 0.3Final and not 0.3A for 0.4 compatibility.
Story is now clearly tweaked to both male sub paths and a male dom path, but your choices before 0.3 determine which path, so choose wisely!
Chapter 2 Final Version: 24,585 words, 657 renders
  Edits/adds to dialogue, music, renders, and highly recommend saving under this version for 0.3 given flags
  Created separate dark text box version of game for final version (for people suffering from contrast sensitivity reading original text)
  Updated Compressed/Android links – thank you to RStar8 for updated Android/Compressed versions of Chapter 2 Final!
  Added Discord server invite
Version 0.2bb: Approximately 24,000 words and 650 renders, new overall total roughly 1,100 images/42,600 words
   Special thank you to the following for assistance:
   Mankinder – Android Port
   Zoey Raven – Walkthrough
   RStar8 – Minor tech assistance and future coding on 0.3
   TD 1900 – Great fan sigs, please check out his game Pale Carnations!
   Krull – Great fan sigs!
5/18/2020 – Fan made Android version added to page
Version 0.1d Fixed a lot of transitions to help those sensitive to too many flashes
   Tweaked some dialogue and script
   Added a walkthrough in the game files under the “Game” folder (a PDF)
   Suggest playing new save if you got the Sam sitting on your lap in jail scene
   Final release for 0.1, moving on to 0.2!
Version 01.c Audio slider hotfix – tech newbie strikes again, fixed customized music channels to use sliders properly
Version 01.b release: Approximately 18,600 words and 450 renders
Developer Notes:
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My creator name is Grym Gudinna, which means “cruel goddess” in Swedish! The word “grym” also has an additional colloquial meaning beyond the normal cruel/mean/heartless, and can also mean cool/nice/awesome, and this perfectly describes the two sides of me!
While this is primarily a somewhat dystopian femdom based world, the main protagonist over time will be able to delve into male domination given the right choices.  Given the narrative arcs for many of the characters, they may be some slow build here and there in the story.  Warning: The extreme sub or evil path will be very dark so be careful and avoid those choices if not your cup of tea.  Final endings will range from very romantic/traditional endings on one end to outright death at the other end, so there are many long-term variations of how you can play the narrative.
Version 0.2 Dev Notes:  Your dom or sub points from 0.1 do lead to different scenes in 0.2 so you won’t see everything in one playthrough no matter what for those that wish to see everything.
Version 0.3 Dev Notes: Please keep in mind the dom path will allow you to avoid the protagonist having strong femdom on HIM, but not entirely avoiding a femdom world around him.  Also keep in mind some of the content can be dark (this is a dystopian world) so if you are bit squeamish in seeing evil characters, please be careful, thanks!  Also, 0.3 has many choices that do not impact 0.3, but much later in the story so multiple saves are recommended if you want to experience a lot of the content in different ways.  Have fun!  🙂
Version 0.4 Dev Notes: Please note your starting rank from prior episode greatly impacts your 0.4 experience.  Please use Zoey’s excellent WT for 0.1 to 0.3.  As always, a disclaimer that the game can have some darkness, so be aware of that when playing.
In Season 2 press start to import your Season 1 saves.
Save at the mask screen at the end  of Season 1 (v0.7b Final) for the next season, when you have to create a named save.

Season 2

Season 1 (v0.7b Final)

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Extras: Walkthrough (Ep1-7)Multi-Mod*

Extras: Fan Sigs –  Walkthrough (Ep8)Multi-Mod*Spanish*Relationship chartSave – / Timeline SheetJoiplay Fix
* This unofficial port/version is not released by the developer, download at your own risk.

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