Kingdom of Subversion [v0.24.1] [Naughty Underworld]

Kingdom of Subversion [v0.24.1] [Naughty Underworld]

June 5, 2024F95

Kingdom of Subversion is an adult fantasy rpg, where you take control of a half goblin outcast. Forced into exile from the Kingdom of Lumis, you join forces with the Queen of the rivaling kingdom, Queen Selvana of Umbrus. She grants you new power, that will allow you to subtly infiltrate Lumis and begin to plot its demise.

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With these new powers and your body transformed into a human, your mission is simple, but will require great skill. Become a well known name in the land, become a hero. Use your influence to infiltrate Lumis’ royal court. Subvert them to your will and with that, gain access to Queen Roserra, ruler of Lumis. Then the final stroke can be delivered and Lumis is ripe for the taking.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-31
Release Date: 2024-05-31
Developer: Naughty Underworld F95zoneSubscribestar DiscordItch.io
Censored: No
Version: 0.24.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2DCG, Adventure, Ahegao, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Furry, Corruption, Male Protagonist, Monster, Monster Girl, Teasing
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1. Extract and run.
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– Veilbane Progression added (the air trial had to be removed last second due to a bug with it)
– Note: Goblin Queen will be added 6th June
Content Changes:
– Noelle progression added
– Camp scenes added for Royal Court (use a tent)
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Toned down the power of the enemies of the Abandoned Fort
– Changed the values of some items
– Fixed a hard lock bug where if you had progressed Mary far enough but had not yet met Lucille you would be locked from progressing either
– Fixed a bug where you couldn’t view the noblewomen generic scenes unless you had the exact corruption level
Content Changes:
  • Calypso doggy animated
  • Drunah doggy animated
  • New oath breaker stone tablet animation
  • More generic scenes added:
    • Orc Dock Worker (Dock District)
    • Sailor’s Wife (Dock District)
    • Market Stall Owner (Trade District)
    • Inn Wife (Lumia – Trade District)
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Fixed black screen issue with Titania’s Total Corruption sequence, Gobboe’s total corruption sequence & Vulsha Reverse Ride
v0.22 Alpha2 + Alpha3
Content Changes:
  • Marina Total Corruption added
  • Mary Total Corruption added
  • Gobboe, Lucille & Yennay have their post-Oathbreaker dialogue updated
  • Generic Scenes /w Corruption mechanics (see below)
  • So far it’s just the 3 flirting nobles in the Gilded Swan
Major Changes:
  • Location specific corruption mechanics added!
  • Re-jigged a lot of the daily repeatable corruption raising events (dock workers, flirting with nobles) so it affects the area for corruption too
  • Added in new small questlines for majorly increasing corruption of area
  • Re-jigged some of the starting mini quests (Gob no longer gives the stealing items questline)
  • Location UI now added to inform players where they are
  • Corruption UI appears underneath here when location specific corruption has been unlocked
  • Removed lighting affect scripts and replaced with tilesset swapping method
  • Morning, midday & noon will all have same brightness, where as night will swap to night specific tilesets
  • Some people weren’t able to play the game because of this particular script, so thought it best to remove and try a different approach
  • Might be a few oddities with things like door sprites which are not part of the tileset
v0.21 Public
– Lucille Christmas event added
– Lucille Christmas outfit added
– Vulsha Reverse Ride animation added
Major Changes:
– None
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Battle system has been bug fixed so everything appears in its proper position
– (There is still an issue where the battle backgrounds aren’t scaled to the appropriate size, so it repeats and looks a little weird)
– Re-jigged carts in the Abandoned Fort – players can now call them from each side so players can no longer get stuck
– fixed Yennay’s Animation to use the new animation system
– fixed a bug where if you left the forest after defeating the shaman with Vulsha you would have to do the fight again
– fixed a bug where leaving the abandoned fort would put you inside the world map sprite of it
– fixed a bug where Selvana’s sprite would sometimes get stuck on the screen after speaking to her
– fixed a bug where Mary’s masturbation scene would cause the game to crash
– Fixed a bug where Vulsha’s oath breaker wouldn’t complete in the quest menu (also should be fixed retroactively for older saves)
v0.21 Alpha 1
– Calypso, Dragonkin Pirate progression added
– Aewen Swimsuit Event added to Gob wardrobe
New Animations:
– Titania Doggy
– Morati Doggy
– Mary Doggy
– Morati Reverse Cowgirl
– Gobboe Full Nelson
– Velexia Cowgirl
– Vulsha TF
– Drunah Cowgirl
– Titania Total Corruption
– Vulsha Total Corruption
– Gobboe Total Corruption
Major Changes:
– New animation system added
– This now uses live2d directly and no longer uses the in built RPGM video player which seemed to cause frame drops for a large portion of users (so if you were having trouble with animations before, try now!)
– Animations should feel more seamless when switching between different expression
– However there is an issue with Gobboe’s Pleasure Craving, Titania’s Valentine Scene & Titania’s Reverse Ride scene animations which will be looked at as soon as possible
– Screen resize rework
– Game now only stretches to a maximum of 1920 (though can still be played in full screen). This is due to the map tiles and show picture command being on the same canvas (you can’t change one without affecting the other), so 1920 seemed to be a good sweet spot where the map wasn’t too far zoomed out, but the images were of higher quality
– Live 2d doesn’t use the same canvas therefore in the future once a lot more scnes have been animated we will be able to go back to 4k and have a map zoom plugin to get the best of both worlds.
– Town of Soltare has had a large rework and now looks very different (needs to be properly populated still)
– New town of Westshore added (needs to be properly populated still)
0.20 – Changes:
  • Uncontrollable Lust Power scenes (Masturbation scenes)
  • Game Upscale (*)
  • Animation Update (**)
Likely Contents:
  • Calypso, Dragonkin Pirate
  • Aewen swimsuit event
Hopeful Contents:
  • Mary Total Corruption
  • Marina Total Corruption
  • Expand corruption missions – both daily and one offs. These will unlock depending on your corruption level in the city
  • Look into / plan “city zones”, so rather than having one whole value for corruption of city, the different districts have different levels of corruption depending on what you have done
0.19 – Changes:
Content Changes:
– New party introduction
– Drunah (Minotaur) progression added
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where character could get stuck facing a direction
– Removed the baility to teleport in certain rooms that could cause issues
0.18 – Changes:
Content Changes:
– Yennay Oath Breaker
Major Changes:
– Third zone added – Abandoned Mine Fortress (if you’ve power levelled, you might sitll find this area a bit easy)
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where Lucille’s confessional scene in the memory room would end abruptly
0.17 – public – Changes:
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Buttons should now reappear when casting magic for the first time
– Added overarching city quest like the royal court and citizen quest
– Fixed a bug where bed squeak continues to play after some scenes
– Fixed a bug with the item popup stopping players from gaining red souls
0.17 – Changes:
Content Changes:
– Gobboe Oath Breaker
– Gobboe Easter Content
– Gobboe Outfit selector (bunny outfit)
Major Changes:
– Corruption exp overhaul (see corruption changes section)
– New Corruption quest – noble in Gilded Swan will now give a new quest to the player (once Lumis is in medium corruption). Once this quest is completed players will now be able to buy outfits. The closet interaction in Gob’s home will also depend on these outfits. Also the corruption power will depend on owning the outfits too.
– Gobboe and Lucille can now be taken outside the city
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where the knights in Lucille’s storyline would appear right away at the nun’s temple instead of when they were supposed to
Corruption exp changes / system:
– Corruption EXP (referred to as EXP from here on out) is no longer gained after each scene
– Instead EXP is gained after completing a progression level with a character
– Royal Court members grant more EXP than city NPCs
– Broken into 5 different categories
– Low Corruption – No real world changes
– Medium Corruption (2.5k EXP) – BGM change, minor dialogue change in citizens
– High Corruption (5k EXP) – BGM change, more dialogue change of citizens, minor city changes
– Very High Corruption (7k EXP) – Final BGM change, final dialogue change of citizens, major city changes
– Max Corruption (9k EXP) – Will allow nude clothing selection for characters (not yet implemented)
– A red soul is now gained every time you complete a progression or a city quest
– EXP gain:
  – Level 1 Progression (city NPCs) = 100 each
  – Level 1 Progression (Royal Court) = 200 each
  – Level 2 Progression / Total Corruption (city NPCs) = 200 each (Not quite complete)
   – Level 2 Progression / Oath Breaker (Royal Court) = 300 each (Not quite complete)
  – Level 3 Progression (city NPCs) = 250 each (Not implemented)
  – Level 3 Progressin (Royal Court) = 300 each (Not implemented)
  – City Quests Level 1 = 100 each
  – City Quests Level 2 = 150 each (Not quite completed)
  – City Quests Level 3 = 200 each (Not implemented)
  – Daily corruption tasks (like helping Gob / Dock worker, flirting with girls at the inn) +25 per task
– Code will retroactively adjust corruption XP values of old saves
– Will update Current max in change logs (not including daily corruption tasks):
– Current Max Corruption: 3,750
0.16 – Changes:
Content Changes:
– Lucille Oath Breaker
– Animations added:
  – Titania Cowgirl Rearview
  – Lucille Standing Anal Doggy (Public Fuck)
Major Changes:
– “Living city changes”
– Lumis BGM changes based on corruption level
– Minor NPC’s around the city dialogue changes based on corruption level (you’ll likely miss out on a lot of this playing an old save)
– City changes based on corruption level
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Updated the quest log to better reflect the state of the game
– Fixed a bug where the disable animation option wasn’t working properly
– Fixed a bug where Velexia’s doggy repeat animation was hidden by the original image
– Disallowed players from having NPCs join them for certain NPC progression scenes
– Removed a line of code that caused the Maximum Call Stack bug, however this may have another knock on affect, so this isn’t technically fixed yet
– Many more minor bugs resolved
0.15.public – Changes:
Content Changes:
– Vulsha valentines event added
– Can now get Vulsha to change her outfit
– Can invite Vulsha to join you on the world map
– Re-jigged memory room to better demonstrate what the final game will look like
0.15 – Changes:
Content Changes:
– Shel’s Total Corruption Added!
– Velexia Doggy animated
– Vulsha Doggy animated
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where when resting in a tent with a party member would cause 2 MCs to appear
– Fixed a bug where Titania’s eyebrows didn’t appear in her missionary scene
– Gobboe’s abduction event in her progression will now trigger in the trade district like other events. This is to stop conflict of events that happen at night (such as Aewen’s final event)
– Fixed (I believe) an issue that caused some scenes to crash with “Maximum call stack size exceeded”. Seemed to be caused by Vulsha’s moans specifically so they have been removed for now
– Fixed a bug where Morati’s repeat doggy image layers were wrong
0.14 – Changes:
Content Changes:
– Velexia Total Corruption
– Velexia Christmas Event
– Titania can now be asked to wear red dress & under armour
– Morati can be asked to wear bunny suit
– Velexia can be asked to wear Christmas outfit
– Morati cowgirl scene is now animated
Major Changes:
– Clothing system implemented
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where other NPCs quests weren’t updating properly in the quest log
0.13 – public
Content Changes:
Major Changes:
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– fixed a bug where Morati would appear outside while in our party as part of her questline
– fixed a bug where the Queen would loop through Morati freedom dialogue (stopping Yennay’s questline)
– fixed a bug where you could get stuck inside Ellebon’s fortress by jumping down
– fixed a bug where dimension hop icon would stick on screen
0.13 – Changes:
Content Changes:
– Morati Freedom Quest
   – Morati added to town & can use corruption powers on her
– Aewen Total Corruption
   – updated dialogue for scenes when total corruption reached
– updated pleasure craving dialogue for Titania & Vulsha after reaching oath breaker
– Titania Cowgirl animated
– Velexia Reverse Ride (Lust Courage) animated
– Vulsha Ride (Pleasure Craving) animated
Major Changes:
– New zone added – Twilight, used for Morati’s freedom quest and will be heavily expanded in the future
– New skills / skill changes (see minor changes for more info) added
  – Includes multi route skills (magic & sword, bow & magic etc)
  – Some sword skills now require TP to use. TP is generated by taking damage & using sword skills
– Added new Black Soul Skills:
  – Home Teleport, can teleport back to the Soul Forge (TP orbs will eventually be removed)
  – Dimension Hop, can move to an area on the map instantaneously (but costs 1/4 MP)
– New items added (note will be reshuffled in the future so not everything is sold in Lumis)
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where the cheat for the mountain torch puzzle wasn’t activating
– Fixed a bug where Vulsha’s oathbreaker quest didn’t complete in the journal
– Nerfed Sky Bolt damage
– Buffed all arrow skill damage
0.12.public – Changes:
Content Changes:
– None
Major Changes:
– Added enemies to Titania & Vulsha’s progression where they were missing
– Added in quest logs for Vulsha’s quest (should also update based on your save where you are in the progrssion)
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– None
0.12 – Changes:
Content Changes:
– Vulsha Level 2 progression added!
– Titania & Vulsha post oath break dialogue changes
– New animations: Aewen Ride, Lucille Side Anal, Vulsha Missionary, Yennay Missionary
Major Changes:
– N/A
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Nerfed / fixed the sleep arrow so it’s not a permanent source of sleep
0.11.public – Changes:
Content Changes:
– Added a new rear view angle for the Titania Pleasure Craving scene
0.11 – Changes:
Content Changes:
– Titania Level 2 progression added!
– New animations: Titania Mating Press, Titania Valentines Event, Titania Reverse Ride (new scene), Gobboe Pleasure Craving
Major Changes:
– New animation player sorted (this took a lot longer than expected, but the results are very worth it!)
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Restructured the memory room (included Pleasure Craving & Lust Courage scenes into it)
– The Mountain pass puzzle will now offer a cheat after interacting with the flames 25 times
– Fixed a bug that caused a lock if you visited the forest before getting Vulsha’s quest
– Fixed some transfer errors in forest and mountain pass
– Many punctuation fixes
0.10 – Changes:
Content Changes:
– 10 public fuck scenes now available (one for each Lumis NPC)
– Morati easter scene now available
– Marina default dialogue and repeating scene now available
Major Changes:
– World map completely reworked
– Enchanted forest replaced old forest
– Added new zone – Mountain Pass
– Core rpg mechanics rebalance (around XP and such)
   – Insta kill enemies lower level than you with stamina
   – Always Insta kill enemies half your level
   – No XP from enemies 1/3 of your level
Minor Changes / Bug Fixes:
– Some of the powers you have access to now are toggleable (like Ethereal)
– Critical strikes for melee nerfed to X2 damage instead of X3
– New location – Soul Forge – use the barrel in Gob’s house to access (also links to Queen Selvana’s palace)
– Soul Orbs can be de-equipped – this may cause some issues for old saves using soul orbs already attached
– Added Teleportation Orb item (teleports you back to Gob’s house)
– Added Teleportation Sigil skill, allowing players to teleport to other sigils from the source forge
– Added Tent item (heals you fully, restores stamina and skips to next day)
– Added crafting items (some can be used for minor effects like minor healing / stat increase) – also used in creation of soul orbs
– Battle view changed to front view instead of side – this will allow royal court members to appear in battle from behind when they join your party in the future
– Dark Rejuvination now costs 25% mana to use and has no cooldown
– Bug: skipping time events would cause the wrong time of day to be registered
– Bug: Now gain correct XP / items if you skip the intro
0.9 – Public Changes:
Major Changes:
– Aewen, Velexia, Shel & Mary have their Pleasure Craving scenes added (Marina will come later as her default daily dialogue hasn’t been done yet)
Major Mechanical Changes:
– Large restructure to combat system:
  – Renamed some stats and clarified how they interact in tutorial
  – Attack affects melee attacks, and is negated by Defence (Defence 10 = 10% reduced damage from melee attacks)
  – Spirit affects magic attacks and is negated by Will (Will 10 = 10% reduced damage from magic attacks)
  – Agility affects ranged attacks and is negated by Evasion (Evasion 10 = 10% reduced damage from ranged attacks)
  – Only melee attacks can crit for X3 damage (crit chance is flat 20%, though items will affect it in the future)
  – Magic attacks have a 20% variance and deal more damage than ranged and melee on average, but now costs mana
– Players can now craft Soul Orbs, by spending Blue Souls and other ingredients
– Soul Orbs grant a variety of effects, such as increasing stats
– Soul Orbs slot into weapons and armour, each weapon / armour item has a certain of empty slots
– Soul Potions will be available in the future, one use items that permanently increase stats too
– They can be made at the bench in Gob’s house
0.9 Change Log:
Major Changes:
– Each of the Royal Court now have their Pleasure Craving scene available (need to have the power unlocked)
– Speak to them and then select the option in the “Powers” option (you also need to have a room at Lumia booked)
Minor Changes:
– The Potion Shop seller is now active
– The Blacksmith has been expanded
– Resting fully heals you regardless of time of day
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug where if your Ethereal power expired while moving through a door it would cause you to be able to walk through walls and get stuck
– Made it so you can no longer skip ahead in Lucille’s quest by speaking to Tasha early in Soltare
– Re-jigged the mine cart lava puzzle in Yennay’s questline a bit to try and make it more clear
– Also made it so there is one clear answer
– Also fixed a bug where the locked door wasn’t reminding the player to use their Ethereal power
0.8 Change Log:
Major Changes:
– You can now talk to Aewen, Velexia, Mary, Shel where ever they appear in the city
– You can also now fuck them too – Repeat scenes
– Titania, Lucille, Gobboe, Yennay & Vulsha start appearing around the city once you’ve completed their quest lines
– You can speak to them and also fuck them too – Repeat scenes
– You can now interact with Morati in the dungeon (and fuck her again)
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug with Vulsha’s progression if you left the camp site you’d be unable to return
– Aewen will now let you stay at the inn for free (once you’ve completed her progression). You just have to ask to stay again
– Fixed a bug where you could restart the intro quest by leaving Queen Selvana’s palace during Yennay’s mission
0.7 Change Log:
This build was solely focused on content, adding in Vulsha, Yennay & Gobboe.
Major Changes:
– Vulsha Progression added
– Yennay Progression added
– Gobboe Progression added
0.6 Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug that kept players in the Inn basement before accepting the quest from Aewen
– Fixed a bug that caused the Ethereal power icon to not appear when skipping the intros
– Morati / Aewen memory room triggers on collision
– Forest of Drenwhin no longer gives infinite items
– The Bandits outside the Temple of Dhanun have been slightly nerfed
– Correct title screen build number is now displayed
0.6 Change Log:
With the large mechanical changes to the game, old saves are no longer compatible. 0.5 content complete save is included though.
Major Changes:
– Lucille First Level Progression Added
– Combat now added back to the game
– Lockpicking has been removed, ‘Powers’ added instead
  – You need the ethereal power to get through locked doors now
– Corruption Skills are now purchased through the menu, rather than a separate map
   – This same menu also includes combat skills and the new ‘Powers’
– Skills / Powers are unlocked by obtaining souls
  – Corruption Skills are unlocked by obtaining Red Souls
  – Red souls are gained by raising corruption (same as before, but now an actual item)
– Using skills / powers is also available in the Skills menu
– Quest log added to main menu
– Can rename your character in the Memory Room
0.5 Change Log:
Major Changes:
– Titania First Level Progression Added
Bug Fixes:
– If you skip the main intro, but play the Morati intro, you no longer get locked out of the powers menu
– If you the skip the intro, Morati scenes are unlocked in the memory room now
– Text now wraps correctly
– You can no longer enter the memory room while in the powers room (and vice versa)
– You no longer have to wait a day to inform the dock worker the tunnel is open if you moved barrels
– Hints to the not yet implemented Wizard and Bum job have been removed
Changes from 0.1:
– Added the Innkeeper Progression / Quest Line
– Added a UI menu for selecting your route (Corruption, Domination or Stealth)
– Added a new UI for multi choice (use number keys to select choice)
– Added the city of Lumis map (with item shop, temple, guard house, inn)
– Added a night mode (interaction just outside the inn)
– Enemies now give experience, and experience leads to upgrade nodes
– Added Upgrade Menu (Press U to access) where character upgrades can be purchased
– Command dialogue is now displayed in a pink / purple colour.
– Also note mouse support isn’t really available at the moment as I look at a long term solution for some of the teething problems with it. I suggest playing with the keyboard if certain things aren’t working with a mouse.
Changes from 0.2 – closed alpha:
– Added in the noble Kitsune, Velexia’s starting progression.
– Added in a gallery on the start menu
– Properly fixed the upgrade nodes (and when you gain them)
– Properly sorted character saving / loading
– Orc, Captain of the Guard, Shel has a very minor interaction
  • v0.1 ~ Beta release

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