Kingmaker [v0.16.1] [Kingmaker]

Kingmaker [v0.16.1] [Kingmaker]

December 28, 2023F95

You will be a young prince that is not only in the middle of a crisis, but whose road to the throne is less than certain. The kingdom is ravaged by war, schemes, debt, and death among other things.

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You will play the first day of each week, which is meant to set the example of what your character does the rest of that week. I found this made more sense than a day to day game for the logic of how fast skills increase, how quickly relationships develop, and the time between game events, etc.
That first day will then be divided in four stages. Morning, Noon, Evening and Night.
During the morning you will hold court. That is the time when subjects of the kingdom will bring you petitions for you to give your judgement.
Your choices will affect how the kingdom sees you as a ruler. With this in mind it will be near impossible to please all the factions, and they might rebel or scheme if their support reaches zero. Having a good relationship with them on the other hand might unlock different things that are more pleasant.
Your skill level might also unlock different solutions for the problems brought to the court. These options are usually better.
After holding court, the noon and evening times you will spend them in the map menu. There you can decide which skills you will develop during the week.

Thread Updated: 2023-12-24
Release Date: 2023-12-20
Developer: Kingmaker F95zonePatreonSubscribeStarItch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.16.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Creampie, Fantasy, Incest, Male protagonist, Management, Masturbation, Milf, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Sandbox, Spanking
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1. Extract and run.
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Save compatible with v0.15
New Content:
  4 New scenes for the younger maid, with one being a special scene. Plus you can knock her up now.
  Land that is under foreign control will no longer count as a raid for the passive support, now it’s its own thing.
  In easy mode the AI will deal with the armies and raids as a default. (This can be deactivated tho.)
  Minor text changes.
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This is solely a gameplay update!
(Not save compatible cause I messed with a bunch of gameplay stuff. Womp, womp.)
If you don’t like dealing with fighting raids and stuff, you can let Jesus and the AI take the wheel and deal with that aspect of the game for you! (I actually don’t recommend for you to do this at the beginning of the game just because of how precarious of a situation the player is economically and the AI will always try to recruit at least 5 Banners. But if you got gold and men then go ahead. Although my second warning is that it needs more testing and that the AI is still pretty wonky so do it at your own risk!)
Added an outline to the names of the characters so they are more readable. (I wanted it to be white cause it looked good in my head, but black was just more readable.)
Redrew the assets for the older king. (And not to toot my own horn, but personally I think that the crown that I did for him looks sick as heck.)
Redrew the art assets for the protagonist.
Added a mini event between the older roomie and the knight lady when the latter arrives to court.
Added 40+ court events. Some are dynamic i.e. Events that only occur during Autumn or if you have a certain building, edict, and so on.
The region menu now shows you how much gold you receive from that particular region.
Maybe made the world map run slightly faster? Plus added a bunch of names to it so it doesn’t look so empty and also more mappy. (This also includes the names of the different realms.)
Added two more provinces.
You can technically invade other kingdoms and conquer their lands. However, this system is very much still quite primitive and bare bones. So it still needs a lot of polish and more testing. But if you wanna give it a go you can now. (It’s just not really recommended at the moment. Plus the AI is still a bit wonky as I said.)
Armies move differently now. Instead of moving 1 or 2 provinces per week, now it will take them weeks to move between provinces, making stuff like roads, seasons and army composition more important.
Characters now have morals and values! I mean… hopefully you thought they already did. But what I mean is that I implemented a system like the sims or ck3 personalities. The player is not supposed to see any of this, but what it does is to make it possible for characters to like you more or less depending on which decisions you take. i.e. A kind character will like you more if you take decisions that helps others. While a bold one will dislike it if you act cautious and vice versa. It’s very rudimentary, but it should add a layer of depth to decisions taken, as well as tie the dating sim mechanics and the strategy ones more neatly. All court events utilize this system now, but the plan is for all decisions taken to use it one way or another.
In a similar vein, the factions now remember how many times you have sided for or against them. So they might resent you if you go against them too much and vice versa.
The opinion of the different factions can go below 0 and the chances for a losing screen will only run at below -30 . (This is a first step in making losing conditions more dynamic rather than just a black or red screen.)
Under the hood change to how character variables are stored. (First step to ensure future updates to be save compatible with more consistency.)
Included a system in which all regions except a realm’s capital is administered by a different noble house or faction. This makes it so the player only receives a portion of gold from regions that are not administered directly by the royal house. HOWEVER, more interestingly and the reason why I did this, is so you no longer simply recruit levies loyal to you from any region. You can only do that at the capital now. From any other region you can raise banners. The difference is that these banners can already be a more advance type i.e. light cavalry. (Although you can also just raise them as levies.) This should make gameplay more easy since you no longer have to train companies from zero to have an effective fighting force. The downside is that nobles won’t appreciate you raising their banners for long. And this is mostly cool cause I got to design a bunch of banners too.
Slight change to how the pop/labor/trade system works. Labor is now a multiplier for the pops. So if you have 3 pops and 3 labor then you should get 9 gold at max tax as tribute. However, this is only in a vacuum. Stuff like taxes, terrain, season and all that will increase or decrease these numbers.
Bug Fixes
Witch should no longer appear before certain events in the story.
Fixed an issue with the older roomie’s mouth jumping around while talking.
Fixed an issue that kept the player from progressing the story with the steel maiden.
Fixed an issue that made it likely for the elven queen route to be locked due to court events.
Changed the order of events for the younger childhood friend.
Fixed some minor typos and visual errors.
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New content:
  5 New scenes for the squire. 1 H-Scene.
  Added a system for different seasons. (Now you will get a fraction of the gold during the winter months, and extra during autumn and summer for rents and tolls respectively.)
  The magical bush is now a magical door. (The one on the outer wall, not the one on the keep.)
  When you try to upgrade a company type, the icons will be in black and white if you don’t fulfill all the requirements for it.
  The citadel no longer gives you gold outright, but instead it increases your Trade (Tolls) and Production (Tributes) level on the capital. (I thought the citadel had become the main gold earning mechanic rather than being complementary as intended, while also being kinda isolated from the other systems.)
  While building/upgrading infrastructure in the capital, you now get a fraction of its effects depending on the progress.
  The infrastructure menus now shows you an estimate on how many weeks it will take to upgrade.
  Besides whichever other requirements they need, some tiers of infrastructure are now locked behind the Admin skill. i.e. You can upgrade everything to tier 1 from the get go, but you need more Admin to upgrade to tier 2 or 3.
  Reduced the upkeep for most units.
  Some visual fixes to the fsquire, as well as a couple more arm poses.
Bug fixes:
  Minor bug fixes
  Fixed another bug that stopped the player from firing up the brothel questline unless they entered the war camp first.
  Changed a tooltip that claimed you needed max xp to upgrade companies, when in reality you need different amounts for each company type. i.e. 50 xp for levy to light infantry.
  Fixed an error that popped up when a raid for ice raiders fired up.
  Maybe fixed an error for tooltips moving out of the screen on certain monitors?? (I don’t have a different monitor to check this so I will have to wait for what other people say.)
  Changed an error that fired up during the dwarven raids.
  Fixed an issue that made it so some footplay content was kept hidden.
  Fixed an error that made it so the upkeep for provincial buildings was not visible most weeks.
Released a quick patch because wounded soldiers were not being healed, and an exception was being thrown when trying to play in king mode.
The magical throne is now a magical bush. Find it.
Studying Intrigue in baron mode now can fire up the brothel quest line.
Bug fixes
Fixed a visual error that made it so a Rosalyn event would show the world map as background.
Fixed a visual error in which the maid would lose her eyes while hugging the protagonist.
Fixed a bug that would allow the player to spend time infinitely with Rosalyn.
Fixed an error that allowed the player to activate multiple events for Rosalyn at the same time.
Fixed an error involving the wall on the citadel menu.
Fixed an error that occurs during the Flower Knight introduction.
Fixed some typos thanks to Aver.
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Increased the dowager queen’s events up to 22, with 3 new H-Events included.
New world map once again.
Baron mode is back, but it no longer has its own skirmish system.
Added a few more buildings for some of the provinces.
Removed “Military” menu
Complete revamp of the skirmishes and battles:
  The short version is that it roughly works the same, it’s just more fleshed out. So instead of for example having 13 units of light infantry that are indistinguishable from one another, you now get 13 companies of light infantry, each one with their own name, HP, culture, experience, quality of equipment, and whatnot.
  Units, or companies as I’ll now refer to them as can now be upgraded from their light variants into their heavy ones. i.e. Light infantry upgrades into Heavy infantry. And they can also be downgraded into levies. (Levies can be upgraded into anything.)
  The training point currency is no longer a thing, instead, each company has an experience level that has to reach a certain number to be upgraded. If a building or edict tells you that it gives you training points, it now means that if you train a company in a certain province, they will earn more passive xp. (So training in an upgraded capital should be ideal.)
  To recruit light cavalry you need to have at least lv 1 stables in your city.
  Range units now have a speed stat which determines how many turns have to pass before they can loose their arrows again.
  Range units can only attack during the first 50 turns or so, however, logistics can alter this number positively or negatively.
  During a battle, you can now hover over the company symbols to check their stats.
  Some mechanics had to be deactivated in the meantime because this new system changed too many things. So you no longer get prisoners, and your  character can’t personally go into battle either.
Different cultures always had different stats for some types of companies, but now some have slight visual differences to give them flavor and differentiate them even more.
Added four more factions for flavor. (They still don’t do much.)
Included a secret skill for sexual prowess. That is why one of the dowager scenes has two variants.
Remade two assets for the court events.
Added different production icons for each terrain type.
Fixed issues with the older maid. (It should be fixed after training a skill or skipping time.)
Fixed an issue during the elven lord.
Fixed the loan info going out of frame.
Fixed the third upgrade for the brothel having no icon.
Fixed an issue with the elf slave and the court menu.
Fixed an issue with the maid that didn’t allow you to go past her second event.
Same for the dowager queen.
Bug fixes
Increased upkeep of knights to 12
Fixed pop exploit.
Fixed bugs regarding screens not closing when opening other menus.
Visual fixes.
Added a sex scene with the witch and the witch’s cauldron. (Makes sense in game)
Added a sex scene involving the roomies (sorta)
Added a regular scene with the Steel Maid
Added a regular scene with the Valkrii
Added a regular scene with the Elven Queen
Added two regular events with the Elven Queen and the younger roomie
Added a regular scene with the elven freewoman
Added 4 regular scenes for the maid
Added courtiers’ comments for the Valkrii as she arrives at court
Added a coronation event.
Added a questline of sorts to acquire a brothel.
Added a sex scene with the matron of the brothel
Added two regular scenes with a femboyish squire. Plus an option to increase/reduce the homoeroticism levels.
Minor changes to the first elf-slave event and a new scene.
Made a couple of backgrounds slightly nicer. (I think I finally made some decent backgrounds.)
Most skill checks now work as options in dialogue menus instead of forced “quick events” if that makes sense. Kinda like New Vegas.
The tax screen now shows the amount of gold that you will earn if you increase or decrease them.
Characters present at court are now visible during court events.
Revamped the map. Also I made it scrollable. (This is a test. I might have to reduce the number of provinces because it takes me a couple of seconds to load up the map the first time that I open it.)
Changed how training skills work, reducing the number of options.
Added an achievement-like system in which you can earn different nicknames depending on your feats.
Added a system so characters can have joint storylines.
Added a brothel to the citadel.
Since no variable was changed this one should be save compatible, and it should solve a lot of the issues for baron mode.
Raids in Prince/King mode will disappear after devastation reaches 100, but only if they have no story events attached to them.
Baron mode players should no longer get wrecked when they choose not to fight  a skirmish.
Baron mode players can now send levies against a skirmish.
Attacking armies will no longer receive a malus when attacking another army in hilly terrain.
Bug fixes
A certain event involving troublesome veterans should no longer cause a problem.
Solved an issue in which heavy archers would create an exception in baron mode during a court event.
Fixed an issue that made it so Baron mode players would get raids from Prince/King mode as well.
Added some text to the training scenes with the help of Krudo.
Added one h scene for the witch, as well as making her able to come to court.
Redesigned the witch.
Redesigned the mustache of the advisor.
Recolored the younger warden.
Redesigned the GUI to look decent.
Added one regular scene for the maid.
Added a new raid mechanic for normal mode and hard mode.(For a thorough breakdown of the new mechanics go to the public post on patreon, because it’s way too much to explain here.)
In normal and hard mode you can follow your army.
Added a button so you can manually choose whether you want to lead the infantry, cavalry or archers personally.
It should be very easy to get the Valkrii event now, at least in my experience testing the game in normal and hard mode.
Added a world map menu.
Different enemies can now have different bonuses depending on their culture.(Now Valkrii can actually be op with light infantry.)
Skirmishes will become harder every 100 turns. (I noticed at least two people playing the game for way too long so I decided to punish their loyalty.)
Added a log menu to keep track of events and skirmishes.
Both woods of the infra. menu has been merged into one.
Levies are now tied to the number of rents and taxes you can collect, and their number was reduced greatly as well.
Raid events should be easier now too since I lowered the number of combatants.
Hid the intrigue tab in the meantime.
Fixed some glitches, typos as well as a bug concerning the number of soldiers coming back from a skirmish.
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Fixed something that stopped you from seeing the dowager events.
Fixed a bug that appear after court if you didn’t study stewardship.
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Added 1 nude scene and 1 sex scene with two variants for the knight lady.
Added one story event.
It should be impossible to lose on easy mode now
Made so you only need to change your relationship with the landlady ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME
Added toggleable lip flaps for 4 characters (You have no idea how much time will be saved once it’s fully implemented.)
Redesigned the Knight Lady
Redesigned the Flower Knight and added different styles for him.
Minor retouches for the Rat Lord
Made the pause menu and main menu prettier
Gave Rodrick more pieces of advice.
Effectively added 8 new laws.
Some laws now need upkeep in gold rather than decreasing the percentage in taxes. (This is why it’s not save compatible. Sorry u_u)
Elite units now need to be unlocked through edicts
Redesigned some backgrounds.
Corrected some grammar, typos, and continuity errors with the help of Applesauce.
Minor bug fixes.
Fixed a bug in which not all the units would return from a skirmish even if they survived.
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Fixed a fuckton of typos I made. This is all thanks to SomebodyNobody who served pretty much as an editor for this version, as he smacked me on the head with a ruler.
Pushed back the events of the Valkrii and the Elven Queen. They should appear after week 40 now.
Fixed bug in which the calendar wouldn’t advanced if you slept with the elven queen.
Fixed bug in which skills wouldn’t show properly in Baron mode. Because it always is Baron mode.
The game now checks for skills regularly to update the fonts for different languages.
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New content
Added multiple events for the elven queen route, as well as three characters pertinent to that route and her pregnancy scenes.
Added sex scene with the elven queen.
Added sex scene with the older maid.
Added the king outfit for the protagonist.
Added birth scene for the Valkrii.
Added menu in which you can see your heirs.
You can change your relationship to the dowager queen and the wards by right clicking their portrait in the court menu.
Court events are no longer completely random as they are now weighed. Normal events are more common than raid events, character events are more likely to occur, etc.
Valkrii event will appear three times until you challenge her.
Three skill categories have been merged into one.
Protagonist has been reworked a bit.
Minor changes to the menus.
Changed the fonts of names.
Changed the background of the court.
Gold from taxes no longer scales infinitely with support.
Increased the soldiers you get at the start.
Added a button for a youtube channel where I’ll post tutorials and whatnot.
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New Content
Added 4 events for the dowager queen
Added an H-Scene for the dowager queen
Made it so the northern warrior joins you at court if you beat her and you speak her tongue
Added pregnancy for the northern warrior, as well as changing the sex scene so it reflects this.
Added skip time button if you max out all the skills
Added all possible kinks that you can vote for in the content menu
Bug fixes
Fixed the mine upkeep cost being too damn high
Fixed the with time loop
Fixed most if not all of the bugs regarding to skill increases
Fixed the army not coming back home if you duel the northern raider
Fixed the equipment bug?
v0.7.1 Public
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Fixed a  bug that made it so you entered an infinite loop of despair after getting the event with the witch.
Put a bandaid on a bug that broke the stewardship skill in baron mode.
Thanks to masterdragonson for the code needed to make the content menu easier on the eye.
Fixed a visual errors.
v0.7 Public
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New content
Added a sex scene with the younger sister/ward.
Added two scenes for the dowager queen.
Added a scene introducing the twins.
Added a scene for the maid.
Added an all the women are nude as a cheat code.
Added cheats so the game is easier.
Added 3 music tracks and 4 sound effects. Don’t get scared by the knocking!
Lowered the cost of edicts in prince and baron mode.
Now you just need to spend time with the characters to unlock their scenes.
Skill checks are no longer secret
Reworked the witch.
Reworked the wife.
Got rid of a character that was kind of redundant now that incest is a thing.
Changed the UI for the victory screen of the skirmishes.
Minor bug fixes.
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Made a distinction between minor and regular skill check fails
Fixed a visual problems with multiple events
Fixed a couple of typos
Fixed a bug related to a court event
Fixed bug that made battles skip a week
Fixed a bug that kept the player from getting the h-scene with the sister/warden
Fixed content menu crashing during main menu
Fixed a bug related to the Valkrii in which the battle occurred even if you challenged the commander
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  • Remade the map menu so it looks decent.
  • Added the introduction of the big sister/warden
  • Added the introduction of the forest queen character written by Hameleona
  • Added 5 court events written by Hameleona
  • You no longer get a hit on support from taxes every month, now it only affects the support passively.
  • Edicts now show exactly by how much support and other variables are affected by them
  • Infrastructure outside of the citadel shows exactly what it upgrades
  • Added a scene for the steel maiden
  • The treasury tab now breakdowns the profit and upkeep of the citadel so you know exactly where the gold is going
  • Make it easier to discover the corruption mission
  • Added a poll to share your opinions and a link to the discord server
  • Minor fixes
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  • Edicts get 10% cheaper in medium difficulty and 30% in easy.
  • Made the valkrii event more common
  • Made the court characters appear at the beginning so it’s easier to find them.
  • You need to be a commander in the Valkrii events so it launches.
  • Fixed a problem related to the military variables
  • Fixed a conversation with the court advisor in which the protagonist eyes bulged out lol.
  • Fixed an event that decreased support when it should have increased it.
  • Fixed an event in which the images didn’t appear as intended.
  • Fixed some of the quirks of the skirmish system. Hopefully it won’t give as many problems as before.
  • Fixed the peasant revolt
  • Fixed the valkrii event
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New content
  • Added 1 sex scene. (You’ll find it in the court events, and you’ll need a bit of history knowledge and a lot of strength to unlock it.)
  • 40 New court events and reworked others
  • Added tutorial
  • Added difficulty levels
  • Added military tab
  • Added skirmishes so you can send your men into battle
  • Added reports tab to show secret character info and murder plots’ power.
  • Added loans in case you need money
  • Added citadel tab for more infrastructures update
  • Added embezzling mission
  • Added loan mission
  • Added more laws
  • Added murder plots so you don’t lose immediately.
  • Added peasant revolt battle if you lose their support.
  • Added different fonts for each of the foreign languages.
  • Changed the reforms tab to be more visual
  • Changed the colors of the bars at the stat screen to better reflect the skills they represent.
  • Added pubic hair as an option in the content menu.
  • Changed the singing skill name to poetry.
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New Content
  • Royal edicts tab
  • Reworked the characters of the maid and the steel maiden
  • Added the characters of the dowager queen and the head of maids
  • Added the option to build roads
  • Added 2 Scenes and 1 H-Scene
  • Added another costume for the protagonist
  • Traducción parcial al español
  • You no longer lose if the church doesn’t support you
  • Added a bonus while learning if skills on the same category are high
  • Support and renown is now gained passively
  • Minor visual changes to the menus
  • Minor visual changes to the old king
  • Added a few sound effects
  • Added an image for the tax collector
  • Added blur effects to background in an attempt to hide the ugliness and add depth
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Kingmaker 0.2 The foundations build
Also known as the build in which everyone gets pissy about taxes.
Change log
New content
15 court events
Tax manager in reforms tab
Introduction of The Maid character if you study administration on the morning of week 1
Introduction of The Rose Knight on week 10
Introduction of The Mouse and The Rat Lord on week 12
Introduction of The Lord’s Wife, The Trickster, and Lord Stache on week 14
Introduction of The Steel Maiden on week 16
Added advice about the game in Rodrick’s court screen
Added Rodrick’s comments about game events, and one for the Stache Lord
New graphics for the GUI
Taxes are now tied with support, since I guess now it also represents how good they’re doing or how little they’re stealing.
Minor corrections and rewriting on the text of events
Minor visual changes for the protagonist
Bug fixes
Fixed bug that kept the player from saving past a certain point
Developer Notes:
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I feel like I should start this by explaining that I wouldn’t describe myself as neither a writer, nor an artist, nor a coder. All of those I can only do at a rudimentary level at best. And also that this more than a game serves as a proof of concept. But even with that in mind this is something that I always dreamed of playing, so I had the urge to at least try to make it.
This idea was born because I like the princess trainer type of gameplay, however I never found a “prince trainer” to play as a guy  (If you know one let me know). And also, as a grand strategy fan I always dreamed of one with some form of kingdom administration. This is the idea that I was looking to emulate in Kingmaker. The TL;DR however is that this is a mix between Long Live the Queen and Reigns. Both games that I enjoyed greatly but that in my mind needed what the other had.
With that out of the way let me, you know, actually explain what the game is about, and hopefully the vision for an hypothetical future


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