Learn the Heart [v0.3.8] [Beepbopdubi]

Learn the Heart [v0.3.8] [Beepbopdubi]

June 30, 2024F95

You travel back home after quitting your stressful job.
One of your neighbors visits you, and it turns out to be your childhood friend.

Learn the Heart is a dating sim RPG. Experience the game by exploring the main character’s hometown,
dating a partner, playing minigames, learning about the partner’s story, and making use of the feature-rich H-mode.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-30
Release Date: 2024-06-30
Developer: Beepbopdubi Patreon DiscordItch.io –  NewgroundsTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.3.8
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English
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2dcg, animated, male protagonist, vaginal sex, oral sex, dating sim, mobile game, big ass, big tits, internal view, creampie, sandbox
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1. Extract and run.
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I recommend reading my new devlog if you want a detail explanation on the new update
Learn The Heart v0.3.8 Changelog
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• Added Caroline Story 4
• Added new details to Mary, Eul and Caroline
• Added two new furnitures
• Added two new positions
– Caroline Pos 1 Brawler Outfit
– Sylvia Pos 1 Bunny Outfit
• Added Background music and sound to the following:
– House
– Park
– Partner Stories and introduction scene
• Added Various Sfx
• Added new area Outfit store (located inside the mall)
• Added new NPCs
• Reworked and improved positions
– Mary bedroom pos 1
– Mary bedroom pos 4
– Mary bedroom pos 5
– Caroline Livingroom pos 1
– Caitlyn Sidebeach pos 1
• Updated the gallery
• Updated the credit page
• Veteran start now unlock Caroline Story 3
• Fixed an issue where the baits you saved in the inventory didn’t get saved.
• Fixed an issue where the furniture you saved in the inventory didn’t get saved.
• Fixed a bug where not selecting any bait during fishing and clicking ‘Begin’ would decrease your energy
• Fixed some bugs
Learn The Heart v0.3.7 Changelog
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• Added Eul Story 4
• Added a skip button in the H-scenario
• Can no longer date Caroline on the beach if Story 3 is not completed
• Veteran start now unlocks Eul story 3
• Added a volume slider in the settings for the background music and SFX
• Added a moaning sound when massaging the part correctly in the massage minigame
• Added a perspective Caroline Library pos 1
• Added Background music and sound to the following
  – Bread & Brew
  – Docks
  – Forest
  – Beach
  – Arcade
  – Mall
  – H-Scenario
  – All of the minigames
• Updated the credit page
Learn The Heart v0.3.6 Changelog
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• Added Mary Story 4
• Added 1 new position Eul Park pos 1
• Added a notification that appears when opening the furniture tab without purchasing a basement
• You can no longer call your partner to come over if you are in the basement
• Your partner can now follow you into the basement and can stay in the house if they are not following you (Partner will still automatically leave once you leave the house)
• Updated the credit page
Learn The Heart v0.3.5 Changelog
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• Added a new phone app: Thoughts
• Added Sylvia Story 3
• Added a cutscene in the park(night)
• Added 4 new positions
  – Eul Arcade Pos 1
  – Sherryl Arcade Pos 1
  – Sherryl Park Pos 1
  – Caroline Park Pos 1
• Added 2 new H-tube scene
• Changed some dialogue when asking for Caitlyn’s number
• Changed the font style for dialogues
• Objects reversed in you basement no longer reverses the text in H-mode
• Initiating H-scene Love chair on Eul will now have a proper dialogue
• Veteran start now unlocks Sylvia Story 2
• Fixed some NPC’s spawning incorrectly
• Updated the credit page
Learn The Heart v0.3.4 Changelog
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• Added new area in the mall (Super build home renovations)
• Added a new mechanic build mode (Located in the basement)
• Shop UI reworked
• Removed 3 wall decorations in the Bedroom
• Removed a wall decoration in the Livingroom
• Added 4 new positions
– Mary Love Chair Pos 1
– Eul Love Chair Pos 1
– Caitlyn Love Chair Pos 1
– Sylvia Love Chair Pos 1
• Added an alternative button in the swing minigame to swap the arrow keys
• Fixed a bug in the swing minigame where you could still input the pattern even if you accidentally input the wrong one
• Fixed a bug in the swing minigame where repeatedly pressing the wrong input caused the animation to continuously push.
• Added new NPC’s (Only new NPC’s spawn on a specific day)
•  Updated the credit page
Learn The Heart v0.3.3 Changelog
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• Fixed a bug where a dialogue won’t trigger for Caitlyn when asking a date in the Mall
• Fixed a bug where trying to fish without bait would still cost energy
• Improved dialogue sprites for all partners • Improved the gallery UI
• Improved some of the icon sprites
• The Docks is now a dating area
• Initiating an H scene with a partner now fades to black and reveals after the dialogue (Note: 3p scenes won’t work)
• Added item type text when buying items
• Added a day indicator
• Date interactions (Talking, Gifting, and Taking a photo) now cost energy
• Reworked the introduction scene
• After the introduction scene, the game now begins with a date tutorial
• Updated the tutorial
• Updated the credit page
• Reworked the main menu
• Slightly expanded the Gen. Store area
• Added 2 new h-tube scenes
• Improved positions:
  -Eul Bedroom pos 4
  -Caroline Livingroom pos 4
  -Eul Side beach pos 2
  -Mary Livingroom pos 3
Learn The Heart v0.3.2 Changelog
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• Added new activity: fishing, with over 30 fish for you to catch. You can earn money how the rare the fish is.
• Added new area Docks
• Added a new app on the phone that shows altered works of my fan-made animation.
• Added 3 new achievements
• Added 3 new perspectives:
– Mary Park pos 1
– Caitlyn Bedroom pos 3
– Sherryl Bedroom pos 3 (Also reworked position)
• You can now change the game’s resolution in the settings (only for Windows and Linux)
• Changing settings will now have its own file to check
• Added a new inventory tab called Baits
• The achievements section will now have two tabs: Global Achievements and Fish Tracker
• Added a dialogue for Caitlyn when initiating h-scenes in the park while on a date
• Added a new button in the gallery
Learn The Heart v0.3.1 Changelog
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• Added h-sfx on h-scenes
• Added Settings on the phone
• Added dialogues when initiating h-scenes with partners in the Arcade
• Added new positions:
– Mary Arcade pos 1
– Sylvia Livingroom pos 2
– Sylvia Bathroom pos 2
– Caroline Arcade pos 1
– FFM Threesome Bathroom pos 2 and pos 3
• After leaving the Gen. Store minigame, the player will now spawn on the door instead of the starting spawn area
• Various revisions to the codes for easier implementation of new features
• Added 1 new achievement
• The story button now animates when it reaches its required number of dates and when the story has not been played yet
v0.3.0.1 Changelog
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• Fixed the store minigame not being able to leave because the buttons are hidden for the ultrawide screen. (This led players to get stuck in the minigame forever.)
v0.3.0 Changelog
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• Added Mary Story 3
• Added Eul Story 3
• Added Caroline Story 3
• Added Sherryl Story 3
• Added Sylvia Story 2
• Added a hide background button in the dialogue UI
• Improved positions:
– Mary Bedroom pos 5
– Caroline Bedroom pos 3
– Sherryl Bedroom pos 1
– Sylvia Bedroom pos 1 (Also added a perspective)
– Sherryl Livingroom pos 1 (Also added a perspective)
• Changed the amount of hearts required to max the date meter from 20 + (5 * num of successful dates) to 20 + (4 * num of successful dates) (side note: More than 3 successful dates will always require 28 hearts for the date meter before it was more than 2 successful dates will always require 25 hearts for the date meter).
• Changed the camera crop frame from letterbox to stretch fill. (This is for consistent pixel art to avoid thin and wide pixels)
• Taking pictures in photo mode no longer takes up the whole screen
• Added a linux build (I tested this on Steam and it works; I’m not sure how other types of Linux work)
• Added mouse right click to switch between hard and soft in the massage minigame
• Added mouse right click to switch between activation of bonked mode in the store minigame
• Changes to the veteran start option:
– All Caitlyn’s stories are finished, and now she starts with 3 successful dates
– Sylvia is immediately dateable, and story 1 is finished with one successful date
– Forest is immediately unlocked
• Partners can now be called everywhere (Come over option will only work in the House)
• Updated the credit page
v0.2.4 Changelog
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• Added a phone UI
– Check out photos you’ve taken during dates.
– Check out the achievements you’ve earned.
– Moved the dev notes to the Phone UI, including the cheats.
– Moved the partner tab in the Phone UI and renamed it to contacts.
– Improved the tutorial
• Date UI reworked
– Removed date limit icons
– Replaced the date meter
– Moving near the partner now only shows dialogue button and follow button
– Upon clicking the dialogue button, you will be given choices on how you interact with them
– There are still limits on how much you interact, and the partner will trigger a dialogue when the limit is reached
– Hearts spawn when the partner has a good or bad interaction
– When a date meter is not full and you haven’t moved to another location yet, it will trigger a choice of whether you want to end the date immediately or not
• Added new date mechanic: Photo mode
– Take pictures without restrictions
– Player and Partner can be moved by clicking and holding in any direction.
– Player and Partner can changed its poses and can be flipped
– Camera can be zoomed and moved using movement controls and has mobile movement support.
– Photos taken that are kept will be seen in the Photos menu on the phone
– Can only take photo once every location
– Photos are shared throughout all save files
– Adds date points
• Added number beside the choices and a key-bind with it.
• A lot of sprites have been improved and changed because the main character now has a mouth.
• Added a seal in the beach side
• Added a dog right beside the ice cream trolley
• Reworked positions:
– Sherryl Main beach pos 3 (Also added a perspective)
– Mary Livingroom pos 2 (Also added a perspective)
– Eul Livingroom pos 2 (Also added a perspective)
– Caroline Bathroom pos 1 (Also added a perspective)
– Mary Bedroom pos 4
– Sherryl Main beach pos 3
• Added 1 new achievement
• Added a notification when clicking the joystick button
• Moved Mary and Eul Library position 1 to the unused button in Gallery (Players are confused why they can’t unlock the library scene because they don’t read patch notes.)
• Replaced the transfer button from image to text
• Updated the credit page
• Fixed the date interaction able to proceed the interaction by just clicking it
v0.2.3 Changelog
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•  Added a new game mechanic: Moods
–  Three moods (Angry, Happy, Loved)
– Partners have their own unique dialogue when they are in a bad mood.
–  You can spend time with a partner during their free time to decrease anger duration or have the loved duration.
–  Asking a date while having a Loved mood will start the date with extra date points.
–  Ending the date without maxing the date meter will always result to a bad mood.
–  Ending the date with a max date meter will always result to a loved mood.
• Added a new location: Bread and Brew
• Added a new area in the Forest: Forest House
• Added Mary pos 1 Park
• Added Caroline pos 1 Library
•Added new Perspectives:
– Mary Livingroom pos 4
– Eul Bedroom pos 4 (also improved sprite animation)
– Caitlyn Livingroom pos 2
– Caroline Bathroom pos 2 (also improved sprite animation)
• Improved player sprite
• Improved beach massage minigame
• Improved the look of the House Kitchen area
• Changed how the rags look in the beach and added rocks in the left side area
• Added a sign in the main park
• Added a notification when click the Immerse button in H-mode
• General store no longer sells slice of cake
• Removed Mary pos 1 and Eul pos 1 Library (Can still be seen in the gallery and only be unlocked by using Unlock Gallery cheat)
• Changed the area to trigger Heart Reveal near Sherryl on the beach in the afternoon.
• Caitlyn can now be seen on the morning park bench after asking her number
• Sylvia is no longer seen in the afternoon forest.
• Sherryl can no longer called to come over on the beach
• Updated the credit page
• Moved the credit page to the main menu
• Added an exit button on the info menu
v0.2.2  Changelog
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• Added new h-mode feature Perspective Currently added:
– Mary Bedroom pos 1
– Eul Gen. Store pos 1
– Caroline Bedroom pos 1
– Sherryl Main Beach pos 2
– Caitlyn Main Park pos 1
– Sylvia Side Beach pos 1
• Added an Achievement System
• Added dialogues when staring the h-mode and h-intimacy
• Added 1 new pos for Sylvia bedroom
• Added a dialogue when asking a for a date that is not in the morning
• Added notification when opening the Achievements
• Partners now act shy when called to come over only in the house
• Partners can no longer come to the house if their stories are not finished
• Improved the look of the Location Mall
• Improved the look of the Gen. Store minigame
• Improved the look of the Date Swing minigame
• All minigames now opens the tutorial by default
• Cheats are disabled by default until activated
• Inputting the wrong command and not inputting right command within the time limit in swing minigame now deducts points
• Reload slider in shadow shooter minigame now turns to color black if failed to do a quick reload
• Updated the credit page
• Changed switching speed in h-scene from 5 – 7 seconds to 3 – 5 seconds
• Changed the lines when the partner ask the speed in h-scene
• Camera now moves instantaneously instead of moving smoothly towards the character
• After the date interaction animation is finished, the camera moves smoothly, then slowly reverts back to instant
• Fixed a bug not able to play shadow shooter minigame after playing the swing minigame
v0.2.1  Changelog
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• Added a Warning Intro
• Added H-sounds to the gallery
• Added Sylvia H-mode Intimacy
• The unlock cheat now unlocks just the gallery and no longer unlock partners
• Added an interactable climax slider in the gallery
• The joystick button can now be moved by clicking and dragging the small button in the upper right
• Fix the Hsound still playing when leaving the Hscene
• Fix the joystick button not showing in other screen resolutions
• Fixed H-scenes not working or outright softlocking the game again.
• Cheats are now available for anyone to use
• Patreon versions are no more :crab:
v0.2.1 EA Changelog
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• Added new h-mode option: Immerse
• Added new location: Mall
• Added new Dating minigame: ShadowShooter
• Added sex sounds to scenes
• Added 1 new consumble Item: Vigor Pill
• Added 4 new positions
– Sylvia Arcade
– Caitlyn Arcade
– Sylvia Park
– 3p Bathroom
• Changed switching speed to 2 – 5 seconds to 5 – 7 seconds
• Mysterious person no longer sells, bracelet, ring and necklace
v0.2.0 Changelog
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• Added New Dating Feature: Date Interaction
• Added a veteran start when starting a new game
• Added a third option when calling a partner (cancel call)
• H-mode during dates no longer hides the Date bar; instead, it now hides the leave button.
• You can now have three saved files (your old save file is fine).
• 4 new positions has been added:
– Added 1 new pos Sylvia Beach
– Added 1 new pos 3p Livingroom
– Added 1 new pos Eul Gen. Store
– Added 1 new pos Sherryl Bathroom
• Added a cutscene trigger in the library and the gen. store when first spawning the area
• Fixed not unlocking the Gallery h-scene in the library
• Improved the Date UI
• Can no longer change locations during dates in the same place you are.
• Improved Mary walking animation, Idle, and dialogue face sprite.
• Improved Eul walking animation
• Park location
– Improved Visuals
– Added birds
– Improved reveal bush
– Added lights to lamp when it’s night time
• Beach location
– Improved Visuals
– Added animations to waves and background
– Dressing stall is now closed by default and improved reveal button
– Changed the trash icon in beach scenario
• Arcade location
– Improved Visuals
– Added the fat kid
– Added animations to the whack a gopher machine
– Added lights to the crane machine
• Gen store location
– Added lights when it’s night time
• Forest location
– Added lights when it’s night time
• Other locations
– Improved Visuals
• Improved a lot of the positions (There are too many of them to mention)
• Updated the Tutorial page
• Updated the credit page
Developer Notes:
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Current features implemented as of right now
Date with your partner
Play minigames
Give gifts to your partner
H-mode includes :
Speed,  Climax,  Xray,  Camera adjustments, Male Transparency Slide, Intimacy, Immerse, Perspective
Feel free to support me on my Patreon
If you have questions or suggestions, you can ask me on discord. I am very much active and also do spoilers.

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