The Bouncing Agency [v0.18] [Adn700]

The Bouncing Agency [v0.18] [Adn700]

April 10, 2024F95

Play Clark the boss of the bouncing agency,
Enroll girls and trains them for the contest. Fully Animated in 3d.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-09
Release Date: 2024-04-06
Developer: Adn700 PatreonBoostyTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.18
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3dcg, animated, male protagonist, incest, teasing, sandbox, management, big ass, big tits, mobile game, trainer
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1. Extract and run.
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– Total : 9 story scenes with ~50 animations.
– Rebuild text.
– Nikki can visit you want you sleep
– Add icon avatar for all characters (when they speak)
– You can buy magic pills to the Doctor and unlock scenes (Maid x2)
– The maid can be work at home everyday & you can call her
– Maid scene in Hall ( Random… )
– Maid scene in Emmy room ( Random…)
– Nikki Pussy training
– Doctor dildo Emmy’s training
– Visit at the Doctor with Nikki breast control
– Fix her 12h00 = 12PM
– Emmy Holes training ( 3 Variations with 40 animations H-scenes )
– Emmy’s room, visit her after 20h or before 10h (with >50 love) (A corrigГ©)
– Breast Massage for Nikki at the doctor
– Breast Massage for Emmy at the doctor
– H-Scene Massage with Stella at the doctor
– Think about Stella : New Variation
– Add Variations with the Stripper (4 videos with option menu BJ/FINISH/DANCE)
– A Shopgirl can sell your sex-toys and fun with Stella & Emmy
– Add +50 animations.
– Maid Clean your machin (In first scene : Introduction)
– Doctor Dolly : test pills and H-scene random
– Second H-scene with Nikki in photoshoot
– Emmy : Nude Training (2 Variations) + H-scene
– Stella : scene Bus + Shooting + H-scenes
– You can go to the Casino for win some money
– You can go to shopping for buy naughty thing for your girls
– You can Think about the maid after 3 cleaned
– Change earn at work : 100$ to 200$
– New event at work (Pregnante lady)
– Add 3 hot videos from steve bouncing
– Fix sentences & bugs
– Add the StripClub (10 Animations)
– StripClub, 3 Themes : Dance & H-scene with Stripper & the butt Wall
– Nikki shooting & H-scene
– Rebuild Enroll Folder & new girl will be ready.
– Stella can be recruit and you can train her.(Come after 10days)
– You can unlock the folder of Stella
– Add one new video mail with Steve.
– You can order the second clean from the Maid
– Fix the game start in Android (slow video)
– The Doctor can collect your Semen
Bugs : The Introduction Maid is Bugged (Not good video showned )
– Add 3 videos bouncing to unlock with Steve by mail
– Add night Thinking option for Emmy / Nikki / Doctor (H-scene if relation > 40)
– Add cheat code for Nikki 100% love
– Naked training with Nikki + H-scene (titjob)
– Photoshoot Emmy : H-scene variation
– Add dialogue with Doctor / Nude
– The maid can visit/help you to clean your appart (with Naked clean for Supporter)
– Video optimization ( Hope is faster)
– Design : Add somes icons / Computer folders
– You can enter to Nikki’s room (4 variations)
– Emmy Add visit night variations.
– One video archive is open, the Nikki contest.
– New design for level / Training.
– Thinking about girls > Nikki can watch you sometime.
– Add cheat code : Emmy max Love + Training
– Add variations for Take a break
– You can got mail with training video (5 Videos to unlock)
– Random bills in morning ( No money you need to work )
– You can have mail from futur model Stella
– Add Emmy training : Photoshoot
– Add the doctor (Presentation)
Initial Release
– Start game ( with personalization )
– Scene Bar with Emmy
– Scene Meeting with Emmy / Nikki / Clark
– You can improve relationship with Emmy (limit : level 30)
– You can training Emmy level 1 (Variation depend of your level training)
– You can call Nikki for show training
– when you improve relationship you can have random event in appart
– Bathroom in 19h / 20h surprise.
– You can go outside : Work for earn money.
– Add Cheat code ( Uncensored )
Developer Notes:
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About me :
Hi, i’m  Adn700 a 3d/Dev artist and I’m an adult game developer.
I have already created a lot of 3D rendered since 2016 (Pics, Comics, Animations ) in my patreon.
My speciality :
  • Breast/butts expansion and growing
  • Ahegao face
  • Animations
  • Original fun story and dev
Cheat Code: adn700





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