Lost Case: Monster Girl Takeover [v1.4 + LCMGT Test Level 2] [Zolvatory]
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Lost Case: Monster Girl Takeover [v1.4 + LCMGT Test Level 2] [Zolvatory]

January 12, 2024F95

Lost Case: Monster Girl Takeover is an adult metroidvania game in a pixel art style to fulfill all your femdom needs. As the title already suggests, it is going to feature a lot of different monster girls! Later on we plan on having some exciting boss fights, way more opponents and a nice story to tell along with it. Oh and who could forget about the sex scenes of course!
It’s about a detective who receives a mysterious call about strange happenings in a city far away. Upon getting there he realises that he might be in for more than he bargained for as the weirdly distorted city is full of monster girls all with their eyes set on him. It’s up to you to not only survive, but push on further to uncover the truth about what has really been going on…

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  • Explore a big, distorted city with enemies hunting you down from everywhere!
  • Every enemy will have at least two 18+ scenes (For when you get caught and as a game over) that all feature small dialogues and some even choices for dialogues.
  • A day & night system to open up different paths and change the way you have to approach the enemies. (No time passing, you can simply change it at a save point or it will happen automatically for certain events)
  • Lots of power ups to open up new ways of traversing through the city!
  • A mysterious story to piece together with secrets hidden all over that give you hints at what has really been going on even besides the main story.
Thread Updated: 2023-01-03
Release Date: 2022-12-22
Developer: Zolvatory PatreonItchTwitterDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.4 + LCMGT Test Level 2
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2D Game, Male Protagonist,  Adult, Erotic, Female Domination, Hentai, Metroidvania, monster-girl, Pixel Art
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1. Extract and run.
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LCMGT Test Level 2
LCMGT Test Level
Let me start off by saying if you want an immersive experience, please keep your old Lost Case versions! This is very different from that and will look very raw and rough!
What you can do in the level right now:
– Watch different scenes in the gallery mode!
– Use your mouse to navigate the main menu and the gallery mode!
– Test the changes we have made to movement (including our dash which you can find on “Shift”)
– Choose a route to find the best time to get to the end. Feel free to post about your times on our Discord!
– Collect 5 coins hidden around the Level
Update 1.3 containing the vampire has been uploaded! There is no new feature like last time but a few minor changes. For some information on what we are going to do in future updates, please check out our Patreon in the coming days. There will be a public post explaining what we’re planning. As always, please press F4 in the title screen. Either way, let’s get to the patch notes!
– The Vampire stalks the night! You can find her in the more open areas like the basketball court at night. Be wary of her dash attack as the only way to deal with it, is to actually avoid it. It’s the first grapple in the game and it leads directly into an adult scene. Before you ask! Dialogues slightly deviate from what you are seeing in the animation thanks to the temporary reduction of adult scene versions!
– Our detective looks dashing! We’ve added a little dash that our main character can do while on the ground. It has a small cooldown and we will probably extend it to also work in the air with fall off, but for now this is what you get. Press SHIFT to sprint. An option to change that hotkey will be added at a later point.
– Afterimages! Both of these characters have afterimages while dashing. Cool!
Bug fixes
– The wolf doesn’t bonk the air anymore and now properly targets you for being horny
– Falling off of the cliff doesn’t lead to being stuck in a black screen sometimes anymore
– The enemies aren’t on wrong layers anymore (happened while working on 1.3)
– Saving didn’t actually save, but changing the time did. Masker fixed that! (Just like everything else)
Quality of life
Changes to on-wall interactions! Not only do you now slowly slide down while clinging to a wall but you also do not fall off anymore when pressing directional buttons towards the location you’d like to jump in! Makes wall jumping much nicer.
– Falling through stairs is now much more comfortable. Just press down while standing on the stairs and voilà.
Known Issues (A new category!)
– The fairy keeps walking into a wall. She’s not supposed to be smart, but also not that dumb.
– The shopkeep doesn’t talk sometimes (cause unknown)
– Engaging in adult scenes will sometimes have the scene and characters appear at the same time. Cloning! (the bad kind)
– Changes to the menu navigation are planned for 1.3x
– “Music” and “SFX” buttons do not light up in the menu when hovering over them
– Audio configurations saved even if save data is cleared
Bug Fixes
– It is now rare to get hit when getting up as it almost never happens now. Almost.
The dodge attack of the wolf can now be parried. Masker is sorry it took so long… Please let us know what you think of it! Currently it may be too easy to parry but at the same time, it’s the first enemy introducing melee parries.
Adjusted the size of the player inventory in the shop and menu
Quality of Life
– Acceleration/Deceleration of walking is now increased. Please let us know your thoughts on this!
– The dodge attack of the wolf can now be parried. Masker is sorry it took so long… Please let us know what you think of it! Currently it may be too easy to parry but at the same time, it’s the first enemy introducing melee parries.
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Bug Fixes
– Unable to navigate Game Over Menu but it’s now fixed!
– Opening the shop was inconsistent. Not anymore. Adjusted the range at which you can open it and when the prompt shows up.
Quality of Life (or other smaller changes)
– The arrow hovering over the table will now move slightly. Looks way better, doesn’t it?
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Bug Fixes
– Keybindings were jumping around after binding a key and now do not do so anymore!
– Ingame keybind menu was old and has been adjusted to the one in the title screen
– Fixed a bug where you could open the use-item-menu while the inventory was disabled
– Bug fixed in which the navigator was losing track of the first button in the title screen
– Wall to secret room now breakable again. “Lost Case: Walls are unbreakable” season finale reached.
– Game over menu was broken but not anymore!
Quality of Life
– Better menu management and UI navigation makes it easier to work with for Masker
– More menu sounds were implemented and the game is overall more quiet
– Audio system now easier to work with as well
– Added a start screen (you can press escape in the title screen to return to it)
– Added a default control choice when starting the game without a safe file after the start screen
– F1, F2, F3, F4 now not usable in the title screen anymore but in the start screen (now even with audio feedback)
– Keybind alignment changes
– When holding up or down it now takes a bit more time for the camera to follow, so it’s not moving as wildly anymore
– Game over scene is not automatic anymore, you can now proceed at your own speed.
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Art for shop, shopkeep, items, inventory and more…
– Shop has been added. Use it to buy or sell your items. You may also talk to our shopkeep. A more advanced way to talk with her and the quest feature requested by one of our players will be implemented in the future.

4 items are ready to be used. Coffee to refill your HP, cigs to restore your arousal, bubblegum to slow down the decision wheel and a magnifying glass to reveal hidden areas.
– Enemies now drop a bit of money. Pick it up and to buy items in the shop.
– Inventory has been added. You need a place to store your items after all and this is where you can use them, link them to a quick use function or even discard them if you don’t want them anymore for…some reason.

Quality of life

– Options are now accessible from ingame
– Action hotkey was changed to item quickuse (X -> L)
– Action key is now shared with attack
– Minor camera adjustments
– Minor gameplay adjustment
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Bug Fixes
– Key bindings should now be definitely overwritten when changed. Disabled all old control themes and made a small custom UI navigation system that only listens to my own Input Manager. There is no blacklist for buttons yet, be careful which button you assign!

Controls were still possible during scene, which caused problems.
Controls are now completely disabled during all transitions (Menus, doors, etc.)
– Player Character not sliding on the floor anymore after escaping the fairy.
– Climax animation should now loop properly
– Player air attack was lingering, now made shorter
– Not able to load a room multiple times by using movements during transition
– Player now takes damage when i-frames run out when inside the fairy.
– Fixed dialogue tree bug, it was looking for node when there is none.
– Fairy should now be able to count…although she will probably still get it wrong. Maths isn’t her strong suit.
Quality of Life
New check point system. Save rooms only!
– Down + Jump is now the way to go through semi-solid platforms instead of double tapping down.
– There is now a short animation of the fairy actually getting a certain something out of the main characters pants before starting.
– Gravity increased. This affects (wall-)jumping. Feedback is appreciated!
– Mashing when on the floor is now dual button (either left&right or attack&block). Can be swapped between in the controls menu.
– New dev tricks (press these in the main menu for certain effects):
F1 to reset enemy encounter.
F2 to reset player position to the beginning.
F3 to reset all keybinds.
F4 to reset everything (including your save file)
– When clinging to a wall, the camera now pans away from the wall giving you more sight! (When on a wall on the left, camera pans to the right and vice versa)
First Release
Important: v1.2a
please press F4 in the title screen (where it says “Press something”). This is to ensure nothing breaks because of old saves.


LCMGT Test Level 2

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