Slow Damage [Final] [Nitro+chiral]
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Slow Damage [Final] [Nitro+chiral]

January 12, 2024F95

The year is 20xx, and the declining nation of Japan has built the ultimate casino resort: Shinkoumi.

This “special economic zone,” once known as Tokyo Waterfront City,
is functionally its own separate country under the complete control of a private managing organization known as the Takasato-gumi.

But of course, a city with open doors has its dark side.
Amidst the rampant crime and decay, degenerate hedonist Towa lives each day like it’s his last…

Thread Updated: 2022-11-20
Release Date: 2022-11-15
Developer: Nitro+chira JastusaDLsite
Censored: No
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English
Vndb: Link
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2dcg, animated, male protagonist, japanese game, big ass, gay, sandbox, multiple endings, guro, graphic violence, dating sim, anal sex,
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1. Extract and run.
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Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Content Warning
The story contains mature themes with references to rape, human trafficking, suicide, child abuse, self injury, medical malpractice, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and gender dysphoria that may not be suitable for players sensitive to these topics.

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    Slow Damage [Final] [Nitro+chiral]