Lost & Found [v0.9] [Jun1or72]
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Lost & Found [v0.9] [Jun1or72]

June 8, 2024F95

The MC in this story grew up with his alcoholic Landlord, who convinced him from a very young age that his Landlady had passed away in a car accident.  After reaching adulthood and experiencing a breakdown of relationship, unemployment and facing homelessness, he receives a phone call that will change his life,  and uncover the truth about his Landlord.

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PLEASE NOTE that this story addresses subject matter that can be considered taboo.
There will be a choice given to you at the beginning to determine what relationships you prefer to have with the NPC’s.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-07
Release Date: 2024-06-01
Developer: Jun1or72 DiscordItch.ioPatreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.9
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.9 + Hot Fix
1200+ renders/animations
New backing music tracks
ALSO: A surprise ending that no-one will expect! So all my bee-autiful people out there, relax and enjoy!
No continuation of the story thus far, however:
– I have re-mastered Chapters 1 to 4 plus:
– Added extra content to Chapter 4 for better context.
-Issues fixed include missing images / animations, typos and scripting errors.
– 1500+ images
– 17 H-Scenes
– Improved in-game UI
PLUS:  A couple of guest cameos paying homage to a couple of devs that inspired and assisted me at the beginning.  These cameos were included with their permission.  Without these two individuals the game wouldn’t be where it is today.
After a long 6 months and 1100+ renders / animations, we finally did it!  Unfortunately, this new release took us a longer than anticipated, in between serious health issues and real-life events.
Changes include:
– Improved UI on Main Menu
**NEW!!** Replay Gallery (which will unlock as you play through)
**NEW!!** SFX (Now you can hear the girls with ‘certain’ events)
Over 1,000 new renders/animations
Over 3,500 new lines of code
– over 850 new renders / animations
– over 2700 lines of code
– A couple of header changes
– More context at the start of the story
– and of course, more content!
I made a few changes including a slight tweak to the prologue,
and added another 2 chapters to add more content, including meeting another 3 characters.
I will apologise for the lack of H-scenes in this to date,
but you will see more in upcoming updates as you make your decisions on character involvement.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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2128841 1665990286319 | Free Adult Games
She is the mother of the MC and has been dealing with overwhelming guilt over not seeing her son for 20 years since .
Susan is a hard worker and currently holds a senior position with a prestigious company.
She has 2 daughters from another relationship which also broke down.
2128842 1665990294152 | Free Adult Games
She is the older daughter of Susan and sister of the MC.
She currently runs the household while her mother is at work.
Apart from the daily chores she whiles her time listening to 80s music and watching TV.
2128843 1665990302183 | Free Adult Games
She is the younger daughter of Susan and also sister to the MC.
Due to events in her teenage years she has become somewhat a recluse, and spends the majority of her time in her room as a Emo Gamer Girl on Twitch.
She rarely comes out of her room unless she needs food & refreshments.
2128844 1665990310832 | Free Adult Games
Cindy is the MC’s aunt and is Susan’s younger sister.
She works just as hard as Susan and has been helping her cope with the guilt she has been dealing with over the past 20 years.
2128845 1665990322710 | Free Adult Games
Bree is Cindy’s daughter and the MC’s cousin.
She is a fitness fanatic with a dream of becoming a personal trainer to help others maintain their fitness.
2128846 1665990365274 | Free Adult Games
She is the mother of both Susan and Cindy, and is the grandmother of our MC.
She has witnessed what her daughters have gone through, and is determined to care for and protect them.
As the MC you will have decisions to make which will affect both the relationships within the novel and the outcome of this story.
Please enjoy!



* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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