Lust Odyssey [v0.28.2] [Xperiment]
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Lust Odyssey [v0.28.2] [Xperiment]

May 13, 2024F95

You wake up in a spacecraft, alone and naked. And what’s worse, with no memories. You’ll have to advance through the story to discover who you are as you uncover conspiracies, discover new races, or make difficult decisions. But you will find that the truth about you is not as obvious as it seems.
The end of this game is already thought, but everything in between is yet to be seen, will you join me in this adventure so we can shape it?

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In this game, the main character (you) can be male, female or non-binary, with any combination of body and genitalia you want. The romanceable characters you encounter will all be male. In addition, you will be able to activate from a list of kinks the ones you like, adding sex scenes or extending others.

Lust Odyssey is a game with a dark atmosphere with some touches of humour. It revolves around your ship and your crew and at some point expect to make hard decisions about them. as expected from a space adventure, although in the first version you will only find humans, it will have aliens. Eventually, I hope to add furries as well and make the aliens more and more weird and colorful.
The game is made in Ren’Py and you will find the usual interface of the program. But you will also find that to move around some places you will have to tap on doors and corridors shown on the screen instead of choosing from a list of options. A sample of this is your ship and my intention is to transfer this mechanic to some dungeons.
As a fan of RPGs myself, I’ve implemented combats that will allow you to level up and unlock and buy abilities. At some point in the future, I plan to add weapon and armour crafting. My inspiration for this project has been videogames like Máss Effect, Dragon Age, Cyberpunk and Dreamfall (no, nothing to do with Lost Odyssey).

To spice things up I have implemented a respect system, which will unlock sex scenes with your crew. Taking certain actions, choosing certain responses or asking for help to resolve a situation can alter respect both up and down, and neither has to be bad if that’s what you like.

Yes, you can hate characters and they can hate you too. Separated by two bars, friendship and desire can be at totally opposite points. This way you can hate a character you also desire and have angry sex with him.

Thank you very much for taking a minute of your time.
If you have arrived here and have not fallen asleep I invite you to try the game and if you can, support me so we can make it great.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-29
Release Date: 2024-03-01
Developer: Xperiment Patreon Subscribstar Itch.ioDiscord Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.28.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2DCG, Character Creation, Female Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Text Based, Anal Sex, Bdsm, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Dilf, Female Domination, Male Domination, Gay, Futa/Trans, Group Sex, Groping, Hand Job, Humiliation, Interracial, Lactation, Masturbation, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Rape, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Slave,  Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Mobile Game
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1. Extract and run.
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To access the new content talk to Holoryx > Prepare the battlefield. Follow the quest to the end. 4 different variations, depending on whether you allied with Galiano or Garth and who you choose during the mission. If you are Feraldo’s omega I recommend you to lose the fights of this mission.
After completing the mission the elevator button will appear downtown on the second floor. We will be able to talk to Garth, Galiano, Nikolaos, and Holoryx after the mission. Each route will change the answers of these 4 characters.
You can now buy Jhaan.
Galiano has been the chosen character this month, so you will see he has more content than the rest.
Dominant bottoms can now dominate Galiano. The “Make him your bitch” option will be available for them. The requirements are the same as for tops:
  • Not having accepted to be his bitch.
  • To be dom bottom.
  • Degradation must be enabled.
  • At least 10 points of respect in Akra.
  • Have completed the mission “A Battle For Power” at the beginning of the game.
  • The option will not appear if you already dominate him as a top.
The Akra First floor background has been updated. Once Garth or Vexus/Galiano have won the election and some time has passed the posters and ads will be removed.
The dominant top route of The Pulse striper is finally finished.
New sprites for Jhaan, Diego Cortés and Nikolaos.
2 new songs to ask DJ Kafka.
Fixed a bug that prevented activating the scene with Feraldo in version 0.25 if you accessed the VIP area through Thuul.
Rylan and Chip’s scene did not take into account Rylan’s chastity cage. Now it does.
Rylan and Chip’s scene made you dirty as a top dom.
Implemented better closing of combat animations. If you still see animations when loading games please report it.
When paying to enter The Pulse set the player’s money to -200 instead of subtracting it.
Fixed a bug that prevented advancing in the quest of hacking new life by going through Holoryx’s path instead of Seline’s path.
Fixed a bug in the flow script when asking about The Silky Club.
Fixed a graphic bug of Elion’s sprite in a certain scene in the club.
Fixed another error in Zyron’s answers during his first combat.
Fixed combat errors when applying effects like “burn” to an enemy.
Fixed several typos throughout the game.
A lizard didn’t disappear from the screen after a certain conversation on the pirate ship.
Fixed a script error in a conversation with Chip.
At the end of any combat, it was possible to click on ‘attack’ when all the enemies were defeated, causing an error. Now the combat screen will be hidden after each attack preventing us from unintentionally clicking on it. This measure is temporary while I make the necessary modifications.
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You can now talk to DJ Kafka (necessary to advance the main story) and the asshole bartender at The Pulse.
Several scenes have been implemented on the dance floor at The Pulse, these scenes are randomized. The “Asmodeo” option that appeared before has been removed, instead, Asmodeo will appear randomly when you go to the dance floor. To do this we must have visited him in the downtown area (Akra’s second floor) and kissed him in that scene.
The Pulse – VIP zone is now available. There are several characters to talk to, although there is still a lot of work to be done in this area. These new characters will have sprites, starting in the next version.
It requires -80 respect points on Akra or +80 to access the VIP area. Talk to DJ Kafka to know more. For those who are not willing or able to modify their respect, you can talk to Thuul, if you are his slave he can take you there on Friday and Saturday nights. The rest of the players can sneak into his office and steal the pass. But this will affect your relationship with him in the future.
There is now an alternative route to sneak into the New Life facility by talking to Holoryx instead of agreeing to help Seline (the lady asking for her son in the streets of Akra).
Zyron Alvarez, the OC of the winner of the last raffle has been implemented.
After unlocking the VIP area of The Pulse, Feraldo awaits you on your ship for a small conversation. If you did not recruit Feraldo at the time, he still appears and you will have a second chance to do it. After this scene Zyron Alverez, the new character will appear. You have to wait a day since you talked to Feraldo, and you may have to go to Akra and back to your ship a couple of times.
New store in the commercial district where you can buy and sell the fancy clothing, in case you miss your date with Rylan and you want to be presentable to meet Diego Cortés.
New character – Zyron Alverez.
New track at The Pulse –> Doggy Style
  • I have played the game from start to end and some small changes have been made here and there, probably unnoticeable for most games. A few bugs have been fixed, but the main fixes are about conversations happening prematurely, conversations happening twice, and this sort of thing.
  • Fixed a bug that caused jumping to a scene with Asmodeo when talking to the asshole waiter in The Pulse.
  • Fixed a bug when showing Bradley’s ass sprite.
  • Fixed Thuul appearing naked when meeting him.
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Side quest – Save Seline’s Son.
To continue this quest: Akra Second Floor > Commercial District > New Life.  “Ask for Levi” then “Hack the system”. If we manage to advance in this quest more content will be unlocked when we return to the city.
Several conversations will be activated after this point with various characters in the city to talk about what happened.
Combat against 2 Cyberthugs is now the default combat against Cyberthugs, therefore the option to fight against 2 Cyberthugs has been removed. Now use the default option “Kick their asses”. As they are part of the main content their stats have been reduced so they can be defeated at low levels.
  • Now we can submit to the slut-machine even if we win the fight.
  • Now we can offer Rylan to the slut-machine.
The flow script in the relationship with Egon has been improved. Now Egon will not duplicate conversations every time we finish working in the club. If we reject any of his advances he will not spend more time with us after closing The Club and the relationship with him will be blocked. The same if we accept his advances, we will only have the first conversation once. From the second one onwards, there is a new conversation in which it is hinted that the MC has to go after the pirates to advance in the relationship. Now, if we have a relationship with him and betray Galiano he won’t be so angry.
  • Jail (Akra first floor). Galiano will appear here if we betray him. You can talk to him but submissive bottoms will find an interesting addition.
  • The Pulse (Akra second floor). Now you can access this location through the map. It appears after talking to Orion. Some scenes can be triggered here, but you’ll find some WIPs after them.
* The special scene that gives us access to the club by giving a blowjob can be repeated in the Dreamer.
Sentinel NL-12 – Found in the New Life facility. (Accessible through the mission: Save Seline’s Son. This enemy is the first to cast area attacks, plus a new type of attack that first charges and releases in the next turn, so you may encounter bugs. This battle is very difficult, remember to buy pills, and use skills. If we win by lust we can offer Chip to them and see his new sprites.
Now Chip can go with you to fight, as well as Rylan, talk to him on the ship. The pills won’t work on him, you will have to talk to Katari or Alastor to repair him.
Now Katari’s “How are the repairs going?” question will remain illuminated until the mission is fully completed.
Rylan will leave your group when you access the second level of Akra since he does not have access to this level.
Combats adapted to the new system:
  • Sub-Guh’Nir Alpha. Now we can relive this combat through the Dreamer.
The fight scenes against Galiano (accessible through the Dreamer) have been adapted if Rylan is wearing a chastity cage.
New background music for Iacchus House and Ra’Kash/Silent Plains
To access this scene we just have to talk to him on the ship and then go to Ra’Kash in Sithyrya. The only requirement is to have defeated The Warlord. This scene has a second part that is still in progress, I hope to have it done for the 0.24.1 version that will be released next week.
  • New background: The Pulse
  • Chip’s sprites showing his ass
  • New combat animations (laser and machine gun)
  • Sentinel N-12
Electric Pulse – First background music for The Pulse.
New Scene – The best lube money can buy part 3.
This is a long and very extreme scene. So you need the following crew members: Feraldo, Bradley, Rylan, Phoenix, Alastor, and Katari. Remember to finish all the Galactic Union missions you have half finished to make them available.
The kinks you will need to have enabled are Fisting, Bondage, Degradation, and Cum Playing. Optionally: Pissing.
If you meet the requirements, the scene will be activated 7 days after the previous one by pressing the “Sleep” option in your bedroom.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed to talk to Arthur without having recruited him after buying Chip’s body.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when serving the gang three times, being the first two times dressed normally and the last naked or slutty.
  • Fixed a bug when arousing a cyberthug and killing it afterward, preventing it from disappearing from the screen.
  • When using jars of semen in combat on your teammates, they were not discounted from the inventory.
For version 0.25 I will continue adding content to The Pulse and advancing in the main story. A new character will appear who is the winner of the Tier Weaver of December and will be directly related to the main story. I will continue to complete the WIPs I have left behind and adapt more fights to the new system. I would also like to implement some of the suggestions you have sent through Discord that I found interesting.
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There was no scene to increase the desire points with Alastor, now when you talk to him it will automatically trigger.
New scene with Alastor. Talk to him in the workshop. For submissive bottoms. Requires at least 1 desire point and the kink “bondage” enabled.
New scene in the lunchroom if our crew is equal to or bigger than 6 members. If cum playing is enabled there will be a new option called “Fridge”. Some jars filled with a suspicious liquid and labeled with the name of each of the crew members will appear (there are no jars for everyone at the moment). They can be taken and consumed just like pills. As dominants, we will be able to use them on some occasions with our crew. As submissive bottom, we will have the option to dump the contents on ourselves. If we do this with at least 6 of the jars a scene will be triggered as we walk away from the fridge. The more companions we have available (check that they are not on a mission) and that have at least 1 desire point the more will appear, not all of them are currently available. Waiting 1 day will replenish the jars.
If we have a dominant relationship with Rylan now you can do the following:
  • We can use Katari’s jars from the fridge with him.
  • Rylan is now able to wear a chastity cage. There are two ways to do this, either through the scene where he is tied to the bed or by talking to him. Scenes containing Rylan in the top position will be restricted. The scenes in which he appears as bottom have been adapted when he ejaculates: sex scenes in the Club, beach party and fight against cyberthugs.
  • Rylan can now be ordered to remain naked. As long as we don’t tell him otherwise he will always appear naked in any scene.
Arthur can now be ordered to remain naked if we have a dominant relationship with him. As long as we don’t tell him otherwise he will always appear naked in any scene.
Asmodeo has been added as part of the Iacchus game. To access said content, talk to Iacchus, and ask him to return to the ship to trick or treat. Asmodeo is inside the “Sex” section.
Those who wanted a sweeter side of Katari can now enable it in the same scene of him on the beach. If you have already gone through this scene, it can be done by replaying it by talking to Katari in “Calm the nerves.” This is a short scene, more content to come.
New Elion scene visiting him in Egon’s Condo between 1 pm and 5 am.
  • Now you can romance Elion without having to romance Egon. On your third visit to his cubicle in the VIP area of the club, there will be a new conversation if you have not started the romance route with Egon.
  • While Rylan is tied up on our bed, if his anus is open to the max and his stomach swollen a cataract of semen will gush out of his ass.
  • Now after tying Rylan to your bed and leaving him there, he will leave your combat group.
  • Elion’s sprite has been added to the sex scenes that were already implemented, with the exception of the scene where the MC uses bondage elements on him.
  • Now when using the Dreamer your spells that require recharge will not be consumed and your stats like health, lust, and energy will be restored.
  • “Piss shower punishment” by Arthur has been locked to happen only in his room.
  • To advance in your romance with Cicero it was required to talk to him BEFORE defeating Arihama. Script changes have been made to activate alternative dialogs AFTER killing it.
I am pleased to announce that Tamahoki will delight us with his writing, two new scenes have been implemented for now and a third one is in the oven.
Required Kinks: Bondage, Cum playing, and Degradation. Optional Kinks: Pissing and Humiliation. If you have pussy, required not to wear a chastity belt.
As a submissive bottom. If Arthur and Katari are your masters, the first scene is triggered after sleeping 8 hours in the captain’s room. To repeat it, talk to Katari.
For the second scene, one day must have passed since the previous one. Then access the captain’s room to trigger it. Rylan must be in the crew and you must not have broken up with him if you have had a relationship.
  • New consumable item icons: jars with suspicious liquid for Alastor, Arthur, Asmodeo, Bradley, Katari, Phoenix, Rylan, Sammuel, and Skru’Vaks.
  • New layer of semen for Rylan when he is tied to your bed.
  • Cage for Rylan’s penis + weak cum layer.
  • New complete character: Elion + multiple cum layers.
  • New background: Laboratory. Two variants: messed up (before the ship is repaired) and tidy.
  • Fixed inconsistencies with some answers with the gag in Rylan’s scene while he is tied up.
  • Fixed a bug that made characters disappear when sending them to Galactic Union missions. If any of your characters is missing you will have to load a previous game to when you sent them to a mission for the first time.
  • When changing genitals inside the clinic on the second floor of Akra some variables were not updated causing some misspellings.
  • Fixed a bug that could happen sometimes when consuming the last unit of a consumable item.
  • Fixed a bug when starting the first combat against Rylan in a new game.
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*Now Rylan can join all fights in the first level of Akra if you pay his debt to Galiano (the ones adapted to the new system).
The following fights have been adapted to the new system:
  • First fight against Rylan (when he teaches you how to fight).
  • Sub-Guh’Nir combat. Rylan will participate in some scenes.
  • Now there is a new combat if you betray Galiano for Garth. With multiple sex outcomes (Rylan included)
*A new button has been added to the bottom bar to manage your allies. From here you can see their stats and heal them.
*Allies now gain experience during combat.
*From the GUSHOP we can now buy “The Dreamer” for 9,999 credits to relive scenes from the past. Upper Banner. After buying it go to your room > bed. You will be able to see the new battle with Galiano mentioned above (you can take Rylan with you). More scenes will be added to The Dreamer.
*New scene with Sammuel and Skru’Vaks thanks to Kafka. To activate it, go to the Dark Alley on the first floor of Akra (after hiring Skru’Vaks). Requirements: Skru’Vaks must not be on a mission. Be a sub-bottom, not wearing a chastity belt (if you are a woman) and the following kinks activated: pissing and degradation.
*Combat against 2 cyberthugs → One more scene has been finished when winning (Fuck their asses). For dominant tops.
Iacchus visits Akra. Wander around the second floor of Akra to find him. You can talk to Iacchus and Detritus. If you comfort Detritus you can go further in the “Master Bedroom” option if you are into it… You need to be submissive bottom and cum playing kink activated. Not everything I wanted to implement is currently in this version, sorry.
Snake is this month’s chosen one. Go to the seedy bar in Sithyrya during the day to talk to him and start a mission. To further advance your romance visit him several times at the bar, you will need to have visited the beach at least once to unlock everything. When you have declared your love for each other you will be able to see him one more time in your room from 8 pm to 3 am and sleep with him. This is the last event of the content.
Rattlesnake – Increases the consumer’s energy to a maximum of twice its max. Unlockable during Snake’s mission.
  • All the backgrounds of the MC ship have been replaced.
  • Detritus – Dressed, naked flaccid, hard and cumming.
  • The Dreamer Banner (GUSHOP)
  • More layers of semen for Cyberthug
  • Snake – Dressed, naked flaccid, hard + 3 layers of semen.
  • Rattlesnake icon.
  • Fixed several bugs that prevented not from fighting with your fists.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented to attack when equipping the gun given by Rylan.
  • Fixed other combat bugs.
  • More bugs fixed since alpha version regarding the new combat system
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New combat system (still being implemented)
  • Now you can interact with the armchair in Thuul’s house. At the moment only for submissive bottoms. You need the bondage kink on. Two scenes.
  • CHOSEN CHARACTER EXTRA CONTENT: New conversations with Arthur, are accessible after defeating Arihama. If you accept to be his slave, a scene awaits you in his room (kinks required: bondage, pissing, and cum playing.).
  • Now you can fuck Chip in the park if he has pussy, (DOMINANT TOP). Some sentences in this scene have been corrected here and there. You can also ride Chip in the park in this same scene (DOMINANT BOTTOM), you have to be his master and the kink humiliation must be on.
  • In the combat against the 2 cyberthugs. After a victory or a defeat by teasing, if Rylan is in your team and has survived you will find the option “Offer Rylan to them”, this is the only scene that is not WIP in this fight. For it to appear you will have to be Rylan’s master or have at least 11 respect points with your crew.
  • Only for top dominant (at the moment). The cop who stops you for walking naked on the second floor of Akra got a scene. You have to go to the park between 8 pm and 5 am. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have to use “Wander around” without clothes in Akra (second floor) until a law enforcement officer stops you to give you a ticket.
  • Akra Second Floor Background Music.
  • New track for Buccaneer Lizardman battles (Pirate Ship)
  • New combat anims.
  • Several bugs fixed in the new combat system since the Alpha version.
  • The “The Warlord” conversation with Bradley now disappears after defeating Arihama.
  • Fixed the images of the energy pills C and D.
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This update was focused on Galiano/Garth, but since Galiano won the extra content poll most of the new content is focused on him.
New conversations (after killing The Warlord):
> Reach the second floor
> Questions
> Whore him out. Appears after the conversation “Reach the second floor” if you dominated him and fucked him at least 8 times (Conversation: “Fuck his ass”). Also, you must not wear a chastity device.
> Let’s go to my condo. It appears after the conversation “Reach the second floor”. You need the same requirements as for the scene “Beg to be fucked”, if you don’t see this option check the requirements of that scene. You also need the kinks bondage and humiliation active.
New quests
> An elusive foe. There are several ways to deal with this mission, some of which will result in negative consequences.
Talk to him to unlock the Galatic Union missions. Option available in the main menu of the bridge.
-> Missions. You can now send your soldiers on missions to earn money and resources. They have a probability of success based on the soldiers you send and the resources you allocate. For now, the only resources are weapons and armor. The base probability of each soldier will depend on their level, their traits, and their happiness, which is calculated depending on the friendship/love we have with each of them. In the future, I will implement other options to increase their happiness.
> Arihama.
> Explanations (after Arihama). Appears if you dated him (went to his condo)
> New rumors in “Have you heard any rumors?
The scene that was missing in the previous version has been written. After talking to him about The Warlord, go from Kavhar to Diamon Reef from 8 to 3 pm.
Now Katari goes around the ship telling jokes to the crew. At the moment only Cicero. Talk to Cicero in the dorms to see the scene. You must have heard at least one joke from Katari in his conversation panel.
Genetic Material. It is earned in missions, it cannot be used for anything yet. In the future, it will be used to create shots to increase the MC’s stats.
Generic armor and weapons. They are used to increase the probability of success in missions, once obtained visit the armory to replenish the stock.
Lenny’s Drawing. Do the scene with Cicero described above to get it (if you don’t throw it away).
– New songs in the club jukebox.
Galiano standing, back and front for new sex scenes.
Galiano’s Condo Background. Appears in the new sex scene with Galiano for bottoms.
– Skruvaks may not be in the MC’s diary under certain conditions. If this is your case talk to him > “How are you?” to add him. The same with his name. If it appears ???? Use this same option.
– Skru’Vaks sprite could not appear correctly when performing your duties.  It is now fixed.
– Now the random event of Sammuel and Skru’Vaks is not random anymore, it will be marked in pink inside the dialogue options. This will apply from now on to sex scenes.
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– The mission “Kill The Warlord” will automatically update when you load the game. Talk to Bradley to start it (or Arthur if you killed Bradley) Just follow the dialogue to the end.
Warning: Some characters can die in combat. I’ll put a hidden comment below for spoilers.
Tips to beat Arihama:
  • Completing all the side quests, especially the Akonian ritual and Arthur’s grenade, is almost mandatory. It can be done without completing a single side quest, but I do not recommend it.
  • The more characters we take with us the more damage we will do, but be careful because some of them are susceptible to dying…
  • If we have Skru’Vaks tell him to defend if we want more chances to save everyone.
After defeating Arihama you will have a new conversation with each of the crew members including the Graul and Chip (in the ship’s Core). And also with each character of Sithyrya.
After defeating Arihama:
  • We will be able to pick up Graul scales from the ground randomly in the ruins of Ra’Kash, as the Grauls will disappear for the time being. The more perception we have the more we will receive.
  • Refugees move to Ra’Kash.
  • Go to the beach during the day to see a scene and receive a new optional mission (still WIP) Bradley must be alive.
  • Go back to Akra to receive a new quest. Still a work in progress.
Weavers and Praharmas voted for Katari to receive extra content for this update. To start this content we need to have talked to Katari after defeating Arihama and visited the daytime beach on Sithyrya.
  • Arihama’s Chaos. In the combat against Arihama.
  • Sithyrya freed. Kavhar’s background music after defeating Arihama.
  • The Loss Of A Warrior. It appears after waking up in the infirmary or after going to Riordan’s house under certain conditions.
Arihama –
Normal, hard, and cumming.
Kavhar, Ra’Kash, and The Silent Plains now have a cloudless version after defeating Arihama.
New background of Sapphire Beach (night and day) + Map Icon.
New weapons (whip and canon)
New background -> Kavhar’s Wall. Visible en la habitación del capitán. Día y Noche y Nublado.
New bridge backgrounds when on Sithyrya à Night, Day, and Clouded.
  • Whip (This is a weapon that increases lust if we use it to attack we will obtain the same result as when using “Tease”).
  • Canon
*They can be created on your ship by talking to Alastor > Build.
*In this version there are some things left to do, in case all your characters survive you will not miss the missing content.
  • The lizards of the quest “Develop Meta Sith Formula” appeared in the cells from the beginning without the need to take the quest.
  • In a certain scene and circumstance, after finishing the massage with Katari, the SPA TIME music kept playing.
  • In a certain scene, Lucius did not take off his pants.
  • Fixed a phrase when talking to Riordan.
  • There was an error when feeding Hakkon 50 crystals, it was possible to do it with only 1.
  • In the Tier Human version, the scenes with CG images returned errors.
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New interactive CG with Rylan.
After your date with Rylan, if you are his Master, no matter if top or bottom, you can tie him to your bed and play with him. For this, you will need the red rope sold at the Sex Shop. Optional items you can buy to play with him: “Horse Dildo”, “Butt Plug”, “Blindfold”, “Ball Gag”, “Chastity Cage”, “Whip”, “Cumtastic Pill” and “Fluxtamine”. This last one is used to feed him, essential to keep him tied up for several days. Additionally, if you took his underwear you can also use it as a gag, and even combine it with the “Ball Gag”. After playing with Rylan, 3 CG’s will be unlocked in the gallery.
Serve your master. It appears when you talk to Rylan in his room being a slave. You need the red rope sold in the Sex Shop to proceed with this scene. Additionally, the following optional items are also used: “Ball Gag”, “Butt Plug”, “Blindfold”, “Dog Bowl”, “Dog bed”, “Horse Dildo”, “Massage Oil”, “Whip” and “Cumtastic Pill”. If you disobey him, even once, he will punish you at the end of the scene. A punishment will be randomly selected from 6 available, one of them being to put a chastity device on you. If all your kinks are deactivated or you don’t buy more optional items you will always get the same punishment. The kinks needed to activate all punishments are Pissing, Cum Playing, and Chastity.
Rylan > Get Closer. New short interactions if you have a romantic relationship.
Riordan: Landing in Sithyrya now activates a dialog with Rylan to go meet his brother. After that, a new option will appear in Kavhar to go back and talk to him. There is a one in three chance that Rylan is also at his brother’s house. If Rylan is not there, we will have an additional conversation that is important to resolve before it is time to kill the Warlord. If we also have a relationship with Rylan there will be another extra conversation.
Katari. New conversations.
Shock therapy is no longer a work in progress. You’ll need to complete this scene to unlock the rest.
Joke Time. You’ll need 10 friendship points. Each time you get a new joke (There are 19 in total).
Therapy E-mail. You’ll need 10 friendship points. The response from his boss will come in another update and will depend on what you have written.
Massage. Collaborator Content, by *Mogu*. You’ll need the massage oil from the Sex Shop, 10 Friendship Points, and 1 Desire Point. To enjoy this scene to the fullest you’ll need nipple play and feet kinks activated.
NEW KINK: MUSK. Activated by default. Used in small scenes with Rylan explained below.
Bottom Master
. Now you can have a master/slave relationship with Rylan by being bottom dominant. It is done in the same way, through the date with him in the restaurant.
Rylan Tats. Now dominant players (both top and bottom) will be able to stop by the tattoo store and put denigrating tattoos on Rylan if they drank enough during Rylan’s date. These tattoos will always be visible when he is naked.
Switch Relationship with Rylan. You can now switch relationship type with Rylan at any time (Switch Relationship). You can switch between master/slave/romantic relationship or directly break up with him.
Rylan Vanilla Sex. Rylan’s scene where the MC was being ridden by him after the very first fight, has been added for dominant tops in his Sex section when talking to him in his room.
New room assailant. After activating the dog bed punishment with Rylan, he will be added to the roulette of intruders that go to your room when you sleep (you must have the door unlocked).
Collaborator Content, by *Mogu*: Two small scenes for bottoms if you meet Rylan at the lunchroom if MUSK is activated. One being his slave. The other one, if you don’t have any relationship with him but you have desire points and low respect (just 10% chance of this happening).
Combat changes. Combats now have a higher hit and defense rate for the player, requiring fewer attribute points for more difficult combats.
Lose respect in Sithyrya. You can now lose respect in Sithyrya up to -20 when wandering around Kavhar under either of these two conditions:
– You are not wearing pants or underwear.
– Your face and body are dirty.
Masturbation: Horse Dildo. After buying the horse dildo you can use it in your room > Take care of yourself.
MUSIC by *Kafka*
Warlord Reigns Sithyrya
. Background music for Kavhar while the Warlord is alive.
Main Title theme. No explanation is required.
Dog’s Bed
, Dog’s Bowl, Horse Dildo, Blindfold, Ball Gag, Red Rope, Chastity Cage, and Fluxatine. All of them can be purchased at Akra’s Sex Shop.
– By activating certain scenes with Rylan (Serve your master), the dog bed and the dog bowl will appear in The Captain’s room background.
– New CG of Rylan.
– New master outfit for Rylan and degrading tats.
Fixed a bug in the variable “egon_egon_punch_count” during the date with Egon.
The option to interview Phoenix and Skru’Vaks when talking to Egon still appeared after hiring them.
An incorrect scene was skipped when going to Egon’s place between 13:00 and 17:00.
For the next three versions, we will focus mainly on advancing the story. But we will also not forget about the characters that have less content and those that are missing some sex scenes like Elion.
See More
New Kink: Chastity
. Activated by default. Scroll down to learn more, I encourage you to read the whole thing, especially if you are thinking of using it.
The quest “Hire Akra Warriors” has been updated. Go see Egon at the club to continue. Scroll down to know the details.
Now the game will have custom music made by Kafka, thank you very much for your contribution!
Bradley Theme. You can listen to it when fighting against Bradley, both in his ship and during the “Defeat Bradley” mission.
After defeating Bradley during the mission “Defeat Bradley” you can talk to your teammates
(Katari, Rylan, Arthur, and Feraldo) to see what they think about it. If at any point you aroused Bradley and surrendered, triggering the scene where you fuck Sithyrya’s entire army, your teammates will degrade you and you will lose respect.
Now you can fuck Elion while being top-dominant. Sneak into Egon’s apartment at night (from 6 am to 1 pm), but you will need to have finished the first scene with him in the apartment. This is done during the second date with Egon.
By sneaking into Egon’s apartment you can have sex as bottom-dominant with Egon.
You can give 50 crystals at once to Hakkon, if you do it you earn 1 friendship point each time up to a maximum of 20 friendship points.
Now fucking Sammuel is tagged as “Deflower him”. If you have already done it I recommend repeating it to gain one respect point. Before it was not taken into account if you had done it, from now on the game will remember it for future scenes.
50% chance to spank Sammuel when greeting him (new Sprite with a red mark on his ass). To trigger it you need 15 or more respect points, a “desire” point, and the kink degradation.
Now all enemies are affected by the difficulty of the game.
Enemies now give double experience when defeating them in hard mode. The enemies that drop loot, will have more chances to drop more amount.
Added difficulty description when hovering the mouse over “?”
The engine puzzle can be skipped if we are in Easy mode.
FOR THE META-HUMAN TIER. In the Cheats Menu, you can now increase your attribute and skill points.
Handcuffs and ball gag
. They are purchased at the Sexshop. Right now they can be used in the new sex scene with Elion.
Chastity device, cage, or belt. Go below to learn more.
Activated by default. For now only Rylan will apply it if you are submissive bottom. For dominant players we’ll have to create the sprite for each character, starting with Rylan next month.
In the inventory window, you will see a belt or a cage depending on your genitals and while wearing it you will not be able to equip underwear.
There is a 20% chance that Rylan will force you to wear it every time you greet him in his room (only if you have a BDSM relationship with him being his slave). You will have to wear it for a minimum of 7 days, after which you can ask him to take it off in exchange for blowing him, but you only have a 20% chance that he will accept (you can try once a day). When you have been wearing the device for 60 days Rylan will agree to remove it automatically.
Sex scenes prior to this update will adapt over time while wearing a chastity device, so you will find discrepancies. This takes some time, we need to review all sex scenes, since having the vagina/penis blocked, some of them will not be able to be performed, especially for players whose MC has a vagina or is versatile with a penis. In addition, the scenes where the MC ejaculates need to be modified. Characters will also make comments regarding such devices.
For now, these are the old scenes that have been adapted:
The normal sex scenes with Rylan that we can activate from his room.
Feraldo’s scene when he sneaks into your bed.
The scenes of Egon and his father in the apartment.
Masturbate in your room.
During the interviews, if we have at least 1 point of respect with the crew and we play as dominant (male top or female bot), we will have the option to play with Phoenix just before deciding to hire him. The same as Skru’Vaks if we accept to cover his needs with our body and the respect is low enough.
New conversations with both of them in the dorms to learn more about them.
After hiring Skru’Vaks, if Feraldo is in your crew, you may be interested in going to the lunchroom.

If you agreed to let Skru’Vaks use Sammuel as sexual relief

> 10% chance that the scene will be triggered when you greet Sammuel. If you are a dominant top or dominant woman you can join.
If you agreed to please Skruvaks sexually. Go to the dorms > Skru’Vaks > Perform your duties (The scene is longer if you did Arthur’s breath-holding tests).
Talk to Arthur after hiring Skru’Vaks.
To have sex with Phoenix you need to be dominant-top and a respect point (forbid him to cum up to 5 times in a row to reach maximum desire points). For submissive bottoms, you will need at least one negative respect point. There are 4 short scenes in which you advance each day, when you reach the last one the cycle restarts.
When you hire Phoenix:
The comments with Galiano where this one appeared are replaced by Rocket.
Meeting with the gang when working at the club is no longer available (only after keeping Galiano as the boss of the club this option was still available).
– New map of Sithyrya made by Xperiment.
– New Phoenix character by Ovi Master.
– Skru’Vaks re-done by Ovi Master.
Fixed a bug…
… where the sprites of Katari and Arthur overlapped.
… that allowed us to make multiple upgrades of the reinforced cells before leaving the window. However, the reinforced cells were still 5.
… that counted 2 times killing a wyrm during the mission “Kill 5 Sand-Wyverns” when doing it by lust.
… that, depending on the order of events followed, could leave the mission “Escape from Arka” stuck.
… when activating the mission “Attack the pirates”, which only happens in certain specific cases.
… when buying an item in groups of 10 or more, only 1 unit was added, causing the MC to lose money.
In the next versions these will be the major changes following this order of priority:
1- Rylan’s interactive CG for dominant players. For submissive players, Rylan will have a BDSM suit. Possibility to have such a relationship with him being a dominant bottom.
2- Sex scenes left behind with Egon, Elion, Phoenix, Skru’Vaks, and Katari.
3- Finish the two remaining missions of Sithyrya and go after The Warlord.
See More
– The Defeat Bradley mission can be continued and completed. To do this we talk to Bradley on the bridge. This battle can be complicated, the required level is 10. You can fight either normally or by teasing. The recommended Lust Attack is 16, and the Melee or Ranged attack is 20.
* If we lose, but Bradley is low on life (<200), he will consider it a win anyway.
* If we lose, we will still gain experience. We can lose several times to gain experience but each time will require taking more life points from him (up to a total of 10k experience points).
*This time you can defeat him by using lust. For the submissive (top or bottom) players, you must surrender once Bradley shows you his boner. Upon winning, the sex scenes will be exclusively for dominant players (top or bottom).
*By winning, we will get a lot of respect in Sithyrya. Players who want to lose respect can block it from the Respect menu.
*You can repeat the scene as often as you like by talking to him on the bridge.
– When working in the club we will be able to go to Egon’s home, it is required to have at least one friendship point with him and to have finished “Attack on pirates”. Some sex scenes will require the “Bondage” kink to be activated.
*We will be able to repeat (with new options) by working at the club or going directly to his condo from the Akra map between 06:00 AM and 13:00 PM.
*If we have had sex with Egon’s father at least 2 times at the club, we can have some fun with him too.
– Katari has a gift for you when you go to your room.
– New function to change the difficulty level between Easy, Normal, and Hard. You will find it in the general options. For now, it only affects Bradley’s fights, it will be applied to everything later.
– Egon. Re-done with all facial expressions + flaccid cock + hard cock + ejaculating + semen on face. by Ovi_master
– Bradley – New layer of abundant semen. Visible after beating him with lust in combat. by Ovi_master
– Ruins of Ra’Kash – day and night. by Ovi_master
– Silent Plains – day and night. by Ovi_master
– Egon’s Condo Background – Temporary background made with Night Café.
– New map of Akra – made by Xperiment.
– Reindeer Tiara – Given by Katari. Sold for 1,000 coins at the junk store in Kavhar.
* Put it on and talk to Katari in the Workshop to earn 5 additional friendship points.
– On a certain route, after having Rylan suck Katari’s cock, Rylan would not disappear.
– By beating a Graul being top, the correct result was not shown.
– Several continuity bugs/errors have been corrected with Galiano. Its conversational screen has also been restructured to make it clearer.
– Consumables and key items can now be bought/sold in 10/50/100 stacks.
– New button to access the GuShop. It is unlocked when watching TV in Egon’s apartment. At the moment it is not available, and an error appears.
That’s all, I hope you like it. For version 12 we will focus on Bradley’s missions to defeat the Warlord.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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– Three side missions given to us by Bradley have been updated. The instructions inside the diary will be updated automatically when loading the game:
*Hire the best soldiers in Akra. For now, only 1/3 part of this mission is available. Go to the club and talk to Feraldo the werewolf. Just follow the dialogue to the end.
*Create a biological weapon. Follow the instructions inside the mission. The mission can be completed to the end.
*Build a strong armor. Simply talk to Alastor by having a Graul scale in your inventory. For those of you who don’t have the Cheats option, it can be an arduous task to gather all the materials.
– New variant when working in the club and talking to your crew. Instead of having Rylan “apologize”, you can suggest it to Bradley. After finishing the scene, if you are into whipping you can have an additional scene with him by buying the whip in the sex shop and talking to him when he is on the bridge. Only for dominant players (bots or tops).
– For submissive players. Feraldo has a percentage of sneaking into your room if you leave the door open and you have at least one desire point with him. Spending the whole day (24h option) has a higher percentage of happening. More scenes of this type will come later. If you like pissing kink and you have a good relationship with Feraldo, he will appear in the streets of Sithyrya while you are wandering around at night.
– Feraldo. Armored, naked, flaccid, erect, ejaculating, happy, and howling.
– New Bradley variant -> On all fours + several layers of cum + 2 different faces + several layers of whip marks.
– Sithyryan Armor. Complete armor of 5 pieces by completing the mission “Build a strong armor”.
– Arihama’s disruptor. Obtained in the mission “Create a biological weapon”.
– Whip. It can be purchased at the sex shop.
– Q-Ball. Obtained during the mission “Create a biological weapon”.
– During the mission “Create a biological weapon” we will unlock the reinforced cells and a way to put creatures in them. For now, only the Graul can be captured. The rest of the creatures will be added in future updates. Also, the ship upgrades are unlocked. For now, there is only the option to reinforce 5 cells.
– New skills for sword fighting. They are unlocked by talking to Feraldo once we hire him.
– The UI is still changing but there is still some way to go.
– New greetings from Rylan when you enter his room or the lunchroom depending on how your date with him ended.
– Galiano/Garth missions have been detached from “Attack on Pirates”. Now it is not necessary to complete their missions to get the ship off the ground. Instead, we will get thoughts from the MC or Chip before starting the mission to advise the player. Therefore the “Farewell” and “I’m back” options with Galiano have disappeared. Everything has been unified in the conversation “What are you?” that appears after finishing with Garth, during this conversation we will have 1 opportunity to tell him the truth about us and unlock the options of Sex with him.
– Now you can work at the club every day.
– Katari will now be in the Workshop instead of the core after having repaired the ship.
– Now in the Cheats option, materials are added 20 at a time, instead of only 1.
For version 12 we will have the date with Egon and finish the side mission “Defeat Bradley”.
I also want to announce that I have recovered the Fandom Wiki (yes, they had shut it down). Please note that it’s still a work in progress. At the moment it’s being updated by Kafka and me, but everyone is welcome to participate.
Thanks for reading and I hope you like the update.
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– Date with Rylan. To start it we go to Rylan’s room inside our ship (only in his room). We can steal a jockstrap from Rylan or throw it in his face (we recommend keeping it in our inventory). After the first conversation we will be able to buy the fancy clothes (optional) in two ways: Wandering around Akra or talking to Arthur if the desire with him is greater than 0 (we recommend the latter).  If we do not buy the clothes nothing happens, but Rylan will be annoyed with us if we are in rags. Return afterward to Rylan and follow the instructions. We recommend bringing the following items to the appointment: Butt Plug and Cumtastic Pill.
– Rylan has been redone from scratch, all variations included.
– New fancy clothes for men and women (3 pieces).
– Rylan’s Dirty Jockstrap – Only obtainable through the date with Rylan during the first conversation.
– Fixed the bug that prevented seeing the scene when giving Katari to Iacchus in version 9.5.
The interactions with Rylan are not over yet. In future versions, we want to make the date replayable with new options, including demeaning tattoos for Rylan that will be visible whenever we undress him. We have yet to implement one of the two options left behind from the poll. An interactive CG will be created to play with Rylan with sex toys. For the submissive bottoms, we will give Rylan a master outfit. But all this will be for another version. For version 11 we want to continue with the side quests in Sithyrya and introduce more content about Feraldo The Werewolf.
Wander around Kavhar at night to start the event. I won’t say too much, just follow the prompts. When you return to Kavhar after the event, you can go back to the spooky house for more content or return to the ship.
  • New character Iacchus. Normal, Flacid, Hard, and cum layers.
  • New temporary background “Spooky House” made with Night Cafe.
  • The way backgrounds are displayed in the code has been changed to make it run smoother on slower computers.
  • The way in which character sprites are displayed has also been changed so that in the future they can have a variety of costumes.
  • You can see that the UI is still changing. We are in the middle of it, so it will be updated little by little.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and typos.
See More
In this update, Meta-Humans voted for Arthur to be the protagonist. Therefore, almost all the new content revolves around him.
New conversations with Arthur:
– Tests (I won’t explain everything that appears, I’ll just say that depending on the role you have you will unlock some tests or others, if you play as versatile you will obviously have all the options available to you. There is a new CG only for dominant players (top or bottom). The new items in the sex shop can be used on Arthur (as well as the cumtastic pills).
– Sub-Gun’Nir Alpha. Only if you saved and recruited the creature.
– Pregnancy. It appears after obtaining test results
Now you can wait for him in the alley, you don’t need to be there at the exact time.
Some texts change with the blowjob scene if you go back to the alley after passing all of Arthur’s breath-holding tests. (Only bottoms)
If the respect with the crew is -4 or lower and you play as a submissive bottom there is a 20% chance that Bradley will want to have sex with you every time you greet him on the bridge.
You can now travel to Sithyrya from the bridge if you finished the mission “Attack on Pirates” and have completed all the conversations with Arthur and Bradley. If you killed Bradley just finish the conversations with Arthur. For now, it’s pretty empty and the background is an edited photo. It will be changed to a proper background in the next updates.
If you wander around the city you can pick up 1 unit of scrap, or 1 to 2 units randomly if your perception is 4 or higher.
Junk Shop -> Unlocked by wandering around the city. You will be able to buy scrap and fuel for the ship.
New conversations with Bradley, Alastor, and Cicero if they are in your ship when you land for the first time in Sithyrya. If Bradley is in the cells when you get to Sithyrya you can talk to him and release him (he won’t appear again).
– For now, all of them are still to be made, “Work in progress” will be displayed in the mission screen.
– Kill the Warlord. Only if Bradley is not imprisoned when you get to Sithyrya. If he is in the cells the mission will not start until you release him and go to Sithyrya. For those who killed Bradley, the mission will start with Arthur in another update.
– Develop the Meta-Sith formula. It starts if you accept to help him. The option appears when you enter Sithyrya and Bradley is free.
– After completing step 2 of the mission “Kill The Warlord” you unlock 5 side missions by talking to Bradley:
o Build a strong armor
o Defeat Bradley
o Hire the best soldiers in Akra
o Create a biological weapon
o Do the Akonian ritual
Buttplug (Available at Akra’s SexShop.)
Massage oil (Available at Akra’s SexShop.))
Dark Crystal Sword (Available when unlocking Alastor’s forge.)
– Weapon and armor building screen has been implemented. Talk to Alastor and bring him a dark crystal. For now, you can only build the sword.
– Increased the experience given by enemies when killing them and the experience as a reward for completing some Akra quests.
– A new conversation with Galiano “Tell him the truth” has been added. It only appears if you couldn’t see the good version in “I’m Back”, needed to activate the sex scenes with him as a submissive bottom. Requires 6 points of friendship with him.
– New conversation with Katari and Alastor in the core room.
– Cheats. You can activate the cheats inside the game menu, once you have loaded the game. Only available in the Meta-Human version. Its use can cause inconsistencies, so use it at your own risk.
– When playing as top dominant, some dialogs when working as a waiter in the Club were not activated during the first phases.
– The Resources list in the Galaxy Map has been temporarily disabled as the items are not correct until a solution is found.
– Arthur’s new GC with 10 variants. Actually, 9 for each player, since there is a CG exclusive for men and another one for women.
– New Arthur sprites: naked flaccid, naked hard, and ejaculating.
See More
  • You can now continue “Battle for power” and follow the chain of events to the end (2 possible outcomes).
  • You can now finish the mission “Repair the ship”. Talk to Katari after finishing “Battle for power”.
  • New mission “Attack on pirates” after finishing the mission “Repair the ship.” Rylan will ask you if you are ready. You have to fulfill the following conditions to proceed to the next stage of the mission:
  – Do not have the mission to eradicate Sub-Guh’Nir half done. If you did not start it, you can skip it.
  – To have said goodbye to Galiano and Egon.
  – If Katari is a member of your crew, have witnessed the discussion between him and Rylan in the lunchroom from 8 pm to 10 pm.
  • Now to accept the mission “Battle for power” you must have had the conversation “How was your day?” with Rylan and have had the first meeting with Katari (whether you recruit him or reject him) and be on day 7 or more.
  • After finishing “Battle for power”, if you lose or surrender in combat against the thugs in the whorehouse, you will no longer be kicked out of the place.
  • Time moves forward as you move around the ship.
  • The time that elapses after a battle has been extended.
In the battle against Garth, you will fight a thug first. Depending on what you do, different scenarios or variations will be shown.
The result can change if you kill the thug/surrender and the thug is not horny/you surrender and the thug is horny/you make the thug horny. And depending on the result, it will change at the end of the battle with Garth. So, different results if you surrender and Garth is not horny and the thug is still alive/you surrender, Garth is horny and the thug is alive/you beat Garth and the thug is dead/you lose against Garth and the thug is dead.
If you play as vers or bottom you will participate in the scene as bottom (submissive if you lose or dominant if you win). The same if you play as top.
  • If you have more than one Luxina item or more than one Luxurian item in your diary, go to Egon and ask “What are you?” and get to the end of the conversation to get it corrected.
  • Fixed other minor errors
  • Egon angry.
  • Garth. Normal, hard, and cumming.
That’s all. I hope you enjoy it!
More changes. From here on there are spoilers, read it only at your own risk.
  • Additional dialog when taking a boss nap if you betrayed Galiano.
  • If the mission to eradicate the Sub-Guh’Nir is half done at the end of “Battle for power” you finish it with Garth, which slightly changes some dialogues and the name of the Sub-Guh’Nir Alpha. If you didn’t start it, you’ll lose it (only in case you choose Garth).
  • If you beat Garth but still accept his offer you can take over the club.
  • If you are the owner of the club or your respect in Akra is higher than 10 you can drink for free from the club bar.
  • If you chose Garth and did not pay Rylan’s debt you will no longer be able to do so. You will lose the friendship/lust points awarded by completing this mission.
  • If you chose Garth, Egon will be angry with you. Don’t panic. If his bar is red you can recover his friendship by working in the bar on Fridays and Saturdays. You will recover +1 friendship for each time until it reaches 0.
  • If you chose Garth, the “Meet the gang” option when working in the club disappears. Some of them are dead.
  • If you paid Rylan’s debt or chose Garth, Rylan will need fewer days to find the pirates’ trail during the “Attack on pirates” mission.
Only after allying with Garth.
  • How things are going?
  • Why 4 eyes?
  • Payday (only if you own the club)
Only after you have remained faithful to him.
  • How are you doing?
  • About what Garth said.
  • What are you?
  • Farewell (appears after “How are you doing”? and as long as the mission to eradicate the Sub-Guh’Nir has been completed).
  • Farewell (only if your friendship with him is higher than 0 and after finishing “Farewell” with Galiano)
  • Galiano’s Fall. Only if you choose Garth.
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“A battle for power”. It appears immediately after accepting to work with Galiano.
“End the Sub-Guh’Nir’s.” At least day 7, hired Sammuel, and discovered the core door in the subway facilities. 2 different outcomes, you can either kill the alpha or recruit him.
“Beat up 5 Garth’s thugs”. Available after obtaining the information from the thugs in “A battle for power”.
You can now complete Rylan’s debt to Galiano.
Garth’s Whorehouse. Unlocked during the mission “A battle for power”.
– You can take a 2-hour nap using the thugs as servants. Only if your respect in Akra is higher than 3.
– You can talk/fight with the thugs at any time.
– Take drugs with thugs. Random short scenes depending on your role/kinks activated. There are a total of 5, we will add more. Suggestions are welcome.
Now, if you wear the underwear and pants (knee pads) of the slave outfit or the underwear and pants of the master outfit you don’t need to take them off to work as a waiter at Galiano’s Club.
If you agreed to be Galiano’s bitch, a 50% chance that he will demand you to suck his dick every time you greet him.
Sub-Guh’Nir Combat. Now if you surrender when the beast is horny, it rides you if you are top, you acting as submissive (you are surrendering). If you are versatile the result is random. If you lose to the beast (your lust bar is maxed out) it also mounts you (similar scene).
Your crew members on the ship react to the Sexshop’s kinky outfits when you talk to them. Only dialogues of one or two lines tops.
After fucking Rylan (you as top-dominant), you can use 1 or 2 cumtastic pills with him.
Hydraulic Gear – Received after every battle against cyber-thugs. For now, it is useless. Ingredient to make weapons and armor in the future.
Pure Crystal – Delivered by the core worker during the mission “End the Sub-Guh’Nir’s”.
  • Milk
  • Nipple play
Disabled by default. They only apply for now to the sex scene with Galiano.
Galiano – Flacid, Hard, Cumming + Milk layer
Cyber-Thug – Normal Standing, Hard, Cumming
Sub-Guh’Nir Alpha, Normal, Hard, Cumming, In a jockstrap.
Background – Subway Facilities.
– When accessing the character file, the red bar was not displayed if the relationship with that character was negative.
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– Casino – Wander around the city to unlock. The only thing you can do here for now is to play the slot machine.
– Sexshop. Wander around the city to unlock. Here you can buy 2 new “armors” and a new item called “Cumtastic pill”. Only usable for now with Sammuel.
– Rylan.
  • How was your day? Appears after completing the first task with Galiano.
  • Tell me more about you. After finishing the previous conversation.
  • New crewmates. After hiring Katari and Sammuel.
  • You can now review Rylan’s sex scenes after the fight. Some of you will find that I have made some readjustments.
– Katari
  • What are you?
  • If you have enough money you can advance in the mission of repairing the ship. If you have 50 units of scrap in your inventory you can reduce the cost.
– Sammuel.
  • Where are you from?
  • Sex. Only displayed if you play as top dominant and your reputation is higher than 0.
– Galiano.
  • You can now sell him the extra crystals, as long as the mission to kill the creatures is not active.
– Egon.
  • You can ask Egon if you can help in the club. After that, you can come on Fridays and Saturdays between 17:00 and 22:00 to earn a considerable amount of credits.
  • To hire Sammuel you have to go to the bar in Galiano’s club (Egon must be on duty) after having the first meeting with Sammuel and Skru’Vaks, be on day 3 or more, and have completed the first task with Galiano.
  • After talking to Rylan about the new companions, you will be able to see a friendly conversation between Katari and Rylan in the lunchroom, between 20:00 and 22:00.
  • The stores are no longer so crappy. Now a screen with boxes is displayed.
  • Now you can have fun with the junkie. (top and bottom).
  • Some users have reported lag problems when creating the character, that should be fixed.
  • Fixed some minor bugs and typos that you have reported to me.
Background – Lunchroom.
  • Egon – Normal pose.
  • Sammuel – Normal pose, Salute, Thinking, 5 sex stages + 3 cum layers (inside him, over his ass, and cum covered.)
In the next update, I’ll focus on Galiano. He’ll give you new quests.  And I’ll better adapt the sex scenes to the roles with the Sub-Guh’Nir. You had already notified me of this, but I haven’t had time to implement it.
See More
– Akra – First Floor
– Grocery Store – Wander around the city to unlock. For now, you can only buy pills and it’s a choice menu. In the next version, I’ll create a more elaborate menu with icons.
– Galiano’s Club – Follow the main story to unlock.
– Subway facilities – Follow the main story to unlock.
– Dark Alley – Wander around the city to unlock.
*After unlocking the grocery store, the dark alley, and Katari, 3 random scenarios may appear if you wander around the city. +1 special if your face and body are dirty.
– Egon – Follow the main story to unlock. For now, only his silhouette appears.
– Grocery store clerk. – For now, only his silhouette appears.
– Galiano – Follow the main story to unlock.
– Katari – He appears when wandering around the city.
– Skru’Vaks/Sammuel – They appear in the Dark Alley.  Depending on your role you’ll have certain options to interact with one or the other.
– Sub-Guh’Nir – First combat. Follow the main plot to find it.
Clarifications about the combat system:
There are two ways to win/lose. When the life of either of you reaches 0 or the lust bar reaches the maximum. Each result returns a different scenario.
If you surrender two things can happen, depending on whether your enemy is excited or not. Only for bottoms (for now). In this scenario, you won’t win the fight and you won’t receive experience and loot.
Background – Akra (First floor)
  • Katari – One pose.
  • Galiano – One pose.
  • Skru’Vaks – Two poses (naked and cumming) by Ovi_Master
  • Sammuel – One pose
  • Sub-Guh’Nir – Three poses (normal, erected, and cumming)
*For some backgrounds, I’ve used retouched photos. They are only temporary until I paint them.
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Bug fixes.
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Initial Release

Usui (Julian) thanks for the link


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