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Maid to Please [v0.14.2] [Tutbork]

April 12, 2024F95

In Maid to Please, you’ll step into the shoes of a young man returning home after University. A new life awaits you. However, everything is not as it seems. You have secrets, a troubled past, and a mind set on revenge.
All sorts of things get in the way of your plans though; your dad has a new wife, and she’s almost your age and gorgeous besides. There’s a ditzy just-turned-eighteen girl next door, a corrupt Latina cop, the hot but entitled daughter of an ice cream tycoon, the younger sister of a childhood friend, and more. Each presents unique challenges and opportunities.

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Your interactions with these women offer divergent paths: romance or dominance. Will you woo them with charm and affection, building towards a genuine connection? Or will you prefer to use your charms to assert control through occasional discipline and manipulation, leading them down a darker path?

Thread Updated: 2024-04-12
Release Date: 2024-04-09
Developer: Tutbork Itch.ioPatreonDiscordSubscribe
Censored: No
Version: 0.14.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Blackmail, Cheating, Corruption, Humiliation, Male Domination, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Spanking, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Romance
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.14.2 “Playtime”
– Includes the evening and night of playable day 13.
– Includes the morning and day of playable day 14.
– Added 714 Renders.
– Added 11 animations.
– Re-rendered five images of the Ice Cream Princess to soften some of her expressions.
– Added a gallery! Currently it only have the scenes in it that were added this update.
I’ll need to finalize it with some feedback, maybe even polls, before I backtrack to old content.
– I’m not sure how to keep track of added dialogue any more. This because of the gallery
texts. The word count is now 217,877 but it’s inflated by some doubles. Maybe I’ll
just drop it from the changelogs? If you have opinions, reach out and let me know.
v0.13.3 “Kittens”
– Includes the night of playable day 12.
– Includes the morning until afternoon of playable day 13.
– Added 513 renders.
– Added 9 animations
– Added 18677 words of dialogue for a total of 184,792 words.
Exactly the same number of words that were added for version 0.11.4. Imagine that.
v0.12.4 “Road trips”
– Includes the night of playable day 11.
– Includes the morning until late evening of day 12.
– Added 671 renders.
– Added 10 animations.
– Added 1 music track.
– Added 19461 words of dialogue for a total of 166,115 words.
– Fixed one typo. Thanks for reporting it!
v0.11.4 “Buns”
– Includes the night of playable day 10.
– Includes the morning until late evening of day 11.
– Added 529 renders.
– Added 9 animations.
– Added 18,677 words of dialogue for a total of 146,694.
– None of the typos in the game were fixed because no one told me about them! I’m sure they are in there …
v0.10.4 “Close Calls”
– Includes the evening and night of playable day 9.
– Includes the morning until evening of playable day 10.
– Added 430 renders.
– Added six animations.
– Added five music tracks.
– Fixed a couple of typos. As always, thanks for letting me know.
– The game now has 128,017 words of dialogue. Closing in on Return of the King at 137,115!
Changelog for 0.9.3:
– Includes the evening and night of playable day 8.
– Includes the morning, day, and afternoon of playable day 9.
– Added 522 renders.
– Added four and a half animations.
– Added one music track.
– No additional ice cream this time around.
– Fixed a couple of typos.
– I started a discord at: https://discord.gg/9NW6FDzA
As always I welcome feedback of all kinds! Remember, if your save is from a modded game, you’ll need an update to the mod as well.
Changelog for 0.8.3:
– Includes the evening and night of playable day 7.
– Includes the morning, day, and part of the afternoon of playable day 8.
– A couple of scenes were written in collab with JoeTheMc84.
– Added 360 renders.
– Added three animations.
– Added one music track.
– Added ice cream.
As always I welcome feedback of all kinds!
– Includes the morning, day, and afternoon of playable day 7.
– Added 380 renders.
– Added four animations.
– Added one music track.
– Fixed a couple of old typos and re-rendered a couple of images to deal with a mysteriously moving toaster.
– Includes all of playable day 6.
– Added 315 renders.
– Added one animation.
– Added two music tracks.
– Added two more characters to the stat screen for a total of eight. Very likely to be the entire main cast – unless someone has an accident and has to be replaced!
– Fixed a dozen or more typos/grammar errors (thanks MRMIdAS2k).
– Went through the early game and added music to the longer periods of silence.
– Includes all of playable day 5.
– Added 295 renders.
– Added two animations.
– Added two music tracks.
– No typo or bug fixes. Make sure to let me know if you see any!
– A sixth character is added to the stats screens at some point during the update.
– The last scene with Beth was written in collab with JoeTheMC84
– Added MtP’s first sex scene (per my definition anyway!) A milestone
has been reached! An achievement unlocked! A level gained!
– Includes the Afternoon to Night of playable day 4, ending this day.
– Added 180 renders.
– Added two music tracks.
– Includes the Morning and Day of playable day 4.
– Added 140 renders.
– Added one maid.
– Added two music tracks.
– I had writing help from JoeTheMC84.
– Added short dissolves for changing images and longer ones for changing scenes.
– Includes the Evening and Night of playable day 3, ending this day.
– Added 145 renders.
– Added 1.5 animation(s).
– Added four music tracks.
– Some typo fixes. About ten.
– JoeTheMC84 participated in the writing.
– A note of importance: There is at least one scene in this update that has a variation depending  on whether affection or submissiveness is higher in a  character. If these values are the same,  you have no control over which scene you’ll see.
-Keep this in mind when distributing points, and also if you use a mod to increase the points.
– Includes the Day and Afternoon of playable day 3.
– Added 184 renders.
– Added one animation.
– Added two music tracks.
– Did some panning high-res images (four in total, you see two in a playthrough depending on choices).
If anyone has thoughts on those let me know in the Maid to Please thread on f95zone.com.
– Fixed one typo.
– Fixed an error with Matt’s story in the bar where you could see parts of the conversation twice.
– I had some writing help in Hannah’s scene from JoeTheMC84.
– Includes the Morning and early day of playable day 3.
– Added 113 renders.
– Added one animation.
– Added one music track.
– Fixed several typos. Thanks for reporting those to me in the game’s thread @ f95zone.com!
– I had some writing help with a couple of scenes from JoeTheMC84  @ f95zone.com.
– Includes the evening and night of playable day 2.
– Added 135 renders.
– Added two animations. One turned out meh but I like the other one.
– Corrected no typos and fixed no bugs.
– Added three music tracks and some drums (let me know if those are annoying!)
– The game now has 23,785 words of dialogue. That’s right. We’ve passed 4% of
  The Lord of the Rings!
– Includes the afternoon of playable day 2.
– Added 117 renders.
– Added one idling animation. The hair won’t loop properly but I included it
  anyway because I spent a lot of time on it 🙁 🙂
– Corrected no typos yet again. Let me know if you spot tpyos or bad grammar.
– Fixed the double-click to close the second stats screen (thanks to Hordragg).
– Added a music track to the backyard.
– Includes the day time of playable day 2.
– Added 142 renders.
– Added an age verification splashscreen at game load.
– Corrected no typos. True story.
– Added a second stats screen.
  Closing the stat screen when on the “second” one requires two clicks.
  I’m chalking that one down to being very much an amateur coder 🙂
– Includes the morning of playable day 2.
– Added 64 renders.
– Added one animation. Probably no better than the first.
– Added a music track to the kitchen.
– Re-rendered about 20 images in the intro where a pose I used reduced the MC’s
  size by 2%.
– You can now select a name at game start.
– I left the developer tools on in this version in case someone wants to change the
  name without replaying the game.
  First open the menu with: shift+O
  Now type: mc = “the name you want”
  If you want to change the last name too: mc_last = “the last name”
  Don’t literally enter “the name you want” or “the last name”.
  Best not use this to cheat! 😉
– Includes the evening of playable day 1.
– Testing out the sound features of Ren’py. A couple of sound effects/music added to the
  intro. Not really worth going back for.
– Added one animation. Turned out sort of mediocre 🙂
– Added 68 renders.
– Various typos fixed. Re-rendered a couple of old images to fix some flaws with clipping  etc.
– NOTE: If you have a save from 0.1.2 please restart the game and skip to where you were. If you’re  past the the pool scene with Beth and Miko, you’re fine.
– Includes the afternoon of playable day 1.
– Slightly over 200 new renders.
– New character introduced into the story.
– Some typos fixed. Two new ones added for each fix.
– Includes the day of playable day 1.
– Some typos fixed. Some new ones introduced.
– Includes the morning of playable day 1.
– Various updates to the UI with new text boxes, fonts, colors.
– A stat screen that might work
– Typo fixes in the intro.
– Re-rendered a couple of the images in the intro.
First “version”. Basically just a string of pictures with text.

Extra: Multi Mod* – Fan Signatures

ViperGts151 thanks for the links
*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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