Maidens of Power [v0.8] [Rean]

Maidens of Power [v0.8] [Rean]

July 7, 2024F95

After a very close-call involving a truck and a girl, you find yourself thrust into the world of the maidens; girls who were blessed with incredible abilities, and a mysterious threat called the darkness.

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You, as the mark bearer have a responsibility to help the maidens and use their powers to fight against the dark entity. But.. you find that your powers can influence a girl’s mind. It’s an ability to keep the maidens in line and follow your commands. Will you use your powers for the better or use it for your own desire?

Thread Updated: 2024-07-06
Release Date: 2024-07-06
Developer: Rean Patreon Itch.ioDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.8
OS:  Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Other Game: Lucky Janitor
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3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Groping, Masturbation, Handjob, Big tits, Big ass, Exhibitionism, Harem, Mobile Game, Mind Control, Corruption, Oral Sex, Sleep Sex
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.8(Total 4400+ Renders, 220+ Animations)
Added new story chapter for Rena. (Another maiden shows her true powers~)
– Added a new special event for Hana. (The un-negotiable beach episode.)
– Added a new event for Misato. (Uh oh! The masochist is back!)
– Remastered the intro sequence for the 4th time. (Added more renders and backstory.)
– Main Story UI is now released – You can preview the chapters before playing.
– Some code work and various fixes.
v0.7.6 –  (Total 3900+ Renders, 190+ Animations)
Added new story chapter for Hana. (The longest story chapter to date)
Added a new special event for Rui. (She’s wearing a maid suit!)
Added a new special event for Rena. (Uh oh! Why are you being tied up?!)
Added some open world idles. (Very minor)
Fixed UI and some crucial bug fixes.
v0.7 – (Total 3400+ Images and 160 Animations)
New story chapter with Katherine
New story chapter with Hana
Modified Intro/Prologue
New open world event at Library. (New Character)
New open world event at Myla’s House. (TV scene)
Bug fixes, general code improvements as well as UI improvements.
v0.6.5 – (Total 2800+ Images and 100 Animations)
New story chapter with Claire
New event with Noriko
New event with Rachel
Bug Fixes.
v0.6 – (Total 2600+ Images and 57 Animations)
New story chapter with Rui
New event with Rachel
New location, the gym
General bug fixes, updated background images.
v0.5.5 – (Total 2300+ Images and 47 Animations)
New story event with Rui
Added new UI elements for characters
General bug fixes, optimized code.
Hotfix Update #1 : Fixed Rena’s chapter for old v0.4 saves. (New 0.5 saves are not affected!)
v0.5 – (Total 2100+ Images and 40 Animations)
New maiden introduction, Rena!
New story event with Claire.
New story event with Hana.
Optimized code, and general bug fixes.
v0.4 – (Total: 1400+ Images and 40 Animations )
New maiden introduction, Hana!
New story event with Claire.
New story event with Rui.
Added new Rachel story event.
Optimized code, and general bug fixes.
v0.3 – (Total: 900+ Images and 28 Animations )
New story event with the Mysterious Woman.
Added new Noriko story event
Added new Myla night event
Added replay feature
into the journal
Added time skip feature on the map
Optimized video files, and general bug fixes.
v0.2 – (Recommended to start a new save for 0.1 players)
Improved the intro of the game. (Added more content)
Added alternate self as an integral character going forward.
Introduced to the second maiden.
Added a free-roam activity with Myla at night.
Added journal entries.
Improved code and bug fixing.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Maidens of Power is a story driven game with free-roam elements. I’m trying to make a game where the sandbox elements are mostly optional (doesn’t affect the story), but it expands the world and characters a little more. Every time you play the story mode, you’ll unlock new places and new interactions in the free-roam!
Currently the game has over 3400 renders, 160 animations, and you’ll be introduced to five maidens! I plan for the game to have about 8 Maidens, each with a different story to tell and experience. Once you finished  a maiden’s quest, they will be unlocked in the free roam and you can do activities with her!

Patches: Spanish Patch*

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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