MMA Life Simulator [v0.1.3]  [BNS7]

MMA Life Simulator [v0.1.3] [BNS7]

December 28, 2023F95

I idolized my fighter dad, but tragedy struck when he faced Sagot, an opponent who severely injured him. My dad vanished after the loss. Fueled by the need to avenge him and discover his fate, I trained under MMA champion Master B. Lee for a decade. Now, at 20, I’ve honed my skills and crafted my own fighting style. My burning desire to face Sagot is unmatched, even though I know little about him, except that he’s ruthless in the cage and has a daughter named Maria.

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Thread Updated: 2023-12-17
Release Date: 2023-11-23
Developer: B7 TrailerPatreon DiscordSubscribestarSteam
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3dcg, 2d game, sandbox, male protagonist, combat, big ass, big tits, animated, mobile game
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1. Extract and run.
download game data file and your executable file for windows 32/64 or Linux
download apk for android
Combat explained:
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who attacks first
first to reach 100 speed attacks ( blue bar fills when it reaches 100)
how hit chance works
dexterity 1 point = 1% chance to hit – opponent chance to dodge = will be your % to land the attack
strength increases your damage
dodge increases your chance to dodge income attacks
you have 3 kinds of attack light / medium / heavy all of them do different damage and have their own % chance to land so starting out use light attacks ( punch)
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introduction of Anna mother of weasel ( first fighter )
special quest with anna
weasel added outside of arena in game world
2 new locations
story of Anna/weasel family + first quest
plolicemen location changed
stairs are functional and can take you to anna apartment now ( in apartment building)
Massive changes in UI
Player can buy a home now in an apartment building
increased speed of initiative bar ( blue bar in arena )
upgraded crit chance it is effected more by luck now
luck stat can be trained on sherry
fixed bug that were reported
gym equipment cost reduced
implemented walk / run system
moved felcia closer to hospital enter/exit
Mini game can be skipped now ( for average +2 stat score )
mini games shortened and upgraded
ui upgrades clicking on characters massively upgraded
text box upgraded character avatars are added showing different face expressions
you can move with mouse clicks now on desired location in area
camera movement upgraded while walking
all of the bugs that were reported are fixed
tutorial added to the game
game main story added and starting cutscene added
maria walk scene added in arena
update of nisha dialogues
Initial Release
Future Plans for 0.2.0 release:
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apartment :
Make players able to buy home in apartment building ( upgradeable home )
ability for players to invite game characters to home and have scenes
major improvements to ui and a way to view all characters info
journal showing quests properly ( adding main quest/story line to journal)
stats for female characters
crime alley
1 more NPC in crime alley who helps player
adding story of corrupt cop standing in crime alley and his wife
more girls to brothel
more favors to buy from nisha and progress story
park girl story and her relationship with one of the fighter
adding Master Lee in park
story of nurse progress

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