Monline [v0.9.8] [Revilo]

Monline [v0.9.8] [Revilo]

January 29, 2024F95

You’re stuck in a virtual world where all the enemies are sexy monster girls and you become whatever defeats you, what could possibly go wrong?

Thread Updated: 2023-10-14
Release Date: 2023-10-03
Developer: Revilo F95zoneTFGamesSite
Censored: Partial
Version: 0.9.5
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2dcg, Anal sex, Furry, Futa/Trans, Group sex, Lesbian, Loli, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Necrophilia, Oral sex, Possession, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Tentacles, Transformation, Trap, Turn based combat, Vaginal sex, Fantasy
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1. Extract and run.
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  • Fixed a crash during the Library Quest if the player attempted to put “The Bedroom” into the slot for “Scevite and You”.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Fixed the generators crashing the game.
  • The Hospital Basement now displays its area name on save files.
  • Ending D62 is now only accessible if Kim is in the party to fix some continuity issues.
[Desert Zone]
  • Fixed an issue with the Oasis event if you don’t talk to Robin when they ask.
[Mythic Zone]
  • Fixed a gap in the Court of Dawn’s wall.
  • Fixed some issues with Ending F62.
[Other Stuff]
  • Added Loadout options to the Equipment screen. “Save” will save the current weapons and armour for the selected character into one of three slots. Choosing “Load” and then selecting a slot will then equip those weapons and armour if possible.
  • Exiting from certain menus (PXE’s for example) can now be done with the back button like all menus.
  • The new weapons added in 0.9.5 now use the correct basic attack skills for their weapon type.
  • Fixed an image display issue with the corrupted Lovely Heart Wand. (I still advise against using it, I am 90% certain it will break your game.)
[Known Issues]
  • An odd bug can occur that causes all enemies to drop the same amount of gold (I have seen values of both 0G and 5G so far).
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  • The mirror outside the church in Succubus-Controlled Elysium no longer show your reflections when standing above.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Completing the Strip Club Quest now properly re-equips the MC’s underwear.
  • Enemies defeated as Lovely Heart can now be walked over and will no longer block movement.
  • The notoriously buggy gas cans have been reworked. Now they are just an item in your inventory that gets removed and returned to the pick up location when you leave the map.
[Desert Zone]
  • The switches in the Tar Chamber should now function properly and no longer halt progress.
[Mythic Zone]
  • Memory Trading Fairies will now disappear during Endings F58-F61.
  • Fixed some location names not appearing on save files.
  • King Cern will no longer accept more ‘gifts’ after he has given away his letter.
  • Queen Mab will no longer ask if you’ve completed her task once you have.
  • Fixed the size of the writing credit in Ending F67.
  • The Noble Woman’s book in the Maid Quest can now be picked up and returned to her.
  • Trying to leave the room that needs to be cleaned during the Maid Quest will no longer lock the game.
  • Kim is more likely to use actual attacks and useful abilities when fighting her.
  • Successfully stealing from the Circus enemies no longer crashes the game.
[Other Stuff]
  • The imitation [Leader’s Rally] now properly requires the Sahaguin Raider Leader to be beaten to learn.
  • The PXEPedia no longer lists Mark and Percy before they’ve been met.
  • The Silk Choker item can now be equipped.
  • Drastically reduced the time it takes to load a file if the save was made on the current version. Thank you to Azerak for the solution!
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  • Fixed an issue causing the Dark Slime to be unable to be reached.
[Mythic Zone]
  • Beating the Centaur Race no longer makes you unable to save the game.
  • Beating the Centaur Race no longer messes up the very important party order.
  • Removed an extra minecart that had appeared in the Deserted Cliffs and was blocking progress.
  • Fera is no longer constantly glad to see you’re well after finishing the Faerie Quest.
  • Playing “Smash the Sovereign” at the carnival no longer causes your party members to disappear.
  • Altered the way leaving the Forlorn Onsen works after defeating Yuuka. Leaving will no longer flip the party in and out of Miko Form. Now spiritual energy will appear outside, allowing you to contact Fera for a transformation.
  • Ending F73 no longer soft locks the game.
  • Slightly increased the time for the ‘Mind Erasing Light Wave’ to appear from 10s to 12s.
  • Suzume’s Ultimate Fuinjutsu attack is now Ultimate Shibari and has had its effect changed.
  • Queen Mab will now stop being a ditz and recognise when she has Kim and/or Dominic under her control.
  • Endings F87 and F91 now correctly show their images.
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[Forest Zone]
  • Reduced the frequency of Holstaurus’ “Docile Milk Mind” effect.
[Demon Zone]
  • Fixed the resisting succubus random event using the wrong face image.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Fixed a missing image crash that can occur during Ending D70.
  • Fixed an issue making Ratfolk Mutamanus and Sallowshank appear.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Pink Jelly from being received.
[Desert Zone]
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Card Duelist’s summons to appear in the Bestiary.
[Mythic Zone]
  • It’s time to delve deeper into the woods in search of someone to help PXE.
  • A certain fox might know how to access the shrine’s courtyard shack.
  • Someone is building something near downtown Mirane.
  • Someone from the Ranch is calling out for aid.
  • Added 38 Endings.
  • Fixed an issue with the Racoon Bandit event softlocking the game.
  • Fixed the goblin hunt using an incorrect estimation of the amount of goblins remaining.
  • Slightly reduced the frequency of stuns during the Garath fight if he was previously given the potion.
  • Fixed the wrong music playing when reaching the abandoned camp in the Mystic Woods.
  • Jackie will now recognise when her aid is no longer needed.
  • You can no longer reenter the tents when escaping the Boot Camp.
[Other Stuff]
  • Fully updated the PXEPedia, entries for locations and characters have been added. Brief summaries of the main story have also been introduced. Existing save files will need to reach certain points to update these entries (e.g. After a major boss fight or quest).
  • Enabled Critical Hits on almost all skills.
  • Removed the “Run Away” option from battles, since it was never usable.
  • Removed the redundant HP Heal/MP Heal/etc part of item descriptions in the menu.
  • Fixed Imitation [Blighted Stench] having a wrong icon in its description.
  • Updated the Compass Needle graphic for clarity.
  • Kim’s Chant [Oath of Resolve] now correctly replaces [Vow of Resolve]
  • Accessing the Bestiary page for Bruna should no longer crash the game.
  • Fixed Weapon Technique [Big Bang] being incorrectly listed as Tenderize when used.
  • Changed a few older images that were brought to my attention as particularly unsavoury. I apologise for not properly checking such images before including them.
[Known Issues]
  • Loading/Saving in this patch may take longer due to back-end changes but is necessary for future updates to work.
  • Some save files may be invisibly corrupted. Triggers not being set may cause events to not function properly. The only solution is loading an earlier, uncorrupted save.
  • The game can lag badly while being chased by Morgan in the Mystic Woods.
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[Desolate Zone]
  • Fixed an issue with a missing battle background in the Barricade Outskirts.
  • Fixed the Rail Bridge displaying as ??? in save files.
  • Fixed an issue with the stove turning back on during Ending D45.
[Mythic Zone]
  • Fixed an issue with missing images in Ending F8.
  • Fixed an issue halting progression after the Ochimusha Kim fight.
  • Fixed an issue causing the audio of the water to not disappear after leaving the Forlorn Onsen.
[Other Stuff]
  • Temporarily disabled cross-save unlocks.
[Known Issues]
  • Some save files may be invisibly corrupted. Triggers not being set may cause events to not function properly. The only solution is loading an earlier, uncorrupted save.
  • The game can lag badly while being chased by Morgan in the Mystic Woods.
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[Demon Zone]
  • Moved a chest in the Coven.
[Mythic Zone]
  • The Party will now gain their abilities back before the fight with Otohime Yuuka, but not their gear.
  • Rebalanced Otohime Yuuka.
  • Fixed some collision issues.
  • Lee no longer sticks around after being given the Red Rope.
  • During Ending F40 the Rich Patron will properly appear now if Inari is put to work.
  • During the recap at the final part of Ending F40 the first choice made is now correctly reflected in the text.
  • The Onsen in the Forlorn Shrine will now slowly heal the party’s HP and MP, even before defeating Kitsune.
  • Suzume now properly eliminates the party in her first appearance.
  • Bruno will now alert the player to Lance’s missing sword as he should.
  • Commander Artemis is no longer wandering around while his camp is under the control of Goblins.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash while accessing Fera’s Magatama Shop.
  • Fixed an issue where sealing the Binbogami and Ubume weren’t adding to the defeated Yokai count, preventing access to Ending F47.
  • Fixed an issue that caused a soft lock due to movement during the Maid section of the Princess Quest.
  • Repelling Morgan during the Woods Chase will now stop him chasing for a few seconds.
  • Fixed Binbogami fight missing a background.
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes.
[Other Stuff]
  • Death is now removed at the end of battle.
  • Guarding will now restored 1 Shift to the Main Character.
  • A new cheat code “SKIP9” has been added to bring you to the end of the Mythic Zone, after saving Princess Rien and Fera.
  • Fixed Party Members having some Techniques and Talents being unlearnable.
  • Rebalanced the costs of Imitations to account for the Shift cost.
  • Carved Headband is now Carved Armband, because it couldn’t go on your head.
  • Casting and Interrupted are now removed at the end of battle as intended.
  • Rebalanced Paralysis and Dizzy states.
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[Desert Zone]
  • Fixed an issue where an image for the Echidna Oasis event was missing, causing a crash.
[Mythic Zone]
  • Interacting with the pool of water outside Cellini’s Workshop will now fully heal the party.
  • Rebalanced Goblin Colosseum Enemies, Bridge Troll, Living Statues, Stone Warriors, Celini’s Assistant and Celini the Sculptor.
  • You can now return to the last section of the Mystic Woods after reaching the cliffs in order to collect missed items or visit the Merchant.
  • Increased the MaxMP of “Princess Rien”.
  • Accessing the Tanuki Merchant’s shop will activate God Mode for “Princess Rien” if enabled.
  • Fera will now say if she cannot currently locate a yokai.
  • Made a temporary fix to stop issues after completing both main quests. Not sure the effects this will have, but I’m working on a proper fix.
  • The Tanuki Merchant will now buy the player’s items. Useful perhaps if the player left their wallet on their other body.
  • Rebalanced Obedience and Arousal in the Maid section of the Princess Quest.
[Other Stuff]
  • Fabricate can no longer be used outside of battle, causing a crash.
  • Arc Lightning no longer repeats infinitely until the user runs out of MP.
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[Desolate Zone]
  • Someone is investigating an empty store in the mall…
  • Added 2 Endings, available after Lina is defeated.
  • The Collared Wolves now properly disappear once Lina is defeated.
  • The motorbike at the Treatment Plant now properly disappears once Lina is defeated.
  • You can no longer pick up Delta’s clothes as anyone other than Nicole in the apartment.
  • During Ending D70, having sex with and then leaving the redhead as Lexi will now properly remove the image.
  • During Ending D70, the blue haired woman no longer continues to pay out after going on her walk.
  • Losing to the ambush when Formerly Collared Man A is bimbofied should now choose the correct ending depending on the state of the other two enemies.
  • Starting the Strip Club quest now takes away your inventory for the duration of the quest.
  • Fixed Kim’s boy shorts not getting re-equipped after the Strip Club quest.
  • Added content from the Werewolf Quest to the Arena. (Fights and Endings for Collared Wolves, Romeo and Gremlin Delta)
  • Added Ratfolk fight and ending to the Arena.
  • Arena entrances are now defined by a turquoise flame, found in the Inn of each zone (aside from the Elysium Pub and East Barricade Building of the Demon and Desolate Zones respectively)
  • The enemy sprites in the Arena now match their versions in game.
  • The entire Arena Map has been overhauled to match the world map displayed on the title screen. Because of this enemy locations have been moved slightly. Some can now be accessed via entering a portal to a different map (The Demon Zone Forest, The Mansion and the Pyramid specifically)
  • The entrance and exit location on the Arena map are now matched to what zone you entered from.
[Other Stuff]
  • Added a new cheat: “SKIP7”. This skip places you in the Pyramid Throne Room right after having got the objective of finding Bastet (Thus skipping having to find your way back to the pyramid via the mines).
  • The talents: Absorbent, Troll’s Skin and Lightning Rod now require Slick, Thick Skin and Grounded respectively to learn and now replace these skills.
  • Dominic now gains access to a new type of skill: “Stances”. Stance skills let Dominic switch between different states in combat, granting him different stats and effects. For example, while in the “Dauntless Stance” Dominic’s attack and AD rate are doubled, but he loses the ability to guard or be healed. The “Rapid Stance” makes Dominic much better at avoiding attacks, but those that hit do a lot more damage.
  • Knowledge Crystals now grant 30SP and can be used outside of combat.
  • Reduced the power of HP/MP/AD Regen states.
  • Technique Wild Blow, has had its success rate lowered to 80% from 100% (Ignoring variation from the user’s hit rate and target’s evasion).
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[Coastal Zone]
  • Fixed some wrongly scaled images in the Kraken event.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Fixed some issues with the Christmas Present hunt.
  • Gift Thieves in the Christmas Minigame will now steal all carried Wrapped Presents the player is holding and the “Gifts Stolen” counter will increase by this amount instead of just once each time.
  • Accessing Ending D18 – By the Reins now requires a high score of 10 gifts and you need to be caught by a Gift Thief with a Gift Stolen counter of at least 15.
[Desert Zone]
  • The fountain in the middle of Djeso now functions like an Inn, completely healing the party.
  • You should no longer be able to move while a cactus. Because cacti can’t move.
  • Red Slime Quest now properly progresses when you leave the Desert Expanse.
  • Desert Trader’s inventory now refreshes after completing the Pyramid.
[Other Stuff]
  • Altered the font used in Quick Time Events.
  • Altered the graphic used for the compass needle.
  • Altered the graphic used for emotion bubbles.
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[Forest Zone]
  • Lowered Mr Minoh’s stats slightly.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Fixed some wrongly scaled images in the Succubus Kim event.
  • The Isekai Ending no longer causes the player character’s class to be false after reloading.
  • Winning Spookums no longer gets you stuck in a text loop.
  • Ending the Graffiti Event while on the far left side of the wall should no longer softlock the game.
  • The random event on the Dreary Street with the bimboized guard seen after defeating the Parasite Slime no longer causes an infinite loop.
  • During the Testerogen Event, Kim no longer stops you from leaving the Mall if she’s not in the party.
[Desert Zone]
  • The Genie event should no longer cause the Cactus end to play.
  • Reading the Relic of Hathor should properly set the player character’s description to be that of Echidna, not Aleska’s.
  • Drinking the Water Bottle no longer has Dominic talk if he’s not in the party.
  • Defeating the Duelist now properly rewards the Deck of Cards it should.
  • Fixed a bug with a specific part of the minecart track letting you have no collision forever. (Wah wah waaah)
  • Devil Bugs will chase the player a little more smartly.
  • Added an additional track switching point to aid in reaching the south-west of the mines easier.
[Other Stuff]
  • A bugged, unusable version of the Scevite Shield can no longer be crafted
  • Hair Trigger now correctly grants counterattack.
  • Aralu can no longer learn Riposte and Shield Bash
  • Web Gag’s name when used is no longer incorrect.
  • Ages End is now properly listed as the Living Doll’s imitation.
  • Typos.
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[Desolate Zone]
  • Fixed some areas you couldn’t pass through. Notably the Mansion Garage’s stairs.
[Desert Zone]
  • Genderswapping the Blonde Woman in the 2nd Echidna Event no longer crashes the game.
  • The Ginger Woman in the 2nd Echidna Event no longer follows you contantly.
  • Talking to Bastet twice in the 2nd Echidna Event no longer softlocks the game.
  • Leaving the Oasis after asking Robin questions no properly sets the trigger for the 2nd Echidna Event.
  • The Paleontolgist’s basement no longer has the event loop.
  • Change the Manticore event slightly, it also no longer soft locks when going to read the book.
  • Isis can teleport you back to the Desert Camp.
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[Forest Zone]
  • The Queen Bee’s chamber is no longer blocked.
[Demon Zone]
  • The bridge into the waterfall in the Dark Cave is now walkable.
[Desert Zone]
  • Dominic now properly loses the Girtablilu Venom status effect after battle.
  • Successfully guiding Dayton out of the dark room properly counts towards saving people for the Anubian Court event.
  • A new Forest Zone fight and associated endings is available for selection in the arena.
  • The game should no longer softlock after beating the Mummification Squad after running out of time to save Mina.
  • New Desert Zone fights and endings are available for selection in the arena.
  • Chef Kim no longer gets stuck during the Kitchen event and the event can now progress properly.
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[Forest Zone]
  • The Minoh Ranch quest now continues.
  • Added 5 new endings.
Coastal Zone
  • A peculiar couple will stay in one of the Budan houses if their quest in the Forest Zone has been completed.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Fights during the Magical Girl event now use more suitable sprites.
  • Robin now has a new battle sprite.
  • Ending D54 now has music.
  • Using the right side of the crane game no longer allows you to use an Unlimited Ticket you don’t have.
  • The crane game should no longer bug out on a second play, resulting in chests moving on their own.
[Desert Zone]
  • Remade almost the entire zone from the ground up.
  • Added 32 new endings.
  • Removed 12 endings due to story changes.
  • A new Forest Zone fight and associated endings is available for selection in the arena.
  • New Desert Zone fights and endings are available for selection in the arena.
[Other Stuff]
  • Added additional functionality to the game over screen. You can now choose to load a save file, return to the title screen or quit the game entirely.
  • Whiplash Flailing is now an Imitation as it should be.
  • Added the Guidance Feature. Upon starting a new game, inputting the code “GuideMe” in the cheat menu or entering the arena, the Guidance option will be enabled on the pause menu. Selecting Guidance will remind you of your current main quest objective.
  • Added images to the PXEPedia’s “Other” section.
  • Reduced the chance of the basic Dagger attack following up with another hit to 20%.
  • Updated the effects for QTEs slightly.
  • Updated the effects for timer events slightly.
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[Coastal Zone]
  • Wearing the Red Beret now has slightly different text if you’ve already worn it during the Succubus Quest in the Demon Zone.
[Desolate Zone]
  • Ending D63: Joystuck is no longer incorrectly labeled as Ending D57.
  • The hospital roof is no longer reblocked after completing the Nurse Event.
[Desert Zone]
  • Altered Bastet’s various bodysnatched catgirl sprites.
  • Moved the location of the Desert Trader.
  • Restored Randomness to the Desert. Now events like the archeologist and genie lamp, as well as enemy placement will be picked from a pool of semi-random locations. This also means the map upgrade Nephthys gives you after you find Bastet now has a purpose.
  • No more wooden bridges across lava in the Volcano.
[Other Stuff]
  • Fixed a bunch of issues with image scaling and misplacement. (Image misplacements in stuff after the Desolate Zone mansion will require loading a save before first entering the mansion for now. Sorry!)
  • Fixed a whole lotta spelling mistakes and punctuation issues. (Thanks Yoshielder!)
  • Starting a game in God Mode will now give the PC skills that one-shot kill enemies. (You can’t sue me if this breaks things. I have a team of 17 lawyers.)
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[Coastal Zone]
  • Fixed one house in Dirian having messed up textures.
[Demon Zone]
  • The Strengthened Buff is now removed after the Baphomet fight.
[Desolate Zone]
  • After completing the first part of the nurse event you’ll no longer be stopped from heading down the stairs to the ground floor.
  • Completing the Nurse Event and escaping the steamed up showers now makes the steam disappear and the player put his clothes back on.
  • Using the Unlimited Ticket at the arcade machines now actually requires you to have the unlimited ticket in your inventory.
  • The “Wolf Lecture” event on the bridge should no longer occur until after the player has been through the area once.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos. (Thanks Yoshielder)
  • Fixed a bunch of wall clips. (Thanks again Yoshielder)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs. (cough cough)
[Desert Zone]
  • Fixed a bunch of typos. (I should ask the doctor about this cough)
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs. (cough cough dying cough)
[Other Stuff]
  • Dust Pouch, Chunk Pouch and Dart items are no longer 100% accurate and now use the same calculation for physical attacks to determine whether they hit.
  • F12 now properly resets the game to the main menu. (I still don’t recommend using it though)



*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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