My Girlfriend Advanced to the Dancer Class and She Buffs Everybody [v2024-06-10] [Headpat]

My Girlfriend Advanced to the Dancer Class and She Buffs Everybody [v2024-06-10] [Headpat]

June 10, 2024F95

A hentai game about adventuring with your foxgirl girlfriend, made in RPGmakerMV.
Heavy focus on large breasted animal girls, cheating (netorare) and monster sex.
Do not play this if you don’t like NTR.

Thread Updated: 2024-06-10
Release Date: 2024-06-10
Developer:  Headpat Itch.ioSubscribestarWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 2024-06-10
OS: Windows
Language: English
Other Games: Link
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2dcg, 2d game, furry, monster girl, ntr, vaginal sex, creampie, groping, big tits, big ass, monster, adventure, fantasy, oral sex, tentacle, male protagonist, turn based combat,
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1. Extract and run.
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H-Scene Update
– 2 full art scenes
– 2 sprite scenes
– 1 hidden sprite scene
– status screen artworks updated
– Gustav cutscenes skip!
– Big gallery update, endings included
– Tons of issues fixed
Act 4:
– Complete act 4 dungeon & final showdown with the Demon Lord!
– The ‘Mysterious Stranger’ quest can now be completed.
— Also offers a second quest to teach you an important skill if you missed it in act 1.
– Added a missing scene in Karl’s Mansion when you protect Sana in his office.
– Inn & shops have opened.
General things:
– added some more equipment and items to the elven shops
– added some abilities to all monsters. They will generally deal more damage and apply more status effects.
– Various changes and bugfixes.
Mini-update fixes:
– The werewolves in the bridge ambush no longer turn invisible
– Harem Life no longer ends in a black screen, moved it over to the Kuma “Campfire” NPC
– Added 4th step of The Grand Tournament.
– Got rid of leftover Karl sprites
Mysterious Stranger:
– Planks no longer stay in your inventory after use
– Solved monster pathing issues on the (current) final step.
Act4 Inn:
– Added a savefile repairer NPC, as some people are still locked out of the VIP scene.
– Paizuri scene got an art update with a more… beastly opponent for Sana.
New H scenes:
– Four scenes inside of Karl’s Mansion for Bnui.
— Some missable but viewable from the gallery.
– 1 roaming H scene in act 1.
– H scene if you defeat the orc boss and Sana has high corruption.
— Missable (Sana being pure) but viewable from the gallery once the corruption is met.
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Act 4 update 03/10
Subscribestar/fanbox internal version!
New H scenes:
– The inn unlocks an additional fifth roaming scene after you talked to the manager and accepted the job of the other 4. You can go downstairs inside the inn when it occurs.
– Two regular roaming scenes, orc and goblin related.
– You can find a church in act 4. Talk to the girl inside and a minotaur will start walking through town and eventually enter the church. If you enter after him you can see a short hidden scene.
– Fourth round of the act 1 tournament.
– Almost all art added to the gallery.
Please check back soon for the full version of Karl’s Mansion.
This game uses assets made available by other creators:
– Tilesets by PandaMaru
– Goblin sprites by Hiddenone (hiddenone-sprites.com)
– BattleHud by Moghunter (mogplugins.wordpress.com)
– TerraxLighting by Terrax
– MessageHide by Jatopian
– EventChasePlayer by Yanfly (yanfly.moe)
… the links are getting a lot, huh. I guess that’s just the way these things go.
If you find any bugs, send us an angry message.
How to play:
Save 1 is at the start of act 2.
Save 2 is where the last demo release left off.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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This game is WIP, the demo includes the first act out of four and should last you an hour or so.
It has light humour and mock combat.
This is not a challenging RPG, It’s really just porn.
For updates, occasionally check out headpat.wordpress.com
If you really like where this is going and want to throw coffee at us in order to work faster, you can tip us over at subscribestar.adult/headpat

SolidFister thanks for the link

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    My Girlfriend Advanced to the Dancer Class and She Buffs Everybody [v2024-06-10] [Headpat]