My Office Adventures Reunion [EP05R1] [The Coder]
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My Office Adventures Reunion [EP05R1] [The Coder]

April 28, 2024F95

Sequel to My Office Adventures picks up shortly after where it’s predecessor left off. Several months have passed since the celebration of the business’ success. Although everything is fine on the business end, unresolved personal conflicts still remain.  Are you ready to resolve them? Can you resolve them? Is it even possible to reproduce the success you found with the business in other aspects of life? Let’s find out while having a blast!

The sequel focuses on pure Visual Novel experience with primary focus on the story, the game comes with the same amazing CG’s and animations you all love but now accompanied with rich lewd sounds.

Thread Updated: 2024-04-27
Release Date: 2024-04-27
Developer: The Coder Games PatreonItch.ioSubscribeStarDiscordBMC
Censored: No
Version: EP05R1
OS: Windows, Linux,  Mac, Android
Language: English, German (MT), Spanish (MT)
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1. Extract and run.
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In this episode, the story begins at a leisurely pace with conversations involving Amy.  However, it soon picks up speed, transitioning towards more lively encounters with Sandra once the situation has settled. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey with Serenity and Trinity. This time, there are serious moments too, as Viola delivers an emotional experience by the episode’s end. Given the episode’s length, be sure to have a sufficiently large beverage and settle in for an engaging adventure with the captivating characters of the MOAR universe.
General stats: The game contains 2,591 dialogue blocks, 1100 CG’s, 170 animations and updates to music and sfx
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The story picks up  right where we left off. This episode focuses on Levia, Amelie and  Sandra. Multiple events take place at the office, clothing store, love  hotel and back at the house. Apart from the story progression there are  other goodies where the player gets to see the girls in different  outfits and different rooms. Multiple bonus renders and much more. Don’t keep the girls waiting.
General stats:  The game contains 2235 dialogue blocks, 800CG’s, 78 animations and tons of updates to music and sfx.
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Finally I am excited to announce the official release of Episode 3.  After the events of last episode everyone at the house were left in shock. This episodes explains who is Levia and how she knows about Sandra, Will Amelie keep her cool? All of this will be explained with 150+ Amazing renders and 15+ animation.
Along side of this there has been some re-work done to content of EP1, around 40 new renders and more dialogues.
Stats:The game contains 1,859 dialogue blocks, 700 CG’s, 60 animations and tons of music 🙂
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An update focusing on story progression. There is lot to unpack in this episode, story focuses on multiple characters with many fun events for the player to indulge in. The update brings in additional 400CG’s, 15 animations (FootJob, Boobjob, BlowJob) and 8 special renders.
Stats : 700CG’s, 45 Animations, 12 special renders 1700 lines of dialogues
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This all new squeal to My Office Adventures picks up shortly after where it’s predecessor left off.  This version comes with 250 CG’s, 25 Movie Clips, and a large number of music and sound effects.
Developer Notes:
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Please check my discord group for codes for all my games.
Consider voting for bringing back your favorite characters from the previous game here

Patches: Incest

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    My Office Adventures Reunion [EP05R1] [The Coder]