Lustful Awakening [v0.6] [The Coder]
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Lustful Awakening [v0.6] [The Coder]

January 30, 2024F95

You play as a young boy discovering new things happening in the body before you even get time to understand those, you will come across the Goddess from the future. The future is destroyed due to your father’s experiments. Now the responsibility of saving the world rests on your shoulders. She reveals that your lust is the one that can save the future with no sexual experiences you join forces with her in the quest to save the world. Over the course of time, you start realizing that your life is changing in the ways you never thought possible.

Thread Updated: 2020-12-06
Release Date: 2020-12-06
Developer: The Coder  PatreonItch.ioSubscribeStarDiscordBMC
Censored: No
Version: 0.6[Complete]
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Incest, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Titfuck, FootJob, Oral sex, Pov, Pregnancy, Monster Girl, Romance, Spanking, Virgin, Point & click, Romance, Rape, Possession
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Instructions If you download Complete Version
  • Extract and Run
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V0.6: The game is now finished with 1175+ images with 427 animations with sound, Along with the good stuff you 6900+ lines of dialog.
  1) Reworked Sis Scene, You will now take her virginity!
  2) Multiple events driving the story (All girls except for the elf).
  3) Optional Pregnancy scenes.
  4) Optional Marriage with Jennifer.
  5) Grammer fixes (A Big thanks to one of my patreons)
  6) Minor change in point for one character for faster gameplay
V0.5: The game has now 1030+ images with 355 animations with sound, Along with the good stuff you 6033+ lines of dialog. There is definetely story progression as expected.
  1) Events With Sis, Tutor, Aunt, Succubus, and Seller (1 Multi angled and 4 static scenes)
  2) Story progression for all characters.
  3) Grammer fixes (A Big thanks to one of my patreons)
  4) Patrons can now skip pregnancy minigame
V0.4: Thanks for the positive feedback from V0.3. The game has now 980+ images with 324 animations with sound, Along with the good stuff you 5500+ lines of dialog. There are definetely story progression as expected.
  • Dating event with Mom
  • Progression With Sis
  • Progression in Goddess, Sccubbus, Eryn
  • Added Combined CG Gallery, Accessible Via In-Room PC(It might take few seconds to load, Please be patient).
  • Added HScene Cockpit for a better experience.
  • Lots of infrastructure improvements was performed
  • Special effects are added
  • Easier tip system for item finding
V0.3: (Edited Due To Wrong Animation Count)  Thanks for the positive feedback from V0.2. The game has now 790+ images with 274 animations with sound, Along with the good stuff you 4800 lines of dialog, You are definitely in for a ride when it comes to the story.
  • Complete Rework on UI.
  • Introduced new character IBelle.
  • The first-ever 3 Some scene.
  • All the characters get new scenes (150  With sound and multiple angels).
  • More sound effects for the better gaming experience.
  • The computer can now be used to change character names, earn money, and enter the Patreon Code!
  • Introducing new upgrade mechanism for shorter downloads.
  • Loads of grammar improvements!
V0.2: Game now contains 557 Images, 200 Videos with sound(Most of them), and 3500 dialogs (A whole load of content), Update focuses on getting close to girls and learning new mechanics of spells which is key in future updates. All the characters have new scenes 🙂
  • Added new character Eryn.
  • New Scenes for all girls (Some have more)
  • Events can now be triggered manually (Some are automatic).
  • Multi-angle scenes.
  • New Object finding game.
  • Sounds for all H-scenes(99% of them)
  • Added BGM.
  • Fixed grammar issues.
  • Hints are more descriptive
V0.11: Fixed some bugs (this is optional, just don’t press “Masturbate” on Akira’s menu and you are good)
  • Crash during intro scene (most never faced it, In crushed version, some did so fixed)
  • Fixed crash when clicked on “Masturbate” in Akira’s menu
V0.1: Thank you for all the support over here. The game currently has 250+ images, 100 Animated H clips and over 1200 lines of dialog
  • Added lot of scenes with all the girls
  • Added scene gallery
  • New succubus character introduced(Towards the end)
  • UI Improvements
  • Story progression
  • Added new pregnancy minigame
  • All the bugs worked out
  • Improvements to kitchen 😀
  • Lots of typo’s fixed :p
Initial Version
Developer Notes :
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Please consider supporting me on Patreon,  and please do check out my new game,.
[Videos on android might be bit chunky]
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Ask your sis, Afternoon in the Living Room, you need at least 50CP to see this option in her menu.
Both Tutor and Sis are close so there is a chance you might click on Tutor even though your intention was to click on your sis, please be careful
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Please use “FapWorthy” in you’re pc. This will allow you to skip minigames and unlock galleries
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Please change the names from the Saves here (Page 6 Slot 1)
If you are lucky previous saves may work, If not please forgive me and use the above saves.
Text box visibility is not meant for android hence has no effect.



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