My Pirate Husbandos [Build 21] [Nonohomo Circle]
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My Pirate Husbandos [Build 21] [Nonohomo Circle]

May 9, 2024F95

Having nearly drowned at sea you find yourself an outsider among the handsome pirate crew who rescued you.
They sail by day, do depraved things at night, and you can’t keep your mind from thinking about them.
Set sail into the sexy and dangerous story of My Pirate Husbandos.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-04
Release Date: 2024-04-24
Developer: Nonohomo Circle TwitterPatreon PixivWebsite
Censored: No
Version: Build 21
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish
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2dcg, big ass, furry, male protagonist, monster, gay, anal sex, oral sex, group sex, adventure, fantasy, teasing,
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1. Extract and run.
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Build 21
  • Tanetsuki storyline, triggered by traveling to Slusland or Kanraku when more than 10 weeks and the ship’s equipment reaches 4
  • Tanetsuki’s CG
  • New island Downlow
  • Ship Upgrade UI updated, showing maintenance icon when no upgrade is available.
  • Ship can now be upgraded to level 4.
  • Battle settlement with Pirates and Navy has been updated. Winning a battle will now result in silver coins, while losing a battle will result in a loss of silver coins and pirate coins in hand.
  • Port Shop codes updated, which may cause some Save in ports to be unloadable, but the problem of unloadable in ports should be resolved after this update.
Build 18
– Second part of Sisyphelly Route. After triggering the Winter’s Glee event, go to White Dough to trigger it.
– Fixed an issue where the number of items in the Inventory was incorrect in some cases.
Build 17
– Added Slusland development route. Triggered in Slusland more than half a year (24 weeks) after the start of the game, after completing the pre-plot.
– Triggered in Slusland three months after the start of construction.
– After traveling to Kanraku, return to Slusland to trigger the third stage.
– The fourth stage will be triggered three months after the construction of the third stage begins.
– After Tanetsuki’s arrival in Slusland, new plots for Sisyphelly are triggered in November/December of each year.
– Automatically turn off Skip Mode when sailing. We hope this will solve the problem of not being able to save.
Build 16
The game now includes a Spanish translation (Which is not perfect yet).
New developments in the Magdicus route.
New CGs featuring Magdicus.
Fixed an issue about replenishing the quantity of goods in the store.
Fixed an issue affecting storage quantity. If, for any reason, you’ve purchased goods exceeding the maximum capacity, you must sell them before continuing trading.
Improving the UI for displaying pirate coin exchange rates.
Fixed an issue where the exchange rate UI would cover the Map buttons at certain resolutions.
Build 14
Build 12
Rhino Sciron plot continued.
Minor updates to the sailing animation. Sailing now adds dates and consumes supplies.
Added a Game Over ending when supplies run out. Currently there is only an abbreviated ending, but it will be enhanced in the future.
Game performance improvements.
Crash bug fixes for Android.
rKnight Date Night
Build 4
Build 3
Developer Notes:
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Supported Languages
  • English
  • 繁體中文
  • 简体中文
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