Najima Island [v1.0.0] [Velzies]
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Najima Island [v1.0.0] [Velzies]

January 23, 2024F95

This is the story of a resident of Najima Island who stumbles across a device called the <Controller> left behind by a dead fanatic wizard. As the name suggests, it allows the curious protagonist of the story, Kenji, to hypnotize (and later, possess) girls!

Thread Updated: 2023-12-29
Release Date: 2023-07-21
Developer: VelziesPatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
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2dcg, 3D game, Possession, Mind control, Slave, Turn based combat, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Multiple Protagonist, school setting, adventure, rpg, stripping, sandbox, ahegao, fantasy, masturbation
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1. Extract and run.
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content updates:
  • Yuka’s story arc conclusion.
  • Ending scene.
  • Yuka’s outfits, and h-scenes added.
feature and usability changes:
  • NPC default option set to “Nothing”.
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content updates:
  • Final story arc part 1 added.
  • Luna h-scene added.
  • Minor text adjustments for plot consistency.
feature and usability changes:
  • Dungeon monster encounter rate cut in half.
  • Default <Controller> option set to “Nothing” when talking to NPCs.
content updates:
  • Daeun’s character portraits redesigned.
  • Daeun’s story now includes a “good” route (+ face CGs).
  • Lily, Aiko, and Carina’s swimsuit outfit updated.
  • Slightly nerfed Frozen status.
  • Rina h-scene added.
feature and usability changes:
  • Dedicated change outfit button + hotkey “O”.
  • Dedicated change face expression button + hotkey “F”.
  • Dedicated hide portrait button (hotkey already exist “V”).
  • Option to switch back to Kenji added to UI menu.
  • Option to release party members individually added to UI menu.
  • Option to go nude from the UI menu (after Sanctuary quest).
  • Cleaner and less clunky menus (i.e. hide options that are not available).
  • Camera angle adjusted when approaching shed island.
bug fixes:
  • 2nd inner world scene replay glitch fixed.
  • First time school warp into school position bug fixed.
content updates:
  • Countess story part 2 added.
  • Countess’s outfits added to tailor shop.
  • Countess inner world part 1 added.
  • Kohaku character art added.
  • minor dialog updates.
bug fixes:
  • 5th member glitch bug fixed.
content updates:
  • Countess story part 1.
  • Side quest to remove the academy entry restrictions after Lily + Rina quests.
  • Dialog added to build up each h-scene.
  • Lily nudity and h-scene CGs added, along with her inner world part 2 map.
  • Outfit prices updated.
  • Aiko and Carina close-up CGs updated with better shading and line work.
  • Summoning crystals added to Academy Training area; when summoned monsters are defeated, extra EXP is given.
feature and usability changes:
  • Social Media links added.
  • Skill damage formula adjusted.
  • EXP gained from battles significantly increased.
bug fixes:
  • Dungeon exit passable bug fixed.
  • Inner world skip scene bug fixed.
content updates:
  • Side quest added to unlock the <Sanctuary> area for NSFW content (and doubles as a pseudo-recollection room).
  • “Inner World” part 2 added for Aiko, Daeun, and Carina (for NSFW content).
  • Nudity portrait art and h-scenes CGs added for Aiko, Daeun, and Carina.
  • More CGs added to Aiko’s knockout scene.
  • Additional blush added to Rina’s ahg CGs.
  • Player character dialog changes depending on immorality value when using the <Controller>.
  • Dynamic shadowing added to outdoor maps.
  • Some main story dialog changes.
  • “Frozen” state from “Freezing Aria” skill nerfed slightly.
  • Font and title screen updated.
feature and usability changes:
  • Quest log added (save files from older versions will get new quests, but not quests that are completed or in-flight).
  • “Change Outfit” now provides a selection menu instead of only toggling.
  • “Change Expression” now provides a selection menu instead of only toggling.
  • “Change Bodies” option now disabled in “Inner World” maps.
  • Game boot-up / startup time decreased.
  • Battle UI updated (w/ HP bars, turn order, face portraits, etc).
bug fixes:
  • Image caching behavior changed to aid in memory usage and to reduce crashes.
  • Characters will now face down when entering the dungeon.
  • Some more delays were added to some scenes to help reduce crashes.
content updates:
  • Rina’s full quest line added.
  • Rina’s 7 outfit variations added.
  • Close-up face CGs added for Rina and Aiko.
  • Aiko changed to be MC’s step sister instead of blood relative.
  • Added option to skip Aiko’s fight.
  • Details on wizard updated; remains moved to forest entrance (forced interaction).
  • Old photograph CG added to the Mysterious Shed.
  • Dialog adjustment throughout the story.
feature and usability changes:
  • “Quick Travel” to school will warp to interior if party is all students.
  • “Quick Travel” and “Release All” restricted in inner worlds.
  • “Change Bodies” option changed into selection menu. Restricted in certain areas.
  • “Hide/Show Portrait” (temporarily) option added to <Controller> menu; exists as hotkey “V”.
  • Entering building animation time increased.
  • “Credits” added to start screen; tier 3 patron(s) will be displayed.
  • Fights and levels re-balanced.
  • “9” and “0” hotkeys added to zoom in / zoom out.
bug fixes:
  • “Change Bodies” option will now not allow players to bypass inner world quests.
  • Removed fairy combat from Carina’s inner world.
  • Carina’s good route dialog fixed.
  • Daeun tea scene: extra “equip” sound removed.
  • Fixed some dialog typos.
  • Reduce image loads and added delays in dialog scenes to reduce crashes.
content updates:
  • “Inner World” maps added (prior to possessing each girl)
  • More choices for MC on how evil he acts; dialog adjusted accordingly
  • New story area – Najima Academy, where you must play as Aiko
  • New character – Lily (full quest line added)
  • New character – Rina  (quest line not be yet implemented)
feature or mechanic changes:
  • “Swap Bodies” restricted in some areas due to plot breaking potential
  • Carina fight adjusted so she doesn’t run out of MP
  • Orb will be destroyed if it does not get used
  • MC skills changed to be physical
  • Status effects re-balanced
  • Status heal after work day
bug fixes:
  • Merchant guild’s inconsistent gold amount on one door fixed
  • Aiko position fixed to prevent soft lock
  • Some dialog grammatical error corrected
  • Warping house door (front of weapon shop) removed
content updates:
  • Aiko, Daeun, and Carina will initially resists the <Controller>.
  • Daeun quest line added. Can be done before or after Aiko’s quests.
  • status inducing skills have been added to the game.
  • each of the first three girls react based on who’s in your party.
  • some plot holes filled (key in chest, wizard’s motivations & remains).
  • certain dialogs and text have been adjusted to fit the narrative.
feature updates:
  • “Fast Travel” added, hotkey “M”.
  • <Controller> UI buttons consolidated into a menu, hotkey “C”.
  • “Release All & Rest” option added to <Controller> menu.
  • menu styling and sfx updated.
  • gold earned at Merchants Association now varies by party size and level.
  • hotkey “V” to hide/show self portrait (beta, WIP).
bug fixes:
  • full restore item bug fixed.
  • camera angle and shifts have been adjusted on outdoor maps.
  • indoor mouse movement bug has been fixed.
  • Aiko battler sprite hair color fixed.
  • removed incompatible save plugin.
  • initial public release.
  • 3 characters can be controlled.
  • Carina fight re-balanced.
  • private release.
Developer Notes:
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The focus on of the game is possession and mind control, and the story around it; it fairly light on h-content, so if you are looking for anything intense, this is not it.
Also, I had to rush a bit towards the ending due to IRL circumstances, but the ending should be wrapped up nicely regardless.
Thanks for trying it out!

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