Nursery Dimension [Final] [Mikotoshido]
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Nursery Dimension [Final] [Mikotoshido]

January 23, 2024F95

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This work sells hard situations such as tentacles that mainly focus on heterogeneous rape An exploratory 2D side-scrolling action RPG. It is an action game packed with familiar elements in this circle, such as a system that allows you to easily see the H scene without game over, such as chest / stomach size changes and liquid differences .

Thread Updated: 2022-11-30
Release Date: 2022-09-30
Developer: Mikotoshido DLsiteCi-En
Censored: No (patch)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese
Voiced: Japanese
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2d game, animated, vaginal sex, oral sex, multiple penetration, tentacles, monster, female protagonist, rape, big tits, big ass, fantasy, adventure, platformer, japanese game, voiced
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1. Extract and run.
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Change the upper limit value reflected in the chest size and belly size graphics (100 → 200)
Added a setting item for the size upper limit to be reflected in graphics to the configuration screen (maximum 200 in increments of 25)
Adjusted the display of the chest size and belly size gauges on the left side of the screen to synchronize with the maximum size setting.
Adjusted so that the graphics change when certain enemies are parasitic on the chest and womb (normal motion only)
Added parasitic time difference display switching item to the configuration screen
Estrus motion (standing, crouching motion only) added (estrus value 100 or more)
Adjusted so that a heart mark appears in the eyes when in estrus (estrus value 100 or more) (all motions where the eyes can be seen)
Added an item to switch between additional motions and additional differences when in heat to the configuration screen.
Fixed other bugs found
(Gallery mode shower room related)
Added an extra for those who supported over a certain amount during the production period.
 (For details, please refer to the corresponding article on each creator support site.)
Tweaked processing when entering H-scene.
Fixed a bug that allowed birth (breasts) to be performed even when the mother was only breast-feeding.
Adjustment of some stages (including gallery mode)
Adjustment of backstep behavior
Adjustment to make semen available as an item during childbirth.
November 18, 2021
Many bug fixes
Fixed a bug that items were not displayed correctly when you had a lot of them (sorting related bug).
Fixed a bug that key configurations were not being saved and loaded.
Lightened the weight of the process related to mother’s milk when giving birth in batches.
Fixed a bug in which the effects of using mother’s milk were incorrect.
Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to discard items in a row.
Fixed help text after selling items
Fixed a bug that doping items were not reflected in the display.
Fixed a problem that occurred when opening the menu screen during damage and adjusted the behavior.
Fixed a bug that occurred when moving to an area during damage.
Fixed conditions for opening achievements and help text.
Fixed achievement-related language issues.
Fixed the equipment mark on skills when selling.
Fixed a bug that total sexual experience did not appear to be increasing.
Adjustment of the misalignment of values in the sexual experience section of the status.
Added a countermeasure to the problem of opening the map in the dark in the shower.
Adjusted the menu screen and map so that they cannot be opened during downtime.
Adjusted not to open the map and key configuration screens during H-scenes.
Changed the specification so that it is not possible to rest during an attack, etc.
Fixed a bug where the Q key was set to move.
Adjustment of some map shapes
Fixed problems related to enemies.
Fixed a bug in which the knee socks were not hidden in the H-scene of the “Parasitic Hornet” enemy.
Adjusted mosaic of underwater birth motion.
Fixed “Lightning” skill to work properly.
Fixed the transition destination for the third map immediately after going to the far end of the gallery mode.
-Announcing the new enemy “Parasite Jelly” and the corresponding new H scene / childbirth motion (now Ver only)
-This month’s new enemy will be the first flight-type enemy in this game.
-The scene is a nipple fuck system as shown in the sample, and childbirth in the chest has already been implemented.
-As usual, the movements of enemies other than the H scene are still incomplete.
-Especially this time, there are many parts that are controlled by physics, but I feel that the movement is not as I expected, so there is a high possibility that I will modify it at a later date.
New enemy “Shell Kraken” and its corresponding new H scene ・ Birth motion unveiled (now Ver only)
-This time is the implementation of the enemy (H scene) that was unveiled as a bonus last month.
-It’s a time when you don’t have to weigh yourself in terms of the progress of the game, so I think it’s something you can’t see anywhere else.
I hope you enjoy it.
-This month’s bonus is an animation in the middle of production.
-This H scene will be released in the form of a bonus because the environment to be applied to this enemy has not been implemented yet, there are -many parts that are being reused, and so on.

Patches: Uncensor patchUncensored Patch 2

*This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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