Oppaimon [v0.6.3] [Witch Nighto Studio!]
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Oppaimon [v0.6.3] [Witch Nighto Studio!]

January 15, 2024F95

You turned 18 years old, is the right time to go out and explore the region of Fuckto, there live the Oppaimon and trainers, there are many Oppaimon to discover, train and seduce, are you able to capture and fuck with all of them? So, GOTTA FUCK’EM ALL!

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The main idea is to recreate a faithful Pokemon game, like the first generation, we hope to finish the 151 Oppaimon, 8 gyms and the Oppaimon league, H-scenes with all the Oppaimon and special scenes with the leader of each gym, in the future with your support we can bring more regions to the game!

Thread Updated: 2020-04-10
Release Date: 2020-04-02
Developer: Witch Nighto Studio! Patreon –  Gamejoltitch.ioNewgrounds
Censorship: None
Version: 0.6.3
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
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2DCG, Adventure, Parody, Trainer, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Monster Girl, Animated
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1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Oppaimon.exe” to start playing.
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Version notes:
Launcher: The first version of the Launcher is ready [Patreons Only for now]Bugs: The bug when you fight agains the first trainer of the gym fixed
.Motel animations: Squirty | Cummander | Cumpie
Girls and CG: Rin have a gift for everyone how visit her!
Bug Cather: Now when the game detect a bug or error it automatically show you a document to describe what happen and send us an email
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  • The Super OppaiBall!
  • A unique and special item is ready!
  • First Gym Badge.
  • Sandshrew
  • Onix
  • Digglet
  • Geodude
Girls and CG:
  • The leader of the first gym Rebecca and her CG is Here!
  • New girl. Majo Girl CG is now unlockable
  • Grey’s Mom.
  • First Gym implemented.
  • Now Oppaimon with more speed attacks first!
  • We have fixed the speed with which combat feedback is displayed
  • Some attack have been fixed!
  • There is now the probability that the Oppaimon escape the Oppaiball that you throw
  • Some events with Rebecca and the Majo girl
  • Some Oppaimon trainers now have more than 1 Oppaimon in their team, be ready for fight!
  • When having a fight with a Trainer, the player stopped if he found an Oppaimon in the grass. fixed
  • Pressing esc to hit several times without taking damage in an Oppaimon showdown no longer works.
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Patch Notes:
  • Fixed the error where the player when leaving the store appears in a random place or a place where he can not move.
  • Fixed the error of new attacks of the oppaimons. When learning a new attack this can not be used and produced an error. (although there is currently no effect implemented for these attacks should no longer present an error to the player).
  • The XP gain was increased in order to adjust the game speed.
  • As your oppaimons evolved and had their lust at 100%, you still couldn’t interact in the Hotel (Cummilion, Watortly and Vulvysaur). This has already been fixed.
  • You can now adjust the sound correctly from the game menu.
  • It was implemented a button that allows you to leave the catalog of products of the Rin’s shop. This was implemented as many users could not find how to exit that menu section.
  • Fixed a bug with a game loaded with vulvysaur. Now it should no longer present an error and you can save and load correctly.
New fixes!
  • Fixed bowsette CG error. Losing against it still unlocked the CG, now only unlocked when you win.
  • Having two or more oppaimons and entering to fight after having lost before, the game crash it. This bug has already been fixed!
  • Fixed the bug that you can’t get out of the Hotel. Now the button works correctly.
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  • New town (first gym but will not be available until the version 0.5.0)
  • Loveru Hotel (Building where the player will have sexual training with his Oppaimons)
  • Hotel system
  • Pill of lust available on the store (Needed to increase the lust of your Oppaimons)
  • Animation fucking with Vulvysaur (Evolution of Vulvasaur)
  • Animation fucking with Cummeleon ( Evolution of  Cummander)
  • Animation fucking with Wartorty ( Evolution of  Squirty)
  • Change the position of your Oppaimon team
  • Animation of the bus when going to the Fuckto region
  • Gallery of CGs: Now you can see when you want the CGs that you have unlocked
  • Now the trainers see you in the distance and won’t let you pass without fighting them before
  • Re-design of the whole main menu of the game
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- Fixed bug Oppaimons can not win XP
– Fixed freeze bug in Rin’s shop
– Fixed menu error after capturing an Oppaimon
– Fixed error in menu when you get your first oppaimon
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* Oppaimons added: Cumpie, Peedle, Blowffing, Sexkans
* Attacks added: Bite, Bondage, Chew, Clitshot, Fake orgasm, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Horny, Hot breath, Hug, Hyper bite, Moan, Poison kiss, Popper, Quick fuck, Razor ass, Sand screw, Sludge, Suck nipples, Tail whip, Whirlsquirt (Some attacks will be adjusted in future updates)
* Now attacks have probability of success, otherwise the attack will fail
* Route 2 added
* 2 new girls added (Cloe and Zoe)
* First story event with the team sucket
* Alexa sprites renewed and implemented
* Alexa animation implemented
* First date implemented (A visit to the lake)
* Oppaimon now learn new attacks when they level up
* Cummander, Squirty and Vulvasaur evolve at level 16
* Dialogue system renewed and implemented in some situations
* Voices of Alexa, Violett and Rin added to the game
* In this version has not been implemented the side effects of some attacks, such as your probability of poisoning or critical hit (future update will be included)
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- Fixed Bug of change of Oppaimons during the battle.
– Fixed visual Bug of the character running in the scene changes.
– Fixed Bug of sprites in the Oppaimons menu of the player.
– Fixed the Bug of Oppaimons evolutions.
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- Saved system implemented. The file in Windows is located at: Oppaimon_DataStreamingAssetsSaves and you must keep it in each new version to keep your data and Mac at: ContentsResourcesDataStreamingAssetsSaves]
– Implemented Items (Cure, Energy and Oppaiballs)
– Implemented a shop in the village
– Implemented Money system
– Renewed player menu interface (UI)
– Implemented a new girl! [Rin]
– Implemented Dating system and love metter (Still under construction)
– The player can now capture wild Oppaimons
– The player will now be able to use more than one Oppaimon during battles.
– Player will now be able to use items during battles
– Implemented game settings (Resolution, type and volume)
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We have done this small update in order to fix several bugs and implement a better system of character movement and interaction based on all your recommendations.
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+ Custom name of the player implemented.
+ Rafapfap and Fistgey added!
+ Vulvasaur, Squirty and Cummander changed.
+ Warthorty, Cummeleon and Ivysaur reassigned.
+ Evolution of the starters working.
+ Violett (rival) implemented.
+ CG of Alexa, Violett, Nurse Juicy and Bowsette working.
+ Mr Salty and Dusk Lord added as Oppaimon’s trainers.
+ Implemented prologue.
+ Choosing your first Oppaimon
+ Menu added, now you can set volume of the game as you like
+ Several bugs fixed
Temporal changes
+ Evolution are working, Cummander, Vulvasaur and Squirty can evolve  when reach the lvl 10, but in the future will evolve in lvl 16.

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