Our Bright Days [v0.1.3] [keyclap]

Our Bright Days [v0.1.3] [keyclap]

January 7, 2024F95

Animated 1060082597977395230 | Free Adult Games3DCG Visual Novel about characters who moved to a new city.
Different stories, relationship building, cool mechanics and much more!

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Good morning, Clairton! It’s 9 am, and outside our windows is such a beautiful weather, screaming to us that the next 24 hours of Saturday will be just great! Take a sunscreen, buy lemonade and run straight to the beach, swim in the Pacific Ocean! For those business guys who work today, I can only advise you to go to the PlushCup café. There you will be served by our two cute baristas, known throughout the city for their delicious abilities.
So, stop sitting at home, Clairton! A big world awaits you!

Thread Updated: 2023-07-15
Release Date: 2023-07-15
Developer: keyclap Patreon DiscordItch.ioBoostylinktr.ee
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English, Russian
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Tags: Animated, 3DCG, Mobile game, Sandbox, Male protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Small ass, Small tits, Milf, Twins, Voyeurism, Teasing, Spanking, Drinking (optional), Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Creampie, Rape, Virgin
Planned: Lesbian (optional), Smoking (optional), Impregnation
Not Planned: NTR, Sharing, Harem
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.1.3a & v0.1.3
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A lot of work has been done to bring this update to you, guys!
Dialogues: +1100
Renders: +996
Animations: +27
Fruits: +3


• The English version was proofreaded.
• A ton of work has been done on the 3D models, Daz and scripts (talked about it on Boosty/Patreon)
• WebM Audio Designer (instead of embedding audio I decided to write a script that plays random sounds)
• Volume, pan and muting change depending on the distance from the music source (3D audio!)
• A helping star that flies toward the fruits, so you don’t miss them while reading dialogues.
• An ultimate notification manager that shows multiple notifications at once (notes, new friend requests, new messages, character info updates, money change, etc. Really cool shit…)
• The choice menu has been updated and now can be controlled with more buttons! Check the “Help” menu.
• The “Collection” menu now contains “Gallery” and “Replays” tabs.
• Discord Integration (broadcast status to your Discord profile)
• Realtime text translator (alpha)
• TinyTag library by Tom Wallroth is now used to get length of mp3 files (because Ren’Py can’t read mp3 properly)
• Ren’Py Sync is now a thing! Transfer save files across your devices.
• Garlands with photocards in the Mariya’s room.
• Some old scenes were reworked.
• Save page 20 is now reserved for backups.
• News and Discord images are now cached in byte-like objects, removing the necessity to work with folders or request permissions on Android.
• The plot has been rethought.
• Each character has also been revised so now they act more natural.
• Reworked the whole smartphone appearance and created icons for BonBond and BBMusic (BB is now a freaking local brand!)
• The ability to respond to comments on your page.
• The smartphone can use your Discord profile picture as a profile picture for BonBond.
• There’re no more icons that show the current time of day. Instead there’s a digital time.
• A nicer and more optimized interface.
• A better blur logic for the “~ game scene ~” theme.
• A nicer and smoother text shadow.
• Also, a lot of work has been done to improve the Ren’Py engine, hehe.
• Fixed gestures for mini-games and some other screens.
• Other small adjustments…
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• Proofread English translation.
• Skills were rebalanced. Buffs and debuffs added.
• Show openable notification on game screen when updating notes.
• Notify if a save file is not compatible.
• Notify about available updates.
• Flight Mode button in the Special menu.
• Enable, disable or hide save names.
• Page buttons can contain page names if player renames them.
• Navigate through the pages with mouse wheel.
• More documentation and informative icons.
• Added some *pretty* icons for theme buttons.
• Themes music volume was reduced.
• ILAE Interface was reworked.
• Add your own tracks to the player (for PC only) without reloading the game (a button at the end of the smartphone playlist)
• Quick menu added (please, read the documentation in the Help menu!)
• Gestures for smartphones added (please, read the documentation in the Help menu!)
• Reduced the amount of interfering pop-ups.
• Exiting from save menu to the game is instant after the actual save.
• Global volume bar added.
• Fixed text {#tags} issues.
• Fixed looping sounds.
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This is alpha release! English version is sill being edited by a proofreader, so for now only my clumsy translation is present in the game 1030511847406833684 | Free Adult Games
Dialogues: +1327
Renders: +644
Animations: +1
Fruits: +2
QR Codes: +2
• Optimize repeating text blocks in multiple complex screens.
• Improve the image prediction system and fix memory leaks.
• Add a better version of tooltips.
• Update the font file (edit some bad looking letters and add an accent mark).
• Rework the gallery GUI.
• Game interface hides when something shows up on top of it.
• The scene effector now uses Ren’Py camera.
New features:
• Completely overhauled the controls in the game.
• Global text size scaling.
• Textbox background opacity.
• Double click or long press (on mobiles) to open images in posts, messages or in the gallery.
• A bluelight filter.
• Made the game sensitive to muted channels (some scenes based on audio will be shorter)
• Made the game more suitable for gamepads.
• Scan QR codes with your camera to unlock tracks.
• More dialogue choices for different auras (rocker, pop, indie)
• Update the park location and fill it with citizens (test)
• Create wallpapers from photos saved in albums (additional blackout, blur and parallax settings)
• The ability to choose phone notification sounds.
• In-game time added. Toggle between IRL and in-game one in the phone settings.
• Better environment sounds and audio triggers.
• Preview images of save files when hovering over the Continue and Quick Save buttons.
• New locations in the house.
• Re-render some old scenes to make them logically fit.
• Adaptive images for different languages.
• Separate effectors for the city map and other scenes to make the transition look smoother.
• Variables re-saver for supporting new changes in the game code (pretty much a simple workaround for backward compatibility)
• Animated money value change.
• Get the name of any currently playing song.
• Special smartphone notifications.
• A listener that detects whether the player sees a photo or buys/drops/uses an item, etc.
• City street names added.
• Other many improvements and optimizations…
3D Models:
• Made lots of anatomical adjustments (necks, teeth, noses).
• Reduced the weight of Lucy’s body to make her look more like a teen.
• Optimized all the characters and scenes to make it possible to render big scenes.
• Fit gallery images properly.
v0.1.1 (minor update)
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This quick update is all about fixing those things that players hate, so there’s no new content!
• Added proofread English.
• News feed added.
Making the game more friendly:
• Disabled rollback blocking for the timed choices (block rollback only after the warning message)
• Added some more instructions about the game GUI.
• Added a choice to either use the default Ren’Py navigation for dialogues or the custom one.
• Added skip button, reworked auto-forward and hide interface buttons.
• Made the rollback function save last 100 steps.
• Made it more ADHD friendly (reduced the length and amount of transitions in the game)
P.S. Also, this is the last premium release. From now on all the future releases will contain everything for free.
Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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You can add your own music to the game by opening the music player and clicking the “Open the custom tracks folder” button.
. . .
This game can ask Pastebin (text hosting service) for such data as the game updates and the latest news. To disable this feature, go to Settings > Network > Flight Mode [ On ].
PC Only: This game automatically pairs to your Discord app using Discord RPC and sets your current status to “Playing Our Bright Days“. For further integration the game asks Discord for such public data as your username and avatar. To disable this feature, go to Settings > Network > Discord [ Off ].
This game doesn’t send data to any external servers until you use the official Ren’Py Sync feature that sends your selected save file to the Moon.

Extras: Gallery Unlock

* This unofficial port/version is not released by developer, download at your own risk.

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