Ovulating Maiden [v0.35b] [pizzacat]
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Ovulating Maiden [v0.35b] [pizzacat]

May 10, 2024F95

About 2 of every monster girl breed was saved from an unprecedented war that obliterated the humans, monster girls, and goddesses.  Placed into unbreakable egg-like sleeping pods, the monster girls slumber. Some time later, due to an unknown stimuli, 8 previously unbreakable egg-like pods crack open, one of which containing you. While receiving a blowjob from an elf, you awaken to find that you’re the only human male alive.

Thread Updated: 2024-05-03
Release Date:  2024-05-02
Developer: pizzacat PatreonSubscribeStarBlogBaraagPixiv
Censored: No
Version: 0.35b
OS:  Windows, Linux
Language: English
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3DCG, Animated, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Shota, Milf, Female domination, Harem, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Oral sex, Pregnancy, Big tits, Big Ass, Creampie, Reverse Rape, Incest, Loli, Handjob, Lactation, Monster Girl, Fantasy
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1. Extract and run.
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v0.35b – 5/2/2024
More storyline, new character CGs, an erotic animated scene with Lyria, and minor spelling/grammar fixes(mainly from v0.35 which wasn’t released publicly).
v0.30 – 1/16/2024
This update includes a bit more storyline, a new sex scene with Seraphina, and minor spelling/grammar fixes.
v0.25 – 12/15/2023
More storyline and new sex scene with a series of new erotic animations and a few other minor additions/changes.
v0.20b – 11/8/2023
This update is on the smaller side and storyline goes to the birth of the second daughter, Seraphina.  It also has slightly more storyline for Luxuria Miyumi’s story. You can also now set Minori’s name at the beginning of the game.
Also, I had accidentally lost game files for this game and had to rebuild it, however end result has two copies of many of the files within the achieve compression file, which made the game way bigger than required. So I have fixed this now, and rebuild the game files, and now the game is less than 1GB again. The game content is the same but the filesize is smaller than v0.20. This fixed version is now named v0.20b.
– Initial Release
Developer Notes:
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Hi everyone,  I’m pizzacat.
This is a femdom/harem/pregnancy game called Ovulating Maiden.  Ovulating Maiden is a new rebuild based off the incomplete game Conception Maiden, using ren’py game engine(OM also has notably more content story-wise currently than CM did), please check my blog for more details.
You can basically call Conception Maiden the prototype for this new game(though that wasn’t it’s original intention).  (This new thread is also to avoid confusion with the incomplete old game, which was a strategy game build on GameMakerStudio/GameMakerStudio2 game engine.)

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