O’Yonder [v0.2] [Exxxotic Candy]
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O’Yonder [v0.2] [Exxxotic Candy]

July 10, 2024F95

Hello fellow appreciators of fine erotic arts, nice of you to wonder on by our page. What is there to say other than you’re here for a reason and we are going to try our best to indulge that reason. So put your exploring shoes, boots, heels or whatever it is you fancy for footwear and take a stroll through O’Yonder. O’Yonder is an adventure game where your choices have consequences, some larger than others so get ready for a wild ride.
Thread Updated: 2021-08-19
Release Date: 2021-08-16
Developer: Exxxotic Candy PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
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3D Game, Unreal Engine, Animated, Ahegao, Adventure, Female Protagonist, Story, Sex
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Extract and run
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0.2 – Added various sections and improvements to the game
New Intro area New Pirate NPC “Black Beard”
New Dialog choices
New story related cutscenes for this area
New fancy room
Improvement of starting beach area layout.
Some background sound effects and music.
Improvement of Cheshire cat model
Some changes to story dialogs along with choices.
New story related cutscenes for this area.
Tea party:
Opened area near the tea party that leads to the castle and direction tree
Also teaser of new village (mostly empty you can view it but not enter yet)
Tree of Direction:
Basically, as it implies a tree was some signs that help point the way the fork in the road between areas.
New Cheshire cat interaction here Scene leading to White Queen Castle.
White Queen Castle:
Added Chess piece NPCs New Dialogs
New story related cutscenes for this area
Prologue end:
Just like it sounds a scene leading the player to the next chapter of the game (Coming in the next featuring Sandboxing. build)
Developer Notes:
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—————————- Things to know/Current Plans —————————-
Dynamic Day and Night cycle is still fast but has been slowed down a bit for this version, Sandbox will have true timescale.
Next build will be featuring character customization and the start of sandbox content.
—————————– Known issues ———————————————–
Still tweaking motion blur, just play with it off for now.
WIP Sound Effects, WIP Body Physics (ideally, we want to add these when we go into character customization)
Game runs better in windowed mode if on ultrawide alt + enter to quickly go into windowed
Tracking issue with changing video options can lead to unresponsive menus. (alt enter can fix)
A dialog bug with saving and loading after talking to NPCs this is not a problem for prologue but will be fixed for sandbox update which will fix prologue.
—————————- Feedback—————————————————–
Please, Please give feedback the more detailed the better.
We really want to know what to improve, just working on it in house for so long and only having a few eyes on it, we really want to know what the world thinks and what they would like improved.

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    O’Yonder [v0.2] [Exxxotic Candy]