PainRe: In [v0.053] [Gapugapu Kobo]

PainRe: In [v0.053] [Gapugapu Kobo]

April 30, 2024F95

3D action erotic Ryona game

Thread Updated: 2024-03-11
Release Date: 2023-11-30
Developer: Gapugapu Kobo Ci-EnPixiv
Censored: Yes
Version: 0.053
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL), Japanese
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3d game, female protagonist, combat, censored, japanese game, big ass, big tits, groping, vaginal sex, mobile game
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1. Extract and run.
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– Redesigned UI to support all aspect ratios
– Added “Render Scale” and “Upscale” to graphic settings
– Added limited costume “Magical Girl”
– Other minor fixes
Save data can be inherited from Ver0.046
-Added new enemies to “Stage 3-5”
-Added new enemies to “Practice”
-Added “Nun’s Robe”
– Added “Nun’s Hood” to the loot box
-Other minor fixes
Update contents
Save data can be inherited from Ver0.004
-Added stage 1 (prototype) of a new story
-Add new enemies
-Added “Sword Style” to the battle style
-Add Goblins to Practice
-Changed the movement motion of “Kick Style”
-Added tab to stage select
-Added effects and sound effects to critical attacks
-Other minor corrections
–Added genuine costumes and hairstyles for the new stage
-Distribution of Valentine costumes (1 month only)
-Distribution of adhesive plaster underwear (period undecided)
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The saved data can be inherited from Ver. 0.003.
-Added override selection UI in Hacker Room.
-Added Practice (Mock Battle) to the Hacker Room.
-Added Kukri Knife to Mukimuki Man/ Added 2 types of normal attacks and unique grabs.
-Added Rape to Muskman.
-Added a knife to the masked pervert. Added a normal attack and two unique grabs.
-Added the beginning of stage 4 (prototype)
-Fixed other enemies getting stuck when overriding or being hit by grabs
-Changed so that the last attack of a normal attack does not blow up the enemy.
-Upgraded the third stage of normal attacks to double the attack power and the last stage to quadruple the attack power.
-Stage 3 stepping stones no longer flash, traps have been reduced.
-Fixed spinning blade traps so they no longer hit multiple times.
-Added new costume, the sweater that kills virgins (code distribution)
-Added a new costume, the demon bikini (code to be distributed on February 3)
-Other minor fixes
-Character shadows flicker depending on camera direction.
-The character may slide when down.
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The latest development version and future plans
Good evening, this is Gabugapu Kobo.
We have just distributed the development version Ver. 0.003 to the paid plan users.
There are no updated stages in this update.
We’ve added squirting, incontinence, and Creampie elements, and fixed sound effects and rape voices.
The addition of recovery items and the accompanying mechanical torture event.
The update focuses on fixing the game’s difficulty and improving its ryoonality.
Costumes are also distributed, so please check if you have a paid plan.
There was a great bug m(_ _)m
If you hit the GameStart button repeatedly at the start of a stage, the game would become unplayable.
This bug has been fixed in Ver. 0.003, but it still occurs in Ver. 0.002 and earlier, so please be careful.
If you hit the GameStart button repeatedly, the stage will be loaded twice.
This is not good for your device, so please do not try it.
Removed network counting function.
We used to use the network function to count the number of users.
However, some overseas users were unable to start the program.
We did a lot of research, but could not identify the cause.
Therefore, we have stopped all network functions from Ver. 0.003.
We are planning to release a demo version without the network function again in the future.
About the new hacker room
The hacker room will be added to the stage select after clearing stage 1.
(We’re planning to split the stage select into tabs in a future update.)
There is a short scenario in the Hacker Room, but it does not support saving at this time.
The story will start from the beginning every time you enter the room.
Once you reach the end of the story, the consumption items will be unlocked.
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Update details
The saved data can be inherited from Ver0.001.
Stage 3 (temporary) is implemented.
Costumes are added.
Added enemies.
Added some trap gimmicks and riddles to solve.
Added ECCInovel function.
Removed R18 restriction function, now only R18G
Bug in which the character’s shadow flickers depending on the direction of the camera.
 I tried to adjust it, but I couldn’t fix it in Ver. 0.002.
 If you are worried about the shadows, please turn off the shadows in the options.
Bug: Costumes added as Stage 3 rewards did not break properly.
 This bug was not fixed in time, and will be fixed in a future update.
Other fixes
Added squirting, urinating, and peeing.
Added grabbing techniques for muscled enemies
Changed the motion of front and back damage
Lowered the damage of knife throwing, baton throwing, bear hug, and spinning blade
Added scream to rapid-fire attacks
Added climax gauge and urge gauge.
Mosaic now adapts to the size of the genitals
Changed sound effects for rape.
About the bugs that have occurred
Shadow flicker bug.
We are still working on a fix for this… If you are concerned about this, please turn off the shadows in the options.
About future plans
We will distribute the tube top maid costume later (probably on the 20th).
The next development update is scheduled for the end of the month.
The next update is scheduled for the end of the month, but we haven’t decided on the content yet.
We’ll let you know when we have a roadmap.
Initial Release
You can play stage 1 and stage 2 It is
about 25 minutes at the shortest
Developer Notes:
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painRe: in for PC 
recommended environment
Windows10 64bit
8G RAM 1.2G
Geforce GTX1050
painRe: in for Mobile
recommended environment
Android 10 (at least 6)
400MB storage
Snapdragon 700  equivalent terminal
* The recommended environment is the developer’s test environment. If
 you drop the setting, it may work on a terminal with lower performance.
The mobile version is released without compression. You
can also download and install it directly from your Android device.In
that case, you need to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources. The
setting method differs depending on the device, so set each one. I would like
About gamepads
It is recommended to use the
gamepad Select KeyConfig from Settings, press Assign Controller and then press
the button of your
gamepad. After recognizing the gamepad, press the Done button. You
can also use the gamepad in the mobile version. increase


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