Paradise Lust 2 [v0.5.0c] [Flexible Media]

Paradise Lust 2 [v0.5.0c] [Flexible Media]

March 31, 2024F95

Continue your adventures on Tuvatuva island in a sultry 2D point-and-click adventure where romance blooms, puzzles are solved, and passion ignites in paradise.

Thread Updated: 2024-03-31
Release Date: 2024-03-18
Developer: Flexible Media Patreon SteamWebsite Itch.ioDiscordSubscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.0c
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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2DCG, Adventure, Animated, BDSM, Creampie, Dating sim, Group sex, Harem, Humor, Interracial, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Oral sex, Point & Click, Puzzle, Romance, Rpg, Sandbox, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Mobile game,
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1. Extract and run.
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– Fixed possible softlock by sketching the map on Day 1
– Fixed typo on poster in Mina’s room
– Fixed duplicate cutscenes
– Updated Emi’s spankbank icon to not blend into the background
– Added new promo for Sinners Landing
– Fixed End of Update popup to trigger in the correct place
– Fixed Jack’s face crossfading when kissing Grace
– Fixed Gabby’s hat appearing early in Bar sex scene
– Fixed Cath’s head being slightly disjointed when flipped
– Fixed some items/characters not updating properly during rollback
– Fixed some minigames completing immediately at the start
– Added notification for new builds for non-Steam builds
– Added Jack sitting in his room
– Added unlock notifications for Bar Deck and Bar Backroom
– Removed “To Beach” button in the Bar’s Backroom
– Sample audio clip will now play when adjusting volume if there is no corresponding audio playing
– Added Passing the Bar quest
– Fixed hitbox of the Dock at the Resort Beach
– Updated Raven’s room
– Added ending for Booty Blast quest
– Hid some elements in Bar Deck that are slated as upgrades
– Changed trigger for Improving the Beach quest from clicking the sea to clicking a sketch button
– Fixed highlight for the Sea at the Beach
– Fixed incorrect price for building the Bar
– Fixed low resolution textures for some rooms
– Fixed missing text for transition from Backroom to Bar
– Fixed missing fence during the night on the Beach
– Fixed Maria not having an animation at the Lounge
– Added Setting the Bar and Booty Blast quests
– Updated link to Steam guide
– Fixed issue where some income isn’t being shown in spreadsheet
– Fixed issue where Quadplex beds can be purchased before Quadplex is built
– Fixed typos
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– Removed rocks at the cove during Floatplane arrival cutscene
– Fixed lines with no speaker
– Fixed outdated Discord link
– Fixed some idle animations not looping
– Fixed Jack’s poses during Map sketching scene
– Fixed missing Cutscene thumbnail
– Updated Spankbank and Chatty icons for Grace and Rachel
– Updated credits
– Added latest Grace scene to the Spankbank
– Fixed issue with some backhair sorting over bodies
– Fixed insertion animation during Rachel’s sex scene
– Fixed awkward arm animation for Jack from thinking to idle pose
– Removed poster piece from LST1 at the Overlook
– Updated Grace’s room
– Added latest Rachel scene to the Spankbank
– Fixed Rachel’s hair disappearing during phone call at the Cove
– Fixed Rachel’s body appearing outside the phone call bubble
– Fixed Raven’s orientation during her idle conversations
– Fixed Raven’s sorting in her room
– Fixed missing music during sexy scenes
– Fixed issue where players can save during rollback which breaks the save file
– Fixed visible lines in Rachel’s wallpapers
– Fixed bugged minigame for editing Jack and Rachel’s video
– Fixed typos
– Moved end of update popup to after editing with Raven
– Added second half of Two To Tango quest
– Fixed sizing of Rachel and Grace’s wallpaper
– Added first half of Two To Tango quest
– Added Raven as idle in her room
– Updated profile of the new girls
– Fixed backhair becoming missing for characters sometimes
– Hopefully fixed input issues for players with macOS 14 (Sonoma)
– Fixed sorting of lizard at Bamboo Path at night
– Fixed Ryoko’s room being mislabled at night
– Reworked first day dialog with Olga
– Added minigame for first day dialog with Olga
– Cleaned up outdated items in Contacts app
– Fixed height of characters in Main Menu
– Fixed Jenny’s sex scene suddenly flashing after heading back to the Resort
– Fixed typos
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– Fixed instances where characters pop out of the phone call bubble
– Fixed thumbnail and title for Grace and Rachel’s phone sex cutscene
– Fixed Jenn’s backhair being visible during transition when visiting the pool the first time
– Fixed typo
– Added Improve the Island and Rough Landing quests
– Beach and Lagoon are now unlocked as long as you’ve drawn the map
– Updated Emi’s “How do you like Tuvatuva so far?” option depending on her story progress
– Updated Sinners Landing logo in About page
– Updated icon for Items category in Shopping app
– Updated game icon
– Adjusted Andrea’s hat so her hair does not clip into it
– Fixed options sometimes not showing after rollback
– Fixed rollback glitching when selecting a conversation with a girl
– Changed Jenny’s “Kiss me” line to match the animation
– Fixed missing font for Linux builds
– Scaled up Ryoko and Emi’s glam shot
– Scaled up Cath and Gabby’s glam shot
– Fixed missing font for Linux builds
– Fixed Jenny’s hat showing on the first day while wearing a swimsuit
– Fixed issue where advancing the day advances to night of the next day
– Updated credits
– Fixed incorrect font issue when first clicking on a girl
– Fixed height of Raven on the Main Menu
– Fixed Escape button not working on Cutscenes and About UI
– Fixed low resolution on Ryoko and Emi’s glam shot
– Fixed new save slot’s delete icon is unclickable
– Fixed memory leak when hovering over objects
– Possible fix to missing font for Linux build
– Possible fix to Balcony camera shift issue
– Fixed minigame music restarting when triggering dialog
– Fixed Jenny’s hat showing up or disappearing when it shouldn’t
– Fixed inventory popup not scaling properly
– Fixed typos
– Daily Income breakdown is now shown when sleeping in Jack’s hut
– Main menu music now loops
– One of the correct candles for the minigame is now on top
– Fixed memory leak when hovering over objects
– Fixed Rusty Hook not being given to player when obtaining fishing rod
– Fixed sorting of waves in Beach
– Fixed exit button missing in Hangar
– Fixed Jenny’s hat showing up while wearing a swimsuit
– Fixed low-res Restaurant at night
– Fixed buttons for Promo UI
– Add Restaurant to daily income
– Removed subscription sites promotion on Main Menu for Steam
– Fixed missing assets for Cove at night
– Jenny’s hat should now be consistent
– Options are now moved down when there is no text box
– Updated Table minigame to change into the correct table setting instead of just encircling
– Fixed Cath and Gabby’s intro shot freezing
– Fixed Shiki’s Fetch Cutscene’s thumbnail
– Fixed Ryoko appearing both in and out of the phone call bubble
– Fixed Generator Outlet being purchasable without the Generator quest
– Fixed issue where players are sent to Jack’s cabin instead of his Sea Hut after Olga’s quest
– Fixed issue where quest to catch Giant Grouper will not complete if you caught a different fish after
– Fixed incorrect outfit for Andrea when clicking her
– Fixed Auto save page not being underlined when chosen
– Fixed typos
– Removed subscription sites promotion on Main Menu for Steam
– Added Dinner For Three and Stretched Thin quests
– Added Tori and Emi’s scene to Spankbank
– Updated layout of Settings menu
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– Added Recipe for Renovation and A Lot To Unpack quests
– Changed layout of build confirmation popup
– Cash display does not show cents anymore
– Fixed emotion text not showing during rollback
– Fixed how music is loaded
– Fixed packing of Hangar assets to speed up loading
– Fixed character’s whole body flashing when in a call
– Fixed heads flashing upside down when flipping characters
– Fixed the transition in Lagoon not going to the Tower Path
– Fixed the highlight of the transition in Lagoon
– Fixed long loading time for Hangar
– Fixed issue with rollback during call
– Fixed issue where options do not show after rollback
– Added The Debutante quest
– Disabled crossfading on characters
– Updated End of Demo/Update Popup
– Updated hitbox for transition from Pool to Hall
– Fixed Cutscene titles and thumbnails
– Fixed bush sorting issue in Lagoon
– Fixed long loading time for Hangar
– Fixed typos
– Fixed rollback during calls
– Fixed scaling of Tori’s face during video call
– Fixed invisible characters that can be clicked or hovered
– Fixed orientation of Jack and Olga at the Storage
– Fixed sorting of the ship at the Dock
– Fixed certain locations not showing up at the Map
– Fixed Erik’s business name not being parsed properly for some players
– Removed End of Demo Popup
– Added Welcome Distraction, Cinema Sensuale, Reel Talk, and Pitch Perfect quests
– Added animation for Andrea’s hair
– Added tooltips for some inventory items
– Updated Grove, Gas Tanks, Beach, and Lagoon rooms
– Updated Pool to animate during the day
– Updated Chatty app to show the name of the contact
– Adjusted Emi, Ryoko, and Raven’s heights
– Adjusted size of Patreon button on main menu to be uniform
– Reduced file size by removing residual assets
– Fixed inconsistent notification size
– Hide default splash screen
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– Added achievements
– Menu characters now have their updated art
– Updated Jenny on the first day at the kitchen to have her new art
– Cash effects now go on top of screen blackout
– Added music to minigames
– Fixed issue with naming Mina making the conversation unresponsive
– Fixed occasional crash when sleeping
– Fixed Resort Beach sea not animating
– Fixed Andrea not having her hat in the pool scene
– Player name is auto-filled at start if Paradise Lust 1 save exists
– Added visual and audio feedback when clicking buttons that can’t be clicked
– Added income app to show player’s daily earnings from the resort
– Fixed Cutscene thumbnails and Cutscenes getting stuck
– Fixed doors in Quadplex to be clickable and not get players stuck at night
– Fixed conversation getting stuck when naming Mina
– Removed references to Raven’s quest for now
– Marked Raven’s quest as Under Development
– Re-added stylized fonts
– Removed highlight on lights at the Grove
– Removed posters leftover from Paradise Lust 1
– Fixed missing sea at Lounge at night
– Fixed some transition objects being unclickable
– Fixed issue where entering some girls’ rooms at night will get player stuck
– Fixed exit button being unresponsive on first night
– Updated music
– Updated game logo
– Added Olga’s glam shot at the start
– Added video effect for constructing
– Added “Stop Rollback” button on top during rollback
– Fixed issued with entering name being unresponsive some times
– Fixed issue when saving and loading with characters in-call
– Fixed issues with some animations in dialog
– Fixed typos
– Removed the old news
– Tidided up the UI
– Added the new
– Fixed up the cash counter on the frontend
– Fixed up time of day to not use colored fonts
– Tweaked borders for bordered font
– Tweaked size of text in Quest Notifications
– Fixed Crash in hall
– Fixed broken grove graphics
– Added more guards to transition objects
– Fixed gabby’s mug-shot
– Cleaned up the intro screen
– Removed Shiki running
– Initial build
Developer Notes:
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The Adventure Continues
Return to Tuvatuva Island! Paradise Lust 2 continues the story of Jack Plumber, hapless bartender-turned-island owner, as he helps the girls fulfill their dreams in paradise in a unique blend of visual novel, dating sim, and adventure game.
3180935 Dev Notes 1 | Free Adult Games
More Girls Means More Romance
You’ll expand your relationships with the girls of Paradise Lust, and meet new girls as well, as you help them build their dreams in a paradise of your own creation. There will be flirting, chatting, filming, cooking, long walks on sunset beaches, and a host of other new relaxing activities to enjoy.
3180934 Dev Notes 2 | Free Adult Games
Hot Times in the Tropics
You’ll not only expand and deepen your relationships with the crew of Paradise Lust, you’ll meet new girls from Japan, Brazil, Singapore, and other exotic locales. They all have their own dreams, desires, and reasons for coming to Tuva Tuva. Learning their secrets and stories opens up dozens of all new animated sex scenes and cartoons
3180933 Dev Notes 3 | Free Adult Games
Puzzles and Subgames
The story includes all kinds of various subgames that advance the story Some are simple, and others more complex. You’ll catch fish, cook food, film porn, shoot photos, sail boats, snorkel in the sea, and more. And all with a crew of beautiful women!
3180932 Dev Notes 4 | Free Adult Games


Extras: Spankbank (latest saves + scenes unlocked)Signatures

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