Paradiso Guardian [v1.1.1] [Paradiso Guardian Team]
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Paradiso Guardian [v1.1.1] [Paradiso Guardian Team]

January 30, 2024F95

Paradiso Guardian is an ActionRPG game heavily influenced by the Castlevania series, that also contains new visual elements.
Lenga Valentine is the main character and it is her duty to help this soldier from the Paradiso Guardian recover a floating castle that was recently invaded by mysterious enemy forces. An action RPG game heavily influenced by the Castlevania series.

Thread Updated: 2024-01-27
Release Date: 2024-01-27
Developer: Paradiso Guardian Team PatreonSteam
Censored: No
Version: 1.1.1
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplefied)
Voiced: Japanese
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1. Download from Links below
2. Extract to desired location
3. Play!
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-Fixed an issue where Summon Attacks stopped restoring cooldowns on certain occasions.
-Fixed the issue where the challenge menu could be opened during a summon attack when challenging a boss.
-Fixed the issue where opening the menu would cause the black screen to stop lighting up on certain occasions.
-Adjusted the visual effect of Shutendouji’s third summon attack, which now displays more correctly.
-Accessory: Brace of Zerel; it will now be affected by Holy Flare Fatigue properly.
Feature Updates:
-Chairs: adjusted the height of chairs in the game, added chairs in some rooms.
-Sit: It is now possible to sit on some of the chairs. Press ↑ after getting close to a chair to sit on it. HP and MP will gradually recover after sitting for a while.
-Map: It is now possible to zoom in and out when viewing the map. Please check the bottom left corner of the map menu for instructions on how to do this.
-Summon Attack: It no longer consumes MP and now has a cooldown. The cooldown status of summoning skills has a separate UI element to display.
-Summon Attacks: Summon Attacks now increase the affection points of the corresponding character when used.
-Warp Room: Added 1 teleport room above the bath in the center.
-Bath in the center: Floody, Shutendouji, Vitos, Radian and Raikoh will appear in the center bath pool with a certain probability after being defeated.
-NPC Interaction: It is now possible to talk to Floody, Shutendouji, Vitos and Radian in their room. In Naughty Angel mode, they will have extra dialog when bathing.
Item Updates:
-Surge Axe: Added an effect that will restore HP when attacking.
-Tears Of The Leviathans: Added an effect that restores HP when moving.
-Wine Gourd: Added the effect of getting drunk.
-Added 5 types of Bath Towels. In addition to increasing LCK, each has some extra effects. Can be purchased at the store. Very expensive.
Content Updates:
-Knights’ Staff Lounge: added some short dialog for all units. Press ↑ when near them to interact.
-Knights’ Staff Lounge: after unlocking all units, you can challenge a new Physis.
-Added 1 new Knights-related CG in Naughty Angel mode.
-Added dialog for NPCs in the room.
-Added dialog for the NPCs in the bath.
-Updated the frame rate display. It is now possible to select different values depending on the player’s screen refresh rate. Maximum 144FPS.
-Optimized some room performance.
-Increased some summon damage.
-Fixed an issue where certain bosses could not be locked and could not take summoning damage.
-Fixed an issue where certain enemy attacks were not functioning properly.
-Fixed Raikoh’s summoning attack vision.
-Decreased the damage of some early-stage monsters. Increased EXP of some late-stage monsters.
-Fixed some English punctuation issues.
-Fixed some visual effects that did not match the design.
-Fixed the problem that the dialogue could not proceed under certain occasions.
-Fixed the issue where some enemies move at high speed when using summon attacks.
-Removed the “Render Style Option” from the title screen, which should not be there.
-Added a tutorial for “Special Menu for Boss Challenges”.
-Added a new hint for unlockings after the special ending.
-Added hints for items in the UI for special occasions.
-Changed the way the game is packaged, which will optimize the size of future update packages.
-Fixed an issue where specific summoning skills were judged incorrectly.
-Fixed an issue that prevented correct leveling after a certain amount of experience.
-Adjusted the way the timer works, and it will now be slightly more reliable than before.
-Added a one-time remedy to prevent players from soft-locking where specific abilities are acquired.
(A more decent anti-softlock design may be added later)
-The timer now counts properly from 0 when starting a new game with a special name under certain conditions.
-Fixed an issue where the wrong skill would occasionally be used when releasing some characters’ skills in a row.
-A new feature has been added that when challenging a guest boss, it will not be game over even if you fail the challenge.
-A few text fixes, text fix help is highly appreciated.
-Fixed some boss moves.
-Fixed some boss attacks that were not removed after winning the battle.
-Fixed character physics issues in some specific environments.
-Fixed an issue where gallery controls were affected by key settings.
-Fixed an issue where characters were spawned in the wrong location on some specific occasions.
*If you encounter new similar situations, please actively use the “Shop Ticket” item.
-Added a feature to automatically get the Normal Ending Achievement when the player reaches the Special Ending.
·Added mouse control for title screen:
Now players can use the mouse to confirm/cancel in the title screen and options screen.
·Fiexed a situation when equipped with a certain item, incubus’ grab attack will make the player infinitely fall into the ground.
·Fixed a situation in which the player can take damage in a cut scene, which will kill the player by mistake.
·Fixed a bug that stops players from choosing newly added items.
*If your cursor still stucks at some points, restarting the game will fix it.
· Fixed some visual elements.
v1.0.0 added
2021-01-26 Thread Restored with v1.2. Demo
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It is possible to play the game without any gay/sexual content by change the “Naughty Angel” option.


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    Paradiso Guardian [v1.1.1] [Paradiso Guardian Team]