Peeping Tom [v0.9] [Zekoslava Games]

Peeping Tom [v0.9] [Zekoslava Games]

May 16, 2024F95

MC live with his mother and sister while his father is on a long-term business trip. When the clinic sent him a message that the application for testing new drugs had been received and that he had been selected for testing. Those new drugs that he will test cause the control of other people through dreams, but in order to be able to control them successfully, MC must first observe them without anyone noticing him.
Thread Updated: 2024-02-29
Release Date: 2024-01-30
Developer: Zekoslava GamesPatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.9
OS: Windows
Language: English
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2D game, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Bukkake, Corruption, Creampie, Drugs, Futa/trans, Gay, Incest, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Milf, Mind control, Oral sex, Pov, Real porn, Rpg, Sandbox, Urination, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism,  AI CG, Female domination, Lesbian, Transformation
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1. Extract and run.
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– Add When shooting porn, the porn star skill increases by +1
– Add 50 New Images.
– Add 59 New Clips.
– Add 3 Peeping events.
– Add 2 Quest.
– Add When the home gym is finished, there are no more gym items in the shop.
– Add Now you can change the sexual path on the PC. (it’s in testing phase).
– Add Completed story with Ms. Helen.
– Fix If the MC removes the live doll mask, the tits remain in inventory.
– Fix When you enter the porn industry and it’s raining outside, it’s raining in the porn industry as well.
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– Add Minimap. (Click “Page Down” to change the size or remove).
– Add 31 New Images.
– Add 67 New Clips.
– Add MC can now use sex toys when streaming (Gay and transgender path only).
– Add Enemy HP.
– Add Corruption at the examination in the clinic at the beginning and message corruption.
– Add Date with mom, kissing and a handjob. (Incest path).
– Add 2 Quest.
– Add Food icon next to the fridge.
– Add Now the fridge empties when eating. Grocery shopping fills the fridge.
(For that you need to start a new game or buy new groceries).
– Add Now if the MC is gay he will only watch men on the beach.
– Add Additional event in the dream world if the MC does not have a peeking event.
– Fix Stuck in Anne’s apartment.
– Fix Anne’s Quest.
– Fix Once something is bought online, it cannot be bought again.
– Fix Sometimes the image on the computer does not disappear.
– Fix When staying overnight at Prof. Warren, you can’t donate sperm.
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– Add Another part of the city (West Town).
– Add 2 Location (Dr. Reese House, Helen’s Basement).
– Add 3 New Characters.
– Add Category Watch porn on PC.
– Add 17 New Images.
– Add 69 New Clips.
– Add 2 Quest.
– Add Relationship with Dr. Reese (Talking, complimenting and more).
– Add a message when you order things online.
– Add If the home gym is built, Mom no longer trains in her room.
– Add Introductions for strength and corruption at the beginning.
– Fix Corrected the quest error at Prof. Warren. (It now correctly tells what the quest step is).
– Fix Corrected the word “next time” to “next step” at Prof. Warren.
– Fix If the Sister is in the bathroom, she will not be in her room.
– Fix If Food and hunger is less than 0 the numbers keep going to -1
– Fix If we took pills and were forced to sleep, we would be in a dream world.
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– Add The MC mentions that when you take the pill, you go spy on your neighbors.
– Add MC will not be able to enter the sperm donation room if she is a woman.
– Add Fertilizer for weed.
– Add 21 New Images.
– Add 64 New Clips.
– Add 3 Quests.
– Add 4 New Locations (Wrestling arena, Locker room, Model Agency, porn industry).
– Add If chosen at the start for the MC to be an Athlete. It gives Strength +10
– Add When you go to the clinic to give information, you can skip the event with Dr. Amelia.
– Add Now the MC can eat food from the fridge if energy is down to 20.
– Add 5 New Characters.
– Add Female masturbation in the shower and in bed.
– Adde Now MC can buy a bike to get to specific locations faster.
– Add MC can work out in the gym after wrestling. (Only if the MC is female).
– Add MC can stop working as a maid at Ms Helen.
– Change Now there are no gym items in the item shop until the quest is activated.
– Change UI look.
– Change MC sprites (no glasses).
– Change The peeking icon is now different from the event icon.
– Fix MC now won’t suck dick at the glory hole if he’s straight.
– Fix When the MC donates his sperm, he is not paid.
– Fix Climbing buildings and walking on rooftops in the Red Light District.
– Fix When MC goes to sleep and there is no Gender Change, 2 days pass instead of 1 
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– Add Better mailbox function.
– Add When the Gym quest is activated, it shows where the switch is in the basement.
– Add The MC tells the location where the aunt lives when the wrench is bought.
– Add When the quest mom’s debt is activated, the arrow points to the weed dealer.
– Add People in town say something when interacted with.
– Add 100 New Clips.
– Add 54 New Images.
– Add Sperm bank job.
– Add Talking and giving gifts to Nurse Anne in the clinic.
– Add 4 New Quests. (One of them is only for gender change).
– Add 2 New Locations (Anne Apartment, Dream World Lobby).
– Add The MC transforms into a female if Gender Change is on.
– Add MC Corruption.
– Add Double money on a cam show.
– Add Prostitution job in the red light district.
– Add Avatars.
– Add One extra pill in the drawer if you accidentally run out of them and you only have 9 stealth.
– Change Weed can only be sold to others if the quest is completed.
– Change Mom’s debt icon.
– Fix When the MC says Mom instead of Sister in the communication with Mom about the key.
– Fix Wrong icon in red light district.
– Fix If you have less than 20 energy, you can work as a lifeguard.
– Add Description for home gym. (Somehow I forgot to put that).
– Add Description for weed dealing quest.
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– Add 4 New Location (Sex shop, Prof. Warren Mills Lab, Dream world, Sperm bank room)
– Add 2 New Character.
– Add Double the money in the lifeguard job.
– Add The clinic closes at 8 p.m.
– Add 37 Nev clips.
– Add Glory hole in the bar toilet.
– Add When you catch mom training naked in the room or taking a shower, mom’s corruption increases by +1
– Add 17 New Images.
– Add When the MC is done fucking, the place where he was watching the person disappears in his dreams.
– Add If the MC is peeping the sound of the city is turned off.
– Add After each examination with Dr. Amelia Baxter MC gets $100
– Add 1 Quest.
– Add Barricades at the end of streets where there is no map.
– Add Time spent in the game (Playtime).
– Add Changelog in the main menu.
– Add Map Name in Save Data.
– Add Weather system.
– Changing character image using Ai (MC, Dr Jimmy Reese).
– Fix When the MC is teleported to sleep at 0:00 hours some things cannot be done unless it goes back to sleep.
– Fix When the MC gives the paper to the lifegourd, the NPC gets in the lifeguard’s way and this freezes the game.
– Fix If you’re in the bathroom and mom shows up, you can’t get out.
– Fix Bugs of clicking a couple of times to trigger an action.
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– Add 3 New Location (Red light district, Aunt House, Bar).
– Add People in the town.
– Add Animated icons for beach, town and red light district.
– Add 3 quest.
– Add 9 Clips.
– Add 5 images.
– Add Mom’s relationship.
– Add Driving with the bus between streets.
– Add Debt repayment at the ATM.
– Add Sound effects of the city and music in the bar.
– Add Mom shower event.
– Add Weed dealer and MC can plant weed.
– Add Weed Selling job.
– Add day(D), Hours(H) and Minutes(M) on the clock.
– Change beach buildings.
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– Add 3 New Locations (Beach, Basement, Ms Helen’s house).
– Add Day and Night cycle.
– Completed new PC quest.
– Add MC can use his PC when he buys it.
– Add 81 New clips.
– Add 15 New Images.
– Add mailbox so that purchased goods can be delivered.
– Add MC can earn money by streaming cam show.
– Add Sister is coming home.
– Add 3 New Quest.
– Add 3 New characters (Sister, Lifeguard and Ms Helen).
– Add Job as lifeguard.
– Add Job as maid.
– Add Observation of events on the beach.
– Add Talking with mom and giving gifts.
– Add Spying on the sister
– Add If it is 0:00, you automatically go to sleep and the MC teleports to his room. (This is because of the events that start when the MC leaves the room).
– Add When you eat in the kitchen, you also get 50 energy.
Bug fix:
– Fix Close misspelled.
– Fix MC Says ”thank you sister” instead of ”thank you mom”.
– Fix Selling pictures/videos in the sister room.
Known bugs:
– Sometimes it takes two clicks to activate something.
First release

Extra: Walkthrough

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