Rick and Morty: Another Way Home [r3.9] [Night Mirror]
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Rick and Morty: Another Way Home [r3.9] [Night Mirror]

February 26, 2024F95

This is an unofficial ren’py fan remake of Rick And Morty – A Way Back Home by Ferdafs.
Play as Morty as he tries to find a way home through sexy adventures in another universe!
No sandbox!  Expanded and extra scenes! Finishing choices for many sequences!  New dialogue and story reworks!

Thread Updated: 2024-02-26
Release Date: 2024-02-26
Unity Developer: Ferdafs
Ren’py Developer: Night Mirror
Censored: No
Version: r3.9
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Length: 30+ Hours
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2DCG, Male protagonist, Parody, Sci-fi, Humor, Cosplay, Twins, Animated, Anal Sex, Bdsm, Bestiality, Blackmail, Bukkake, Creampie, Footjob, Group sex, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Lactation, Lesbian, Masturbation, Milf, Mind Control, Multiple Penetration, Ntr, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Sex Toys, Sleep Sex, Spanking, Tentacles, Teasing, Titfuck, Urination, Vaginal sex, Virgin
Genre Details:
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Tags don’t tell you much about a game, just that it has something in it. Here is a minimal spoiler breakdown of certain tags people have asked about. This is not a branching game, you can’t “choose a route”.
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Two of the main girls are directly related to the MC, with an optional third girl who can act more like a twin sister. Much of the content revolves around them. So, if incest isn’t your thing, it’s very prevalent here. The game does include options to “tone down” the incest talk, although characters will still sometimes call or think of each other by family names.
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F95Zone only has one tag for NTR and it is defined as the following:
  • Ntr: Designed to cause jealousy by having the romantic interest involved with someone other than the MC.
Unless specifically stated below the only way to not view these scenes is to use either the skip menu  or skip button to quickly rush through it. Skipping is NOT avoiding, elements of these scenes may have an impact later (although, at the moment for the most part they don’t). In my personal opinion what NTR there is, is very mild, but as it doesn’t bother me at all, your impact may vary. This not an NTR focused game, but it is Rick and Morty, weird shit happens.
Netorare (Girls cheating on the MC, what most people think of as NTR):
  • 6 Scenes of an alternate personality in the MC’s body doing sex things with the MC’s girls.
    • Only 1 of which I would really consider “NTR”. It is skippable with no impact, but no alternate avoiding scene.
  • 1 Avoidable Scene of a girl with a teacher.
  • 1 Scene where one of the girls tries to cheat and gets shot down.
  • 6 Scenes where one of the MCs girls forces another to lick her (MC peeks in on two of the scenes).
Netorase (Willing Cuckolding)/Netori (Forced Cuckolding):
  • At least 4 of the girls [ISPOILER]Beth (with Jerry), Jessica (with Brad), Keara (Jerry again), and Summer (with Ethan, who specifically wants to be a Cuck)[/ISPOILER] are in another relationship while also involved with the MC. You can both force and have consensual sex with most of them.
  • 4 Scenes where a girl is in a group situation with other characters and the MC. In 2 of those scenes you can take a path to avoid the sharing.
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Throughout the game the player will be given options to force themselves on some of the girls, there is ALWAYS an option not to take this action or to skip the scene. Usually, when there is a rape choice, there is also a consensual choice (and always a skip choice).
  • 1 Scene that specifically feature a “role-play” rape. Although it does include an optional expanded sequence option for actual rape.
  • 1 Expanded Sequence option for pretend rape.
  • Many instances in which a player may choose a forced sex option or not.
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There are two scenes in which the main character is turned into a horse. Although they are bipedal and can talk, they are still very horse like. (There is a skip option for both scenes)
  • 1 Scene where the MC has sex with a female horse character.
  • 1 Scene where the MC has sex with a female human.
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This game prominently displays feet as a big fetish for the main character. Many situations will have him licking/touching/rubbing feet of many of the girls. It also has several scenes of foot jobs as well.
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This game features 4 scenes with pregnancy content:
  • 1 Scene in which the MC gets a Sex doll pregnant and it has his baby (no visual pregnancy)
  • 1 Scene in which the MC gets 1 side and 1 background character visibly pregnant (also includes lactation)
  • 1 Scene where the MC can gets 1 side character pregnant (with belly) and has a baby with them.
  • 1 Scene where the MC can  that offspring (grown up) pregnant too.
Additionally, there is the option for the player to ask some of the girls to take or not take birth control. There are mentions throughout (depending on what the player picked) where girls may talk about becoming pregnant after the MC has had sex with them.
At the current point in time, it is not possible to get other girls pregnant as that content does not yet exist in the Unity game.
Mind Control/Hypnosis:
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This game features 3ish scenes where girls are not in control of their actions:
  • 2 Scene in which a girl gets and item that forces her to think of the MC during sexual actions (border line mind control)
  • 1 Scene in which 3 girls are directly under the MCs control and have to do and act as he says.
  • 1 Alternate choice option using the item from a previous scene to make a girl act like she wouldn’t otherwise.
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There are two scene featuring visible peeing:
  • 1 Scene where the MC has the option to pee or be pee’d on (or skip) by one of the girls.
  • 1 Scene where the MC has the option to pee in the same girl’s mouth.
  • A couple instances where peeing in a toilet is implied, with no visible urination (no option to skip these)
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There is one scene with Tentacles that features an alternate skip path with no tentacles.
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Some of the girls are virgins and their first sex scenes feature blood.
Sleep Sex:
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There are 6 scene with sleep sex:
  • 3 Scene where the MC has the option to molest girls in their sleep.
    • One of those scenes features an optional rape event.
    • One has an option for semi consent.
  • 4 Scenes where one of the girls molest the MC in his sleep.
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Main Game:
1. Extract and run.
Patches (for PC/Linux/Mac ONLY):
1. Extract the contents of the .rar file into your main game directory (where the .exe files are)
[INDENT]a. For Mac users, extract to:  “RMAWH.app/Contents/Resources/autorun/ “[/INDENT]
[INDENT]b. Android users must DL the full APK file.[/INDENT]
2. When prompted to overwrite, click yes.
3. Run game.
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r3.9 – Content Update
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  • Day 29: Beth+Summer Event!
  • Day 39: Jessica Event!
  • Day 39: Unity Event!
r3.8 Part 4 – Content Update
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  • Day 39: Jessica Event!
  • Day 30: Reka Furry Event updated! You can now go further with her.
  • Game will now check if Tricia is on BC and dialogue about pregnancy will adjust accordingly.
  • Day 10: Summer BJ animation code updated.
  • Day 16: Frank’s Mom animation code updated.
  • Day 17: Zoo animation code updated. Sliced Summer ontop images.
  • Day 26: Doctor’s Order animation code updated.
  • Day 33: Punishment animation code updated.
  • Day 20: Fixed Morty/Morticia flashing between animations transitions.
  • Day 39: Summer’s name incorrectly appears in (at least one) line where it should be (Wild) Summer.
  • Day 39: Selecting facial during the BJ scene, Summer’s ear vanishes.
r3.8 Part 3 – Content Update
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  • Day 39: Tricia and Wild Summer Event! With xray art by Iceloo!
  • Day 25: Fixed to incorrect flag checks during the Nancy scene, minor dialogue impact.
r3.8 Part 2 – Content Update
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(At this point it has been more than 6 months since we had any news from Ferdafs, so I officially consider the Unity game abandoned. We will work to conclude the Renpy project with an ending over the next several updates, with a new chapter coming every month until we are done. Visit the f95zone thread for more info on our Future plans for this project.)
  • Day 39: New Summer Event.
  • Day 39: New Beth Event.
  • Day 39: New Morty Event.
  • Day 25: Can now choose Vag or Anal with Nancy during the “Sleepover” event.
  • Setting the Day Selector to a specific update version will now be reflected in the Scene Selector as well.
  • Engine updated, text to speech now works with auto-forward.
  • Auto-forward can now be toggled with the “G” key.
  • Using text-to-speech will now only read the latest entry on the messaging screen instead of reading all previous messages first.
  • Day 37-39 Wild Summer’s outfit is now more clean.
  • Day 39 Wild Summer shows up in her new gift before you have fun.
  • Fixed bug where selecting (skip) from a menu would cause the game to crash.
  • Day 18: Fascist World: Removed Summer’s name from dialogue before the player has a chance to change it.
  • Day 27: Passed Out: In both consent/rape, if you chose to fuck Morticia’s butt and cum on her buttcheeks, the next day her dialogue would incorrectly talk about her pussy instead.
  • Day 28: Mr.Meesex: Choosing: No Sharing, Butt, Inside, didn’t correctly set the flag for tracking inside.
  • Day 37: Wrong variable was used for summer_age
  • Day 39: Mortyplicty: Narration didn’t refer to Wild Summer’s changed name in the line “You pick up the other Summer’s gift and can barely manage to lift it.”
  • Day 39: Mortyplicty: All mentions of “coco” changed to “cocoa”
  • The Deep End Mindblower (Morticia) was playing the wrong scene.
r3.8 – Content Update
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BUGFIX (r3.8.2):
  • Fixes and issue with the skip options causing an error.
  • Day 18: 1 New [ISPOILER]Beth Scene[/ISPOILER]!
  • Day 33: 2 New [ISPOILER]Summer Scenes[/ISPOILER]!
  • Day 3: Expanded [ISPOILER]Foot Event in “Truth or Dare”[/ISPOILER].
  • Day 27: New [ISPOILER]Morticia Sleep Scene[/ISPOILER].
  • Day 37: New Animation(s) [ISPOILER]for “Cumming Clean”[/ISPOILER].
  • Day 38: New Scene for [ISPOILER]Wild Summer at the waterpark[/ISPOILER].
  • Day 39: New Scene for [ISPOILER]Space Christmas day[/ISPOILER].
  • Change Logs are now in the game under the Information button (labeled as Update), so if you want to see when a version was released and with what, it is now part of the game! Including this note you are reading right now!
  • Day Selector can now display what scenes were added/updated in which game versions.
  • Scene Selector now displays the name of the day of the week.
  • Preferences menu now has an option to change where Update Badges appear. They can be shown in Day/Scene Select and Mindblowers. Or only in Mindblowers. Or turned off completely.
  • Animation added for: 1st, New, Update, and Dialogue buttons on the Day/Scene Selector(s). These animations are also in the Mindblowers too.
  • A new update identifier has been added: “Dialogue“, that will appear in Day/Scene Select and Mindblowers. This tag will appear when a scene has undergone major re-writes or had major dialogue changes, but contains no new art/events.
  • You can now disable quit confirmation from Preferences, allowing you to exit the game without having to click “Yes”.
  • Major file restructure, elements from scripts.rpy have been moved to several subfiles. images_characters.rpy has been slipped into several subfiles.
  • Major rework to the way scene selector functions under the hood. Hopefully this change will help prevent save issues in the future. Also changed how it handles thumbnails for scenes.
  • Gallery changed over to use thumbnails the same way as everything else. Should result in less re-publishing of thumbnails.
  • Changed how show/hide works with the quick bar button. It now functions more like “h” and no longer displays a “show” button to turn menus back on.
  • Unity’s Mindblower Model updated to look slightly less jank.
  • Day 30: Wild Summer event split in two for Scene Selector. Mindblower no longer plays the intro “Red Portal”.
  • Day 31: Added image of Morty sleeping, was weird he wasn’t in the scene.
  • Day 38: Added missing tumble art to Deep End scene (no update badge, too minor).
  • Additional typo correction and adjustments throughout to match with some of the new content.
  • Day is always Sunday hotfix applied to the full game.
  • Entering an Empty nickname or petname for Summer or Morticia no longer causes the game to crash.
  • MindBlowers: Morticia – Corrected her wonky pupil.
  • Scene Selector: Corrected incorrect background art for garage on days 8, 9, 13, 18, and 28.
  • Day 11: Beth Sleeping – Variables and conditionals updated to track correctly.
  • Day 11: Sleeping Summer – Molested is no longer always “no”.
  • Day 11: Sleeping Summer – The first (END) menu also showed (Skip) reminder, adding confusion as to what was happening. Removed.
  • Day 12: Morticia no longer repeats the line about kissing the pillow twice.
  • Day 15: New Cheerleader – During the first locker scene, Reka had misaligned blink animations when she is bent over and you’re unable to see her face.
  • Day 15: Foot Fuck – Dialogue corrections.
  • Day 17: Hands Free Mode – Summer’s eyeblinks were misaligned when the car starts pulling her pants down, same with the pose immediately afterwards.
  • Day 17: Midnight Snack – Beth’s vaginal creampie image activated a few sentences before you actually make the choice to do so.
  • Day 20: Gazorpazorp – Morticia now leaves when you ask her to.
  • Day 20: Gazorpazorp – Baby’s eyes opened before being taken off to sleep.
  • Day 20: Gazorpazorp – When Sandra agrees to be your sex partner in the arena, there’s an entire dialogue about Morty not ejaculating even though he clearly ejaculates with Lisa in every option. Removed!
  • Day 20: Mixed Messages – Corrected Tricia Dialogue.
  • Day 21: Kidnapped – Corrected wrong name for Rick (vs female rick).
  • Day 22: The Gift – The image of Kiara’s jizz covered ass no longer flashes on screen for a single frame during the cumming animation.
  • Day 24: 3-Way – Part of Tricia’s body was missing during the animation in the Summer section
  • Day 24: 3-Way – If you choose to pullout, Tricia’s eyeblink animations stayed on the bed even when she’s not there.
  • Day 24: Doctors Orders – Morty’s arms were a weird length while holding Beth’s butt.
  • Day 24: Doctors Orders – With the condom on, after cumming inside, the wrong layers were shown.
  • Day 25: Sleepover – Summer’s eyeblinks also became misaligned at this line. The blinks for when her head is positioned up and down needed to be swapped.
  • Day 26: Almost Caught – If you use a condom, it disappeared in the 1st blanket x-ray image, then reappeared for the animation.
  • Day 27: Beth Bot – Missing image corrected.
  • Day 30: Whip It Good – Morty’s Nazi armband was missing the arrow symbols. Beth’s arrow symbols were also missing in the following scene.
  • Day 33: Punishment – If you choose to pullout while not wearing a condom, the vaginal animation continued despite the dialogue implying otherwise.
  • Day 36: Snuggles – If you chose “Wake her up (Skip)” a second layer of animation played and overlapped the bottom layer incorrectly.
  • Day 36: Ghosts – Morty’s lubed dick no longer disappears.
r3.7f – Content Update
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HOT FIX #1 – There was a minor bug with the day names not displaying correctly (it was always sunday).
  • Day 38: 1 New Scene with Beth.
  • Quick menu now once again has a hide/show button. This will only hide the dialogue window and will leave a toggle on the bottom (thanks to paxogre for the code)
  • Light under Summers door has been removed (Thanks aaroninus)
  • Do Over is now 4 rows of heads instead of three (sorry it now looks slightly worse on small android devices)
Bug Fixed:
  • Several additional misplaced blinks fixed
  • Day 15 updated Morticia’s eye positions (thanks to MobileGrunt for noticing)
Engine Update:
  • Renpy updated to 8.0.3. There is no longer a 32.exe file included. Hopefully this will resolve the issue that Android users are having with installing the game.
r3.7 – Content Update
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  • Day 19: 1 New Scene
  • aaronminus: has added a longer intro for Morticia on Day 2, along with a brief tour of the house. Also some sexy images.
  • aaronminus: has added a number of fun responses to the pet/nickname interaction with Beth, Summer, and Morticia.
  • aaronminus: has done just a fuck ton of work helping improve the game overall.
  • Mindblower’s now have a play all button in each character page! Yes, they all have one. If you would like to see ALL the Mindblowers end to end, use the “New Game” button from the start menu…
  • The upstairs of the Smith house has been redesigned to be more consistent, and also have a door for the bathroom! (last door on the right!)
  • Rick now has a Guard uniform in a few scenes where standard Rick outfit was a little odd.
  • Day 3: Summer now has a brief intro moment with Morticia on Day 3
  • Day 10: After much heated debating behind the scenes, Summer’s sleeping scene “skip” option has been changed to “end”, which means choosing this option is effectively taking a different path, instead of pretending it didn’t happen. Game may still have inconsistent reference to it, let me know if you spot any.
  • Day 11: Just like Summer’s sleep scene, Beth’s sleep scene is no longer a “skip”, but a choice not to. Again, if you find inconsistent reference to it, let me know.
  • Day 20: The hole in Morty’s door now stays consistent through the scenes… at least for Day 20.
Bug Fixes:
  • Several typos corrected across numerous days (Big thanks to MobileGrunt)
  • Fixed many lingering names that should have been variables (Big thanks to zerodead for finding them)
  • Added Beth’s Green swimsuit to the final shot of Day 38 (she was back in her black one, so I made the green one too)
  • Remove Facist Beth’s pants on day 18 (Thanks to MobileGrunt for noticing the inconstant image issue)
  • Fixed duplicate breast pumps on day 24.
  • Fixed an android bug where text entry on the Do Over page was not working correctly.
  • Uh… a lot more I’m sure I’m forgetting…
r3.6J – Content Update
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For the new scenes, I recommend playing from the start of Day 32. Use Day Selector or Scene Selector to quickly get there, loading saves should work fine.
  • Day 32 has 3 new scenes! Use Day Selector or Chapter Navigator to play them.
  • Day 37 has 1 new scene with Beth having a “talk” with Morty.
  • Iceloo: provided X-ray art for Beth’s Stuck in the Wash Scene during Family Night on Day 36
  • Pregnancy flag removed from Do Over, many players found it misleading.
  • X-Ray is now a toggle option on the Preferences menu (currently only 2 scenes with X-ray)
  • Niki added to do over menu. Still no new mattress…
  • Bova and Dottie added to Do Over menu.
  • Do Over items are now hidden unless: in a replay, a scene after the event takes place. or has been viewed/changed. i.e. you should only see the things that can be “done over” rather than future events. Note that once you have viewed an event it will stick for that playthrough, even if you jump into a past day.
  • Day 38: Ending scene for Jerry given its own thumbnail in Scene Selector (and no longer plays as part of the Deep End Mindblower)
  • Opacity sliders changed to match text speed/Auto-Forward.
  • Toggle Dialogue window button removed from quick bar.
  • New Chapter Points added to: Day 31 (The Mall), Day 32 (Bathroom and Tent)
Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue in Day 26 where choosing Anal option didn’t correctly clear an old flag, causing the images not to display
  • Fixed issue with Skipping over Double BJ in Ghost Fuckers
  • Fixed numerous instances of character names not using the new variable system
  • Fixed Do Over issues with a few options setting the wrong flags
  • Fixed Morty saying he wish he hadn’t used a condom when taking the condom off with Kitty
  • Fixed several blinks happening in the wrong spots
  • Added skip to Morti/Sum Do Over event Dreams so that it can properly be turned off.
  • Added skip to options that only had Yes/No preventing a player from ever fully rolling back the event.
  • Summer’s bracelet now stays on the correct arm.
r3.6 – Content Update
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OLD SAVES REMOVED! Due to a major overhaul in this patch, saves from previous versions would be a buggy mess. I have rolled the save folder forward so that past saves will not appear.
RETURNING PLAYERS: If you are a returning player and want to go right into the new content I STRONGLY recommend starting with the LAST event on Day 37. The fastest way to do this is go to the Day Selector Menu and Click the “New” banner at the top of Day 37. Remember that past actions and other preference will be set to defaults if you do this. So things like Incest, Age, or events will be off unless you change them via Do Over.
  • Day 38: [ISPOILER]2 New Beth Scenes, 1 New (Classic) Summer Scene, 1 New Morticia Scene[/ISPOILER]
  • Day 10: Summer’s first blow job now has an option to remove the condom (and cum down her throat or on her face).
  • Day 12: Ballfondlers now only has only one route: Missionary. It has new animations, and controls, along with additional dialog and poses. The Old Cowgirl version (without missionary) can still be viewed in the “Other” Gallery if you miss it.
  • Day 16: Can now ask to remove the condom in Kitty’s scene (and cum inside or Out).
  • Day 16: NEW SCENE: Cowgirl art from Day 12 (Ballfondlers) has been used to make a new (short)
  • Day 33: Can now ask to remove the condom in Beth’s Punishment scene (and cum inside or out)
  • Day 37: New ending scene after the events with Hooker Beth.
  • MAJOR corrections and dialog improvements throughout days 0-12 (and some other scenes). A HUGE thank you to aaronminus and  kimlana  who contributed substantial corrections and suggestions to the game. Including edits/corrections/suggestions for Day 38!
  • Many bumper scenes in the first few days of the game have been expanded with additional dialogue and character poses.
  • Further reduced the amount of time players spend looking at a black screen.
  • Day 6/8: Rick Task, Car Baiting, and Unity event moved from Day 6 to Day 8 where it logically makes a bit more sense
  • Day 8: Video for Summer’s bracelet recaptured (and found some I missed the first time), will now have a better frame rate
  • Day 9: Morticia’s first kiss is now optional (and will count as a first kiss (Morty will no longer use an excuse that this first kiss didn’t count if you choose it))
  • Day 11: Beth Sleeping video recaptured
  • Day 13: Beth/Morti Hypno toad video recaptured
  • Day 14: Beth Grind video recaptured
  • Day 19: Unity Video recaptured
  • Day 30: Added extra hallway to the Cronberg school.
  • Day 31 Summer “Favorite Position” has an animations during her blowjob training
  • Day 37 Tricia’s “Not the Bees” event has been expanded slightly at the end to include dialogue about Morty cumming inside. Dependent on past actions and birth control choices. (Requested by gambit87)
  • Age choice in the intro now has a much bigger impact if you set it ON. All three choices (can) now affect the ages of other characters, and make at least slightly more sense.
  • Names in the messaging app have been changed to be more “fun”
  • Tricia now has a larger model for some scenes where she was scaled up before.
  • Most days: lots of minor animations, fixes, corrections added throughout the whole game.
  • Fem-Rick now has her own Gallery.
  • “Other” Gallery has been moved to a plumbus.
  • Self-Voicing (short cut key “v”) no longer reads character names. (or on screen menus during gameplay)
  • Due to continued confusion over skip. The skip message will now show every time. It has been shortened to a single line.
  • Renpy Engine Upgraded to 7.4.11 (form 7.4.4)
  • Pineapple Pizza Added to the Game
  • Slicing! The vast majority of images have been sliced. The compressed version of the game now comes in just under 1GB.
  • Mind Blowers now has a separate gallery for New events that will update with each major release (not for bugfixes)
  • New Events in character replays (Mind Blowers) will now have a new/updated header on them.
  • Scene Selector is a new feature that will let you go directly to a scene in any day. It can be toggled on from the Quick menu or with the “w” key.
  • Images and Animations (movies) have been split into different directories (to allow a high quality image patch file)
  • Characters can now be renamed. There is an option when starting (only if AutoMenu is not set to full) that will prompt for character names when you first meet them. This can be turned off in preferences, and also reset all names to the defaults. Names can be changed at any time from the Do Over menu as well.
  • Nickname and Petname have been added for Summer and Morticia. Similar to how Beth’s pet name works. All three characters will also have a nickname you can set for Morty to call each of them.
  • Added a Delete button to the Saves page (the delete key should still work on your keyboard). Now android users can join in the fun of deleting saves!
Bug Fixes
  • Summer’s normal model pants were on backwards! (literally the layering was wrong). Her waistline is now higher up her body instead of an inch above her crotch.
  • Several minor model adjustments to several characters that had issues.
  • Many, many, (many,) minor art issues fixed throughout the game
  • Added Missing condom to Almost Caught animation
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r3.5.2 – Android ONLY
See More
  • Renpy Upgraded to version 7.4.11.
  • Includes bug fixes from r3.5.1
Several users on Android 11 have had issues installing the app. This appears to be a security change in Android 11, and supposedly, the newest version of Renpy resolves this. However, as I am unable to reproduce the original issue, all I can do is confirm that this version (as did the last) runs  in emulation on the latest version of Android 11.
If you are an Android (11) user and haven’t been able to play the game recently, give the newest version a try.
r3.5.1 – Bug Fixes
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  • Minor typos and corrections made to several lines of dialog
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong image showed in Beth’s “Horsin’ Around’ Scene
  • Fixed an issue where name_sub flag at the start of Beth’s “Hooker” was incorrectly checked
  • Fixed an issue where “Role Play” setting would automatically select off if you are using auto menu half.
  • Fixed some minor artifacting in Tricia’s “Not the Bees” scene
  • Fixed Tricia’s incorrect blink (and brow) in “Not the Bees”
  • Added Morticia’s missing hairband in Beth’s “Hooker” scene
  • Fixed an issue where Wild Summer was missing part of her hair in day 35 Spying Summers Scene
  • Wild Summer Model adjusted slightly so that her front hair now displays on top of her brow, rather than behind it
  • Morty Blinks were missing during the phone call with Jerry in “Not the Bees”
r3.5- Content Update
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  • Day 37: 5 New Main content scenes from Ferdafs:
    • 1 with Tricia
    • 1 with Princess Ponietta (horse)
    • 1 with Beth (where Morty is a horse)
    • 1 with Beth (alternate version) and Morticia
    • 1 with Fem Rick
  • Day 27: There is a new event with Morticia in the morning.
  • Day 37: New Morticia/Wild Summer/Beth (sort of) intro scene for the new day.
  • Day 2: Beth Shower, Morty hiding in the curtain images flipped since it appears like the shower was on the right side of the bathroom (where it’s impled the door is)
  • Day 8: Summer Underwear Lick Video recaptured (to remove old masking issue)
  • Day 9: Beth HJ Video recaptured (to remove old masking issue). Also noticed it was missing 2 cycles, so garbed the two expressions I didn’t capture the first time around for some dumb reason.
  • Day 18: Nazi Beth Video recaptured (to remove old masking issue). White flash added for climax
  • Day 21: The first image in Home Alone has been sliced (might cause display issues with any saves in this first section)
  • Day 36: Sleeping summer added to the animation (because it was strange she was missing)
  • A toggle has been added to the Preferences menu for Whisper text (requested by LightmanP). You can now use indicators ‘<‘ and ‘>’ or text size when characters are whispering (default text size). This option also pops up when starting a new game. Shouting characters still use bigger font size.
  • Speaker Name box has been moved upwards slightly so that it overlaps text less often (requested by LightmanP)
  • Moved End of Content message out of the day and centralized it as part of the main logic (should hopefully make rollback from a save work moving forward for this spot)
  • Locked out buttons have been removed from main menu to help reduce confusion. If a button won’t function in the current location, it will no longer be visible.
  • Time passage and some action over black text is now centered.
  • Replay Jump ahead added to: Summer Movie Date, Unity’s Party
  • Minor touchups throughout the game (hopefully shouldn’t impact saves)
  • Various typos corrected.
  • Corrected a bug where selecting ‘Re-start Current Day’ would take you to the wrong day, then if you kept playing it would cause an error.
  • Fixed Quick Menus Visible/Hidden text which was swapped
  • Using Day Selector while a message conversation is on screen will now properly dismiss the dialog
  • Fixed a bug where Morty’s age would not correctly carry into replay scenes.
  • Missing hat added during the jerk off contest on day 21
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r3.4.1 – Bug Fixes
See More
  • Added Missing image for Day 12: Ballfondlers
  • Corrected Variable name for Day 13: Twin Fun
  • Corrected Image for Day 36: Sneaky Sex
  • Corrected Image for Unity’s MindBlower gallery button
  • Various typos fixed throughout the game.
  • Added “NEW” banner to day 12 for Ballfondlers update in Day Selector.
  • Corrected issue with the wrong text being show when inviting Summer to watch movies.
  • Minor text improvements added to a few scenes.
r3.4 – Content Update
See More
Due to some fairly large script changes, there is a very high chance that most save files will have issues (either unloadable, or loading in the wrong spot). If they load, you should be okay to use them. Don’t forget that you can always use the Do Over/Day Selector menus to quickly get back to any point/state you were in the game. Sorry for the inconvenience D:… I’m sure I’ll fuck them up again next patch too…
Ferdafs Content:
  • 2 New Jessica Scenes.
  • 4 New Morticia Scenes.
  • 2 New Summer Scenes.
  • 1 New Beth Scene
Additional Content:
  • Day 12: New missionary sex option added to Morticia’s Ballfondlers scene (made by WatsonTouya)
  • Day 20: Anal option added for Lisa sex event during the arena (requested by PlayboiHotshot69, with some art edits provided)
  • Day 23: Morticia’s “Towel Fuck” scene now has a finish option to pull out. She also has some additional dialog based on if you’ve asked her to take birth control or not. (requested by WatsonTouya)
  • Day 26: Rimjob option added to Jessica’s “Hot Tub” scene (requested by, and additional edits provided by, PlayboiHotshot69)
  • Day 35: New bonus Beth scene during Planetina’s board game (requested by sfoMMA85)
  • Day 35: New scene with The Summers and Morticia (partially written by wibbled)
  • Day 36: New scene with Beth and Morty waking up in the morning together.
  • Compression: I have re-compressed the game using YAC and shaved off another 400mb. Patch will still work fine if you want to stay with the original compression.
  • “There is now a high/low toggle for family wording for Beth and Summer (in addition to Morticia). If Summer and Morty calling each other Bro/Sis, or Morty calling Beth Mommy, was bugging the fuck out of you, selecting the Low option will significantly reduce this wording throughout the game. Selecting High will keep it at the previous levels.
  • For PC you can now use number keys 1-9 to select menu choices. Toggleable from preferences, on by default.
  • Dialog and Choice menu Opacity is now on a slider rather than ON or OFF. New choice added on new game start to set the opacity to half. (requested by WatsonTouya)
  • Choice menu now has 3 positions, middle (original), bottom, or left. (requested by WatsonTouya)
  • Day 12: Ballfounders first sex option is now only in replay, so that the scene flows better in normal play.
  • Day 12: Ballfoundlers: Morticia had 3 options for birth control, reduce to two (yes or no).
  • Day 22: Beth animation updated. Original was 15fps and looked bad so its been recapped and exported at 30fps.
  • Day 23: The way images are handled for this scene has been completely changed. Character will now blink through the whole scene, and it is uncompressed. This is sort of a test to see how well this implementation works (answer, its a lot of fucking work, so not sure I want to do it to the whole game… maybe…)
  • Day 24: Minor fill image added to Summer/Tricia Lesbo scene
  • Day 33: Morticia’s “Wakeup BJ” scene Morty’s dick made larger in his side image (suggested by wibbled)
  • Morty Standing Model: Slight adjustment to bare model moving Morty’s groin up a bit to better match with his clothed position. (suggested by wibbled) Also added a bellybutton!
  • Beth, Summer, Morticia, and Tricia have new arm poses added throughout the game. At some point I want to add a LOT more arm poses, and this is mostly a test to see how much people like/hate/notice having additional arm positions.
  • Most main characters standing poses will now blink! (requested by WatsonTouya)
  • Rick now uses his burp animation when he burps!
  • AutoMenu access has been moved onto the preferences page (now selected at the top of page), instead of the main menu.
  • Day Selector now appears as a button on the main menu, and has been removed from the Do Over page (requested by WatsonTouya)
  • Current Day now appears on the main menu. (requested by WatsonTouya)
  • “Start” has been renamed “New Game” (requested by WatsonTouya)
  • When saving, Files will now have the Current Day displayed as well. Older saves will need to be opened and “re-saved”  if you want this to apply to them.
  • Skip Ahead added to replays: Summer Sleepover, Tricia Parents, Planetina Solution, Gazorp Arena
  • Exiting a Replay no longer shows a confirmation box.
  • Tricia and Jessica have swapped position on the Do Over menu (just a visual thing that bugged me since Jessica has so few choices)
  • Towel fuck finish option added to Morticia’s do over menu
  • Wild Summer’s dialog has been revised so that she calls Morty “brother” less often regardless of the incest setting
  • Text input box on the Do Over page has a background color to make it easier to click
  • Game exe icon updated! (only for windows, and only available with the full download)
  • Preferences: Quick menu options have been reverted back to radio buttons instead of states. This was a hold over from tri-state options that no longer exist.
  • Main menu bar cleaned up slightly. Items now gray-out instead of vanish, and F95zone link removed on android (due to limited space).
Mind Blowers:
  • Nancy Added to mindblowers.
  • Unity Moved to Page 2
  • Stacy’s gallery button removed, her 1 scene is now in others.
  • Multi character scenes now appear in the gallery of all characters involved in the sex part of the scene (so, some duplicate locations to view the same scene). (Requested by WatsonTouya)
  • “Hypno Tortoise” moved out of “Other” and place in Beth/Summer/Morticia galleries.
Artwork Contributions:
  • WatsonTouya
    • Improved hug/kiss artwork for Summer and Morticia throughout the game (days: 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 22, 26, 27 and 31)
    • Day 12: Artwork re-formatted for Morticia’s Ballfondlers scene, along with additional visual improvements.
    • Day 28: Improved artwork of Morty and Morticia Kissing in the alternate Mr. Meesex Scene.
    • Day 33: Improved artwork of Morticia sucking Morty off in her “Wakeup BJ” scene.
  • kenta16807
    • Day 33: Provided animation for BJ
  • PlayboiHotshot69
    • Day 20: Provided anal art
    • Day 26: Provided rimjob art.
  • Fixed several typos thought-out the game thanks to WatsonTouya and wibbled for spotting them
  • Lots of typos and funky sentences cleaned up throughout
  • Fixed a bug where selecting Cum Out form the Do Over menu would not correctly set the a characters global inside flag to false. Or, in English, if you ever came in a girl, the do over menu could never undo it.
  • Fixed a bug in Morticia’s Halloween event where she would say she wasn’t taking birth control when you told her to take it
r3.3 – Content Update
See More
As one of the new scenes is in a past day, I recommend either loading a save file from day 32 or using the Do Over Menu to jump to either the start of Day 33 or the New Scene (click the new banner on the thumbnail) in Day 33.
  • Day 33: New Beth Scene in between Morticia and Tricia scene from previous update.
  • Day 34: New Planetina sequence starting after the end of Tricia’s scene from previous update
  • Day 35: New Character and Beth Scene.
  • Day 17: Summer “Zoo Breeding”: Animation redone. They looked ugly and have been “fixed”.
  • Day 19: Tricia’s “Rape Play” event now has an anal finish option (requested by: PlayboiHotshot69)
  • Day 22: Tricia’s Black Cherry Scene now has some additional finish options (requested by: tigerdiamond)
  • Do Over: Tricia “Black Cherry” added.
  • Do Over: Anal option addded for “Rape Play”
  • Planetina now appears in the Mindblower section and has her own gallery.
  • Android quick menu can now be displayed on the right side of the screen in addition to top and bottom.
  • Do Over option added to Quick Menu for android.
  • Move Quick menu button removed from quick menu for Android
  • Version numbering now matches with Unity to hopefully be less confusing. Bugfixes (should they be needed) will now use a more confusing lettering system instead!
  • Hiding Quick menu disabled for Android
r3.0 – Content Update
See More
Ren’py Ver 3.0-Unity Match Ver 3.2
Saves should work just fine!


  • New Scene: Training with Keara – Day 32
  • New Scene: Help Wilder Summer fight Ethan-berg – Day 32
  • New Scene: Hangover with Tricia – Day 33/34
  • New Scene: Morning wake up from Morticia – Day 33
  • Extended Sequence: There is now an alternate path for Morticia’s “Mr. Meesex” scene. Morty and Morticia can have sex in the garage without the Mr. Meesex joining in. (Requested by Kane_Freeman)
  • Extended Sequence: Morticia’s “Bad Mortys” scene now has an option to exlucde the other Mortys. They still talk during the scene but do not take part. (Requested by Kane_Freeman)
  • Extended Sequence: You can now actually rape Tricia during her rape role-play event.
  • Extended Sequence: You can now remove the condom and/or have anal sex in Summer’s “4th Hole” scene (Anal sex option requested by PlayboiHotshot69). Morticia cum licking scene updated to match the choice to use or not use the condom.
  • Extended Sequence: Anal options added for Beth’s “Doctor’s Orders” scene. (Requested by PlayboiHotshot69)
  • Extended Sequence: Anal option added for Beth’s “Almost Caught” scene. (Requested by PlayboiHotshot69)
  • Extended Sequence: Rape/Anal options added for Beth’s “Midnight Snack” Scene (Requested by Bennymac)
  • Bumper: Day 18 – Follow up to the Midnight Snack scene.
  • Bumper: Day 27 – A new Bumper with Rick fixing Morty’s phone has been added at the start.
  • Day Selector (Do Over) will now display a “New” or “Update” tag when content is added/updated in a past day. “New” tag means a new scene was added to that day. “Update” means an existing scene has been expanded. Hovering over this text will give a brief summery about the change. Clicking the text will jump you to the content (rather than the start of the day). Minor changes (such as typos fixes or small dialogue edits) will not get a tag.
  • Day Selector (Do Over) hovering over thumbnails will give a short blurb about what happens on that day. This text contains spoilers but do over is mostly meant for people that have already played the game.
  • AutoMenu has an all new, uh, menu! It has been moved off preferences and expanded with additional options.
  • Pre-splash loading screen added for PC (android had one, so why not PC?)
  • Do Over page now has a scroll bar so more options can be added.
  • Do Over page character names are now colored
  • Day Selector (Do Over) code refactored to remove negative numbers from positioning. No visible user impact.
  • Day Selector (Do Over) scroll bar added for future days. Also Fixed some alignment issues
  • Gallery code refactored to remove negative numbers from positioning. No visible user impact.
  • Gallery and Do Over have had their content variables moved to scripts so that in future updates, these files will not need to be added in the patch, except for bugfixes. No visible user impact.
  • Standardized skip ahead function. It’s not on all scenes but if I come across other ones that take a while to get to the sex part, I’ll add a skip option in future. Feel free to suggest more.
  • Tricia’s font color has been changed from an off white (her shirt color) to a pink to be more visible in menus. This also changes her background color in the messenger sections of the game.
  • Flags updated at the start of the Yoga scene to reflect anal options the previous night.
  • Motricia’s “Bad Moryts” scene has been broken in two for replays. Mega Seed is now its own scene. No impact when playing the game outside of mind blowers.
  • Skip to scene menu for “Bad Moryts” added for replay.
  • Skip to scene menu for “Doctors Orders” added for replay.
  • Cleaned up the text when starting a “new game”  and added the new AutoMenu. Removed some confirmation dialogue to make it more smooth
  • Summer’s “Mall Date” Scene broken in two so that the Tricia part is separate when using replays (main game unaffected).
  • Beth’s groin area on her standing model improved to not look as bad (Thanks to wibbled for this suggestion)
  • Afterload flag added to help with new variable flags getting set properly when loading older saves.
  • About and Help merged into a new button, Information. This also now includes a credits page.
  • Contribution credits added for anyone who has helped improve the game (sorry, nothing for finding typos because that would just be everyone on the forums :p). More coming as more people help. If you have a pending request but the scene didn’t make it in yet don’t fret too much, it’s just a thank you page in a porn game after all. If you would like your name not to appear in game, just let me know and I’ll take it out.
  • Corrected a MAJOR typo on the about page.
  • “Path” for AutoMenu has been renamed to “Action” to better emphasize this isn’t a branching game.
  • “Original” option on AutoMenu has been retitled again (I will never stop changing it! You can’t make me!) to Passive. This has no impact on current saves, the variable remains unchanged.
  • Tooltip button removed from menus, instead tooltips will now display when hovering over each option. A plus side is that tooltips will now show up for android users when they tap and hold a button with a tooltip
  • Added a back button to the submenus for the Mind Blowers page to make it easier to navigate.
  • Tooltips added to do over age and twins options
  • Summer’s “Selfie”, “Back-to-back” and “Favorite Position” have all had jump ahead code added to their replays as they are long scenes.
  • Day 27: Rick’s room added to the end of Robo Beth scene to match with the new bumper
  • Update to Keara scene in Day 22 (Gift). Background images were stored in the wrong folder and have been put in the right spot. This might cause saves made in previous version during this scene to show blank backgrounds or throw errors.
  • Added tracker to wild Summer’s 69 event. Item also shows on doover page (very minor dialogue impact, no need to replay event)
  • Do Over page was missing options for the Beth sleep event.
  • Fixed a typo in the Morticia Sex scene in Day 12 for the age variable.
  • Fixed a bug in Jessica’s locker event that would bypass a player option if AutoMenu was set to half
  • Fixed a bug when using AutoMenu where you would still see the Summer/Morticia shower scene, even if the pervious scene had been skipped.
  • Corrected an issue where Morty and Beth names were flipped for a few sentences during Beth’s Breast Milk Scene (thanks to wibbled for spotting this).
  • Corrected a typo during Beth’s “Just the Tip” Scene (thanks to wibbled for spotting this)
  • Fixed a bug in Beth’s undress sequence in her photoshoot with Morty
  • Fixed header names on Do Over menu for small android devices
  • Fixed more scenes where eyelashes doubled up
  • Fixed an issue cause by the do over menu. When replaying, skipping or taking original paths would not reset scenes, so previous choices would still display. (I might have missed some, let me know if you find something that doesn’t seem right)
r2.0 – Content Update
See More
Ren’py Ver 2.0-Unity Match Ver 3.1f
While you don’t have to, I do recommend starting a NEW GAME (and then using the new Do Over menu to restore progress). I had inconsistent behavior with older saves and while they generally worked, they were a bit wonky.
  • Content (Major): 7 new scenes have been added to the game. 1 with Tricia/Reka, 1 with Facist Beth, 1 with Facist Jessica, 1 with Facist Beth and  Facist  Jessica, 3 with Wild Summer.
  • Feature (Major): A new feature has been added, the “Do Over” menu. This acts like a day selector but also lets you toggle past (and future?) choices. It also lets you redefine Morty’s age and the nickname his mom calls him. This works both in game and during replays, although be warned that changes in replay will carry back into the main game. Note that setting future choices with it, will be overwritten when you actual play those scenes. Do over does not change the choice in the current scene, but rather past scenes. You should still use rollback or saves to select a different scene choice.
  • Feature (Minor): Quick menu now has an alternate mode with icons! It can be selected at new game start and also toggled from the prefs menu.
  • Feature (Minor): New Buttons for Do Over, Hide/show Dialogued Window, and move quick menu top/bot, have been added to the quick menu bar. Do over button wont show up on small phone screens.
  • Feature (Minor): A new option for AutoMenu has been added that will tell girls either be on or off Birth Control. This choice also affects scenes where using a condom is an option. Selecting yes to BC will also use condoms when its an option in extended scenes.
  • Dialogue (Minor): Typos and dialgoue adjustments made throughout the whole game (yay editing). You don’t need to replay, mostly minor changes. I think I’ve got the vast majority of them, but again, big game there are still bound to be typos.
  • Dialogue( Minor): Even more typos fixed thanks to CircleJerker!
  • Extra (Minor): Expanded Bumper for End of the Pickle Morty Event. One of my ongoing tasks is to reduce the time player spend with a black screen, the original game has a lot and some expanded dialogue has made them longer.
  • Extra (Minor): Birth Control Choice added for Jessica during her Pickle Scene
  • Extra (Minor): Birth Control Choice added for Tricia after her “Rape” scene
  • Extra (Minor): Beth Hug image added at the start of day 15. Was text only and I felt like this always needed an image, but one didn’t exist so I had to “make” one.
  • Extra (Minor): Added a mort/sum hug image to the start of the unity party
  • Extra (Minor): Added pose for Morti/Morty both sleeping in bed
  • Extra (Minor): Added hug for Morti/Morty to end of day 26
  • Extra (Minor): Nazi dicks added to Morty model (yes, I know it sounds weird)
  • Extra (Minor): Extra undress stages added to Beth facist outfit
  • Extra (Minor): Morty’s “app” checking has been increased throughout the game so that the plot thread is not completely lost. I’ll add a bit more in future updates too since the Unity game pushes it mostly to the way side. I know it’s still not fully consistent yet (again, big game, lots of stuff to fix) and I sort of ran short on time. Hopefully I can have it all sorted by r3.0
  • Extra (Minor): Link to F95zone.to thread included in navigation menu
  • BugFix (Major): I had to move the var for twins. This has the side effect off defaulting it off. However, it can be easily turned back on via the new Do Over menu. That should be the last one, I don’t have any more game vars defined in a weird spot anymore.
  • BugFix (Minor): Missing Skip menus for some Beth Scenes added.
  • BugFix (Minor): Forgot to track the finish outcome for Summer’s 3 way Event! Oops!
  • BugFix (Minor): Fixed typo in Beth event tracker for her robot event
  • BugFix (Minor): Fixed numerous instances where character eyelashes doubled up or were missing
  • BugFix (Minor): Add Tricia’s missing Buttplug scene to replay.
  • Changed (Minor): Some players were having trouble reading the white messaging text, so it has been change to black to be more leadgeable.
  • Changed (Minor): Day Jump code updated for Do Over. Hopefully saves should still work. I tested this extensively and it never broke for me… so of course out of the gate someone will find a way to break it I’m sure
  • Changed (Minor): Twins/Ages options have been moved to the Do Over page where they make more sense
  • Changed (Minor): Prefs menu has been reorganized. New options added, some options crushed down into a single header
  • Changed (Minor): Version Number added to game title bar
  • Changed (Minor): Added backgrounds to Save/Load pages to make them more visually distinct
  • Changed (Minor): Edited/Added some school backgrounds to a few screens to add diversity to the school
  • Changed (Minor): Aligned Page header to the center to be more visible while in menus
  • Changed (Minor): “Default” path changed to “Original” to maybe be a little more clear that there is limited extra content with this selection.
  • Changed (Minor): Most of the edited background I made for 3b have been replaced with the actual files since I could unpack 3.1f
  • Changed (Minor): Updated Beth Nazi outfit to separate her hat and collar, might cause some display issues in older saves.
r1.x – First Release
See More
r1.5 – BUG FIXES
See More
Ren’py Ver 1.5-Unity Match Ver 3b
** WARNING r1.5 will not work with old saves. Use them at your own risk!**
If you want to keep your save files, don’t upgrade to r1.5. But they will break when new content comes in 2.0.
All versions:
  • Bugfix (Major): Tracker (the thing that remembers your choices) needed it’s scope changed so that renpy can correctly track it. This is the thing that broke save files. I was really hoping not to have to do exactly this, but damn it, I just put it in the wrong fucking place and its been causing nonstop issues for people. So I just bit the bullet and moved it now rather than later. I know it sucks, but luckily (and I know its not the best solution) skipping through the game to remake saves, is pretty quick.
  • Bugfix (Minor): Fixed a bug where choices from the preferences menu would not carry correctly into replays.
  • Typos/Grammar (Major): I have spent the last two days tracking down and murdering the worst of the typos I could find. This comes out to be something like more than a thousand corrections. I can’t say I found them all, but I got a lot of them. Extra “s”, “you”, “your” and “you’re” fixed in an astounding number of locations, as well as tons and tons of others. Hopefully this cleans up the game for people. I should have done it sooner (and before publishing) but I just got lazy.
  • Typos/Grammar (Minor): More corrections made thanks to  LeonJKennedy for finding a bunch of types I would have missed for sure!
  • Features (Minor): The skip box that appears while you’re skipping now either displays the day you are currently in, or the name of the Replay. The idea is to better help people get back to where they were.
r1.4 – BUG FIXES
See More
Ren’py Ver 1.4-Unity Match Ver 3b
All version:
  • Dialogue cleanup in day 12 Mortica Scene
  • Lots of typos fixed! Thanks to LeonJKennedy for the help!
  • Fixed a bug where the dialogue box was not correctly hiding during phone messages or new day transitions.
I have tried to make overall improvements to the android experience. I never intended to release on android, but since I have, I’d like it to work a bit better there. Below is a short list of things I’ve done to help improve the play experience for small and medium devices.
  • Gallery now displays in 2 columns instead of 3 while on small android devices making it easier to scroll.
  • Text/Speaker name sizes for main dialogue increased.
  • Text area for dialogue now wider since the text is larger.
  • Whisper text size removed for android, it should display at normal size to be more readable. Some small text remains in certain scenes.
  • Menu Text size increased.
  • Outline for text increased to make it more visible when menu dialogue is hidden.
  • Added Box wrapping to preferences page so items don’t roll off the edge anymore.
  • Removed the hints buttons from preferences page since mobile users can’t hover.
  • Increased the size of the loading card to be more readable.
  • Fixed the dialogue window not hiding correctly on mobile devices. This was due to a hidden renpy override for some devices that showed an alternate background text box when a screen is under a certain size!
r1.3 – BUG FIXES
See More
Ren’py Ver 1.3-Unity Match Ver 3b
  • Added “Just the tip” (Beth’s anal scene) to the Mindblowers page. (Thanks to F2Pee for noticing it was missing!)
r1.2 – BUG FIXES
See More
Ren’py Ver 1.2-Unity Match Ver 3b
Sigh, hopefully the last of the bug fixes for now.
Saves should not be impacted by any of this.
All version:
  • Renpy Version updated to latest 7.4.4 up form 7.4.2 to hopefully fix an android bug (that’s why this patch is so large).
  • Mindblowers:
    • Fixed a bug with option tracker not initializing correctly when jumping in and out of game state. Sometimes throwing an error.
    • Mindblower button is now hidden while viewing a replay.
  • Beth Sleeping HJ Scene: Fixed a transparent background bug.
  • Dialogue cleanup in Days 1, 12 and 17 (thanks to maxdrell for suggesting the change in Day 12)
  • Refactor: Day Advancement code cleaned up. New days now ensure past actions tracker is set correctly (mostly for future content)
  • Changed the way hiding the dialogue box works in the code. This is to hopefully fix a bug on android, no noticeable user impacts otherwise.
  • Fixed stupid version names in files, now its just r1.2 without the confusing Unity stuff on the end.
  • Renpy version update, hopefully it should now work for the users having issues with android (no way to test, so this all might be for naught)
  • Android version now has the correct icon and splash screen!
See More
Ren’py Ver 1.1-Unity Match Ver 3b
Nothing ever goes as planed! Round one of bugfixes, thankfully fairly minor issues here.
All versions:
  • Age choice is real! I Promise! I just goofed the code like a stupid nub 😡 If you picked an age that didn’t work and the game still tells you that you’re “thirty-five”, you’ll need to restart to get it to take. Or, if you feel daring enough you can use the console command to set morty_age to whatever you like. If you do use the console, I also recommend toggling ages off then on via the preferences menu to make sure everything sets. Sorry again! This is what happens when you play the same scene for the millionth time, brain was just on autopilot.
  • First sex scene with Morticia: She will now offer birth control options even if you pullout.
  • Morty/Morticia cosplay scene: fixed an error caused by a misplaced variable.
  • Zoo day with Summer: Minor Dialog fix. Added a Replay skip forward option.
  • General: Fixed an issue with a “Morty and Summer (Whisper)” not displaying as intended.
  • Splash warnings changed to 5 second delay due to not advancing properly on some android devices.
See More
Ren’py Ver 1.0-Unity Match Ver 3b
First release of all content up to the current 3b Unity version of the game.
Developer Notes / FAQ:
See More
See More
Android 11 doesn’t work!!!! Please fix!
See More
First step is make sure that you have “Allow App Installation from Unknown Sources” turned on. I’m not some big publisher, and I don’t run my release by big daddy google (and not on the play store) so my apps will be flagged as Unknown.
You may get an “Unsafe app blocked” message, with the button “Got it” at the bottom. Instead, click the tiny “more” button, and under that the tiny “Install anyway” button. Because of this whole process, if you are updating, google might comeback and say there is a conflict, in which case, you will need to uninstall the previous version. This will kill your saves, so you should back those up first (internet will tell you how).
Additionally, you can also allow “unknown” apps. The fastest way to do this is go to setting and search for “unknown”, find the entry under “Biometrics and Security”. Scroll down in the list until you find “My Files” (or similar) and set allow. This sometimes worked for me, and sometimes I was forced to uninstall.
If you can’t get the app to launch, you need to make sure you have enough space for the system to unpack it. The APK is roughly around 1GB and it will take at least 1GB when installed, but you will need to make sure you have at least 3 times the space (3GB). I’m not sure why android does this, but I have seen it happen.
Lastly, if you can get the app to open, but it has some problem (either preventing you from playing, or crashing, or something) then I’ll need some info to help troubleshoot the issue. The main thing I need is the log file, which you can find in:
/Internal storage/Android/data/com.nightmirror.rmawh/files/log.txt
This folder needs to be accessed from a computer as it is protected while on the device itself. Android version and device model can also both be helpful, but keep in mind that my “tools” for making the APK is only the Ren’py SDK and a single click button with limited setting.
All the Images are black?!
See More
This is most likely a render issue. With the game open, press “Shift+G”. By default the game usually uses GL2, try switching to ANGLE2 and restarting.
Why are there no animations?!
See More
You might be missing the webm codec to playback video, if you aren’t seeing the same animation the Unity game contained.
Where is the 32-Bit Version?!
See More
Sadly, the current version of Ren’py 8.x no longer supports 32-bit. Scripts are no longer backwards compatible with 32bit. Time to upgrade…
No Sound!
See More
Game does not have sound.
I Found a Bug!
See More
Give me as much detail as you can about it, and post it to the thread for me see and it will be fixed in the next update (or, patch if it’s a major issue).
I Found a Typo!
See More
Typos will get corrected in the next patch. Just give me the incorrect text, and I can usually do a search across all the game files to find it. More details are helpful, screenshots not needed.
Bad Blinks!
See More
Damn, I thought we had found all those! I mean… err, let me know what scene it is happening in and I’ll fix it in the next update… fucking blinks…
See More
When there is an issue, Ren’py will often create log.txt and error.txt files at the same level as the .exe. Take a peak at those and see if there are any long nasty lines that jump out, you might be able to google the issue and find a solution. Or you can post it here, with as much detail as you can give me, and I will do my best to help you solve the issue. Keep in mind that if you say things like “it doesn’t work” I’m not going to be able to do much. I’m also not tech support, so while I try to help, I’m not going to dump dozens of hours into troubleshooting 1 specific issue for 1 player.
See More
What’s different?
See More
A huge amount of things have been modified in some way. However, the biggest changes are:
  • The game is now in Renpy, and takes advantage of all the things renpy can do.
  • The sandbox “hunt for story” has been removed, putting all the scenes in a linear order.
  • Money and items removed from the game.
  • Choices added for many scenes.
  • Many scenes have had their dialogue changed, or had characters added to them.
  • Morty is less whiny overall and more interested in fucking his family. He is closer to S4/5 in personality.
  • Additional art has been added throughout.
  • Additional outfits and poses added for most main characters.
  • Additional animations (renpy transforms) added to the game.
  • Mortica’s presence boosted throughout the game (from background to main character.).
  • Lots of bumper scenes (things at the start or end) added to make transitions a bit smoother.
  • A LOT more “family” toned wording added to the game.
  • Extra scenes have been added to this game that aren’t in the original.
  • New systems that help navigate the game quicker and easier than ever before!
  • A “Hands free” mode for those that hate clicking on choices.
Will you add more of [insert request]?
See More
Check out this post for info about what sorts of requests I take, and how likely they are to go into the game.
In general, if you are just asking for more scenes of a specific character or content, the answer is no.
Requests should be a specific change rather than a board generic thing you want added to the game. Most new content will come from Ferdafs, not me.
See More
Ferdafs appears to be back. I will continue bringing over updates as I have them.
Where is the rest of the endings?
See More
For now, ending plans are on hold. More details in the future plans post.
Is the NTR Avoidable?
See More
Just above, there is a spoiler tag called “Genre Details” in which I break down all the “trigger” tags in this game, including NTR. In my opinion what NTR there is, is mild at worst, and the tag is mostly included because it is required.
What’s with the version numbers?
See More
Version number matches the unity numbers ,but with an “r” for renpy.
Isn’t this a port?
See More
Technically, this is a remake, or a mod? I’m taking the original content and making something similar, but different out of it. The two games a very similar but certainly not the same.
The animations look bad!
See More
While the animations are taken directly from the Unity version, they are not implemented the same way. For Ren’py they are Webm animation files and have been compressed (from 4GB down to 500mb). This means there will be some loss in quality but it is mostly color detail. Unless you are looking at the animations side by side it is (imo) very hard to see.
Animations are still 1080p at 30fps (a few at 24fps). If you found one that looks particularly bad let me know and I’ll see if I can improve it.
What is the “Uncompressed Images Patch”?
See More
These are all the game images without any compression. They are still sliced, so viewing them outside of the game will be a bit of a hassle.
Can I get [insert character] pregnant?!?! When will you add this!!!
See More
Short answer: Check Genre Details above to see game content.
Longer answer: As soon as I think it can work in the game or Ferdafs does it. It is coming at some point, (main) characters will tell you they are pregnant and have bellies (if you’ve meet the conditions), but I don’t know when that will happen.
How much content does this have?
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Not everything, but damn close. It includes all scenes up to the latest release of the game (see change log). However,  as I have modified a lot of it, it’s not 1-to-1 with the original, this isn’t a port. That being said, I did try to include all the original assets of the game and stay somewhat true to most scenes.
Will you ever team up with Ferdafs?
See More
Short answer, no. Longer answer also probably no. As strange as this may sound, the two games are not really compatible. This is mainly down to two major things. First is the wandering mechanic used in the original game. I’m… not a fan, to be as nice as I can about it, and I think this style inherently hurts the game instead of helping it, so I’m 100% unwilling to reverse course and add it in. Second, is that I have leaned heavily into some themes (incest) that pateron frowns on. And again, I’m unwilling to censor my work.
On top of all that, I’m doing this project for fun, and free. Getting paid for it changing both the expectations and my enjoyment.
Plus, I’m not sure how much people would get out of something like this, it would be a very different dynamic working under someone as opposed to the level of control and communication I current have.
When is the next update?!!!!!!!!!
See More
Plan is now monthly until the conclusion is done, I’ll do my best… Don’t know the schedule for the epilogue yet.
Yeah, but when is the next update?!!?!?!
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See More
Why did you make this?
See More
It started off just for a few scenes I wanted to re-watch without the Unity hassle, but expanded until I finally just said fuck it, how hard can it possibly be to port it over? 6 months later and I finally  posted version 1.
I actually never intended to share it, but then I figured, eh, why not? So here it is… and now I’m tech support! yay…
Why did you use Ren’py?
See More
Short answer is, I like renpy and lots of people also seemed to want it in renpy.
Longer answer is, use the right tool for the job. I’ve worked in both Unity and Unreal and they are great engines in their own rights. But they really do best with non-visual novel games. Things like platformers, shooters, rpgs, etc… Games where you have levels, and items, fight enemies, stuff like that. Sure they can do a visual novel, but most devs that do make them in those engines use another API to run them. Case in point the VN part of the Unity version of this game is run by Fungus.
So, the right tool for the right job. You wouldn’t cut wood with a hammer, sure, you could make it work, or attach saw like blades to your hammer. But, people have already spent time, effort, and better design elements into a saw, so why wouldn’t you use that?
The same is true here, Unity/Unreal or any game engine worth it’s salt can do VNs. But Renpy, it was designed for visual novels. Lots of smart people have made it a powerful tool. And I think it does really well.
This is just the same fucking game! You slapped a sticker on the side and called it new!!!!
See More
I never pretended it was anything more than a remake of the Unity version, and tried my best to communicate that fact to people. While I have added additional content, that was mostly for me? Stuff I wanted to see in the original that just isn’t or can’t be there.
This project was never about making a brand new completely different game, but it wasn’t about making a perfectly identical one either. The original still exists, you can go play it, enjoy it. But this one also exists for people who were looking for a different way to enjoy the content.
What is a “Bumper” scene?
See More
A bumper scene is a short segment connecting two bigger scenes. I have used a lot of these throughout to help make things smoother when going from one scene to another. Since the Unity game is non-liner, the “walking” segments serve as the bumper in that game.
Here, since it is liner, the characters will often need to travel to their new location, or do some action to setup the new scene. Bumpers don’t get their own replay in mindblowers but are usually added as part of a scene when it makes sense.
What the hell is the “Do Over” menu?
See More
Do Over is a system that let’s view past choices with characters, change their names, and ages. Characters start “soft locked” meaning their portraits are dark until you met them in game, or pass the day in which they are introduced. However, you can still access them early by clicking on the silhouette. This will permanently unlock them for the playthrough.
What is the “Day Selector” menu?
See More
Day selector is way to quickly see where all the events in the game take place. By clicking on a day, you can jump to the start of that day and play right from there, either form an existing save, or a new one. Day Selector also shows where new events were added/updated, providing a quick play banner (“New”/”Update”/”Dialogue”) that will jump you right to the content!
A New feature for day selector has been added that will let you set the version number, so you can see when past scenes were put into the game or modified in previous updates. The main goal here is to help players that have missed a version or two know where all the new stuff is without forcing them to play the whole game, looking for changes.
What is the “Scene Selector” menu?
See More
Scene Selector is an even more granular navigation tool that lets you see and quickly jump any scene in the game! Use “w” to show/hide the menu, “q” or “e” to goto the previous or next day and F1-9 to select a scene to start. This is mostly meant for returning players to replay rather than new players, but it can be used to skip over content as well.
Why is there no uncompressed version?
See More
The main game will always be the compressed version. I am now also including an Uncompressed Images Patch.
Will you make a compressed version, please?!
See More
*ouch* my brain… Look, if you’ve dug into the FAQ this far I can guess this isn’t a question you are likely to ask, but seriously, is it SO hard for people to read? This just… frustrates me so much… sorry, had to rant somewhere, and no one is every likely to read this…
Can you put x-ray everywhere?
See More
Unforunitly this appears like a near impossible dream. It may seems as easy as cut and paste, but the result is pretty terrible. Animations move at different speeds, and start on different frames, so the xray never matches. Add onto that the positions and it just won’t look right in many cases.
While this is something I’d love to add, I think the effort of work here is out of reach for me.
Can I help you out?! I want to test the game!!!!!
See More
At the moment I’m all set on beta testers, but in a way, all the thread is my QC staff looking for mistakes! If you find a bug, typo, or plot issue in the full game, just let us know and we’ll do our best to correct it!
How does the show effect the game?
See More
It doesn’t, at least not directly. As long as Ferdafs keeps making content, I’ll keep updating the renpy game. As to how the show effects Ferdafs, that I can’t say.
Please make more scenes for the game!
See More
While I have a number of them I’d love to do, the simple truth is that my art skill isn’t good enough to make things from scratch. While not impossible I’ll make my own scenes, they won’t be often. Them’s the nature of things.
What are you working on?
See More
Right now? This post edit, adding even more FAQ stuff people will never read… If you mean “game” wise, then the answer is almost always drawing more fucking blinks until I die…
Why are there bugs and typos!
See More
It’s a big game, I did my best to test as much as I could but I can only do so much.
If you found an issue post it in the thread and I’ll try and fix it in the next version. If it’s major, I might do a patch for it.
Some of the strange text is there because of how I got the text in the first place. I built an OCR (optical capture and recognition)  script to pull the dialogue out of the game. I did this for about half the game and even then it only worked for maybe 80% of that. So lots I’ve had to hand type or correct from the capture. At 300k+ lines of dialogue there is just too much to find it all on my own.
Plus the original has a LOT of typos in it too and while I fixed lots of them I’m sure I added lots of my own. Did I mention this was a big game, right?
Why is there no sound?
See More
The original game doesn’t have sound, so I would have had to make or source sounds for this game. That is a very major task, like, months of work to go do. And, if I went about including sound I would want the audio to match and be impactful, not just generic background music.
I personally turn off sound in all but a very few VNs, and a lot of people seem to feel the same. So I think my time is better spent on other things.
Why aren’t the character animated?
See More
Too much effort for too little payoff. Instead of trying to animate them in their puppet poses, I decided to add more pose options, such as new outfits, hand positions and stuff like that.
Can I miss content?
See More
I’ve tried to include every scene from the original, no matter how small. While I think I got mostly everything, the Unity game is a bit of a mess, so it’s possible I missed something. There are some dialogues I didn’t include (such as characters telling you “not now” when you’re not on their quest). But I tried to get most of the game.
While some scenes do have choices in them there are no “paths” for the game. Only one scene has any major differences based on past actions. All other scenes mostly have choices on how you want the scene to play out, so just save or roll back to see other options in that scene.
Will you make a walkthrough?
See More
This is pretty much a liner game, choices just show different animations but have very little impact on the story. There are no bad ends, or locked scene behind love/corruption/bullshit points. There is one scene that has a condition based on a past choice, but the game lets you view if you want anyway.
Why are there so many skip buttons?!
See More
You can turn these off from preferences by selecting AutoMenu-Half. They are there mostly to let people skip content they don’t want to see. Skipping has no story impact.
Will my old saves work?
See More
I’ve recently become aware of one of the major cause of save corruption, so I will do my best to avoid this issue moving forward. That being said, this process is not perfect and in some cases, save issues will still happen in some scenes. The game does give many tools for quickly restoring your progress if lost (via Do Over and Day Selector), so while a pain in the ass, you shouldn’t have to replay the whole game if for some reason all your saves don’t work.
WTF is AutoMenu?
See More
Some players like to play *cough* hands free and would rather not be interrupted every few lines by another fucking menu. While this game is fairly light on menus, it does have more than a few. AutoMenu lets you pick the style you want, and the choices select for you. It isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough.
Wait, 30 hours, really?
See More
I’m approximating a bit here. Before posting I did a final full playthrough to see what I had missed and fix some continuity issue and stuff like that. I thought I would knock the run out in a few hours tops, right, it can’t be that long. Six days later playing 5-9hrs a day, I finally crossed the finish line. Not counting re-watching scenes or taking alternate paths my monkey math says that 5 x 6 = 30hrs minimum.  Your playtime will vary depending on how fast you read, or how much you skip.
Edit: The game has had 10 Major updates since I wrote that, so it’s even longer now… you’re welcome.
I hate the changes you made!
See More
Not a question… but okay, I don’t care? It’s free, don’t play it, or go back to original.
I love the changes you made!
See More
Also not a question… but okay, thanks?
Can I give you money?
See More
Nope. Please support the original dev if you want to give someone money, that’s the only way this game will get more content.
Were you asked to make this?
See More
Nope.  Ferdafs  has no idea this exists at the time of posting.  Ferdafs  has no input or creative control on this project. Although, I have no problem with them using any part or whole of this game if they so choose.
So… you stole Ferdafs  stuff then?
See More
You’re on a pirate site, what the fuck did you expect? But, technically yes. I am using large portions of dialogue and art assets from the Unity game made by Ferdafs. It’s not a port, not exactly a remake either. I also never tried to pass this off as mine. The original dev name is still attached to the game and I give them credit.
Doesn’t this make the Unity game worthless?
See More
Well, I mean, I hope not. Actually, I’m hoping this will make it sort of more popular?
Look, we’re on a pirate site, people downloading the Unity version here already aren’t paying for it. If they grab either the Unity or Renpy version it’s more or less the same from the devs view, money not spent on them. But, if people stop playing the Unity version, interest in the game also drops off. Like it or not, f95zone gets people to find/support devs they otherwise wouldn’t.
And I’m sort of hoping this game will help boost interest in the Unity version, or supporting the dev, cuze damnit I want more Rick and Morty porn and I suck at art! I can’t make more of this game without updates from Ferdafs version. Thus, I’m hoping giving people a more user friendly experience will get them to support that game, to get more content here… yes, I understand that’s needlessly convoluted.
Or another way to put it, my game is like free adverting. Especially since I will not accept any payments or donations for this project. If you feel the need to give, please send it to Ferdafs, that is the best way to keep this game going.
Will you make an unaltered port?
See More
Short answer is no. Longer answer is also no.
The reason I have changed SO much has three parts to it. First, I’m not going to implement the “sandbox” (it’s not really a sandbox, it’s a wandering mechanic). It’s a feature most people don’t enjoy (myself included). This means events would just sort of happen with little to no context if the dialogue is unaltered. It would be much more like jumping around from replay to replay rather than playing a game.
Second, it’s not motivating to copy without creating. The most boring and difficult parts of this project for me have been reimplementing exact content without changing it. It’s boring ass data entry.
And lastly, this is a free project I’m doing mostly for myself and sharing here so others can also enjoy, which means things I don’t really want, I’m not going to waste time doing.
Now, if someone wants to make a mod or use my version as a starting point for a direct port, I’m 100% on board with that, you don’t even need to ask!
Can I repost this game?
See More
This game may be distributed on any site, so long as it is NOT sold.
Can I mod the game?
See More
Holy shit, are you going to keep modifying this post?!?
See More
Yes. My work on these notes will never be done…
Why is this section so fucking long?
See More
I like typing, and not a lot to do while waiting for stuff to upload, so I just keep adding more stuff here as like, an Easter egg I guess, its mostly for me. You’re probably not even reading this right now. I can say anything I want!… boobies
Before asking about a tag please check Genre Details!





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