Rock Candy Collection [v2023-12-19] [Rock Candy]
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Rock Candy Collection [v2023-12-19] [Rock Candy]

January 4, 2024F95

I’m Rock Candy. I’m pretty much only good at animating cartoon flash stuff.
I mostly work with my original characters, since I’ve put a lot of effort into making them unique.
They might not look like much, but there’s lots of love put into them!
I’m just happy that people like them! Makes me want to create more stuff starring them!
If you like catgirls n’ that doesn’t act like the stereotypical japanese, you’ve come to the right place!

Thread Updated: 2023-12-26
Release Date: 2023-12-19
Developer: Rock Candy PatreonWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 2023-12-19
OS: Requires Flash player
Language: English
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2D game, Bondage, Tentacles, Stimulation, Big tits, vaginal Sex, Oral sex, Anal sex, customization, creampie, Beatiality, furry,  rape, Animated, Voiced,  Futa, Shota, gay
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  • Extract to desired location.
  • If the game has a .exe executable, simply run that to play.
  • If the game is a .swf Flash file, you have a few options:
    • (Recommended) Use the provided [ICODE]flashplayer_29_sa.exe[/ICODE] within the downloaded archive. Opening this program will result in a large white canvas. Drag & drop the .swf Flash file into this canvas to run it.
    • Alternatively, Ruffle is a good (although experimental) Flash emulator with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux versions. Even more options can be found in the Flash Player Tools section of the FREEMEDIAHECKYEAH wiki.
  • Enjoy!
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  • Bad Ass!!.swf
  • Butt2Go
  • Bowser Vore.swf
  • Det rätta huset.swf
  • Funny Stuff!.swf
  • Mental Struggles of Cape-Men.swf
  • Musical talent.swf
  • Ness VS Sonic 2016.swf
  • RC Advantures.swf
  • Rock Candy [Peach & Luigi].swf
  • Rock Candy [Wart & Birdo].swf
  • Rock Candy [Butt Bus] early demo
  • Rock Candy Presents – Attention, please!.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Isacs Episka Sagostund.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Master Cheeps Sagostund.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Ness VS. Falco.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Ness VS. Lucas.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Ness VS. Zelda.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Old GIF animations collection.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Our Sense of Humor Extended Version.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Our Sense of Humor.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Rock Candy’s website.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – The Raz Song.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – The Scarlet Mist (fixed version).swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Vår Knashumor Extended Version.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Vår Knashumor UNCUT VERSION.swf
  • Rock Candy Presents – Vår Knashumor.swf
  • Rock Candy Short2.swf
  • Rock Candy Short3.swf
  • Rock Candy Short4.swf
  • Rock Candy Short5.swf
  • Rock Candy Short.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – Falcon Punch!.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – First Date.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – Jag Har Sångtext.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – Ness’ Adventure Part 1.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – Ness’ Adventure Part 2.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – Ness’ Adventure Part 3.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – Ness’ Adventure Part 4.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – Ness’ Adventure Part 5.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – Ninten and the Starman v.2.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – SnöMiwi.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – The Ranboobs.swf
  • Rock Candy Short – Too Many Fantastic Objects.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 2.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 3.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 4.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 5.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 6.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 7.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 8.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 9.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 10.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 11.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 12.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz 13.swf
  • Rock n’ Raz.swf
  • Roliga Saker!.swf
  • Runkistum.swf
  • Stekt Ägg.swf
  • testsetsetset.swf
  • Turdy the Firefighter.swf
  • Turdy the Fireman.swf
  • Turdy’s New House.swf
  • Turdy’s Temporary Insanity.swf
  • Vikingatiden.swf
  • Zara Does a Demon Dick v2.swf
  • Zara Game Sprites
  • ZaraStage1_clean_cs3
Extras Contain:
  • Character Profile Images
  • Drawings
  • Music
  • Sprites
  • Sofi Suck n’ Fucks.swf
  • Space Kitty.swf
  • Squeaky-Squirrel Anal Rodeo.swf
  • Titty Punchan.swf
  • Zara Scene Beta Release.swf
  • Zara’s Zany Zoolatry Beta 2.swf
  • Zoo Scene Beta Release.swf
  • Zu Loops.swf
  • Zu VS Lollo.swf
  • Zucky Sucky.swf
  • Zu-philia.swf
  • HoracesHoarseHorseWhores
  • 748954_zoo-phobia-beta-release.swf
  • Beleth Buttfucking Boysih Brat.swf
  • Ellie Buttfucked.swf
  • Ellie Scene Beta.swf
  • Ellie with tentacles.swf
  • Kitty Katbulge.swf
  • Pipe Plant Sex.swf
  • REAR GUARD Scene Selector.swf
  • REAR GUARD.swf
  • Rock Candy [A Blonde in the Dark].swf
  • Rock Candy [A gift for Santa].swf
  • Rock Candy [April’s Fools] (Quick Access).swf
  • Rock Candy [Big, Healthy Easter Eggs].swf
  • Rock Candy [Closet Peacocks].swf
  • Rock Candy [Dead Dicks].swf
  • Rock Candy [Ellie’s Exorbitant Extrication].swf
  • Rock Candy [Gooper Blooper Returns] v.4.swf
  • Rock Candy [H! (Dog version)]v.2.swf
  • Rock Candy [H! Bestiality remake].swf
  • Rock Candy [H! remake].swf
  • Rock Candy [H!]v.2.swf
  • Rock Candy [Headlights and Christmas Ham].swf
  • Rock Candy [Little Dick Riding Zoo].swf
  • Rock Candy [My First Robot].swf
  • Rock Candy [Onihole].swf
  • Rock Candy [Painful Therapy Session].swf
  • Rock Candy [Pipe-plant-sex].swf
  • Rock Candy [Ran Ran Rump].swf
  • Rock Candy [Redheads in the Dark].swf
  • Rock Candy [Reluctant Rectal Reprogramming].swf
  • Rock Candy [Rudolf’s Revenge].swf
  • Rock Candy [Spectacular Spectrophilia] v1.1.swf
  • Rock Candy [Summer Sex at a Swedish Summer Cottage].swf
  • Rock Candy [Titty Punchan!].swf
  • Rock Candy [Zoo in Bowsers Castle].swf
  • Rock Candy [Zoo-philia] v3.swf
  • Rock Candy [Zu Triple] 13.swf
  • Rock Candy [Zucky Sucky](v2).swf


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