S.L.A.T. Foundation [v1.0.0] [MilkyNail]

S.L.A.T. Foundation [v1.0.0] [MilkyNail]

May 8, 2024F95

No one wants to end on a street of a cruel cyber city. But there is always hope!
S.L.A.T. Foundation is here to help, boy! Sign these papers and we will cure your depression with drugs, body and brain surgeries. You will like it, promise!
How can you repay us for this kindness? With your now-feminine body, of course…

Thread Updated: 2024-05-07
Release Date: 2024-05-07
Developer: MilkyNailItch.ioSubscribeStarPatreonWebsiteDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
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Male Protagonist, Text Based, Futa/Trans Protagonist,  Anal Sex, Corruption, Drugs, Futa/Trans, Gay, Lactation, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Sissification, Slave, Transformation, Vaginal Sex
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In order to toggle Online and Offline modes, you should press the top left word “Options” in the side menu of the game. Then choose the variant you prefer.
Keep both pics folder and .HTML file in one place, please. And don’t rename pics folder.
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– There is now a hypnotic visor in Lola’s Den. It increases the level of Corruption and Darkness.
– An art has been added to Lola’s Den. It is the only one for both day and night.
– There is now a paragraph in Lola’s Den that is displayed on your first visit.
– You can now “practice” hacking in Lola’s Den, increasing your hacking skill on special simplified 2×2 locks.
– An old couch has been added to Lola’s Den. You can doze on it, sleep fully, dream, and level up. Just like in your Bedroom.
– From 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. (when Lola is not in Lola’s Den) you can now hack Lola’s computer. This lock has a second level of difficulty.
– After hacking in, you can use Lola’s computer. After browsing through the files, you can find her erotic photos and a small text document.
– Added a new location – Clothing Store.
– Added 12 new clothes that you can buy.
– Created a new way of displaying clothes. It is a table with a picture of the clothes on the main character’s body, a name, a description of the item and a “Buy”/”Put on” button. It adapts normally to mobile screens.
– For mobile users, images that did not fit within the screen borders will now be displayed normally. Also made the character images a little smaller.
– Clicking on any menu item (for example, Settings or Changelog) now hides the side menu for mobile users.
– Created the second level of hacking (unfortunately not yet available in game).
– Nightmares now show the current Darkness points.
– Added a chill zone in the Bedroom. There you can watch TV to reduce the level of Darkness and restore some Energy.
– There is now a level progression. The BIO shows the available levels and the current progress by experience. When you reach the desired threshold, a notification will appear in the left menu about the need to sleep. Yes, level progression takes place at night, immediately after nightmares (if any) (also not available for now).
– Added art to the Medical Bay. Day and night versions.
– Working on Lola’s Den. It is now available in the Hall after the first night quest with Lola. Aaand it’s completely empty for now.
– After a long and painful search, I finally discovered a bug that was constantly selecting the second cell when milking. And finally fixed this bug.
– For mobile players, the milking mini-game line is now the full width of the screen instead of 50%.
– Fixed ‘addclass’ bug in hacking passage. Also fixed ‘addclass’ errors that mobile users kept seeing.
– Found and fixed a problem due to which random images were not showing.
– To the list of phrases and questions that can be found in the process of prostitution I added: 3 simple phrases (now there are 4 of them), added one more line at the end of sex, one more in seduction for a new round, one new phrase for requests to buy snacks and drinks, also added one question each to the list of three qualities (rudeness, intelligence, elegance).
– Added a tip at the end of the prostitution act and it depends on the final attraction points. The maximum you can get is +20 money.
– Added art of the hall in the daytime and at night.
– I hid the display of milking and prostitution levels in the BIO. They will definitely be back in the game in the future, but for now I decided to focus on the truly core skill – hacking.
– Now, during prostitution, time is added during the process, 5 minutes at a time, instead of just 1 hour at the end.
– Speaking of snacking during prostitution, it now lasts 15 minutes. And if the guest refuses to buy snacks, he will still continue to receive orgasm points.
– Slightly improved the milking mini-game. Now it should work more stable. I received many complaints about it, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get a single glitch… So I improved the only thing that could hypothetically interfere.
– Fixed the Options menu. Now you can’t open it twice or open another menu item, creating a loop of passages.
– Now the Settings menu (don’t confuse it with Options. Options is a link at the top of the side menu, Settings is a button at the bottom of it) contains a new switch for mobile users. You can use it to improve display of certain pages (like BIO and Prostitution start).
– And yes, I fixed BIO display for mobile users with a few tricks.
– I also reduced the font size of room names and descriptions by 20-25% for mobile users.
– Fixed a small error with a nightmare (the one about Lola).
– Now the game will check for available updates once in a real time day. To check manually, click the “Options” link (at the top of the side menu).
– Ran ALL text in the game through a grammar checker. Fixed around 30-50 mistakes and typos.
– The minimum base of the game has been built!
Developer Notes:
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(version 1.0.0 will be published on April 14th)

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